What is A Facialist? Find The Best Facialists In Your City

If you want to build your career as a facialist, you must know the job. So, what is a facialist?   People often search for the best facialist in NY, LA, Dallas, Boston, San Fransisco, or other cities in the USA.  We can help you with the process.

What Is A Facialist?

A facialist is a professional who offers non-surgical skincare therapy to clients. The skincare therapy provided by A facialist like facials, microdermabrasion, peeling, masking, hair removal, tanning, waxing, etc rejuvenates the skin and improves your facial appearance. You can contact A professional certified facialist for any kind of facial issues depending on your skin type.

What Does a Facialist Do?

If you give clients facial beauty treatments, then you are a facialist. And a facialist performs various treatments on their clients’ faces. The treatments include cleansing the face, skin exfoliation, skin nourishment, facial extraction for removing blackheads, clearing, and hydrating the face for a youthful look.

Each procedure differs, and they aim to achieve different results. And you will undergo various steps before a facialist treats your face. You will need to consult a facialist first before preparing for the procedure. You may have the following treatments if you visit a facialist:


Skin exfoliation aims to remove all the dead cells that may make your face dull. And a facialist may exfoliate your face using chemical exfoliants or mechanical ones. It depends on the skin type you have. But the facialist will examine your face and know which exfoliant will yield the best results without affecting your skin after a consultation.

Chemical exfoliants use acids and enzymes to remove the dead skin cells on your face. But mechanical exfoliants use their gritty surfaces to remove the dead skin cells. And after skin exfoliation, your face will be brighter and will have unclogged pores. There are a lot of benefits of exfoliating your face.


A facialist will remove all the blackheads and whiteheads if you visit and request this facial treatment. Extractions could be painful, and clients’ reactions may vary since people have different pain tolerance levels. People with thin skin may feel discomfort during extractions. So, finding a professional facialist is essential since extractions may result in broken capillaries and skin discoloration if your facialist doesn’t extract blackheads or whiteheads properly.


Steaming your face is essential to soften the blackheads and whiteheads before extractions. A facialist will use a machine that directs steam to your face. The procedure is relaxing. So, clients with sensitive skin can also go through this facial treatment.

Facial Mask

A facialist will recommend this treatment for clients with dry, oily, or sensitive skin. A facial mask might be the solution if your skin is dry and needs hydration. Also, it is an excellent treatment for removing impurities on your face.

The treatment can also unclog facial pores. And in the end, your skin will excellently perform its perspiration function. The treatment also leaves the face glowing, making it ideal for people with a dull face. There are a lot of treatments that a facialist will perform when you visit. It all boils down to what you need, and the facialist will deliver the results!

How to Become A Facialist?

A facialist cares for your skin and enhances your beauty. With such a responsibility, a facialist has to undergo training to become a professional esthetician. But how can you become a facialist?

A facialist is a professional who will care for your face and skin. First, you will have to enroll in a School for facialist. You will then complete an accredited facialist program and obtain a facialist license after completing the program. And at the end of a facialist program, you will earn a diploma or certificate in the program.

If you are 16 years and older, you are eligible to enroll in a facialist program in the United States. There are plenty of accreditors in the U.S. But the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences is the leading accreditor of the program. You can also be sure to find a school that offers the program in your state.

How Long Does a Facialist Training Last?

You will spend 260 to 600 hours of training as a facialist. But the training hours differ from state to state. In Florida and Massachusetts, you will need 260 and 300 hours of training, respectively.

But you will undergo 600 hours of training if you live in New York, California, and other states. People living in Georgia, Kentucky, and Kansas may need 1,000 hours of training before becoming facialists!

But with more comprehensive training, you will quickly get your license in another state if you decide to move. You can check with your School for a facialist to know your training hours. Besides, the number of hours differ from one state to another. Therefore, make sure you spend the recommended time frame when training to be a facialist.

How Do You Get A License in Your State?

49 states license facialists. But first, you will undergo a facialist training program. The training program takes varying hours, depending on your state of residence. You will apply for the license after completing the program. The state will then review your academic credentials and approve.

Once the approval is complete, you will do a written licensing exam that the state will provide. You will also do a practical exam that will determine your licensing. Washington, D.C, and 36 other states usually use tests from the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology for licensing facialists.

Once you have received your license, you will practice your profession. But you will need to continue your training to refresh your skills. Also, this is essential for renewing your license.

How Much do Facialist Make?

Facialists provide a range of services to clients. They specialize in various treatments such as exfoliation and extraction, to mention a few. With varying expertise levels, you can expect to see a variation in the salaries of facialists. But a few factors dictate what a facialist makes every month:

Location of the job

Your job location considerably affects your salary. The living standard or cost of living plays a significant role in shaping your salary range every month. Also, the demand for your service affects your salary.

According to data by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, facialists in Utah, Arizona, and Rhode Island made $28,920 to $29,270 per year in 2009.

But facialists can earn as much as $42,677 annually, especially if they live in San Jose, California. Your job location, therefore, plays a considerable role in determining your annual salary. You can find some cities that pay the highest monthly or yearly salary while some pay the lowest.


The qualification level also varies among facialists since they train in various cosmetology schools. Facialists learn multiple skincare aspects, and this shapes their qualifications. Once facialists have learned a skincare aspect, they will have to pass the licensing test.

And in the end, their qualifications will vary. Since there is varying demand for facial skincare treatments, facialists will also experience salary variation.

The Employer

Most facialists work in personal skincare businesses such as spas. But you can find others who work in physicians’ offices while others work in personal care stores. All these employers offer facialists varying salaries. For example, facialists working in a spa earn $36,863 annually on average in the United States.

But some in-office facialists earn $43,320 to $55,074 annual salary. Therefore, your employer determines how much you earn per hour, which translates to the annual salary.

The Best Facialists In New York

Finding the best facialist in NYC is challenging since there are plenty of facialists in the city. What makes it more challenging is the vastness of the city. But you can always find a facialist who will deliver the results you’re looking to have.

With a few great recommendations, you may meet your preferred facialist in New York City. Some of the facialists who might impress you include the following:

Joanna Vargas SPA Facialist

NYC locals can benefit from several facial treatments in this spa. Some of the facial treatments include power peel at $175, triple crown facial treatment at $250, and Clear + Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation at $750. There is also a host of other facial care treatments in this spa. But on average, you will spend $325 for the facialist’s services.

Dr. David Colbert NYDG Triad Facial

Dr. David Colbert is a celebrity dermatologist who owns this facial treatment spa. He developed a facial treatment technique that he named the Triad Facial®. The facial treatment incorporates one of the most advanced medical skincare with cosmetics to give clients the best experience.

Triad Facial® includes microdermabrasion, laser toning, and chemical peeling. The result is an energized and beautiful face. The spa also offers Triad for Feet, meaning you can benefit from a comprehensive skincare treatment. Therefore, it is another spa worth visiting in NYC.

Best Facialist Los Angeles

Again, looking for the best facialist Los Angeles could be a daunting task, with many opened shops in the city. But a few facialists stands out from the crowd:

Kate Somerville Clinic

Kate Somerville is a celebrity facialist who has a wide array of services in her clinic. Some of the services include laser skincare and injectables. Facials + lights is a service that many clients seek when looking to transform their looks.

Under this treatment, the facialist will shine LED light on your face to address every skin concern. But there are also many other skincare services that you can benefit from if you visit Kate Somerville Clinic.

Angela Caglia

She offers that “Hollywood Glow” that you see on celebrity faces. As a facialist, she has a spa that also offers other skin treatments. What makes her stand out from the crown is her cutting-edge products and techniques when treating clients’ faces. And the result is always a revitalized glow.

If you’re in Los Angeles and looking to transform your face so that it glows, you can visit Angela Caglia Skin Spa.

The Best Facialist Boston

Le Visage Spa

Clients can have a fantastic skin transformation for that 24-karat-gold face. What makes the spa stand is its hardworking and expert facialist – Anne-Cécile Curot – delivers stunning results. She has been a facialist for more than two decades. And with that experience level, you can expect to add a professional’s touch to your face.

The Best Facialist In San Francisco

Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine

She is a facialist based in San Francisco, and she offers a variety of treatments. The treatments include anti-aging treatments, facial treatments, body sculpting, chemical peels, and Botox injections. She also offers acne treatments, lip treatments, and skin tightening services. What’s more, you can have in-person visits at her spa or opt for virtual consultation if you have safety concerns. Her services make her one of the best facialists in San Francisco, but you can find other amazing facialists in the city.

The Best Facialist Houston

Trellis Spa

This is a Mediterranean-styled spa in Houston. It is a lovely retreat for clients looking to relax. Besides, it offers a wide range of skin treatments. You can be sure to find steam rooms, float pools, and dry saunas if you visit Trellis Spa in Houston.

The retreat also offers mouth-watering foods and a cozy fireplace to warm yourself up. Therefore, Trellis SPA has one of the best facialists in Houston.

The Best Facialist Dallas

Face Haus’ World of Difference

Proudly calling itself a beauty bar, Face Haus’ World of Difference applies the dry bar approach when treating the client’s face. As a result, it offers facial treatments at an affordable price range. Some of the treatments include creaming dull faces at $250, skin hydration, and restoring elasticity on your skin.

You can have a variety of treatments to choose from if you visit this fantastic beauty bar. And for this reason, it is one of the best SPAs in Dallas with the finest facialists.

The Best Facialist In Atlanta

Ageless Remedies of Roswell

This SPA is your go-to medical spa for facial treatments as well as body contouring. It has some of the finest facialists in Atlanta, Georgia, who offer services such as chemical peels, acne removal, back treatments, and eyebrow services.

You can also benefit from anti-aging treatments, body massage, and other facial treatment services. They provide virtual consultation and in-office treatments. So, you can contact their facialists despite having a tight work schedule!

The Best Facialist In San Diego

Hyde Edwards Salon & Spa

Besides offering facial treatments, Hyde Edwards is also an excellent barbershop for men and women. As a salon that offers facial treatments, you can select from a wide array of services they offer.

Whether you need to remove blackheads or you are only looking to relax, Hyde Edwards Salon & Spa could be your place to visit if you reside in San Diego.

Final Takeaway-What is A Facialist?

I hope, you are clear about the concept, what is a facialist. In short, A facialist is a professional who undergoes extensive training before licensing. And once they have received their licenses, they will perform facial treatments on you as a client. Besides, they qualify in various therapies.

So, finding one who will deliver the result you need is essential. If you’re living in cities across the country, finding the best facialist is never much of a challenge. With a few personal recommendations, you can get the best service. As a result, your face shall have transformed for the better!

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