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We are a professional team from different countries. Our main objective is to provide the highest information about facials, skincare, beauty products, and facial tools. We always focus to give authentic information to people regarding beauty and personal care. People always search for the appropriate facial and Beauty products but the search results are full of biased reviews. We don’t have any weakness in any brand and we are representing the real scenario to the people. For unbiased reviews always keep in touch with our site.

Facial Adviser Contributors

Amelia Varley

Amelia VarleyAmelia Varley is a blogger and beautician. She likes to learn, practice, and write beauty-related content.  She also loves to write blogs on different topics, like health, home décor, Automotive, Business, Food, Lifestyle, etc. She has been writing for more than 3 years for Facial Adviser.





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Danijela Dusanic- A Certified Beauty and Wellness Therapist, Writer, and Beauty Reviewer

Danijela P. Dusanic

Danijela Dusanic is a wellness therapist from
Bosnia and Herzegovina. Born on January 19, 1990
in Teslic, a small city in country Bosnia and
Herzegovina. 2014 starts work on massage therapy
for therapy center " Banja Vrucica" In 2019, she
moved from a therapy center to work in a wellness
center of Hotel Kardial, one of the hotels included
in Health center Banja Vrucica. Educated in
Managerial economy and Nursing and Health care.
Also, have a great will and love to write and
motivate people on a healthy lifestyle.





Munia Akondh, Beauty Blog Writer And SEO And SMM Expert in Facial Adviser

Munia Akondh is A Life Science Graduate. She has a great interest in beauty treatment and beauty products. She always tries to learn the beautification process of home and skin. She writes from her own experience.

Elize Becker- Writer And Editor in Facial Adviser

Elize BeckerElize Becker is A Teacher, Social, Cultural-Heritage, Resettlement Expert, and beauty blogger and editor. She has 14 years of experience in the fields of human sciences and worked in different countries across Africa and the Middle East. Elize Becker works as a writer, reviewer, and content editor in Facial Adviser.

Elize Becker is A Teacher, Social, Cultural-Heritage, Resettlement Expert, and beauty blogger and editor. She has 14 years of experience in the fields of human sciences and worked in different countries across Africa and the Middle East. Elize Becker works as a writer, reviewer, and content editor in Facial Adviser.


Rakib Sarwar, R.Ph- Writer, Content Planner, And Chief Editor At Facial Adviser

rakib sarwar



Rakib Sarwar is A Registered Pharmacist and a reputed health and wellness blogger. He has a special interest in cosmetology and dermatology. He researches skincare, fitness problems and tries to educate people. He is also an experienced niche site product review writer and editor. He is currently focusing mainly on blogging and digital marketing.



Florencely RoÑo, A Registered Nurse, Medical And Beauty Blog Writer

Florencely RoÑo


Florencely RoÑo, A registered nurse, medical writer, and medical transcriber. I currently live in the Philippines and work as a medical content writer. I passed the board exam for nurses in 2007. My first job was as a clinical instructor for nursing aid students. I worked in the medical transcription and business process outsourcing industry too. It was in 2012 when I landed my first job as a content writer. Eight years later, I am still into content writing with a focus on medical/health-related topics.

Writing has always been my passion. I love to connect with people through writing. It feels like sharing a part of me to the readers and impacting positive change one article at a time. Apart from writing, I also love food, coffee, and dogs.



Lexi Harper, Makeup and Beauty Writer At Facial adviser

Lexi Harper

Lexi is a student and freelance writer who loves all things beauty-related! Her side job at Ulta keeps her up-to-date on many of the trends in make-up, hair, and skincare and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her customers. Hoping to grow her online presence in the wake of COVID, Lexi has also begun writing blogs and articles to develop an audience and help women outside her social circle to recognize that, while true beauty comes from the inside, it’s easy and fun to reflect your inner beauty on the outside! When she isn’t working, studying, or creating make-up and skincare tutorials for her friends, Lexi enjoys skiing and visiting amusement parks to find the best roller coasters, or curling up with her cat, Mandu, a great cappuccino, and a good romance novel.


Rayhan Sarwar, Blogger, Editor, And SMM Professional at Facial Adviser


Rayhan SarwarRayhan Sarwar is A Student of Glass and Ceramic Engineering, a Science blogger, SEO, and SMM professional. He is one of the editors At Facial Adviser. He likes to research health, wellness equipment. He is the webmaster of the science blog The Behind Science.




What Makes Our Reviews Authentic?

There are enormous products in the market and it is almost impossible to check all of them and review them. We choose products based on our purchase, consumer’s user experience, and their reviews on the product page they left. We try to reach as many as customers who have purchased the particular products and used them.

In most product reviews, the benefits of the sponsored products get exaggerated. This practice makes their reviews subjective and probably fabricated. However, you don’t have to worry about biased and brand-influenced reviews here.

We prioritize you and your needs so that you can get what’s best for you. Besides, our team is widespread in different countries including the UK and the United States. We spend most of our time collecting data regarding the products we choose from amazon.com based on customer reviews. We gather data from markets and even sample products to review them based on their own experience.

Our team focuses on both the positive and negative reviews that a product gets from its consumers. We also research the products that get hyped on social media. That’s how our reviews tend to be more authentic and straightforward.

Also, we gather data from customer reviews on online sites like Amazon, Shopify, and Sephora, to name a few. For your convenience, we have made the opinions of actual consumers of the products the basis of our reviews.

In the end, we shortlist all the products having the highest ratings and best results. Then our team of writers uses the data to write a user-friendly and straightforward review blogpost.

Our Product Reviewing Methodology

Various steps go into the process of writing fact-based product reviews. Not every website share their process of review writing. However, to assure you of our quality of reviews, here is our method of writing reviews:

1. Product Research

The first step is to search for products. While searching for products, we keep two things in mind: quality and cost. We go through various products of the exact nature and weigh out their benefits and side effects.

For instance, if we want to write a review about a face massager. First, we will gather around several top-rated face massagers. Then, we will check which one is more durable to be worth a while for you. Also, we evaluate their benefits with respect to their cost.

2. Analysing Reviews

After shortlisting the top ten best products, we move on to dig deep into their pros and cons. No review is more genuine than the customer’s review. So, our team visits each website selling the product and goes to their review section.

In the review section, we search for negative reviews first. Suppose the product has ten negative reviews as compared to a hundred positive ones. We will not ignore those negative reviews. Instead, we note them down to make our reviews more precise.

Besides, we try to contact the product’s users to get a better understanding of their perspective. This process helps us select the best product for you after comparing and contrasting each one’s pros and cons.

3. Manual Testing

Testing every product is practically impossible. However, we still try to sample the products that we shortlist from the first two steps. There is another limit to manual testing as well. If it’s some skincare product, we’d have to wait for a long time to get the results and then review it.

We consider testing facial tools or cosmetics as it’s possible to review their efficiency in the first use. One of the benefits of manual testing is getting a genuine experience-based review about a particular product.

4. Ranking The Products

After the hectic process of evaluating numerous products and checking their reviews. Now comes the time of writing our reviews about the products, based on all that research we went through.

Our writers try to make it as easy and direct as possible for you to read and assess our review blog posts. For this purpose, we list products that are best for you according to our research and evaluation.

We rank products according to their efficiency and results. So, if you are in a rush, you won’t have to go through reading the whole post. You can check out the top five products and select the one suitable for you.

5. Alternatives And Products To Avoid

We also provide you with a list of alternative products. In case you do not find the reviewed products suitable for you. There is a section after the reviews where you can find the alternatives. In this way, you can always have another option to choose from.

Also, we list down the products that you shouldn’t buy. Various products are overpriced but provide no result at all. Also, some skincare products contain such harsh chemicals that they damage your skin instead of repairing it. Hence, you can make a well-informed decision and avoid the harmful effects of certain products.

6. Helpful Buying Guides

We also write a buying guide at the end of each product review to simplify your buying process. In our buying guides, we provide all the necessary information regarding the purchase of a particular product.

We include specifications of each product along with its comparison with other products of the same category. We also included three to four customer testimonies. To give you an overview of what the consumers of that specific product have to say.






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