About Us

We are a professional team from different countries. Our main objective is to provide the highest information about facials, skincare, beauty products, and facial tools. Our main objective is to give authentic information to people regarding beauty and personal care. People always search for the appropriate facial and Beauty products but the search results are full of biased reviews. We don’t have any weakness in any brand and we are representing the real scenario to the people. For unbiased reviews always keep in touch with our site.

How We Review Products?

There are enormous products in the market and it is almost impossible to check all of them and review them. We choose products based on our purchase, consumer’s user experience, and their reviews on the product page they left. We try to reach as many as customers who have purchased the particular products and used them.

We spend most of our time collecting data regarding the products we choose from amazon.com based on customer reviews.  We have an editorial team from different countries including the United States and the UK who collects data from the market, amazon.com, and other sources like social media. We give most importance to the negative reviews we get from the consumers regarding any product.

We always suggest products that have fewer amount negative reviews. After collecting data regarding the products we recommend, we finalize our top lists and assign our writers to write an easy-to-read review blog post. We always try to suggest the best products in the market and we get a very low refund rate from the customers.

We only recommend those products to the reader which we can recommend to our family and friends as well.

Our Steps to writing A product review:

  1. Market Research
  2. Product Research
  3. Analyzing Reviews
  4. Manual Testing If Possible (It’s not possible to test all products)
  5. Ranking The Best Products
  6. Review And Buying Guide Writing