Overview of Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy for Your Body and Face

Ultrasound cavitation is also popularly known in many other terms such as ultrasonic fat cavitation, ultra-shape, body contouring, etc. This is the only reliable fat reducing remedy without any stress, strain, pain, and lengthy daunting procedures.

It does not involve a lot of your time, money, energy, and attention like that of exercises and strict dieting. Just attend 8-12 sessions of 30 to 60 minutes duration each and achieve your slimming down goal! It is as simple and as easy as that!!

Eventually, the results of ultrasonic fat cavitation are instant body shaping and contouring through quickly reducing your fatty layers. In addition, you also instantly achieve cellulite reduction and skin tightening and toning immediately after each session.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

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What is Ultrasound Fat Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a treatment that addresses fat deposits by removing belly fat and fat deposits from certain body parts. This is a simple non-invasive procedure and uses sound waves to remove or flash out fat from the body. You may have misconceptions that ultrasonic cavitation is another form of intensive surgery to remove fat. But, this procedure does not involve intensive surgery. The procedure uses non-invasive machines to produce low-frequency sound waves and liquefies fat cells under the targeted skin surfaces. The following are the basic characteristics of ultrasonic fat cavitation:

    • Ultrasonic cavitation creates tiny micro-bubbles in your fat cells through low-frequency sound waves. The micro-bubbles eventually weaken the fat and liquefy them. The liquified fat is then either reused or eliminated by your body.
    • In the process of ultrasonic cavitation, your liquified fat is ultimately disposed of through lymphatic and lever. But the process does not hamper the healthy cells and keeps them intact.
    • The process also reduces cellulite which is found in almost all women above the age of 20 irrespective of slim or fat.
    • The heating and cavitation effects in conjunction with radiofrequency and fascia vacuum therapy promote collagen realignment. This subsequently results in tightening your skin and reduces dimpling.
    • Different ultrasonic cavitation service providers use different devices to perform ultrasonic cavitation such as Cavi-Lipo, UltraShape, etc. The devices are though similar to each other but perform differently in concentration and frequency of sound waves.
    • Ultrasonic cavitation and VASER both use sound waves for removing fat from your body. But VASER is more of a surgical liposuction treatment than an ultrasonic cavitation sound wave procedure.

Does Ultrasound Cavitation Really Work?

Ultrasonic cavitation is often seen as a perfect alternative to liposuction. It uses an entirely different method of noninvasive body contouring and transforms your fats into fatty acids. These fatty acids do not stick around your body as fat cells do. They are instantly disposed of in your body.

Eventually, with ultrasonic cavitation, you can realistically measure and find how many inches you have slimmed after each session. Your circumference difference can be noticed by a tape measure or you can see the difference by looking at the mirror.

However, you should be conscious that ultrasonic cavitation treatment is done on certain parts of your body. These parts of your body are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, and upper arms.

Secondly, the outcome of the treatment depends on the type of your body and your health history. It also depends upon certain factors such as healthy food and healthy living.

Ultrasonic cavitation does reduce fat and effectively works on slimming. You should be able to see the result in the treated areas of your body after every session. Similarly, after the entire cycle of sessions, you can calculate your weight and know the difference.

But the real challenge starts after your entire cycle of 8 to 10 sessions of ultrasonic cavitation treatment. You need to maintain your reduced weight and slim circumference after the entire treatment cycle.

Possible Side Effects and Restrictions of Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation does not have any side effects. However, the treatment usually results in some mild symptoms which look like side effects.

You may feel excessive thirst after each session which will last for a short period. You need to take a lot of water if you feel this symptom.

Similarly, you may also experience nausea and transient redness immediately after the treatment. These symptoms are short term effects and will disappear shortly. However, you will be asked to drink a lot of water to counter these side effects.

You should be able to return to your daily routine and work as usual. However, you should take low-calorie food to ensure the metabolism of your body after the treatment.

Ultrasonic cavitation is not for everybody. Persons who already have obesity will be restricted from the treatment as this will not serve their purposes. Similarly, ultrasonic cavitation is also prohibited for people with kidney and liver failure, and heart disease.

You should not go for ultrasonic cavitation if you have acute inflammatory processes, or hemorrhagic disease, trauma, and bleeding. Similarly, people with medical plastic parts or metal inside the body must not get the treatment.

Besides the above, if you have high blood pressure, abnormal immune system, numb or insensitive to heat should not go for the treatment.

In addition, some conditions such as pregnancy, lactation, and carrying a pacemaker, are also not suitable for ultrasonic cavitation. You should also not go for the treatment during mensuration.

How to Ensure Maximum Benefit from Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Most professional of ultrasonic cavitation advise the following to ensure maximum benefits from the treatment:

      • Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water before and after your treatment or each session.

      • You need to drink 2 liters of water daily for three days after the day of the treatment. Remember, soda, soft drinks, juice, and tea are not drinking water.

      • After ultrasonic cavitation, your body eliminates fats and toxins for a period of three days. Therefore, your next session should reflect this and should be scheduled after a sufficient interval.

      • For a good result, you should undergo a minimum of 6 ultrasonic cavitation sessions and complete around 10 of them.

      • It is important to stimulate the treatment area after the ultrasonic cavitation session. You can use a brush in the shower to ensure stimulation around the treatment area.

      • Low-calorie food especially low-fat, low-carbohydrate, and low-sugar diet is more helpful 24 hours before and three days after the treatment.

      • Heart rate cardio exercise is best for post-treatment and three days after each ultrasonic cavitation session.

      • You can also perform post-treatment massage to ensure the elimination of toxins from your body.

How to Ensure Best Services from Ultrasonic Cavitation Clinic?

      • Ensure your appointment with the ultrasonic cavitation service provider. Make sure that you do not come under the restrictions for ultrasonic cavitation.

      • You need to be well aware of the preparatory or pre-treatment requirements such as drinking sufficient water etc.

      • It may not be good to cut corners on the prescribed cost of the service providers. Cheapest clinics may not provide you with the best services. Remember, services are determined by the money you pay for.

      • In the session, the technician will target the areas you want to focus on ultrasonic cavitation. Therefore, you should be aware of your target areas well ahead of the treatment through prior-consultation.

      • Never think that the technicians will provide you with advice and instructions for post-treatment requirements. You need to be well aware of the post-treatment requirements well before the first session.

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