Sensiglow Facial Treatment

Sensiglow Facial Treatment

People with sensitive skin usually have a hard time finding the right treatment for themselves. Harsh ingredients used in many of the most popular and most efficient facials are often unsuitable for this skin type. The sensiglow treatment, however, is specially tailored for sensitive skin.


The sensiglow facial is more or less a regular facial. The only difference is that all the products used for it contain mild ingredients that do not cause breakouts. This treatment will calm, hydrate, and even lighten the skin without causing it any damage.

Sensiglow Facial Treatment Steps

Step 1: Cleansing

Take a generous amount of cleansing cream and apply it to the face. Use circular motions to massage it into the skin and remove impurities and makeup. When finished, remove the cleanser with damp towels or cotton pads.

Step 2: Deep Cleansing

Use a deep cleansing solution to completely rid the skin of any dirt. The fiercest enemies of sensitive skin are impurities from the environment that attack it every day. The best way to get rid of that dirt is to thoroughly remove it by deep cleansing. When finished, remove the cleanser with a cotton cloth.

Step 3: Toning

As a final touch to the whole cleansing process, use a toner to remove any dirt residue. This includes the impurities which the cleaner might have missed and the cleanser itself. Do not remove the toner.

Step 4: Massage

Apply the massage gel generously to the face. Push the product into the skin using a special pressure point massage. This massage will relax the mind and body as well as the muscles in the face. The full-face massage should last for about 15 minutes. Afterward, you will feel calm and refreshed like after a long holiday.

The massage gel contains soothing ingredients that will calm the skin, reduce redness, and prevent inflammation. It is also rich in antioxidants, skin softening, and moisturizing ingredients. The antioxidants will revitalize the skin and make it firmer and more elastic.

After the massage, remove the gel with a cotton cloth. Massage the clean face with beauty globes for several additional minutes to cool the skin.

Step 5: Sensigow Mask

Apply a thick layer of the mask to the face. This calming mask contains ingredients that will exfoliate and hydrate the skin at the same time.

Lactic acid is one of the milder AHAs which is suitable for exfoliating sensitive skin. The mask also contains ingredients that will moisturize, lighten, and condition the skin leaving it soft and smooth after the treatment.

The mask should be left on the face for 15 minutes and then removed with cotton pads.

Step 6: Finishing Spray

As a finishing touch, use the sensiglow finishing spray to protect and moisturize the skin. The spray contains revitalizing ingredients that help the regeneration of damaged cells. In addition to that, it contains a Shiso extract which will protect dry skin and help it retain moisture.

Final Words Regarding Sensiglow Facial Treatment

This treatment can be done on any skin type, but it is specially made to suit sensitive skin. All the ingredients used during the treatment have soothing or anti-inflammatory properties that won’t irritate sensitive skin. In case you have any more doubts or questions, watch the video below to get a more detailed explanation of this treatment.

You can get more clear idea about this visiting this video:

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