Microcurrent Facial, Steps, Benefits, Side effects, Cost, FAQs

The beauty industry claims many products and services for skincare. One of the services that we can get behind is microcurrent facial treatment. Among the various facial treatments, such as HydraFacial treatments and so on, microcurrent facial treatment is standing as one of the brightest treatments.

Microcurrent facial has gained so much success that it has been dubbed as the “Non-Surgical Face Lift.” Microcurrent facial treatment has gained so much success because it promotes cell growth in the skin using electricity. Electricity may sound shocking to you but fear not as this treatment is non-invasive, completely painless and injection-free. Let’s cut to the chase and define microcurrent facial.

What is a microcurrent facial?

In simple words, Microcurrent Facial is a miraculous anti-aging skincare treatment which focuses on your skin and muscles.

As we age, muscles lose their firmness and tone. This is where microcurrent facial treatment steps into the picture.

Microcurrent facial therapy uses low-voltage electricity to put life in those muscles to tighten the skin’s appearance, lift the face and stimulate collagen. The main objective of a microcurrent facial is to make you look younger by giving you a healthier complexion. It’s like a workout of the face. What’s one of the best things about microcurrents facial is that it gives immediate results.

What are microcurrent facial steps?

Different aestheticians use different facial protocols to treat the client’s skin that is looking for microcurrent facial treatment. The facial protocol that aestheticians choose depends upon various factors, such as the condition of the skin, skin issues, etc.

As you already know by now that microcurrent treatment is a unique finding as it beautifully lifts the face; when this treatment is combined with microdermabrasion, results are even better. But, you should use a good microcurrent device to get maximum from it. Let’s cut to the chase and discuss steps that are involved in this microcurrent facial protocol.

  • Step 1

First of all, your face goes through a cleansing so that any type of dirt or makeup is removed.

  • Step 2

As time passes, your skin gets covered with dirt, dust and dead skin cells. A stream of crystals or a diamond tip is used to polish the skin. For microcurrent, microdermabrasion helps by allowing deeper penetration into the muscle.

  • Step 3

To fasten the natural healing action of the skin, Neogenesis or Factor 5 serum is applied to the skin. The serum remains on the body for 5-7 minutes so that body absorbs it fully. Neogenesis or Factor 5 serum can also help in treating conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

  • Step 4

Since seaweed gel works as a natural conductor of electricity sent by microcurrent, it is applied to the skin.

What are microcurrent facial benefits?

Microcurrent facial has the following benefits:

Retrains Facial Muscles

As you age, facial muscles, which are directly attached to your skin, become weaker, leading to sagging skin. This is where you can count on microcurrent facial treatment.

Microcurrent therapy promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) not only holds value for the creation and stimulation of elastin and collagen, but it is also the biggest contributor in providing energy for muscle movements.

This means, microcurrent facial, by increasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, betters your muscle tone by re-energizing your facial muscles. You can consider it as a “face workout/gym.” After the treatment, you’ll see an improved jawline and tightened skin appearance.

Increases elastin and collagen

According to some authentic research, the collagen content of your skin decreases by 1 % each year. As we know by now that microcurrent therapy is involved in the creation and stimulation of structural proteins like collagen and elastin, this means microcurrent facial helps to replenish the loss of natural collagen and elastin.

Increases blood circulation

Microcurrent facial not only enhances muscle tone and produces collagen, but it also plays a role in increasing blood circulation of the face. This is very important at the cellular level, considering it will improve nutrient and oxygen supply, which means you will get an even healthier complexion.


You might be thinking that “is microcurrent facial treatment painful?”

Unlike Botox or fillers anti-aging treatments, microcurrent facial treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive. While going for this treatment, don’t worry about knives or needles touching your skin.

When the low-voltage electricity touches your skin, you will only feel a tingling sensation. During the microcurrent treatment, you will feel lots of warmth, and with warmth, there is healing. It’s such a relaxing treatment that you may even fall asleep.

Besides these benefits, microcurrent facials reduce acne, improve skin pigmentation and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

What are microcurrent facial side effects?

Many beauty experts will tell you that microcurrent facial has no side effects, or at least it doesn’t have threatening side effects, and it is true.

Microcurrent facial therapies change muscle tissues and increase blood circulation. All of this happens so quickly that some people may go through a detoxification reaction after the therapy. The side effects are not threatening at all, and they are fatigue, nausea and drowsiness.

Generally, these side effects occur about ninety minutes after the microcurrent facial treatment, or sometimes, they occur in the middle of the treatment. Once you are done with microcurrent treatment, side effects may last for 4-24 hours.

Nonetheless, microcurrent facial therapies have a safe history, and these side effects aren’t worth worrying about.

But, what should you do if you go through these minor side effects of microcurrent facial?

The best solution is drinking water. After the treatment, drink at least two liters of water in 2 hours. If you feel like side effects aren’t going away or have returned after going away, drink more water, and you will get rid of them within about 20 minutes.

Does microcurrent facial worse wrinkles?

Microcurrent facial, by increasing cellular activity, tightens and smooths the face’s muscles and connective tissues, and since we know this treatment produces collagen and elastin (structural proteins that can reduce wrinkles), it also plays a role in reducing wrinkles. This treatment reduces wrinkles from the forehead area the most.

Does microcurrent facial really work?

Yes, it works and gives miraculous results.

Microcurrent therapy promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and the process then further moves on towards the creation and stimulation of structural proteins like collagen and elastin. Of all the proteins in your body, collagen is the leading protein that your body uses for building muscles, thus, this treatment is the workout of the face.

Additionally, this treatment plays its role in triggering the body’s natural signals to induce tissue repair. This, furthermore, leads to the release of skin enhancement chemicals at the cellular level. Consequently, damaged skin starts getting repaired.

Does microcurrent facial therapy really lift your face? If so, is it a permanent lift?

Yes, it does! You will see immediate lifting effects post-treatment. However, the lift is not permanent, but if you continue taking microcurrent therapy sessions per month, results will last longer.

How much does microcurrent facial cost?

Generally, the microcurrent facial therapies cost ranges from $200 to $500.

When should you get a microcurrent facial treatment?

Skincare experts recommend that you should get a microcurrent facial treatment once per month.

Can microcurrent facial treatment contour your face?

A big yes! Microcurrent facial treatment aims to lift and sculpt the jawline and cheekbones.

How does microcurrent facial treatment reverse the signs of aging?

As we age, cellular turnover slows down, and collagen content decreases. Microcurrent facial treatment helps by increasing cellular turnover and producing collagen for youthful skin.

If I stop taking microcurrent facial treatment, what will happen?

Suppose you are a member of some gym club. If you stop going gym after one or two months, your body will start lifting downwards, and the positive effects of the gym won’t stay for long.

Similar is the case with microcurrent facial treatment. As we have already mentioned that microcurrent facial treatment is like a face gym. If you stop taking microcurrent treatment sessions after taking it once or twice, the production of collagen will stop, and you will again see signs of aging.

Who is suitable for microcurrent facial treatment?

Microcurrent facial treatment is suited for all types of skin and it helps with a variety of skin issues, irrespective of age. So, even if you are 40+ and have a saggy face, rest assured as microcurrent facial treatment can tighten up your face and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

However, one thing should be noted that microcurrent facial will provide more miraculous results to people who are 20 to 30 years old.

Microcurrent facial treatment before and after

If we talk about microcurrent facial treatment before and after thing, here is a picture of a person who went through a microfacial treatment. You can see her face got tightened up and looks very fresh after the microcurrent facial treatment. She is looking gorgeous even at a big age, all thanks to the microcurrent facial. 

Source: www.timelessrejuvenation.com

What should you do before a microcurrent facial treatment?

Before treatment, follow your normal medications and don’t eat too spicy food. Go along with the normal meal.

Gently wash your face, and don’t apply makeup afterward.

What about microcurrent facial at home?

Some microcurrent facial devices are specifically designed for carrying out the treatments at home. However, compared to in-office microcurrent treatments, at-home versions of microcurrent devices don’t give that much amazing results.

Professional treatment or at-home treatment, which would be better for you?

If your skin is sagging, and you are also going through a wrinkles problem, it is advised you go to a professional for best results.

While If you are facing minimal aging problems or you aren’t experiencing any visible sign of aging, at-home microcurrent facial devices will do a fine job for you.

Why getting a microcurrent facial treatment in the 20s is very beneficial?

Getting a microcurrent facial treatment in the 20s means aging effects will show on your face a bit later than a person who didn’t go through microcurrent treatment.

How long is a microcurrent facial session?

Microcurrent facial treatment takes roundabout an hour. Just like you spend time at the gym to get fruitful results, consider a microcurrent session a face gym and be patient. You can’t achieve anything without giving anything, and in a microcurrent case, you have to give your 1 hour time. Let’s recall the famous proverb, “no pain, no gain.”

Make sure you follow the post-treatment skincare instructions to get the best results.

How long do the effects of microcurrent facial last?

Even though microcurrent facial provides you with immediate results, it still doesn’t stop the aging process. It only delays it.

Now the question “How long do the effects of microcurrent facial last?” This depends upon the individual who went through the microcurrent treatment. To put it simply, if you already have very good skin from inside and outside, results will continue to stay for a longer period and vice versa. The best way to find out how long the effects of microcurrents facial lasts is by taking the treatment.  

It is advised that you continue taking microcurrent facial treatments (at least once per month), and if you act upon this advice, then microcurrent facial results will start lasting longer on your skin.

Does microcurrent facial treatment make your face red?

Microcurrent is a non-invasive and gentle treatment. You should not expect any inflammation or redness.

Is microcurrent facial treatment safe?

Yes, it is safe for most of the people in the world. As we have already told you, this treatment is non-invasive, completely painless and injection-free.

Now, the reason we said most of the people is because this treatment is not recommended for some people. As you know, this therapy uses low-voltage electricity, and that is why people with pacemakers or any kind of heart disease should stay away from this treatment. Additionally, pregnant women, cancer patients and people with severe acne should also stay from this treatment.

It is advised that before going for microcurrent facial treatment, HydraFacial treatment or any other skincare treatment, consult your doctor.  

Can microcurrent burn your skin?

Since microcurrent treatments involve the use of low-voltage electricity, this is a very valid question. However, don’t worry as we have already told you that you’ll only feel a tingling sensation when low-voltage electricity comes in contact with your face.

In short, microcurrent therapy does not burn your skin or cause any irritation.

What should you do after a microcurrent facial treatment? Are there any aftercare guidelines?

Once you are done with microcurrent therapy, avoid any harsh rubbing at all costs. Use moisturizers and hydrating serums. It is also advised that you drink water in great quantity and apply chemical-free sunscreen on your neck and face.

Final words

A microcurrent facial treatment is a way of admitting your face to a gym. This safe and highly effective treatment is your best answer for delaying signs of aging. Yes, microcurrent facial treatments are a bit expensive, but price shouldn’t be a factor to stop you from having beautiful and youthful skin.

Before going for a microcurrent facial treatment, do a bit of research to find a qualified provider of this treatment.

The only downside of microcurrent facial is that you have to get this treatment regularly, otherwise results won’t last long. Think of it as a face workout and continue taking microcurrent sessions once per month.

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