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What Is Dermaplaning Facial?

Dermaplaning facial is the art of removing hair from the face using a sharp scalpel blade. Some women express concern because of the tool used in the procedure. To clear the doubt, Dermaplaning is entirely pain-free and safe. And it helps promote smoother, brighter, and healthier skin.

Meanwhile, one can receive the treatment at a medical spa or a dermatologist’s office. Moreover, it is possible to carry out the procedure at home using some Dermaplaning tools.

Dermaplaning Science

Of course, the Dermaplaning concept is similar to shaving. Instead of the razor, it makes use of a scalpel-type blade to eliminate hair from the face. Besides, it removes skin cells and other debris that settles on the skin surface.

Exposing the skin’s top layer to irritants, UV rays, and environmental toxins could make it appear not very interesting. Thus, the procedure removes the outer layer of the skin to show newer skin cells. From there, the person’s body appears smoother and radiant. But, treatment varies from person to person since its effectiveness is primarily anecdotal.

Dermaplaning Facial Steps At home/ Procedure

To carry out a Dermaplaning facial procedure at home is possible. But, it is better to seek the services of a professional. A trained esthetician can know the different steps to take to carry out an effective procedure.

Also, a qualified person can modify the treatment based on your complexion goals and skin type. In other words, they can take a glance at your skin and determine what is best for you.

Besides having good quality blades, licensed estheticians could own some high-tech equipment. Amongst them are facial ultrasound units and high-grade LED lights for follow-up treatments. And some of these tools may not be available at home. But, you can still carry out Dermaplaning facial treatment at your abode.

Now let’s look at some of the steps you can take to dermaplane at home.

Step 1: Get the skin ready

Before you start the procedure, clean the skin by using a gentle cleanser to remove any leftover makeup. Ensure your skin is dry to get the best results. If not, the blade may not stick well.

Step 2: Dermaplane with short strokes

With your home tool at hand, shave away gently. Each stroke should be light and feathery. If you scrape aggressively, you can cut yourself. Use the other hand, and pull the skin lightly. Be cautious when you reach the angled areas, including the eyebrows.

Step 3: Use a mask to get a soothing sensation

When you finish shaving, use a mask to help soothe the skin. Also, you can apply sunscreen and moisturizer. But, limit your exposure to the sun because you may be resistant to UV rays after dermaplaning.

What Is The Cost of A Dermaplaning Facial?

Dermaplaning cost varies widely. That is because its treatment sometimes involves different skincare products and spa services. Prices range from $75 to $200 per treatment or more. Of course, many people deliberately avoid going to licensed estheticians because of their charges. Instead, they prefer to shave at home using a regular razor.

If you refuse to contact a plastic surgeon but prefer using a razor to shave at home could save cost. Yet experts advise that the procedure may not be effective.

Am I A Good Candidate for The Dermaplaning Facial?

If you want to remove those hairs from your face, then dermaplaning is perfect for you. At times, most people find the hair irritating; for that reason, you need a dermaplaning.

Generally, dermaplaning might be a helpful process for anyone with healthy skin. About 75% of U.S women between the ages of 18 to 34 undergo dermaplaning. Some of them carry out the procedure at home by watching Youtube videos.

Most people think that shaving the hair can make it grow back thicker and coarser. And that dermaplaning is not ideal for someone with dry skin. According to some licensed dermaplaning facial estheticians, the myth is entirely false. But, if you have any doubts, consult your plastic surgeon during a consultation to clear them.

Unfortunately, dermaplaning is not ideal for people suffering from the following conditions:

  • Eczema
  • Sensitive skin
  • Raised vascular lesions skin types
  • Keloid formations or hypertrophic scarring skins
  • Pigmentation problems skin types
  • Skin inflammations such as rosacea and psoriasis
  • Acne breakouts
  • Too much facial hair or hirsutism sufferers, especially from hormonal imbalance

Benefits of Dermaplaning Facial

Besides the removal of hair, dermaplaning provides several benefits to those who indulge in it. They are:

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Aids smoothen the skin
  • Minimizes the emergence of acne scars
  • Eliminates soft facial hair that houses oil and dirt
  • Relatively safe for removing peach-fuzz and dead skin cells
  • Provides quick results with zero downtime
  • Reduces the emergence of fine lines
  • Helps product penetrate the skin deeply

Best Dermaplaning Facial Tools

1. Dermaflash Luxe Dermaplaning Anti-aging Device

If you want the accurate dermaplaning tool, this is for you. Made of a stainless steel blade, it comes with a soft sonic vibration. Thus, it helps eliminate facial hairs and dull skin for a fresh radiance. Dermaflash Luxe kit comes with four blades. Each time you want to dermaplane, use a new edge to get the desired results.

Also accompanying this tool is a moisturizer and a compact cleanser to help your rejuvenated skin remain fresh. Besides the skin benefits, it comes in different colours and quite affordable.

Luckily, the good news is that you can dermaplane at home without spending a fortune. But, there are specific things you need to know before you start the procedure. First, make sure that your skin is freshly washed, clean, and dry. Also, endeavor to carry out the process at night to give your skin time to recover. Now, you need to pick the perfect tool for your dermaplaning.

2. Dermaplane Flawless GLO

Through the sun, we tend to notice any spots on our faces. Using red lights to dermaplane may not be the best. Instead, this tool comes with a bright light illuminating the way while shaving dead skin and peach fuzz away. Besides the lighting, your skin will look fresh and smooth afterward.

3. Stacked Skincare Facial Exfoliation Dermaplaning Tool

When it comes to dermaplaning tools, this is one of the best so far. With its durability and robust design, you will get a smooth shave. Stacked skincare is an expert-approved tool that can scrape dead skin and peach-fuzz. In the end, it will leave you with a smooth and baby soft appearance.

One unique thing about it is the sturdy aluminium handle. Thus, you will have total control while dermaplaning. Each blade can last after four uses. After that, remove it and replace a new one.

4. Tinkle Eyebrow Blade

Even though the label shows’ eyebrow razor’, it can work for the entire face. Meanwhile, it has extra sharp blades to give you a nice swipe while shaving your face.

5. Schick Silk Multipurpose Touchup Dermaplaning Tool

With this three-in-one facial razor, you won’t have to dermaplane with a dull blade any more. Also, it has a cover where one can fix the edge to get an accurate shave for the eyebrows. So, you can keep anyone closer to you if you see any hairs on your face.

6. Philips Precision Beauty Perfect Trimmer

As the name implies, this is a perfect trimmer indeed. Instead of shaving your facial hairs, you can trim them closely with this product. Besides its smooth, cutting head, a precision attachment accompanies it.

Thus, you can focus on a particular spot. Philips precision also comes with a click-on shaving comb to enable you to trim your eyebrows uniformly. Accompanying this trimmer also is a cleaning brush and a travel cap to ensure proper hygiene.

Dermaplaning Tips for Estheticians

Estheticians a unique skin-revealing solution to apply and revive dead skin cells. But the most crucial step is to soften the skin. Dermaplaning is not recommended for someone that has severe acne or moles. That is because one can suffer from severe bleeding, thereby aggravating the acne more.

Below are some dermaplaning tips for estheticians:

1. Keep using sunscreen

Continue using sunscreen any day, any time. Some people complain about how they feel when using sunscreen. Even if they may be pore-clogging, heavy, and gum on top of the skin, several light formulas are still available. Protecting the skin from the sun is essential, according to Shani Darden, a celebrity esthetician.

Unknown to many, sun damage may take many years before one notices the effect. Sometimes it could include conditions from hyperpigmentation to melisma and white spots. Thus, exposure to the sun without protection may cause skin cancer. So, go and order your sunscreen.

2. Include Vitamin C in your routine

Vitamin C, as we all know, helps build the immune system. Besides, it acts as a powerhouse anti-oxidant. So, incorporating it into your skincare routine could protect the skin from free-radicals, UV rays, and environmental stressors. Vitamin C is a natural brightener that provides a fresh and radiant glow.

3. Engage in-home facial treatments

People have a dull complexion sometimes due to some reasons. During summer, the skin is exposed to the sun’s high temperature, harsh rays, polluted air, and humidity. And in the end, they may all affect the skin. To be on the safe side, carry out a regular facial schedule at home. Since the sun can clog the skin, with a facial treatment, it will become clean.

4. Keep Exfoliating

Exfoliation is perfect, especially during the winter periods. But, it is a must during warmer seasons to give people a summer glow. So, keep on exfoliating to eliminate the dead outer skin and enjoy the summer.

Try and dermaplane at least once or twice every week, according to the owner of Karey Hays esthetics. Also, you can add a portion of baking soda into your cleanser. That is because it glows and smoothens the skin surface.

Dermaplaning Facial Risks/Side Effects

Generally, dermaplaning is a safe procedure when an expert carries it out. That is because they know the proper measures to take while using a blade to dermaplane. However, while signing a waiver addressing the dangers and complications before treatment, you’ll notice that cuts and nicks are included.

Sometimes skin lacerations might be possible since a blade is involved. But, these cuts heal fast since it is similar to normal razor wounds while shaving. A surgical blade is used to eradicate facial hairs, promoting the skin’s appearance and texture. Yet, many consider dermaplaning as a non-invasive treatment.

Other risks that come with dermaplaning are alterations in skin pigmentation. And that usually happens after excessive exposure to the sun after treatment. Sometimes one could have darkening of the skin or dark spots.

However, side effects could occur as a result of skin type. For example, whiteheads or bumps may develop after dermaplaning. But, they may disappear on their own over time. In specific cases, one could remove the whiteheads through surgery.

Dermaplaning facial side effects are rare, but there’s a possibility. Thus, it is better for the person carrying out the procedure to use clean and sterile tools. Side effects could be minimal and may include red or pink skin due to specific skincare products. Also, a problem may arise if you are sensitive to the sun a week after treatment.

Those who undergo dermaplaning may suffer from dry skin flakes. But that only occurs if you went through an aggressive dermaplaning procedure. Though the skin may seem dry after 2-3 days, it will surely bounce back.

Look for an experienced esthetician by researching online. Also, know your skin type before you settle for a treatment.

Dermaplaning Facial Before And After

Dermaplaning exposes the skin immediately after. Even though anti-aging mixtures can enter more profound in the shape of vitamin C or E anti-toxins, one should take care. And that is by protecting any sensitive skin using an SPF 50 moisturizer. Sometimes, chemical peels are used together with demaplaning, making the skin more sensitive to UV rays and the sun.

After demaplaning treatment, one can use Retinol, otherwise known as Vitamin A, liberally at night. But you have to wait for about 72 hours. Also, it would help if you avoided other things like exfoliating, waxing, and shaving.

dermaplaning facial before and after
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Final Verdict Regarding Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning helps eliminate tiny hairs and dead skin the revive the skin. Before you consider going for the procedure, you need to understand specific things. First, consult with an expert to guide you and carry out a safe treatment.

If you are thinking of dermaplaning at home, make sure you get the best tools. Also, endeavor to follow all the steps and keep all the instruments clean.


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