Microdermabrasion Aftercare-What to do after a Microdermabrasion Treatment? 

It remains critical for us to maintain and look after our skin. Especially in an environment with extensive climate changes and global warming. Therefore, during some occasions, we need more specialized treatments. These treatments also require specific measures to implement aftercare.

Aftercare ensures that your sensitive skin prevents from becoming damaged. Many facials require the use of specific skin products to build and maintain your new skin cell layers. One of these skincare treatments named Microdermabrasion received popularity to improve your skin, health, and outlook. Let us first see what Microdermabrasion means. 

microdermabrasion aftercare

What is Microdermabrasion?

The article aims to provide an insight into Microdermabrasion aftercare, but first, we need to understand what it means. What is this treatment and the uniqueness thereof? Microdermabrasion allows your skin to develop a brighter complexion. It also helps to develop a clearer look. The treatment method uses combined diamond-tipped microdermabrasion inclusive with vacuum suction. This treatment approach remains a specialized option to remove all dead skin from the 1st layer. The treatment allows for collagen activity to increase and restore elasticity (1).

The treatment offers improved quality for many skins from combination, normal, oily or more complex skin types. It especially helps with the treatment of aging or teenage skin and focuses on the principle of exfoliation (3).

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What are the types of Microdermabrasion treatments?

After undertaking research, I identified three different types of Microdermabrasion treatments. All of them seem crystal based and used to clean the face from dead cells and bacteria.

  • Crystal Microdermabrasion seems to present the most general option used at skin clinics. It offers a natural approach and available for regular use.
  • Aluminium Oxide Crystals based on the use of precious stones. The hardness of these stones prevents them from chipping or breaking during treatment. It allows for a streamlined removal of dead cells with no development of uneven layers.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals allow for a gentler effect during and after treatment. It uses a less aggressive approach to remove the dead layers on your skin. 

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Microdermabrasion Aftercare Tips

Now that we developed an understanding of Microdermabrasion, the step aims to explain the aftercare process. The microdermabrasion aftercare process requires specific steps to ensure your skin remains looked after. Like any skin treatment process, it requires care and prevention from damage. Normally our skin feels extensively sensitive after treatment and protective measures help to prevent the layers from developing scars, for example.

  1. Maintain a skincare routine using specific products

The first step involves the implementation of a skincare routine using specific products. Mostly your dermatologist or skincare specialist describes recommended skin products. It includes a moisturizer, cleanser, and most importantly a serum. It aims to keep your skin hydrated and also healthy.

  1. Drink plenty of water

The next step relates to the ability to keep your skin from losing the softness. Here you need to focus on drinking lots of water. It keeps your skin hydrated and create a young look. Water consumption also increases the development of new cells. These new skin cells allow your skin to quickly generate a new shiny looking skin layer.

  1. Abstain from scratching your skin

After treatment, the skin feels irritable and sensitive. You find a lot of redness and one constantly wants to tamper with your face. The process involves the removal of the top skin layer to remove the dead cells. The removal of the first part of the skin makes you feel frustrated and you start to interfere with the healing process.

You can damage your skin in this way. If it becomes irritable rather spray hydration water on your face or use some serum to assist with the redness. There are some skin treatments where you not allowed to use water on the skin layer initially. Ensure to discuss with your dermatologist before you spray water on your face.

  1. Removal of dead skin cells

it means exposure of the second layer. It means a person needs to stay away from extreme sun exposure and usage of high SPF level skin products. Depending on the recommendation from your skin specialist, an SPF 50+ becomes a requirement. Attempt to stay away from harsh sun conditions. During this time exclude sunbathing or visiting the beach.

  1. Avoid taking part in facial waxing treatments

The reason for this relates to the sensitivity of your skin after the treatment. Undertaking waxing on an already irritable skin may cause more harm. Using waxing can cause skin marks to develop and difficult to treat.

  1. The first few days after the treatment attempt to stay away from extensive exercises

Developed sweat may increase skin sensitivity and make it feel more uncomfortable. Attempt to focus on low-energy activities for example yoga.

  1. Stay away from the pool for the first week

If you a swimmer, it remains best to stay away from the pool for the first week. Discuss this with your dermatologist. Reason being that swimming pool water normally contains diverse chemicals that may damage your already sensitive skin.

  1. Stay away from any perfumed based moisturizers

These face creams contain alcohol that may damage your skin. Remember the treatment removed the first layer of your skin cells and require recovery. Therefore, any alcohol or chemical-related products may cause skin marks or more serious scars to develop (2).

  1. Monitor your skin condition

Continuously monitor your skin condition and if discovered that you struggle with increased redness and irritability, ask for advice. Many times we leave it for too late.


As with any treatments, the maintenance of your skin requires aftercare as well. Many skin treatments impact significantly on your skin. Meaning, you may experience sensitivity and redness to develop. The reason behind aftercare aims to assist your skin to recover. Recovery forms part of a step-by-step process and requires changes to your daily routine.

It remains critical because you may cause extensive damage to your skin if you fail to follow the aftercare steps. Does the question remain if the aftercare makes a difference in your skin quality? Yes, it does. Here Microdermabrasion Aftercare requires specific steps to ensure your skin recovers after treatment.

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