Makeup Vs No makeup– A popular argument. Most of the women spend a significant amount of time and money to get makeup. Makeup kits and cosmetics businesses are making billions of dollars based on this tendency.

Makeup can turn an ugly or average face into a beautiful look. It also hides age by masking wrinkles due to age. But, is it good for you?

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

In a recent study, 44% of American women don’t like to leave their homes without makeup on. According to research, there are two main reasons why women wear makeup.

Cove up

Insecure and anxious women tend to rely on makeup in order to feel less noticeable.


The second reason why women put on makeup is so that they can be noticeable, and more attractive. They believe that makeup makes them feel confident, sociable, and assertive.

Hence, it goes without saying that the women who cannot leave their houses without makeup believe that with their natural, untouched faces, they won’t be able to accomplish either of the two.

It may not sound fair but psychologically, attractive people are treated more favorably in every aspect of life, from dating, to jobs to salaries, and even criminal trials.

It is perhaps because of this that women have it drilled in them from a younger age that to be successful in life, they need to be pretty.

For many women, going out on a date, for work, or any other event may only mean sometime in front of the dressing mirror with an assortment of cosmetics.

There exists an array of cosmetic products designed to enhance physical beauty.  Physical characteristics are generally considered universal makers of beauty and are often linked to reproductive fitness.

Social Benefit of Makeup

Makeup can contribute to how women socially interact with other women as well as men. Makeup makes women feel dominant in their workplaces, thus higher chances of getting a promotion.

Sometimes the type of makeup used may determine a woman’s character, leading to preferences when socializing and making friends. There are those women who tend to create rivals when they feel jealous of other women with sexy or bold looks.

What Are Some of The Common Makeup Products?


Red lipstick is highly preferable for most women, this is because women with red lips are in fact perceived as more attractive. A woman with red lipstick is more likely to be approached by a guy in a bar than one without lipstick


Foundation is an important product when doing your makeup. Foundation not only gives your skin an even tone but also gives a stronger impression of health and symmetry. Foundation thus plays an important role in female attractiveness.

Focus on The Eyes

Eye makeup includes eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Women also use concealers to remove under eye dark circles. These products help in making a woman look young and attractive. Women are often viewed as beautiful when they have features resembling youths.

This includes large eyes, lips, and a small nose. These exaggerated youthfulness features tend to be more appealing.


The application of artificial blush on women’s face tends to be a staple cosmetic.

Is Makeup Really Necessary For A Woman?

Makeup generally makes women look healthier and attractive than their counterparts with no makeup, suggesting that makeup has a potentially useful role in strategic self-presentation.

It goes without saying that makeup can make a difference in perceived physical attractiveness since women’s fertility is linked to youthfulness and good health. Makeup helps promote impressions that are consistent with these characteristics.

Why Makeup Was Invented?

The history of makeup dates back to the 4000B.C. The Egyptian ladies used to doll themselves in order to please the gods. The women felt that their physical appearance was directly related to their spiritual worth.

The Egyptians were the creators of the first cosmetics. They applied (mesdement) which was eye makeup made from a mixture of copper and lead ore. A shade of green would be applied to the lower eyelids, whereas black, and dark grey was applied to the lashes and upper eyelids.

The Egyptians believed that dark colors warded off evil eyes. Although the Egyptians linked make-up with spirituality, the Romans adopted the Egyptian’s cosmetic formula to improve the appearance of the Roman men.

The trend later spread to Greece and eventually to other parts of the world, where women began wearing eye shadow for the sake of beauty as opposed to the intended religious reason.

There also exists another story on the origin of makeup, where it is believed that makeup was invented to act as war paint for the men, it would also be used to signal social status or tribal origin. Some researchers do believe that overall body paint was used as the first military uniform.

It is evident that makeup was invented because of the following reasons;

Women/ girls want to enhance their looks, and attract guys,

Emphasize their beauty by highlighting the best parts of their face/ bodies to look even better

Modern society puts a lot of emphasis on external look more than your personality. Makeup is a form of art and thus brings out the beauty in those who apply it.

Makeup Side Effects on The Skin

There are two sides to every coin, and as much as makeup is used to stir the appearance and health of your skin, makeup can also have several harmful effects on your skin. Let’s explore a little bit about how dangerous makeup products can be on the skin.

Premature Aging

while most women use makeup to hide wrinkled and aged skin. Sometimes one tends to be too rough on the skin while using makeup. This may lead to the development of lines and wrinkles. In addition, certain chemicals used in some makeup products have been known to escalate the problem.


Have you experienced a skin allergy as a result of the makeup product you are using? Chemicals contained in many of the makeup products have been known to cause allergic reactions, and also disrupt your hormonal imbalance.

The discomfort that comes as a result can be overwhelming. Not being able to stop itching your skin, can be very uncomfortable.

Discoloration of Your Skin

The use of low-quality ingredients and unregulated products may lead to skin discoloration. Patches on the skin, uneven skin tone are some disadvantages of using makeup products that contain heavy chemicals.


If you think addiction only applies to alcoholics and drug users, well, you are wrong. Some people have become so dependent on makeup that they cannot interact with others without their makeup. The addiction comes with its challenges such as low self-esteem since the idea that one can actually look perfect without makeup has become laughable.

Skin Infection

Some foundation and powder products tend to make your skin dry out. What happens to dry skin? Eventually the skin cracks or forms wrinkles. Cracks on the skin could easily lead to a skin infection.

Lipstick May Cause Lead Poisoning

The lipstick which was used by the ancient Egyptian women contained lead. Although nowadays lead content in lipstick is safe, most people tend to apply it more than ten times a day. Ingesting lead could lead to possible brain damage and abnormalities.


Cancer is one of the most threatening side effects of excessive use of makeup

Can Makeup Cause Acne?

Facial acne; obviously putting on makeup means creating layers and layers of makeup products on your skin every morning. Most makeup products especially those in liquid form tend to clog your skin pores, leading to the formation of blackheads. If you are not lucky, the blackheads may eventually break out in the form of facial acne.

How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

Clearly, there are more side effects of using makeup as there are advantages. Natural beauty is slowly gaining momentum and you can look beautiful without makeup as well.

  • Shape your eyebrows and make them look perfect, you can tint them with dye or henna but ensure it matches your hair color.
  • Curl your eyelashes and apply a transparent gel to them, this will make your eyes look wider. A good and balanced diet can go a long way in getting rid of dark circles under your eyes.
  • Whitten your teeth. The beauty of a person lies in their smile. Ensure that nothing prevents you from wearing that attractive smile. Proper care of your teeth will ensure that they are healthy and whiter.
  • Care for your lips; as we mentioned earlier, a good diet is key. Ensure that you keep your lips moisturized at all times. Lip balm which can be replaced with olive oil or any other natural oil will go a long way in ensuring that your lips stay moisturized at all times. You can also carry out a routine massage, say once a week on your lips with a soft toothbrush.
  • Take care of your hair: A makeup-free face could use some well-done hair. Choose a simple hairstyle that best fits your appearance. Avoid too much use of styling products, and try to keep it as natural as possible. You could also use a little bit of coconut oil to add some shinning effect on your hair.
  • Use sunscreen: Frequent use of sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV radiation that would rather cause premature wrinkles.

Generally, proper skincare hygiene will ensure that your skin stays healthy and in perfect condition making you look beautiful without makeup.

Do Boys Prefer Girls With or Without Makeup?

Ironically, while women put on makeup to attract guys, men are not always the biggest fans. Most men cannot stand how makeup completely changes a person’s face

Some men can’t stand a woman with bright lipstick as they will be afraid of ruining it while kissing.

Final Takeaway from Makeup Vs No Makeup

In the conclusion of the argument regarding makeup vs no makeup we can say that most men would prefer their women natural. Some say that a lot of makeup actually makes girls look worse.

One comment by a famous actor wraps everything up on what guys think about makeup, and I quote,

‘’ Less is more. Definitely. You don’t want to overdo it. If you don’t exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up’’

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