MAKEUP OR HAIR FIRST-What To Do On The Big Events?

Makeup or hair first- A common confusion.  There is often a lot of preparations done for your wedding day. On the wedding day, many things happen before you walk down the aisle, and your general appearance is very important. When talking about your wedding day beauty preparation, we wouldn’t fail to mention hair and makeup.

This brings us to the big question, during your big day which one should be done before the other, Makeup or hair first?  Different make -up artists have different opinions in regards to makeup or hair first for weddings. However, there is an opinion that stood out.

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Makeup Or Hair First?

The decision on whether or not to do your makeup or hair first and vice versa will depend on what needs to be done with the hair. If for example, your hair requires more than just curling or flat ironing, then it is preferable that doing the hair comes first, more especially if the hair needs to be washed.

The sole purpose of doing the hair first especially if the hair needs washing is to prevent any water or hair product from dripping on the face which would then stain your face or cause your makeup to run. You should look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. You should also be able to capture the attention of your guests as well as your groom as you walk down the aisle.

But most importantly you should be able to feel comfortable, and supremely confident. Beauty-induced stressed especially on your wedding day can be overwhelming. The key to avoiding beauty induced stress is by ensuring that you’ve got everything scheduled.

Hair and makeup are likely to take approximately 60- 90 minutes for the bride, and being on your intended schedule will make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Many people say that having your makeup done especially on your wedding day is a different kind of treat. Make- up doesn’t only consist of lipstick or eye shadow.

There is more to that, a well-done makeup will depend on how well you prep your skin before applying your makeup. Cosmetics help in enhancing the look of women, and girls.

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Benefits of Wearing Makeup On Your Big Day

Confidence Is Enhanced

As a woman, you want to feel confident and ready to take up anything that comes your way. A bride on her wedding day will also want the same confidence, the sense of control which gives a positive attitude that you deserve on your big day.

Skin Protection

While carrying out your day-to-day activities, you tend to come in contact with dust, and smog which may be harmful to your skin. In the case of a bride, you are likely to come into contact with a lot of dust and harsh weather that may harm your skin. However, the make- up, it acts as a barrier and keeps your skin from direct contact with dust.

Appearance Is Enhanced

Every bride would want to look like a doll during their wedding day. Makeup makes a bride look outstanding and inviting. Some hidden natural features become clear when make-up is involved.

Fun And Memorable Day With Makeup

A little bit of fun is sprinkled into your life, after all a wedding day should be fun, right? Have you thought about the wedding photos, how great you’ll look in them with your makeup on? Makeup helps add a brighter look, the nice touch added helps you look your best for the camera.

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

A woman is considered more attractive when she looks more feminine. Having said this, your beauty regimen should be at the top of your list. Besides well-done face makeup, your hair must be gorgeous for the big day.

Which hairstyle will enhance your beauty? A hairstyle that best fits your personality and style will go a long way and making you look fabulous on your wedding day.

Most hairstylists would recommend that you have your hair done prior to your wedding day. This actually sounds reasonable to avoid unpleasant surprises during the last minute. Perhaps you need to change the color of your hair or have a haircut, or even have your hair braided.

It would be advisable that all these preparations are done prior to your wedding day to allow enough time for your hair to soften your style a bit so that it looks as natural as possible.

How Makeup Products Enhance A Woman’s Beauty?

  • Foundation not only corrects flaws on your skin but also gives the skin an even tone. The well-applied foundation has the ability to give your face a fresh and glowing look, it also adds symmetry to your face making you look just perfect.
  • Eye makeup enhances the overall look, the eyes are central to the human attraction. Eye makeup which includes eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow will make your eyes look more vibrant and outstanding. Feelings and interests are well communicated through the eyes, and thus makeup around these areas makes the face look more seductive and feminine.
  • Lipstick especially a bright-colored one attracts attention to your face. Women who wear lipstick are charged with confidence and are perceived to be sexually attractive. On a date, you will probably need that red lipstick to attract the attention of your potential partner.
  • Soft blush makes a woman’s face even more alluring. That peachy or pink color on your cheekbones will go a long way in making you look as attractive as possible. Blush will help create a healthy and youthful look.

What Will Happen If You Do Makeup Before Hair?

Say your hair needs ironing, the blasts of heat from the blow- dryer may not be so good for your make-up. High temperatures as a result of heat from the blow-dryer will make you sweat and this may ruin your make-up.

Sweat will not only melt off your foundation, but also smear your mascara, and create an oil slick in the T- zone. This will subsequently clog your pores with pigments, leading to breakouts.

Some hairstyles require spraying that may happen too close to your face, and you cannot imagine how badly your make up will be ruined. There are some hairstyles that require you to go under a dryer, with a fully done face, this can be very uncomfortable.

What Will Happen If You Do Your Hair Before Makeup?

On the plus side, doing your makeup after your hair may have some advantages. Some makeup artists may recommend working on your hair, and later the makeup.  This happens to brides who are prone to tearing up when she puts on makeup.

Many women suffer from watery eyes on their wedding day, this can be bad for the make- up especially eyeliners, fake lashes, or mascara. Imagine all the effort in doing your make up only to be washed away by tears? This won’t look on the bride.

Therefore, it is advisable that you allow your eyes to do their thing, and only when it has all stopped is it worth to patch up the damage with makeup. Let’s assume that your eyes had not been given the time, it would be absolutely difficult to repair any tear tracks in your makeup, lifting lashes, or the smudged eyeliner.

Makeup or Hair First For A Wedding Or Other Events

Perhaps it’s a date, night, a special occasion at the office, or any other event, during your daily routine in front of your dressing mirror, that comes first. Should you do hair or makeup first?

Well, your hairstyle might dictate how these events follow one another. For instance, if you want to have bangs or wispy pieces of hair across your face, then it would only make sense if the hair part is done after the makeup has been done.

Hairstyles grace the overall look of a woman by influencing the way we feel. The identity of a woman is best expressed by her hairstyle. Hairstyles help create an impression on others during different periods of a woman’s life. Getting the right hairstyle, combined with perfectly done makeup, can significantly boost a woman’s self-assurance, and even give her a feeling of inner satisfaction.

Beauty and attractive looks play an important role in many spheres of a woman’s life. The confidence possessed by an attractive woman helps in her career. Research has it that, there is a relationship between a good-looking woman and their wage.

As it turns out attractive women are more likely to be employed and earn higher wages. The bottom line, putting effort into doing your makeup and your hair will pay off in the end.

However, it is totally understandable to think that the endless hours of applying makeup and styling hair in the morning seem like an episode of a horror movie. The right look however can be the first step in radically changing a woman’s life.

SO, Makeup or Hair First?

In conclusion, it is evident that hairstyling should come first so that the hot styling tools might not cause perspiration. Any overspray as a result of hair styling can be removed from the skin before make- up can be applied.

You can save yourself the frustration of having to ruin your make up; as a result of too much heat from a dryer or a blow-dryer, by having your hair done first, and lastly your makeup. Fresh-looking makeup and well-styled hair will enhance your beauty by making sure that you have that glamorous look throughout your wedding day.

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