16 Tips to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer-Facial Adviser!

How to make your spray tan last longer? One of the key elements we desire after a spray tan includes the creation of a lasting effect. It remains important to follow certain steps before and after your spray tan to maintain the color. The impacts on the spray tan color we discuss below:

16 Tips to Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

How spray tan lasts long

1. No Exfoliants

Avoid the use of exfoliants over 24 hours before and during your tan sessions. Also, attempt to stay away from citric acids before you start with a spray tan treatment. The exfoliation causes your tan pigment to disappear quicker than expected. It remains important to exfoliate and remove the dry skin cells, but the timing thereof stays critical. Ask your beautician for recommendations before you exfoliate your skin with a professional exfoliating tool. Remember exfoliants stay an important product just use them wisely.

2. Add A Topper

Add a topper that makes your tan last longer. The additional layer comprises vitamins that increase the durability of your self-tan. The topper also makes your skin look healthy with an additional glow included. Speak to your beautician to ask for advice and purchase the topper suitable for your skin type.

3. Be Careful with Moisturisers or Oils

Stay away from the use of oils if you aim to spray tan. Oils create an additional layer on your skin and prevent the color from working properly. Any oil-based moisturizers impact the quality of your tan and the color it creates. Oils break down the tints and before you know it, the coloring disappears. Therefore, purchase water-based products that allow your skin to absorb the spray tan and make it lasts longer.

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4. Attempt to use a Tan-Enhancer

A tan-enhancer allows your skin to create the bronze color a lot quicker and also maintains the tone after the treatment. Also, the tan enhancer acts as a skin tonic and makes your skin look smooth and healthy. Several tan-enhancers exist on the market. Depending on your skin sensitivity, undertake some research before you buy it.

5. Prepare Your Body 

To ensure the maintenance of a well-kept spray tan, an individual needs to prepare their bodies before the time. Taking a shower sounds simplistic enough, but it means a lot more than the ordinary. A clean, well-preserved skin layer allows for the stray tan to work sufficiently and lasts longer as well. Remember to shower at least 8  hours before the time and undertake a scrub to remove all the dead cells. This allows your body to receive a smooth spray tan with no streaks. It helps your body to maintain the tan over a longer period.

6. Use Suitable Clothing 

As part of the spray tan maintenance approach, one needs to wear suitable clothing. No need to bring your tight jeans during a spray tan session. Light, soft clothing allows the tan to settle. Wear soft clothing over 8 hours at least. Attempt to wear loose clothing that may not continuously bother your skin and remove the coloring. If you wear tight clothes, it impacts on the smoothness of the layer and damages your color depth. Remember to wear open-toe shoes when you attend treatment.

7. Use Paper Underwear

Although it sounds uncomfortable, the use of paper underwear becomes a necessity. Normal underwear impacts on the smooth outlook of your spray tan and allow for stripes to happen. Remove the paper underwear after a couple of hours. It allows the coloring to settle.

8. No Perfumed Products

Perfumed products impact on your skin, for example, some deodorants, high-alcohol perfumes, and sprays. It remains critical to abstain from using products that may remove the coloring. Therefore, attempt to stay as basic as possible after the tanning procedure. Use baby-friendly creams and powders, for example.

9. Shower 

If you attempt to shower after the spray tan, use basic soaps with no additional scents and fragrances. Elementary body powder also helps to main sweat levels during the day. Use body or face creams with no added scents or ingredients that impact on your tan layers. Also, it prevents showering in overly hot water. It remains critical to plan and rather shower a few hours before your treatment.

10. Sunscreen Usage 

Continue to use sunscreen to protect your body. Even if you comprise a spray tan, you still need to use skin protection. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, use the highest SPF level available on the market. To prevent losing your spray tan, use a water-based product. Some sunscreen products contain significant oil elements that impact on the durability of the tan.

11. Tan Detox 

Many times we continue to spray layer on top of layer in the tan process. Subsequently, our skin develops a unique but peculiar color. To prevent your skin from developing an odd tan color, you may need to detox. Products available on the market allow you to remove the spray tan layer. You can also undergo a de-tan facial. It makes your skin return to normal. Clean skin allows for a higher success rate during the spray tan option. Detox not only cleans your skin but allows for recovery before you attend another treatment session.

12. No Shaving or Waxing 

Attempt to stay away from shaving or waxing over 10 days. Both activities remove portions of the skin layers and impacts on the tan smoothness. It remains best to shave or wax before you attend a tanning session. Depending on your skin, during some circumstances your body also becomes sensitive. Using shaving or waxing becomes problematic if used after a spray tan.

13. Self-Tanner

Using self-tanning products between your spray tan sessions allows your color to last longer. You develop an added tanned layer that causes your spray tan to last longer. Remain careful of the sensitive spaces, for example, your face area.

14. Do not Swim 

Stay away from the pool for a while. The chemicals in the water most definitely impact your tan color and make the tone fade away. During the first few days after your treatment, stay away from swimming exercises. 

15. Use Special Bodywash After Spray Tan

After a spray tan, you must use selective body wash which will not harm your tan. These body washes also help your spray tan last longer.

16. Use Quality Spray Tan Machine and Spray Tan Solution

To get maximum from your spray tan ask your beautician to use a high-quality spray tan machine and a good spray tan solution.

Final Words

How to make your spray tan last longer? The core methods include less use of oil or fragrance based products and stay away from additional chemicals that cause harm. Plan properly when you aim to spray tan.

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