What Is A Facial? 38 Facial Types, Cost, FAQs

Deciding which facial types at home or parlor are best for your skin can be a very hard task. Our article on 38 different types of facials massage will help you find the best facial treatment fits for your skin type and skin condition.

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is A Facial?
  2. How Often Should You Get A Facial Massage?
  3. Dos and Don’ts After All Types of Facial Massage
  4. Facial Names, Types, Cost/Price in Salon or Parlor
  5. 38 Facial Types At Home and Parlor
  6. How to Choose The Right Facial For My Skin?
  7. FAQs Regarding Types of Facials
  8. Final Advice Regarding Facial Types

What Is A Facial?

There are lots of facial types available. In general, A facial is a type of facial skincare treatment that may include cleansing of skin pores, dead facial cells exfoliation, microdermabrasion, microneedling, microblading, tan removal, extraction, mask, massage, and many more. This is really difficult to summarize all facial types into one category. But, the aim is to get a beautiful, refreshing, spotless, glowing face from all types of facials.

Nowadays, you can try all facial types at home with the help of at-home facial devices depending on the purpose. If you have sufficient time and money, you can take the help of a professional facialist to get a professional facial as per your requirements.

How Often Should You Get A Facial Massage?

As a rule of thumb, you should get a facial at least once every month to reap the best benefits of facial treatments. But depending upon your skin condition, you might need to get facial more often.

The pace at which you are getting a facial depends on your skin and the problems you are dealing with. For example, if you are doing a regular maintenance facial, you can do it once in 6 weeks.

On the other hand, if you are getting anti-acne or anti-blackhead facials, you should get them once in three weeks.

Other facials are supposed to be done once a month. In general, your beautician will examine the condition of your skin and propose a facial plan for your skin.

Dos and Don’ts After All Types of Facial Massage


There are certain “don’ts” after any facial you should respect and stick to. Namely, you must not touch your skin for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Also, you must not put on any make-up. This is especially true for heavy make-up.
In addition, you should not use any strong skin cleaning products and toners. Don’t wax your face. Don’t expose your skin to the sun without protection.


You should apply quality sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun. Do this every time you go out, 20 to 30 minutes before exposing yourself to sun rays.
Use high-quality skin moisturizers every day for at least 1 week.

Facial Names, Types, Cost/Price in Salon or Parlor

When you go for a facial, you’re not paying only for the masks, cleansers, and serums used on your face. But, the price tag reflects the products, technology, and techniques utilized. Another thing is the level of professionalism of the esthetician carrying out the treatment.

Our primary focus is how much each of these facial treatments costs. Now, let’s take a look at the approximate prices for the different available facials.

Facial NamesTypePrice (USD)
1. Basic cleanupFor normal skin$35-$100
2. Regular facialFor all$35-$100
3. Acne Reduction facialBest for acne-prone skin$75-$200
4. Fruit facialFor anti-aging$99-$129
5. Aromatherapy facialTreatment with the use of essential oils$75-$95
6. Antioxidant facialFor anti-aging too$99-$200
7. Wine facialAnti-aging facial$99-$200
8. Anti-aging facialFor a younger look$99-$200
9. Microdermabrasion facialExfoliating facial$99-$200
10. Glycolic acid facialProfessional anti-aging facial$400-$1200
11. Collagen care facialEnhances texture and elasticity$155-$250
12. Ultra-hydrating watermelon facialSummer facial$75-$200
13. Photo facialPerfect for skin problems$500-$600
14. Diamond facial massageParty type facial$40-$75
15. De-tan facialDe-tan facial removal$30-$60
16. Skin lightening facialDry skin enlightenment facial$150-$400
17. Gold facialRoyal facial$75-$100
18. Paraffin facialFacial for dehydrated and dry skin$25-$50
19. Electric current facialImproves circulation of blood through the skin$200-$600
20. Galvanic facialFor dry skin$150-$220
21. Sensiglow facialSensitive skin$50-$75
22. Gold radiance facialFor a golden glow$80-$120
23. Facials for menSpecialized men facial treatment$55-$70
24. Aromasque facialMen facial for stress relieve$75-$100
25. Regenerating facialA sort of rehydrating facial$150-$800
26. Oxygen facialA facial for fixing skin conditions$200-$500
27. Micro-needling facialEnhances collagen production$100-$700
28. Laser resurfacingA laser skin surface improvement facial$115-250$
29.Lymphatic massage faciallymphatic drainage facial$75-$125
30. Acupuncture facialReduces wrinkles, rejuvenates, reduces chin sagging, tightens relaxed muscles of the face and neck$75-$175
31. HydrafacialRemoves all the shortcomings of the classic microdermabrasion$199-$300
32. Chemical peelsInvasive facial group of treatments$200-$700
33. Dermaplaning facialIt implies using a sterile cosmetic scalpel to exfoliate the epidermis (old skin deposits) and small hairs (vellus)$75-$200
34. Enzyme facialA non-invasive form of removing the surface layer of the skin using enzymes$115-$300
35. PRP facialThe treatment of the patient’s own plasma – PRP therapy$400-$700
36. Back facialA Back Massage Facial$100-$150
37. LED facialStimulates the production of collagen and elastin$25-$200
38. Mesotherapy facialPerfect for sensitive skin$250-$600

38 Facial Types At Home and Parlor

Here we have listed 38 different useful facial types for different skin conditions. You can read them in detail and pick the one that suits you most from the following:

1. Basic Cleanup Facial-Mostly Used Facial Types for Normal Skin at Home

The basic clean up facial is for you if you don’t want to expose your skin to harsh treatments. It is also a good option if you’re facing acne problems. The cleansing process begins by opening the pores using steam. Then the skin is exfoliated getting rid of dead skin cells and blackheads. Finally, a moisturizing cream is applied to give your skin a healthy look.  Choosing the right facial cleansing brushes can help in getting the best results.

2. Regular Facial-A Common Type of Facial for All

A regular facial is the most common facial treatment available. The process includes steaming with a professional facial steamer, exfoliation, applying a suitable mask for your skin type. Finally, using a moisturizing cream will give your skin the desired glowing and radiant look. Remember that this treatment is not recommended for people with acne problems.

3. Acne Reduction Facial- Best Facial Massage for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne reduction facial is used to treat people with oily skin with severe acne problems. During the process, your skin will be deeply cleansed, steamed, and exfoliated. This will make sure that all the excess oil from your face is gone.

People with acne problems are recommended to have this facial done regularly. However, you should keep in mind various types of acids are used in this treatment.  So I advise you to consult a dermatologist before having it done.

4. Fruit Facial-A Type of Anti-Aging Facial

Fruit facial is suitable for people with all skin types. The best thing about fruit facial is that you can get it done at home. This all-natural facial treatment will give you glowing and radiant skin in no time. Thanks to the antioxidants and vitamins contained in the fruit.

It will even reduce the visibility of wrinkles and dark spots. Fruit facial has no unwanted side effects and you don’t have to bother visiting a salon.

5. Aromatherapy Facial- A Type of Facial Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy facial is a little different from traditional facials. During an aromatherapy facial, a scrub will be first applied to your face to cleanse the impurities. Then a combination of essential oils is added to the face mask.

Besides exfoliating and soothing the skin, this type of therapy has positive psychological effects as it helps you relax and lets you simply enjoy being pampered.

6. Antioxidant Facial-Antiaging Type of Facial Treatment

The antioxidant facial is suited for mature skin. With the help of masks and creams rich in beta-carotene and vitamins such as A, C, and E your skin will appear softer and younger.

An antioxidant facial helps even out the skin tone, cleanses the pores, removes impurities, and prevents the damage that the skin usually suffers daily leaving it luminous and youthful-looking.

7. Wine Facial-Antiaging Facial Type

Wine facial is Another ‘food facial’ that uses antioxidants to give the skin elasticity and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Red wine is a powerful antioxidant and its application onto the face will moisturize the skin and improve skin metabolism.
Wine facial works much better than vitamins C and E in making your face appear smoother and younger.

8. Anti-aging Facial-Instant Younger Look Facial Massage

After the third decade of your life, your skin starts to show more visible signs of aging. The Anti-aging facial is effective for those who want to look instantly younger. You’ll be able to tighten the skin and look more youthful without going under the knife.

The anti-aging facial will brighten and tighten your sagging skin by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

9. Microdermabrasion Facial- Exfoliating Type Facial

Microdermabrasion facial is the most effective form of exfoliation. By using a vacuum to exfoliate and send micro-particles directly into the skin, this treatment helps get rid of dead skin cells that would otherwise be hard to remove. It’s better to use a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine for the best results.

Microdermabrasion is painless and you can use it on sensitive skin types as well. It can help battle various skin conditions and dark spots. Side effects contain temporary redness right after the treatment.

10. Glycolic Acid Facial-Professional Anti-aging Treatment facial type

Glycolic acid facial is a very invasive treatment among all facial types and therefore must be done by an experienced professional facialist. It is a great anti-aging treatment. It helps remove dark spots and dead skin cells leaving the skin more radiant and youthful.

If you choose to get a Glycolic Acid Facial, you should be aware that the powerful acid will make the skin very sensitive. So, it is very important to follow these instructions for taking care of the skin after the treatment.

11. Collagen Facial Care-Improves Elasticity And Texture

Collagen is the most common protein in your body and gives your skin elasticity and strength. It has a role in getting rid of dead skin cells. With age, this protein starts to break down leaving our skin saggy and wrinkly.

Luckily, the Collagen Facial helps the skin regain some of its former elasticity and texture. The treatment includes massaging a collagen cream into the skin giving you a natural face-lift in just a short amount of time.

12. Ultra-hydrating Watermelon Facial- Summer Facial

These types of facials are perfect for hot summer months. Watermelon Facial will help replenish the moisture in your skin that has been exposed to heat for too long. Watermelon facial will help rejuvenate, refresh and magically restore your skin to its former glory.

13. Photo Facial-Effective Facial for Skin Problems

Photo facial is a new kind of facial treatment that uses light to treat various skin conditions and problems such as wrinkles, blemishes, enlarged pores, and dark spots. This new treatment is completely safe and suitable for all skin types.

14. Diamond Facial Massage- Party Facial Type

Diamond facial works well on all skin types. It can be used to treat acne and wrinkles, but it also can lighten the skin tone. Diamond facial is a non-invasive facial treatment.

It is perfect for making your skin flawless for a wedding, party, or some other special occasion.

15. De-tan Facial-The Tan Removal Facial

If you love your pale skin tone, but have oily skin that tans easily, then De-tan facial is perfect for you. The products used such as Spray Tan Machine, spray tan solution, Tingle tanning lotion, Indoor tanning lotion, etc for this treatment extract the extra melanin from the skin with immediately visible results.

16. Skin Lightening Facial- Enlightenment Facial for Dry Skin

Unlike the de-tan facial, the Skin Lightening Facial is recommended for dry skin. All products used during the Skin Lightening facial are herb-based products.

If you like to stay pale all year round, the skin lightening facial is probably the best and most effective solution. It will immediately lighten your skin and give you that elegant, fair complexion that you’ve always wanted.

17. Gold Facial- Royal Facial

If you are ever in the mood to give your face a royal treatment then feel free to try out the gold facial. The Gold Facial will make your facial skin more smooth, soft, and youthful-looking than ever. The pure 24-carat gold that is used for treating the skin helps pull out all the toxins and impurities.

The Gold Facial regenerates the cells and gives your skin elasticity and radiance without par.

18. Paraffin Facial-A Facial for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Paraffin Facial is especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Paraffin is a type of wax widely used in facial treatments. The Paraffin is applied on top of a gauge mask. As it cools, the Paraffin allows the pores to open up. The pores are then cleaned and your skin will be deeply moisturized.

The manicure and pedicure lovers will be pleased to know that the paraffin treatment can also be done on hands and feet. This type of treatment has lately been popular among celebrities.

19. Electric Current  And Microcurrent Facial- Improves Skin Blood Circulation

Although it may sound scary, the electric current facial is very effective in stimulating the skin and improving circulation. By using positive and negative micro-currents directly on the skin it will lift the skin and muscles in your face.

The electric current facial makes you look younger, brighter, and more awake.

20. Galvanic Facial-A Dry Skin Facial

The galvanic facial is a type of electric current treatment. We especially recommend it if you have dry skin. The treatment is to improve the retention of moisture as well as reduce the visibility of pores, wrinkles, and redness on your skin, tighten muscles and improve circulation.

The galvanic facial is sometimes familiar as a “non-surgical facelift”. Another great thing about the galvanic facial is that you can use it to treat dry skin anywhere on your body, not just the face.

But people with heart conditions or built-in pacemakers should not be having this treatment done.

21. Sensiglow Facial-A Facial for Sensitive Skin

Most facial treatments include some kind of product that is likely to bother people with sensitive skin. That’s why people with sensitive skin often find it hard to choose the right treatment for themselves.

The sensiglow facial is specially designed for sensitive skin types. Because it includes a different kind of exfoliator that doesn’t leave micro-tears in the skin and doesn’t visibly damage it.

22. Gold Radiance Facial-A Facial for Golden Glow

The Gold Radiance Facial is suitable for all skin types. This facial will give your skin a glowing golden look. It is great for women who want to appear more radiant for a special occasion.

23. Facials for Men-Specialized Facial for Men

We mainly discussed the facial types for women but there are different types of facials for men as well. When we think of facial treatments we usually imagine them as something solely designed for women.

But in truth, men are no strangers to these treatments either. Especially the golfers, High Handicappers are affected mostly. At least they need to take care of their faces. Here are some facials that are particularly suitable for male skin.

24. Aromasque Facial-A Facial Type for Men to Relieve Stress

Men who are under a lot of stress often resort to aromasque facials. This is a mild treatment during which various essential oils are applied to the skin. The oils help relax the muscles, rejuvenate and give luster to damaged skin.

25. Regenerating Facial- A Kind of Rehydrating Facial

If you spend a lot of time in the sun then you expose your skin to UV rays. And impurities in the air can leave your skin looking dull and tired. But don’t worry because Regenerating facials are here to fix your problem. By rehydrating your skin, the Regenerating Facial makes it look radiant and gives your face a well-rested look.

26. Oxygen Facial-A Facial to Fix Skin Problem

Oxygen facial is a very popular facial nowadays. Oxygen Facial involves the infusion of oxygen to facial cells. This facial helps to fight against fine lines, wrinkles, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungal attacks.

The process involves five steps and you can perform it at home. All you need is a suitable at-home oxygen facial device and other basic facial elements. Oxygen Facial also helps in the production of collagen.

27. Microneedling Facial-Improves Collagen Production

Microneedling facial offers the method where a range of tiny needles punctures your initial skin layer. The continuous perforation effect aims to increase your collagen production levels and improves the overall skin texture.

Microneedling facial with the best microneedling pen attends to the reversal of skin damage caused by the sun. Medical practitioners use this method in combination with other skin healing processes.

28. Lymphatic Massage Facial

Lymphatic massage facial is also known as lymphatic drainage. This procedure is an essential part of many different facial types.

The key purposes and effects of this facial include relaxation, relieving tension, and better lymph circulation. As a result, puffiness and swelling in your face and neck can be significantly reduced.

Finally, you will enjoy vivid, glowing, and smooth skin. Better circulation leads to better-looking skin. Your derma will easily get rid of toxins and excess water.

29. Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing facial is a very effective method of rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, and decollete with a long-lasting effect. There are many good reasons to undergo this treatment.

Namely, over time, the skin, under the influence of external and hereditary factors, the sun, environmental pollution, diet, and repetitive movements of the facial muscles, loses its smoothness and its tone, and wrinkles appear.

The laser scrubs off the top layer of your skin. This results in fewer pigmentation marks. It also helps with wrinkles, large pores, as well as acne scars. Firm and youthful skin with even skin color is the final result.

30. Acupuncture Facial

Acupuncture facial or needle rejuvenation is a fast, non-invasive, and painless method that is an absolute hit in the world.

Unlike other modern methods of rejuvenation that treat only the symptoms and signs of aging, acupuncture has a complete approach: reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates, reduces chin sagging, tightens relaxed muscles of the face and neck, and improves health in general by having a positive effect on the general condition of the body.

The facial procedure looks like this. Acupuncture needles are placed on certain points on the face and neck, certain local points and regions account for treating wrinkles around the mouth, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, chin, neck, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, mimic wrinkles, etc.

The process of rejuvenation and revitalization takes place at the cellular level and has a physiological effect, primarily on the treated regions and in the surrounding areas – improved circulation in the skin, accelerates cellular metabolism, and improves oxygen transport.

The most important effect of acupuncture facelift is to improve collagen synthesis and elastin that gradually lead to tightening of the facial skin, newer wrinkles disappear and those deeper ones are less noticeable.

Acupuncture facial aims to naturally rejuvenate your face, to stay youthful and fresh for as long as possible, to repair and shape the tone of the muscles of the forehead, eyelids, neck, mouth, and chin.

31. Hydrafacial

Hydra-facial is the newest facial treatment that removes all the shortcomings of the classic microdermabrasion and gives significantly better results without recovery and complications, with the most thorough deep cleansing of the pores.

The treatment itself can be compared in terms of results with more aggressive treatments while the treatment itself is 100% non-aggressive.

The serum used during this facial softens the skin, lifts and removes fat with impurities from the pores, and at the same time rinses and cleans the pores. Vacuum additionally removes dead cells and impurities, while the abrasive attachment removes dead skin layers, removes minor irregularities and skin impurities.

The treatment lasts on average about 30 minutes, and you will see the results immediately after the treatment and become better with time.

Hydra-facial treatment is an excellent supplement to laser treatments, especially for the prevention of the development of melasma, i.e. pigmentation. The special feature of the treatment is the simultaneous peeling of dead skin layers, deep cleansing of the skin, removal of all impurities from the pores while moisturizing the skin. This is the only treatment used to remove blackheads from the back and chest.

The treatment gives the most thorough cleansing of the face especially deep pores. If you want your face to be really clean of all impurities and pores completely cleansed then this is the treatment of choice.

Most importantly, many parasites from bacteria, parasites, and fungi live on your skin, which is most thoroughly removed with this treatment, so this treatment has not only an aesthetic role but also a hygienic purpose because after the treatment you can say that your face is really 100% clean.

32. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels belong to the invasive facial group of treatments. Namely, the skincare professional uses chemical substances, namely acids, during this treatment.

Chemical peels are used to resurface your skin. As a result, the skin will be cleaner, sunspots, and pigmentation marks, as well as acne scars, will be less visible. Most importantly, the condition of your deep wrinkles will become much better.

Chemical peel facials are also used as strong rejuvenation treatments.

33. Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning Facial is a facial used for skin revitalization and nourishing care. This treatment is originally also known as “Kai Sori” in Japan. This simple cosmetic routine is also safe. It implies using a sterile cosmetic scalpel to exfoliate the epidermis (old skin deposits) and small hairs (vellus). It reveals a gentle, healthy, and softer version of your skin and its natural glow.

As already said, during the treatment, a disposable small scalpel is used. It gently removes the surface layer of dead old skin deposits, leaving behind a fresh, smooth, and brighter path. This is followed by a light enzymatic peel, ampoule, and cryotherapy massage for an instant glow.

34. Enzyme Facial

Enzymatic facial treatment is a non-invasive form of removing the surface layer of the skin using enzymes. Due to its gentle action, it is intended for all skin types, including very sensitive, normal, and hyperreactive skin.

It is suitable for all areas: face, eyelids, neck, decollete, and arms. Enzymatic removal of dead epidermal cells increases skin oxygenation, accelerates the process of renewal and revitalization, as well as collagen renewal. With continuous use, the following is improved:

  • complexion and skin structure
  • skin tone
  • hyperpigmentation spots are alleviated
  • relief defects of the skin
  • scars after acne treatment
  • the skin has better absorption of active substances from creams and masks

After the care, the skin is healthy, refreshed, visibly rejuvenated, and with improved tone.

Enzyme treatments are done throughout the year. It can be done in batches, once a week (when we treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars, restore moisture to dehydrated skin, and normalize physiological function) or periodically as a regenerative, revitalizing treatment. It results in rejuvenated, hydrated, and healthy facial skin.

35. PRP Facial

One of the facial types that provide exceptional results in rejuvenation is the treatment of the patient’s own plasma – PRP therapy. This method is one of those that naturally affects the creation of new collagen in the skin.

After this miraculous treatment, your skin will increasingly regenerate its cells. As a result, you will look younger. Moreover, micro-injuries in your skin will heal in a perfect way, leaving no scars. Simply put, your body will be able to heal much faster and better.

36. Back Facial

A back facial is a purifying treatment that frees the skin from accumulated impurities and dead keratinized cells, excess accumulated sebum, and various inflammatory processes.

This treatment includes peeling with mineral salts and essential oils, steaming, cleansing, high frequency, vitamin ampoule, and soothing mask. Depending on the condition of your skin, your beautician will choose different skin nourishing and cleaning products prior to, during, and after the treatment.

37. Led Facial

The LED facial is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive treatment for the care of your face that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin among all facial types and also treats acne.

LED lights penetrate your skin at different depths and cause a series of positive reactions on your skin. They fight bacteria that cause acne, promote skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. LED light therapy uses visible light wavelengths that have specific benefits for our skin.

There are different LED light colors that target a specific cell and each gives its best results.

Red (630 nm) biologically active light improves cell activity, speeds up metabolism, and at the same time improves collagen synthesis. In addition, it works to whiten skin pigmentation, shrinks pores and recovers damaged skin.

Blue light (470 nm) recovers problematic skin and has an antibacterial action, so it is used to fight acne.

Greenlight (520 nm) reduces fat, maintains a balance between water (hydration) and oil (fat), reduces swelling, and has a beneficial effect on reducing mental stress.

Yellow light (590 nm) improves the oxygen supply to the cells, improves the “rough” skin, reduces redness of the skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Purple (a combination of red and blue light) has a great effect in removing acne scars.

38. Mesotherapy Facial

Mesotherapy facial is a procedure perfect for sensitive skin among all types of facial. This method implies using products, chemicals, medicinal substances, and other active ingredients.

Those are injected into the mesodermal layer of the skin just below the skin surface. Microcirculation in this layer plays a very important role in the absorption of active substances, so mesotherapy facial can achieve a very strong effect on skin regeneration.

Depending on the individual condition of the skin, mesotherapy facial for sensitive skin can include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and young connective tissue.

Trace elements such as nickel, magnesium, and zinc can also be used, which have an important function as catalysts in energy processes within the cell.

Prior to treatment, the condition of the patient’s skin is analyzed to select the substances to be applied, and the treatment is particularly effective on extremely sensitive parts of the body such as the forehead, eye area, neck, and decollete.

How to Choose The Right Facial For My Skin?

Which facial types are right for you depends on what you want. Some of us just want that amazing and lovely feeling of relaxation, some of us want the outcome for our skin.

When you’re at the spa going through all the different names of the facials, look for what benefit each of the facial types offers you. You can also choose one from our list by matching which facial best fits your needs.

For example- If you want help with your acne problems, you should choose the Acne reduction types of facial. If you want a lovely and relaxing feeling – choose the aromatherapy facial or gold facial.

FAQs Regarding Types of Facials

What Are The Best Facials For Acne, Blackheads?

If you are looking for a facial treatment perfect for acne and blackhead removal, pick the Acne-reduction facial procedure. Namely, this treatment is perfect for people prone to acne and blackhead formation because it successfully solves the problem of excessive oil production in the facial area.
Cleaning is followed by steaming. This deeply cleans the skin and prepares it for the next step – exfoliation.
However, be careful with this facial as it contains acids that can be harmful to sensitive skin.

Which Facials Are Best for Dry Skin?

Dealing with dry skin requires undergoing quality and steady facial treatments. In addition to the classic mesotherapy, which applies active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and acids to the skin, Ultra-Hydrating Watermelon Facial treatment shows excellent results in hydrating dry skin and rejuvenation processes.

It will restore the percentage of moisture in the skin, especially after exposure to sun rays. Also, the skin will look younger, refreshed, and glowing.

Which Facials Are Best for Glowing Skin?

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy facial is a natural method of blood plasma rejuvenation. These facial types are especially good if you want to achieve a youthful and glowing skin effect.
Namely, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the patient’s centrifuged own blood. Platelets in high concentrations release a number of growth factors that help produce new collagen and improve the texture of damaged skin and eliminate the signs of aging.

Plasma is injected intradermally into the patient’s skin, stimulating skin cells to regenerate. This improves local microcirculation, and the tissue in the deep layers is better circulated. The whole facial procedure takes less than 15 minutes and does not cause any side effects as the process is completely natural.
You will see the results after only a week, and the treatment is ideal for those who want to smooth and hydrate facial skin, add some glow, restore its youthful appearance, fullness, and elasticity, reduce sun damage and pigmentation, without undergoing invasive aesthetic treatments.

What are the Best Facials For Sensitive Skin?

Sensiglow facial is a procedure perfect for sensitive skin. This method implies avoiding harsh active ingredients. It consists of cleansing, deep cleaning, toning, and massage.

Also, sensiglow mask is applied after these steps. Finally, finishing spray protects the skin from harmful outdoor effects and impurities. Also, it regenerates and moisturizes it.

What are the best facials for oily skin?

If you are dealing with oily skin, undergoing Acne-reduction facial procedure is the best solution. We have already mentioned it under the best acne and blackhead facial section. Namely, oily skin, acne, and blackheads are interconnected.

Therefore, do the deep cleaning, steaming, and exfoliation procedure once a week for oil regulation.

What are the Best Facials For Combination Skin?

If your skin is the combined type, you should clean your face with gentle and mild cleansers, without the addition of alcohol or aggressive products. This implies using some pure vegetable oils, for example, almond or hazelnut oil.

If you do not use makeup, hydrolat is the best facial product you can simply spray on your face and then wipe with a pad. You can complete your facial with a mild face wash gel or micellar cleansing solution, both hydrolat-based.
Therefore, the best facial for combination skin is the basic cleanup or the regular facial.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Facial Massage?

Sometimes steam machines and improperly sterilized tools can cause bacterial breakouts on your skin. To avoid most of the side effects, you need to make sure the tools used by the professional are properly sanitized and clean.

What Does Cucumber Do For Your Facial Skin?

Cucumber provides a lot of skincare benefits. It contains Vitamin C and Cafffeic Acid, which reduces inflamed or irritated skin. The cucumber peel can firm up sagging skin. You can also calm your puffy eyes by placing cool cucumbers on your eyelids for 15-20 minutes.
Have you got a bad sunburn on your face from your last trip to the beach? No problem, because you can fix your skin with cucumbers.

Simply place thin slices of cucumber on your burnt skin for 20 minutes and then apply moisturizer. Yes, cucumber is the cheapest solution to many of your skincare needs. You can also mix cucumber with plain yogurt to make an anti-aging face mask.

What Does Steaming Do To Your Face?

Steaming your face can do great wonders if you have dry skin.  Steaming helps hydrate your skin. If you steam your face regularly, you don’t need to worry about getting rough patches on your face anymore. But you need to be cautious with the temperature of the steam because hot steam can burn your skin.
Professionals use steam during many facial treatments because it increases the effectiveness of beauty creams, serums, and masks. Steaming your skin opens up the pores and removes the clogged dirt under your skin. It can also help you if you have acne problems.

What Does Egg White Do To The Face?

The egg face mask is another all-natural solution with proven benefits for your skin. Egg white contains lots of materials that are essential for healthy skin- Riboflavin, Collagen, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. With the help of all these important materials, egg white can:
-firm your skin by removing excess oil, dirt, and dead cells from under your skin.
-remove unwanted hair from your upper lip, cheeks, and foreheads.
-eliminate blackheads by tightening your facial muscle
-Reduce acne and acne scars

Final Advice Regarding Facial Types

Whether you have dry, oily, or normal skin or if you’re battling acne or some other annoying skin condition, different facial types for you will help your skin get amazing results.

If you are looking for the best facial types for oily skin or the best facial types for dry skin you will get your desired types of facial by learning this post. Among the many facial types mentioned above, you will surely find something that is just the right fit for you. Try to make your skin happy by giving it the pampering and nourishment it deserves!

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