Why Can’T I Wear Makeup for a Colonoscopy?

Amelia Varley

Why Can'T I Wear Makeup for a Colonoscopy?

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Why Can’t I Wear Makeup for a Colonoscopy? | A Comprehensive Guide

Getting ready for a colonoscopy? You may have heard, no makeup allowed. Let’s explore why!

Why Can'T I Wear Makeup for a Colonoscopy?

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Understanding Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a test to look inside your large intestine. Doctors use it to find and fix problems.

Reasons to Skip Makeup

Why say no to makeup? It’s all about safety and accuracy. Here are the top reasons:

  • Safety First: Doctors need to see your natural skin color.
  • Clear Signs: Makeup can hide important signs on your face.
  • Accuracy Matters: Doctors check your face for changes during the test.

What Can Happen If You Wear Makeup

Issue Why It’s a Problem
Color Changes Makeup can hide color changes that show your health status.
Delay in Care If there’s a problem, makeup can cause a delay in getting help.
False Alarms Sometimes, makeup can make it look like there’s a problem when there isn’t.
Why Can'T I Wear Makeup for a Colonoscopy?

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Preparing for Your Colonoscopy

Here’s how to get ready for your test:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes.
  • Skip the makeup and jewelry.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions about eating and drinking.
  • Ask someone to drive you home after.

FAQs About Colonoscopy

Can I Wear Deodorant?

Yes, but choose a scent-free one if you can.

What About Lotion Or Cream?

Best to skip these too on the day of your test.

Can I Brush My Teeth?

Yes, clean teeth are fine. Just don’t swallow any water!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Makeup Discouraged Before A Colonoscopy?

Makeup can obscure the skin’s natural color, making it difficult for medical staff to detect potential signs of complications during the procedure.

Can Lipstick Affect Colonoscopy Results?

Lipstick should be avoided as it may contain particles that could contaminate the scope or be mistaken for blood in the digestive tract.

What Should I Avoid Wearing For A Colonoscopy?

Avoid makeup, jewelry, perfumes, lotions, and deodorants, as they can interfere with medical equipment and the procedure itself.

How Does Makeup Interfere With Anesthesia?

Makeup can mask your natural skin tone, hindering anesthesiologists’ ability to monitor your skin color for oxygenation issues during sedation.


A colonoscopy is a key test for your health. Skipping makeup is one small step for a successful checkup. Remember, it’s all to keep you safe and healthy.

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