What Is Cosmetology School And The Course Curriculum?

What Is Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology school is a learning center or place or institute where students can learn cosmetology and beauty treatments. This study may include skincare, facial care, hair styling, coloring, permanent and non-permanent hair removal, pedicure, manicure, makeup all kind of beauty, and skincare treatments. 

Success in the field of cosmetology is far more than being able to cut and color hair. Cosmetology students learn about customer service, networking, and business operations, too. In beauty school, you’ll learn to balance beautifying your clients with running a profitable business.

And although cosmetology school prepares you to work in a salon, as a cosmetologist, you could work for fashion shows, in the entertainment industry, for a beauty brand, as a magazine writer or editor, or even be self-employed as a wedding stylist, a facialist or make-up artist. Some cosmetologists go on to instruct students, too!

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Cosmetology School Course Curriculum

Depending on the state where you attend cosmetology school, there will be various requirements for what is included in the curriculum. Your state’s Board of Cosmetology sets these requirements, and every student must fulfill them before they can earn their certificate and become eligible to apply for licensure.

Most programs include topics such as:

  • Haircutting techniques, including mastering about 10 haircuts, plus learning barbering techniques
  • Hairstyling, including updos
  • Hair coloring, including progressive color techniques from single-process color, to balayage, to color correction, to vivid, fantasy colors, and everything in between
  • Blow-Outs
  • Makeup artistry
  • Nail care, including giving manicures and pedicures
  • Social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing to promote your business
  • Business operations, including financial decision-making and salon policies and management

You may be surprised to learn that cosmetology education extends far beyond making people beautiful and running a business. It’s important that cosmetologists have an understanding of certain scientific principles to be successful and safe in their jobs.

For example, cosmetologists must understand:

  • Chemistry as it relates to the human body, and in the products and solutions they use to perform services
  • Proper sanitation, including cleaning and hygiene, plus disposal of wastes like human hair and nails
  • Human physiology and anatomy, or how the human skin, hair, and nails grow and function

The best cosmetology schools offer additional learning opportunities to help students determine what kind of services they’ll offer and how to attract clientele. These are encompassed in business practices including retailing, retention, relationship-building, referrals, and more.

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Why You Should Attend Cosmetology School?

Many cosmetologists say they love their careers because they have the freedom to work in a variety of areas of the beauty industry, create their own flexible schedule, and interact with new, interesting people every day. Cosmetology also is a creative outlet, which many people would not get while working in other industries with comparable pay.

And just like working in the industry, most cosmetology schools offer class schedules that will fit into your daily life and prepare you to work in a spa or salon. Most cosmetology schools take less than a year to complete, especially if you attend full-time, so you can get your new career started quickly!

Part-time programs usually are available, however, if you need to spread out your learning over time to take care of other obligations, such as a family or another job.

Choosing A Cosmetology School?

Just as prospective college students don’t pick a four-year college at random, you don’t want to choose a cosmetology school without learning all you can about it. Start by doing an Internet search for “cosmetology school near me” to discover your options.

Then, you’ll want to pay a visit and take a tour of the schools you’re considering, to see what it’s like to attend. You may want to audit a portion of a class, speak with current students, and see the facilities first-hand. Collect as much information as possible on your visits, and read through any materials they provide to you.

You’ll also want to talk to admissions counselors or instructors about what you’ll learn there, what kind of career students go on to enjoy after graduating, and what you need to do to prepare to attend.

Sometimes this preparation includes securing funding for your education. Some cosmetology schools offer scholarships, grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid.

If you qualify for those, they can help you complete your education without having to pay out of pocket right away. Find out in advance what your financial obligations will be, so you can find a way to pay for school (although cosmetology schools tend to be far more affordable with a good return on investment as compared to other types of educational coursework).

The Bottomline

When you find a cosmetology school you think you’ll love attending and are sure that cosmetology is the right career path for you, apply and enroll right away! The sooner you get started with your classes, the sooner you can graduate and enjoy a rewarding career helping people look and feel their absolute best.



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