Should You Put Foundation on First Or Last?

Amelia Varley

Should You Put Foundation on First Or Last?

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Should You Put Foundation on First Or Last?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on makeup foundation! Today, we’ll uncover the mystery. Do you put foundation on first or last? This question has puzzled many. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with easy steps and tips.

Understanding Makeup Foundation

Foundation is a magical makeup product. It makes your skin look even and smooth. Think of it like a canvas for your face. It helps other makeup stay on better. But when do you use it? Let’s find out.

Should You Put Foundation on First Or Last?


The Great Debate: First or Last?

Some say foundation should go on first. Others say it should be last. Who’s right? Well, both are! It depends on your makeup routine. Let’s dive into both options.

Foundation First Foundation Last
1. Prep your skin with a cleanser and moisturizer. 1. Apply eye makeup and lipstick first.
2. Use primer for a smooth base. 2. Carefully do your contour and blush.
3. Apply foundation evenly on your face. 3. Gently put foundation, avoiding smudging other makeup.
4. Add concealer, blush, and other makeup. 4. Finish with setting powder or spray.

Both methods have their fans. The best way is the one that works for you!

Why Foundation First Can Be Great

Putting foundation on first is like drawing on a blank paper. It can be easier. Here’s why:

  • Even Base: It makes a smooth layer for other makeup.
  • Less Mistakes: You can fix errors without ruining other makeup.
  • Easy Blending: It’s simpler to blend blush and bronzer on top.

Start with a clean face. Then, put foundation first for a neat look.

Should You Put Foundation on First Or Last?


Why Some Choose Foundation Last

Foundation last can also be a good choice. Here are some reasons:

  • No Smudging: You won’t mess up your eye makeup.
  • Bold Looks: It’s better when doing dramatic eyes or lips.
  • Adjustable Coverage: You can add more where needed.

Try foundation last if you want to keep other makeup perfect.

Tips for a Flawless Foundation Application

Here are some tips to make your foundation look amazing:

  1. Choose the Right Shade: Match it to your skin tone.
  2. Use Good Tools: Brushes or sponges can help apply it evenly.
  3. Blend Well: Make sure there are no lines or spots.
  4. Set It: Use powder or spray to make it last longer.

With these tips, your foundation will look great all day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Correct Order For Foundation?

Applying foundation after your skincare routine and primer is the correct order, ensuring an even, long-lasting base for your makeup.

Can Foundation Be Applied After Powder?

Foundation is typically applied before powder to help set the makeup and reduce shine, resulting in a smoother, more matte finish.

How Does Foundation Affect Makeup Longevity?

Foundation acts as a base for your makeup, helping to even out skin tone and texture, which can enhance the durability and longevity of the products applied on top.

Is Primer Necessary Before Foundation?

Using primer before foundation can create a smoother canvas, minimize pores, and improve the adhesion and longevity of your foundation and overall makeup.


In the end, whether you put foundation on first or last is up to you. Try both ways. See what you like best. What matters is that you feel happy with your look. Makeup is fun, so play around and enjoy it!

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