Should You Keep Cosmetics in the Fridge

Amelia Varley

Should You Keep Cosmetics in the Fridge

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Should You Keep Cosmetics in the Fridge

Keeping cosmetics in the fridge is a trend that many skincare enthusiasts swear by. But is it really necessary? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of refrigerating your beauty products.

Benefits of Refrigerating Cosmetics

  • Preserves Freshness: Cold temperatures can help extend the shelf life of certain products.
  • Reduces Spoilage: Refrigeration can slow down the breakdown of ingredients, preventing spoilage.
  • Enhances Texture: Some products may benefit from a cooler texture, especially during hot weather.
Should You Keep Cosmetics in the Fridge


Products Suitable for Refrigeration

Recommended Avoid Refrigerating
Face masks, serums, eye creams Oil-based products, clay masks
Hydrating mists, gel-based products Hand creams with shea butter
Should You Keep Cosmetics in the Fridge


Expert Opinions

According to skincare specialists, some products like vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid should be refrigerated to maintain their potency. However, not all cosmetics require cold storage.

Drawbacks of Refrigerating Cosmetics

  • Product Changes: Cold temperatures can alter the consistency of certain formulations.
  • Storage Space: Not all beauty products fit well in a crowded refrigerator.
  • Unnecessary for Some: Some products do not benefit from refrigeration and may even be harmed by it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skincare Should Not Be Refrigerated?

Avoid refrigerating oil-based products like facial oils and makeup. Shea butter hand and foot masks should also not be stored in the fridge due to potential hardening. Clay products, such as clay masks, are best kept out of the refrigerator.

Why Do People Put Cosmetics In Fridge?

Storing cosmetics in the fridge helps preserve natural products without preservatives for longer shelf life. Cold temperatures slow down ingredient breakdown, keeping them potent and active. However, oil-based products, shea butter masks, and clay products should not be refrigerated.

Is A Skincare Fridge Necessary?

No, a skincare fridge is not necessary. While it can be beneficial for storing certain products, most skincare products are made to be stored at room temperature. Refrigerating oil-based products, hand and foot masks with shea butter, and clay products can actually cause them to become unusable.

It’s best to follow the product’s storage instructions.

What Skincare Do You Keep In A Fridge?

To prolong shelf life, keep vitamin C serums, retinol, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid in the fridge. Avoid refrigerating oil-based products, foot masks with shea butter, and clay masks. Cold storage slows down ingredient breakdown, keeping products potent and spoilage-free.


In conclusion, the decision to keep cosmetics in the fridge ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific products you use. While refrigeration can offer benefits for certain items, it may not be essential for all beauty products. Consider the recommendations of skincare experts and the needs of your skincare routine before deciding whether to chill your cosmetics.

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