Paraffin Wax Facial Steps At Home, Benefits, Cost, Before and After

What Is Paraffin Wax Facial?

Paraffin wax facial is a treatment that deeply hydrates the skin and speeds up circulation. It also provides rich nourishment that, after immersion into the skin, opens the pores, hydrates them, reduces swelling, and relaxes tired skin.

Paraffin wax is an intensive treatment primarily intended to treat dry, dehydrated, and mature skin. With a combination of good peeling and a mask, it promotes deep hydration and skin circulation, and paraffin itself is a warm wax-based oil with excellent thermo-therapeutic properties.

Having any other type of skin but normal can often be a huge pain. Maintaining and nourishing dry skin, for example, can take up a lot of time and effort and can even cost a lot of money seeing as most products only repair the damage temporarily, so resorting to more expensive, luxurious products is often a necessity.


There are a bunch of facials, however, that do wonders for dry skin and paraffin facial is definitely one of them. Those of you with dry, flaky skin who have never heard of it, read on carefully!

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What Is Paraffin Wax Facial For?

The role of paraffin is to protect the skin and nails from external influences, whereby the skin loses moisture more slowly after such care, and we know that good hydration is key in the fight against aging. Paraffin creates a thin invisible layer on the surface of the skin that prevents excessive drying of the skin, which is inevitable at this time of year with wind, cold, and heating.

Paraffin wax facial is used for different skin conditions. For example, it is widely used for dry and extra dry skin revitalization. In the same vein, skin specialists and beauticians recommend this treatment for skin hydration. Namely, paraffin wax facial is one of the best choices regarding fast and efficient hydration treatments.

Moreover, you should get a paraffin wax facial if your skincare provider determined poor circulation issues. This treatment speeds up circulation.

When it comes to the pores, paraffin wax treatment opens them up. Afterward, it additionally hydrates the skin. As a result, the swelling decreases and your skin looks fresh and youthful.

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Paraffin Facial Benefits

Paraffin treatments for the face are intended for intensive care, moisturizing, stimulating, and deep cleansing of the skin. They are especially recommended for people with dry and tired skin, people who are in a lot of contact with chemicals and water.

In addition, the paraffin facial benefits include swelling reduction, pore cleaning, pore reduction, and anti-aging effects to a certain extent.

Finally, due to the heat involved in the paraffin facial process, it is extremely beneficial in relieving painful skin conditions and symptoms of different diseases.

Paraffin Wax Facial Steps

Paraffin is a type of soft wax that’s used for manicures, pedicures, and facial treatments. It works by creating a thin, unnoticeable oily layer on the skin’s surface which prevents water from evaporating and leaving the skin completely dry and prone to flaking. This means that after the treatment your skin will look and feel soft and supple like never before.

Step 1: Cleansing

To start off this treatment the skin will first need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any makeup or dirt that had accumulated on the skin. The cleanser should be worked into the skin with light circular motions for a few minutes before being removed with warm water. Try to use good quality facial cleansing brushes like Foreo luna.

Step 2: Steaming and Extraction

Next, the face is steamed with a facial steamer for several minutes to nicely open up the pores which will make the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads much easier.

Step 3: Massage

A soothing massage is a nice touch right before applying the mask. It will loosen the muscles and make the entire experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. It will also provide a nice oily finish which will enable the paraffin mask to come off much more easily.

Step 4: Paraffin Wax

The actual mask can be applied directly to the skin, but a better way to do it is to first cover the face with a thin gauze sheet and then apply the warm wax on top of the gauze.

This will provide the same effect but will be infinitely easier to remove. The mask should stay on the face for about 10 minutes.

The wax used for this treatment can be fragrance-free or it can have various aromatherapy oils mixed into it. Different oils will have different bonus effects on the skin as well as a relaxing effect on the mind.

Step 5: Cold Mask

After the warm wax mask, another, cold one is applied to the face. The cold is meant to soothe the skin and close the pores for a more flawless finish.

Step 6: Moisturizing

As always, the final step of any good facial is moisturizing the skin and protecting it with sunscreen.

Paraffin Facial At Home

To do a paraffin wax treatment, you don’t have to spend a fortune and visit famous skincare and spa centers. You can do a paraffin facial at home! However, there are a few steps and rules you should obey.

It is important that the skin on your face is disinfected before the treatment. You can do a thorough cleansing or even a peeling. Next, you should apply the vitamin serum. Optionally, you can apply a collagen serum too.

Afterward, apply paraffin directly to your skin in a thin layer. Leave on your skin for a few seconds uncovered. Then, place a foil over your skin. Put a warmed cloth or towel over the foil in order to speed up the heating process.

As the paraffin cools under the foil and the towel, it releases active substances on the skin, acting therapeutically. After ten to fifteen minutes, the paraffin is removed from your skin and hydrating cream is applied in a generous amount.

After the treatment, the skin on the treated area is extremely smooth, soft, and visibly rejuvenated.

Is Paraffin Good for Face?

If we take into account the fact that you should occasionally do certain treatments that will bring your face skin back to life overnight, we can say that paraffin is good for the face. What is more, paraffin wax treatment is one of those treatments that act as the fastest way to care for and regenerate the skin on your face and hands.

It is good for face skin regarding hydration, blood circulation, and removing the signs and symptoms of tired and dry skin. It will also nourish your skin depending on the serums you use before, during, and after the treatment itself. The warmth from the towel and paraffin will help remove dirt from the pores too.

Paraffin Facial Cost

Paraffin facial belongs to the low-cost facial treatment type category. The prices vary from 30 USD to 50 USD. This depends on the area where the treatment is done, the class of the spa center or beauty salon, as well as other factors. Most importantly, the price changes with respect to cremes and serums used before, during, and after the paraffin facial treatment.

Paraffin Facial Before And After

parafin facial before and after
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If you are one of those people eager to see the results of your skincare treatment immediately after the procedure, a paraffin wax facial will make you very happy. Namely, the before and after photos are stunning. There are many differences in your skin condition before and after the treatment.

Those include visibly radiant and fresh skin. Also, your pores will be cleaned and reduced. The greatest difference is in hydration. This treatment instantly and deeply hydrates your skin. As a result, your face skin will look healthy. Consequently, you will look younger thanks to the hydration.

Moreover, if you apply collagen and vitamin serums, the beneficial effects will be even more visible. Collagen will make your skin look flawless and younger. Vitamin cocktails and serums will make it look healthy.

Final words Regarding Paraffin Facial

Even though paraffin treatments are well-known for hands and feet care, a good paraffin wax treatment will do wonders for your facial skin too. This is an effective and very simple procedure.

Paraffin facial has become the foundation of regeneration and skincare in the past few years. In a warm and relaxing treatment, the pores open, so the skin easily absorbs regenerating and beneficial substances from paraffin.

Additional application of creams and serums will help rejuvenate your skin. Finally, paraffin wax facial stimulates circulation. As a result, you will have youthful and regenerated skin.

In conclusion, we can say you can safely enjoy the benefits of a paraffin wax facial. Your skin will be healthier and deeply hydrated if you do it at home, according to the rules and steps or if you entrust it to a professional.

This fabulous facial is one of the best choices for people with dry skin, but it’s not only for the face! Those who wish to give the same pampering treatment to their hands and feet will be glad to know that paraffin work just as well for those parts of the body.

Another interesting fact is that paraffin is used for medical purposes to treat painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. And there you have it! A multi-purpose treatment with countless benefits for both beauty and health. Ready to try it yet?

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