Oxygen Facial at Home and Accessories: Step by Step Guideline and Benefits

What Is An Oxygen Facial?

Before telling the facts about oxygen facial at home, let’s discuss why it’s necessary. The miraculous treatment with oxygen flow is often called “Hollywood glow”, for a reason.

All groups of women, even the pregnant ones, can benefit from this treatment. It is also suitable for men, especially smokers and people living in big cities.

Oxygen is one of the most important elements of human life. The oxygen we breathe in from the air around us keeps our bodies clean and helps our skin to stay healthy and clear.

However, living in big cities, smoking or staying in rooms full of smoke, as well as aging lead to a decline in the oxygen levels, contributing to wrinkles and fine lines.

Furthermore, due to the slower circulation that comes with aging, the cells in the skin receive less and less oxygen and therefore their function is gradually lost.

The amount of oxygen in the cells is the reason why skin disease or aging develops faster or slower. Oxygen treats but also rejuvenates.

This is why cosmetic facial oxygen treatments are increasingly popular. You can also get it from a professional certified facialist.

oxygen facial at home

Active oxygen is a liquid with a strong disinfectant ability that effectively destroys gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The time required for the oxygen facial is 15-20 minutes.

It is used for disinfection, treating burns, varicose veins, improving circulation, as well as after waxing to calm the skin. It also acts as a mild anesthetic.

The best thing among all other types of facial is, you can perform the oxygen facial at home! All you need is a manual, at-home oxygen facial device, gel or crème, and a little bit of time. Let’s learn how.

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How To Do An Oxygen Facial At Home?

Step 1: Clean Your Skin

Before the treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin for the best results. You can use special products designed for oxygen treatments or use regular products you usually use in your skin cleaning routine.

The active product for this phase of the treatment can be micellar water, cleansing milk, natural oil, or another product you trust and are used to.

Don’t forget to rinse your skin with lukewarm water and gently dry with cotton pads. Don’t rub your skin in this phase as the next step includes thorough exfoliation.

Step 2: Exfoliate

You can use manual exfoliation with a face loofah, face peeling, or other exfoliating products or you can rely on a special face exfoliation device.

Usually, oxygen facial devices that you need for this treatment are 2-in-1 gadgets that offer an excellent skin exfoliation option. Therefore, this kind of exfoliation is the best option for this treatment.

If you are using a device, select the exfoliation program, turn it on and gently move the tip in circular motions all over your face. Use it for 2 to 3 minutes.

After the layers of dead skin have been removed, there is no barrier to oxygen penetration through the skin. You can continue to step #3.

Step 3: Oxygen Infusion

This part of the facial treatment consists of abrasion with oxygen flow. As we have already said, you will need a quality oxygen facial device for this step.

There are many good products on the market. However, there are also overpriced models that do not provide extraordinary features.

You should not spend a fortune on this device. However, you should get the cheapest model either. Look for a trusted brand and a model that offers both exfoliation and oxygen abrasion.

Additionally, buy a device that is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and suitable for use at home.

Check the video below with detailed oxygen facial treatment steps and a trustworthy recommendation for an oxygen facial at-home device! Let’s add that most of these devices are based on sonic technology.

First, let’s explain the importance of oxygen flow and infusion. In this way, with a quality device, we achieve the deepest penetration of oxygen through the skin, so we are talking about infusion or mesotherapy of oxygen to different layers of your skin. The goal is to remove dead skin layers and eliminate minor skin imperfections.

If your device has oxygen treatment settings, pick the first step or the oxygen infusion. Treat every part of your face (or other areas you are working on) for 2 minutes. Then, continue to step 4.

Step 4: Oxygen Vacuum Massage

This part consists of a vacuum massage together with an oxygen infusion to further stimulate the development of new collagen.

Wet your face with a little bit of lukewarm water, apply the nourishing gel or crème suitable for the device, and use circular motions on the area you are treating. You can apply the gel directly to your face or to the tip of the device.

If your skin feels dry in any part of the treatment, add more gel, and continue. You can treat your neck and chest as well.

The treatment lasts for 5-6 minutes on one area (e.g. face, neck, etc.). Finally, the active ingredients together with oxygen are injected into the skin surface to recover the skin and further shine.

Step 5: Nourish Your Skin

In the end, simply massage in the remaining nourishing gel you used for the treatment into your skin. Use gentle, circular motions. You can use your fingers for this phase.

You can also use a special mask with natural ingredients. If your device did not come with original cremes, gels, and vitamin C, you can use any product suitable for oxygen treatment. It should be a product with dead sea minerals, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

There is no redness, complication, or recovery period after the treatment. In addition to the infusion of oxygen, you will quickly notice that the effect of abrasion has further encouraged the skin to breathe and to regenerate.

To sum up, we can say that the treatment consists of cleansing, skin exfoliation, oxygen abrasion with infusion, vacuum massage, and nourishing. Now, let’s take a look at the results and benefits!

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Benefits of The Oxygen Facial

There are many benefits of oxygen facial treatment. Some of them include:

Improves collagen production 

The infusion of oxygen and vitamins into the skin stimulates collagen production, which returns volume and firmness to skin that has lost elasticity.

Helps detoxify the skin 

Everyday toxins such as air pollution and tobacco smoke affect the skin. Oxygen treatment helps reverse the effects of environmental pollutants.

Rejuvenates your skin 

Oxygen and collagen together rejuvenate the aging skin craving for nutrients and, primarily, for oxygen.

Accelerates the formation of new cells

Oxygen facial speeds up the healing of scars reduce acne and skin stains.

Fewer Side Effects

There are no side effects such as burning or redness. The process of oxygen and serum intake is quite gentle, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin and for those who do not like chemical treatments and even pregnant women. After the treatment, you can immediately resume normal activities or wear make-up.

Diminishes Bags Under Eyes 

You will notice a significant difference in the area around your eyes. The bags will be less prominent and the color will be evener.

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The aim of the oxygen facial treatment is to strongly rejuvenate the skin, stimulate metabolism, and trigger the development of new collagen. Oxygen is one of the best active ingredients for skin recovery, especially if you live in a heavily polluted environment.

Skin surface cells die every 30 days and are replaced with new cells. Oxygen abrasion removes the dead cell layer and promotes skin renewal.

As a result, the skin is clean from impurities stuck in the pores. It also eliminates minor surface damage and skin irregularities.

Through cleansed skin oxygen penetrates without obstruction and nourishes and rejuvenates every cell.

Subsequently, the skin is significantly more resistant to external harmful effects. Oxygen makes the skin look much better and improves its overall quality.

Applying special cosmetics during treatment improves the overall treatment effect. Cell metabolism is accelerated significantly, making your skin look fresh and more radiant.

Treatment improves even complexion because oxygen kills bacteria that live deep in pores where there is no oxygen. It also reduces discoloration and skin stains.

The greatest advantage of this treatment is the fact that you can use it even at home! The treatment does not last more than 20 minutes, together with skin cleansing, preparation, and exfoliation.

During and at the end of the treatment, special creams with masks are applied to nourish the skin and further stimulate regeneration with skin rejuvenation.

Most importantly, the oxygen facial treatment done at home is extremely relaxing and can be compared to being in a wellness or spa center.

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