Microneedling Facial to Improve Skin Texture

What is a Microneedling facial? We all aim to find methods to make us look younger and prettier. Struggle against age forms part of our human existence. Each day we think of some action that may improve our bodily outlook. Scientists allocate many hours, months, years and generations to find a cure. As technology advances, we identify different and more advanced skincare methods. In this article we focus on Micro-needling facials, what it presents, the impact on your skin and the aftercare required.

Remember that each person comprises different skin textures, challenges, and reasons we want a facial. Here, I find a more extreme approach than the quick facial we ask for at the closest beauty clinic. Therefore, you need to make sure; you understand what it means.

Most of us expect treatments to work immediately, but in this case, one may need to display some patience. Also, it remains important to understand the impacts on your budget and time. If you work on a full-time basis in an office environment, determine the effects on your daily life first. You need to allocate a few days of your time to attend treatments but also look after your skin.

The article below aims to discuss the procedure and experiences recorded by diverse individuals. Keep in mind, you may experience the treatment differently. So, we focus on the use of a derma-needle process that continuously pricks your skin. It aims to make your skin more toned. Let us see what the process means.  

What is A Microneedling Facial?

First, we need to understand the meaning of Microneedling facial to determine the impacts thereof. It remains critical to understand the procedure before you use the method. It’s different from all other types of facial treatments. Microneedling offers a method where a range of tiny needles punctures your initial skin layer. The continuous perforation effect aims to increase your collagen production levels and improves the overall skin texture.

The tool used to implement the needling process the specialists refer to and name Vivace. After undertaking research, the positive side relates to the precision used. It also allows for treating different skin types from oily to combination. Some procedures add a blue light method that works specifically on acne and damaged skin, for example. The robotic approach also provides a detailed method and makes up for some human difficulties in the treatment process.

The treatment also attends to the reversal of skin damage caused by the sun. Medical practitioners use this method in combination with other skin healing processes. These processes include the healing of actinic keratoses. It may also help with the treatment of dark areas developed by the skin. The course takes time because the skin uses its own capacity to heal the skin. It, therefore, requires a lot of patience to see the real results.

Various specialists showed that the results vary between basic to moderate. Therefore, people should not expect an out of the ordinary change but more a 50% improvement of their skin over two months. It remains better to expect less than more. Remember, skin healing stays a complicated and also ongoing process. Do not see Micro-needling as a quick fix to your problems. See it as an add-on to other health steps.

The treatment focuses on the ability to enhance collagen growth, but why? Enhanced collagen growth allows for more elastic skin and creates a youth looking skin. Besides the elasticity, it allows a powerful cell generation approach. Meaning your skin enhances its skin cell production and replace the older cells. Which areas do we normally see an extensive improvement? Take into account these sections are only examples.

  • It reduces fine lines on the forehead and reduces the frowns or grumpy look we get after a few years.
  • It improves lines around the eyes. If you developed lines because of laughing too much, this option may help.
  • It reduces lines developing at the upper lip.
  • Although I concentrate mostly on the facial area, the treatment may help to assist with the neckline and other areas.

The below video link indicates Micro-needling home treatment. It shows the basics around micro-needling and what a person needs to look out for: Let us see look at the video first:

 What Other Names Refer to Microneedling?

Skin specialists use different names to market or explain the treatment. Some of these references include the following:

  • Percutaneous collagen induction (PCI)
  • Collagen induction therapy (CIT)
  • Vampire facial. It sounds scary, but one looks horrific after the facial. But the skin works quickly to rectify the damaged skin layers.

What Are the Procedural Steps One Needs to Know About?

The procedure involves the use of a topical anesthetic and sharp application by the use of a derma roller. The roller inserts many small steel needles into your skin. It causes regular punctures on the upper skin level. The damages caused by the needles then encourages healing to start. The needles cut the skin to trigger collagen to fix those areas. Those collagen levels we talk about a wake-up and function extensively to fix the damaged skin layer. A person seems to develop a new skin layer with fewer wrinkles. You should choose a good microneedling pen for this purpose.

What Are The Benefits of Microneedling Facial Treatments? 

Microneedling facials offer diverse benefits and positives that assist approved skin quality. The treatments vary depending on your skin type and the challenges individuals struggle with. The main positives include the following:

  • One main positive relates to a decrease in hyperpigmentation and blemishes.
  • It allows for an extensive collagen production increase.
  • The treatment improves the overall skin outlook and texture.
  • The process significantly decreases the challenge with wrinkle developments.
  • A significant increase in active ingredients assists with the advancement of your skin treatment. These active components work continuously to improve your skin condition.

What Are The Negatives of Microneedling facial treatments? 

As with any treatment, we must face the negatives when taking part in it. Not all treatments work the way you expect them to be. Especially if you comprise a sensitive skin. Therefore, it remains critical to collect advice from your health practitioner. Also, talk to other skin specialists and understand the process.

  • The treatment remains extreme and your skin may feel sensitive and sore.
  • Your skin generally becomes red after the treatment. Remember the process, it comprises needles that constantly enter your skin.
  • Your skin may feel inflamed for a long time and you continuously want to scratch.
  • If you a person scared of needles, you may feel uncomfortable initially.
  • Skin specialists warn to not use the treatment at already damaged skin.
  • If you a teenager and struggle with active acne’s or cysts, the treatment may worsen your skin.

What Aftercare Measures should you take? 

Treatments’ impact on your skin and extreme facial may require more care than usual. Therefore, to ensure your skin improves instead of becoming damaged, aftercare becomes key. Some key aftercare measures a person may use include the following:

  • Use specially designated skin-care prescribed by the skin specialist for a few days.
  • Stay away from any unnecessary add-ones for example make-up.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Eat healthy foods to support the maintenance of your skin, especially after the treatment.
  • Ensure to check your skin in the mornings, for example. If the red or discomfort remains, return to the skin specialist and ask for help.

How Efficient is the use of Microneedling Facials? 

We take part in Microneedling facials to treat our skin, look and feel better. Therefore, we need to understand if the process works. Some key aspects related to the use of the treatment include the following:

  • The treatment requires a few sessions before you may experience the required results. It may take some time to notice a firmer and brighter skin.
  • The professional Microneedle approaches seem to offer a much better outcome than at-home-roller treatment methods.
  • Using Microneedling with recommendations for the ideal microneedling pen especially helps to assist with an extensive scarred face or teenagers struggling with acne.
  • The treatments combined with other specialized skin treatments also assist with orbital dark circles evident on the skin.

What Risks should one know about?

As with all facials, one needs to notice the risks a person may carry. These risks like chemical peel facials and other treatments may impact your facial condition negatively. The facial treatments remain an extreme approach and require you to undertake research and understanding of the treatments first.

Some risks you may carry when taking part in a Microneedling facial include the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Additional scarring
  • Bruising affects
  • High levels of infection
  • Increased pigment problems
  • Other medical complications

How Many Times and Where should I take part in the Microneedling procedure?

 Some individuals prefer to undertake the procedure at home. This option only remains a possibility if you know exactly what to do. Also, you may need some experience following the home route. You use the derma roller to treat your skin. The question remains, how many times can I take part in this?

One thing a person needs to apprehend that this skin treatment presents an extraordinary approach. Therefore, do not use this every day. If you use shorter needles, you may attempt every second or third week but stay cautious. The longer needles provide a more long-lasting and intensifying approach. Meaning it creates extensive skin damage and you need more time to recover.

A person needs at least three or more treatments to reach an acceptable result. Depending on your skin status one should expect space of at least 6 weeks to plan and attend your sessions. Meaning that the treatment events require time between the actual event and stage to recover.

Other Types of Applications 

Other microneedling applications include a microneedle roller specifically for intense marks. The needles seem a bit longer. It also requires longer waiting times and the application of specialized creams after treatment. The other option involves the use of a derma pen or LED derma roller also available for home use.

Microneedling Facial Cost

Microneedling facial costs vary on the number of sessions a person wants to attend. This aligns with the intensity of treatment you require. According to research, cost figures align with an average of $200 to $700 per session. Similar to your day-to-day facials, it depends on the extent of your necessities and skin condition. If you only need a basic treatment, it takes less time with minimal costs. But if you require multi or longer period treatments, the costs increase significantly.

Shorter sessions may present a $200 to $245 costs while the longer ones aim you to budget for up to $700. The costs align with the areas you want to focus upon and the intensity a person requires. Also, remember the skin specialists most likely focus on the use of specific skin products. They may want you to purchase some.

Also, microneedling treatments do not form part of your average medical insurance. You, therefore, need to make special payment arrangements if you cannot afford the upfront payment. Depending on the seriousness of your condition, a recommendation from a health practitioner may assist. It remains critical to remember that you need to budget for the aftercare as well. No need to receive treatment, but you cannot afford the face creams and other add-ons.


What is a Microneedling facial? This facial offers a range of benefits if you want to improve the outlook of your skin. This option remains an extreme option and requires an individual to investigate the details first. If you understand the process and consist of some experience, one can use the option at home. Taking into account the risks, if you a novice, attending a professional treatment may offer a better approach. Using tiny needles to enhance your collagen activity levels offers an opportunity to reduce your wrinkle levels. The enhanced collagen allows your skin to look more “puffy” and younger.

Will I suggest the use of the Microneedling treatment? I will, but only if you understand the processes and discussed the option with a skin specialist first. Also, ensure to identify an accredited provider.

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