Hydrodermabrasion: Facial At home, Steps, Benefits, Cost, FAQs

Hydrodermabrasion is a more gentle way to make the skin soft and glowing with the healing powers of water. It will lift out impurities, cleanses spots, and promotes rejuvenation. If you have more sensitive skin or more types, this facial will remove the impurities and provide you with crystal-free exfoliation.

This process takes 15 to 20 minutes, and during the procedure the water is used to infuse the high-quality minerals and vitamins into the skin, depending upon the needs of skin types.

In this blog post, we will discuss the depth details of Hydrodermabrasion, so you can get the best knowledge of how it can be beneficial for you. So, let us know the facts!

What is Hydrodermabrasion And Hydrodermabrasion Facial?

Hydrodermabrasion is an immediate and incredible infusion skin treatment that could create an instantly glowing face. It is resurfacing treatment that integrates the long process of extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and infusion.

The exfoliation process employs diamond tips to elevate the first and outermost skin layer. The primary goal is to repair the dead skin cells when the thin layer is removed, and the body rushes to replace the dead skin cells with the new ones and promotes healthy skin cells.

Further, it reduces the appearance of flaws, especially the fine lines and wrinkles. When the skin’s surface feels smoother and beautiful, more treatments are being employed to improve the visibility of the skin.

Unlike the traditional methods, many tools are used to lift the skin layers and cause swelling. But once you do this, it provides crystal-free skin and lifts skin pain-free, as it is an Aqua peeling treatment for all skin types.

Apart, Hydrodermabrasion is suitable for sensitive skin, especially for dry skin. It is the most popular safe treatment that does not include invasive methods. It is a multifaceted approach to revitalize the skin.

The hydro machine easily lifts the top layer of the skin without causing irritation. Further, it hydrates and smooths your skin by infusing aqua solution into the skin. In addition, it is great for all skin conditions; especially it treats hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sun damage, clogged and congested pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

However, it depends upon the individual’s concern- what treatment or machine will be used.  The oxygen booster supplies in the skin infuse plenty of nutrients and moisture to decrease irritation. Also, it effectively treats multiple skin conditions such as dehydration, sensitive skin, aging signs, and fine lines. Moreover, its Aqua pills can be used to effectively reduce acne, pimples, and blemishes.

In a nutshell, it is the most convenient method to get glowing and healthy skin.

How Does Hydrodermabrasion Work?

Hydrodermabrasion is the most dynamic way to eliminate dull skin and eliminate uneven skin tone and even poor texture.

Hydrodermabrasion works effectively for the patient who is suffering from blemishes, acne, and blackheads. This hydro peel facial operates effectively on the T Zone area. The repeated procedure is very helpful in extracting the blackheads and pores. Further, the serum helps soften pores and making the extraction easier. When the pores shrink, it significantly lessens the risk of repairing, and the skin texture will become younger and smooth.

The amazing part of this facial treatment, it is a non-invasive and painless treatment. Plus, it is safe for all skin types. However, you should personally consult with your doctor about the process, as every skin requires different processes and solutions to make skin supple and beautiful.

Hydrodermabrasion At Home

Hydrodermabrasion or HydraFacial has become one of the best facial treatments in the world, and surprisingly there are so many reasons. In just 30 minutes, you will enjoy a painless facial treatment that delivers you instant noticeable results and improvements to your skin appearance without any side effects.

Is It Possible To Do A Hydrodermabrasion Facial At Home? 

Yes, here is the deal, which is called HydraFacial. You will get outstanding experience, but unfortunately, the exact facial treatment is Hydrodermabrasion, which is safest and licensed. After the coronavirus pandemic, general health concerns and power professionals have luckily found facial products and thus facial devices that are quite easily accessible to everyone and give a new technology to enjoy the natural glow on the face.

HydraFacial uses potent exfoliation delivery system that exfoliates, hydrate, and extract the skin. Also, they provide you with painless extractions. The HydraFacial is a brand name of Hydrodermabrasion, known as a perfect treatment serum that simply hydrates and protects your skin surface.

Luckily, it is a non-facial treatment that not only soothes the skin but moisturizes and provides many results just after this skin treatment. You will be happy as there are a lot of Hydrodermabrasion machines and devices that can deliver the amazing results you are looking for.

In Hydrodermabrasion, the expert uses the handheld wand to exfoliate the skin. Alternatively, you have a HydraFacial machine network as a cool handset to revitalize deeply hydrate, and brighten your skin. Further, it will lift your natural beauty and give you shine.

Within 10 minutes, it instantly nourishes and revitalizes the skin and deeply cleanse and hydrates your skin thoroughly. Also, it exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes new collagen production. Furthermore, it minimizes the appearance of large pores and provides you quick absorption of skincare protection.

So, do you find this skin treatment process perfect? Keep reading and know the procedure to come up with the right decision.

Hydrodermabrasion Steps

The process is safe and takes an hour to complete the process. Mainly Hydrodermabrasion treatment includes three steps as follows.

  1. Cleanse+ peel

The first step is to remove dry skin cells to uncover the new layer of skin and provide gentle exfoliation as well as relaxing resurfacing.

  1. Extract +hydrate 

In the next process, you will go through a deep cleansing formula in which the skin surface removes the debris from pores with painless suction. Further, it nourishes the intense moisturizer that quenches the skin.

  1. Infuse + protect

In the step, the importance of delivering specific healthy nutrients deep into the skin. It saturates your skin with high-quality nutrients antioxidants factors that further improve the collagen and maximize glow.

Hydrodermabrasion comes up with several treatment plans. One should need to choose the plan according to the skin type and its requirements.

Hydrodermabrasion Benefits

To get the best benefits of the Hydrodermabrasion facial, it is important that your skin gets the aggregate amount of nourishment. However, some exfoliation treatments can be too hard for sensitive skin.

But this water Jet Technology outweighs the problem and provides you with a smooth and healthy skin texture. Further, it is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that treats various kinds of skin issues such as congested, blemishes, and discolored skin.

More benefits of Hydrodermabrasion:

  • This will instantly revitalize and nourishes the skin
  • Treat and decrease congestion and acne
  • Improves acne scarring
  • Revives skin thickness
  • Enhances the appearance of pigmentation and sun-damaged skin
  • Removes dead skin cells with the new cells
  • Minimizes the look of huge pores
  • Lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Exfoliates the dead skin and promotes new skin cells as well as the production of elastin.

Hydrodermabrasion Side Effects

Hydrodermabrasion is a skin resurfacing process. The rapid use of the rotating device on the face or outer layer of the skin sometimes causes side effects to the user’s face. Here are the risks involved in it.

  1. It might cause redness and swell over the face. Swelling will begin to decrease within a couple of days, but it may long months.
  2. You might see the tiny bumps on the treated skin. This might disappears after few days or with the use of soap.
  3. You might face enlarging pores.
  4. After the dermabrasion, skin often causes skin color changes that are darker than normal or lighter than normal. Sometimes it can be a blotchy problem that can easily affect some people with skin color and can sometimes be permanent.
  5. Dermabrasion often led to bacterial or viral infection, as it fears the Herpes viruses that cause cold sources
  6. Dermabrasion also deeply causes scarring as the medications can be injected to soften the appearance of the scars.
  7. The patient can often see allergies, skin rashes, or other reactions.

Hydrodermabrasion Cost

The HydraFacial is the most popular treatment that uses hydro microdermabrasion. It gently hydrates and cleanses your skin deeply because it is known as the powerful name. The cost of Hydrodermabrasion depends upon the location with the choice of doctor as well as the treatment you choose. Typically, it is not covered by the insurance, so you have to pay the whole expenses from your pocket. Generally, the cost varies between $150- $350 per session.

It seems highly expensive, but the cost can vary between $75-$200. However, it is a less expensive cosmetic treatment than micro-needling, which typically costs up to $500 per person. Moreover, the price involved the cost of LED therapy and lymphatic massages, if needed.

Here we also need to say that, the cost of treatment can be varied as per the skin’s condition.  So, consulting with your doctor is highly recommended.

Hydrodermabrasion Device 

Hydrodermabrasion machine has high reviews for cleansing, which rejuvenates the face. It includes the oxygen machine that is applied directly to the facial treatments. Furthermore, it is a crystal-free method that is used in the microdermabrasion process.

In the latest innovations and technology, it is using water Jets to break the outer layer of the skin. Furthermore, diamond hydro micro space water molecules boost oxygen molecules, while ultra-high frequency waves have water molecules containing ions.

The water-containing molecules infuse and penetrate the skin and remove a horny layer. The Hydrodermabrasion machine increases the oxygen in the blood that promotes blood circulation and activates cell repair.

As per the study, the microbubble is an effective treatment to remove freckles and the early signs of aging. In addition, the HydraFacial gently and very relaxing along with it is very comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, a hydra facial is a perfect option for sensitive skin.

Key features:

  • Reduces pores size
  • Clean up your skin by removing blackheads and Whiteheads
  • Improves skin texture elasticity, and complexion
  • It helps the face to observe skincare products better
  • Removes the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots and aging spots
  • Treats acne scars to boost collagen production
  • Provides firming and toning to the skin
  • Perfect for skin whitening and reviving cell regeneration
  • It helps the skin to stay hydrated
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles


  • Requires only six treatment hands for facial treatments
  • It is a self-cleaning system
  • Includes five bottles with H2, O2, and waste liquid bottle
  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • Crystal-free microdermabrasion process
  • Convenient for all skin types
  • Provides the deeper cleaning and traditional cleaning method
  • Video training is available
  • LCD touch screen
  • The hydrothermal operation takes an hour to produce Radiant skin.
  • It improves skin texture
  • Reduces the appearance of scar issues

Hydrodermabrasion Results

Hydrodermabrasion is the most effective and doctor’s recommended skin facial treatment that helps your skin look radiant, natural glowing, and healthy. Moreover, congested and enlarged pores will remove immediately and gives you spotless free skin. In addition, if we get to stick to a facial regime, the results will indeed make you happy.

Hydrodermabrasion Before And After 

This Hydrodermabrasion facial is recommended for those who have dead skin cells and uneven skin tone. With the skin treatment, the skin naturally removes the damaged layer from the base, including dead and even skin cells present in the layer. The treatment uses a vacuum to suction to keep away the dead cells and other debris present on the base. The Hydrodermabrasion generally works on your skin and provides effective changes.

Hydrodermabrasion Vs. HydraFacial

There is no major difference between Hydrodermabrasion and HydraFacial. In fact, Hydrodermabrasion is a term used simultaneously for HydraFacial by dermatologists.

HydraFacial is a skin resurfacing treatment that gently extracts from the lightweight method.

It effectively infuses nutrients that are easily absorbed by the skin and significantly reduces skin cells and other debris present in the skin. Moreover, it infuses the super serum in skin cells that keep your skin moisturized.

Apart, Hydrodermabrasion is just like HydraFacial that simultaneously combines the dermal infusion of medical products, including crystal-free exfoliation. However, in the Hydra facial, the natural healing powers of oxygen and water are used without the use of hard crystals.

In a nutshell, HydraFacial is the brand name for a specific patent Hydrodermabrasion technology and machine, while Hydrodermabrasion is the real process.

Hydrodermabrasion Vs Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an old process that has been used extensively for years to stimulate turnover and renew skin. In general, it produces either crystal on a diamond tip that grinds up the surface of the skin. Similarly, Hydrodermabrasion uses a diamond tip to grind with the skin and add liquid at the surface of the skin to eliminate toxins, debris from the skin. Microdermabrasion can be too aggressive.

Is Hydrodermabrasion Safe?

Yes, it is a safe, non-invasive, and side effects-free treatment that includes a multifaceted approach to revitalize the skin. It is great for all skin conditions, even for all skin types that are known to treat hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sun-damaged, and even enlarged pores.

Does Hydrodermabrasion work?

Indeed it is highly effective in improving the overall skin texture of the skin irritation. Mainly, it reduces wrinkles and gives it hydration. On top of that, it is good for cleaning enlarged pores and congested pores. If you stick with this regular facial, you will see impressive changes on your face. It is recommended to prove the treatment after having a consultation with an experienced practitioner.

Does Hydrodermabrasion Hurt?

Hydrodermabrasion treatment has been loved by millions of ladies as it is good for skin texture, reduces fine lines, freckles and treating acne. However, the treatment often comes with few side effects. Hence, it may cause swelling or allergic issues to the patient, but for a week.

However, we recommend everyone to choose the skin treatment only after consulting with their dermatologist.

How Often To Have Hydrodermabrasion?

The simple answer is for effective results. One should need to undergo about once a month or every four weeks. It is the general frequency, which is compatible for the people who needs the best advantages for them. However, the time usually depends upon the skin types and issues.

How Long The Effect of Hydrodermabrasion Lasts?

However, every skin is different, so results can vary from person to person. Usually, it lasts up to four to six weeks. It is recommended to schedule your HydraFacial monthly to maintain the new beautiful complexion.

Final Words

HydraFacial or Hydrodermabrasion is one of the latest skincare solutions in the cosmetic industry. It delivers high skin nutrients that result in making your skin supple that you have always wanted.

Also, it is the fastest-growing skincare treatment that helps you to look better whether you are in your 50s. So why not try this one? Do you think it is reliable? If so, get your HydraFacial done today, and don't forget to share your thoughts with us on today’s topic.

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