Collagen Facial Treatment Steps, Benefits, Cost, Safety

Collagen is the most occurring protein in the body. It gives elasticity, strength, and structure to the skin. Also called youth protein, the human skin contains over 80% collagen. Overall, the amount of collagen in your skin determines how smooth it looks.

If the body fails to produce enough collagen, aging starts. Now, your skin becomes drier, thinner, and weaker. Other signs of low collagen production include fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

What Is Collagen Facial?

A collagen facial treatment is a unique treatment to rekindle your skin’s glow. It restores the lost facial collage. Also, a collagen facial replenishes proteins on your face, slowing down wrinkles formation and aging.  

Regular external application of collagen boosts collagen production and density. To enjoy the full benefits, choose collagen products with peptides.

Collagen defines how healthy your skin and the lack of it causes aging. Hence, collagen is most desirable for maintaining fresher skin.

Our collagen levels drop as we expose our faces to weather elements, smoke, and alcohol. Now, this reduction causes wrinkles and shredding of the skin. Getting a younger and more beautiful look starts with fixing your collagen issues.

One protein has a bigger role than others in keeping the skin smooth, supple, tight, and looking younger and that protein is, of course, collagen. Collagen makes up the web that keeps the structure of the body in place.

It is present in all tissues in the human body, as well as in muscles and tendons which need elasticity in order to work properly.

For that very reason, it also exists in the skin. The lack of collagen is what makes the skin look wrinkly, old, and saggy and the worst thing is, the body simply stops producing it at one point and there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there?

We may not be able to make our bodies re-start the production of collagen, but what we can do is feed it collagen through facial treatments. Luckily for us, there are plenty of treatments that allow us to do just that, but none is more effective than the basic collagen mask treatment.

Let’s find out if collagen facial spa provides a rejuvenated skin.

Collagen Facial Machines

Collagen Facial Mask

A collagen facial mask is a piece of cloth filled with hydrolyzed collagen and other skin-moisturizing ingredients. Placing this cloth on your face promotes firm, plump, and elastic skin. A collagen mask imparts a luminous glow, leaving the skin smoother and younger.

We can induce collagen production or availability through external applications. Collagen facial mask treatment allows you to reintroduce the natural proteins to your skin. Use a cleanser and cotton wool to wipe your skin clean before the treatment starts.

Then exfoliate! We recommend you get a smooth exfoliation cream that is easy to remove. You can also use acidic peels but focus on making your skin clean before commencing the treatment. In that case, using a steamer dilates the pores, making exfoliation easier.

Before masking, you can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment with hyaluronic acid. It helps the collagen to penetrate deep into the skin. Now, you are set to mask up.

Collagen Facial Steps

Step 1: Cleansing

Those who are familiar with facial treatments know the golden rule: always cleanse first! And in the case of collagen treatments, double cleanse! It is of utmost importance that the skin is as clean as possible before the treatment begins in order to get the best results. When finished, remove the cleanser with a cotton cloth.

Step 2: Exfoliation

To go a step further, exfoliate! For this step any kind of exfoliating cream will do, however, it is recommended to use a non-granular exfoliating cream so that it can be removed more easily.

Acidic peels are also an option in this case, but remember that before commencing the collagen mask treatment, the face needs to be completely clean! During this process, a steamer can be used to help open up the pores and help exfoliate the skin better.

Step 3: Hyaluronic Acid

Before applying the actual mask it is a good idea to use hyaluronic acid or some other moisture-binding serum. This will help the skin suck in the collagen even better and produce better results.

Step 4: Applying Collagen Mask

Finally, when the skin is nice and ready, it’s time to apply the collagen mask. Collagen masks used in beauty parlors are in the form of dry square sheets, approximately the size of a regular A4 printing paper. To perform this part properly, the esthetician should fold the sheet in half and cut out a piece where the nose should be.

After this, the sheet is applied to the face and dampened with wet sponges to activate the collagen. At this point, the mask should look and feel almost like a second skin.

When the mask is properly applied, the steamer is turned on and it stays that way for 20-30 minutes until the mask is removed.

Step 5: Moisturizing

As a final touch, a moisturizer is applied to keep the skin looking fresh after the treatment. Before applying moisturizer, the esthetician may apply another coat of hyaluronic acid to help retain the moisture and keep the skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

As you can see, reviving your fatigued skin has never been easier. The treatment lasts for only half an hour and gives incredible results which are immediately visible.

In case you are curious, yes, collagen facials can be done in combinations with other facial treatments and can even work better when combined with AHA treatments or microdermabrasion.

Collagen Facial Benefits

Infuses peptides into the skin

Naturally, collagen molecules are large. So, it only stays on the skin’s surface and not pretty effective. The collagen product should be hydrolyzed to break the molecules to improve collagen’s impact, making them easy to absorb. These tiny Nano-sized collagen molecules are also called peptides. It was the Japanese who started the process of hydrolysis, breaking the collagen molecules into Nano-sized particles.

Once collagen is broken into peptides, they are easily absorbable, penetrating the skin’s dermis layer. Remember, the type of collagen in the product determines its level of effectiveness.

An effective collagen mask should contain hydrolyzed collagen or peptides to deliver the formula straight to your skin dermis layer.

Hydrates Skin

Lack of water causes skin dehydration. Whenever you don’t drink enough water, your skin becomes moisture-starved. Exposure to harsh weather conditions and environments also causes skin dehydration.

Though dehydration and dryness are often used interchangeably, they mean different things. For instance, skin is dehydrated when it lacks water but is dry without oil. Dehydrated skin lacks plumpness, with triangular lines as evidence. It will also look tight and feels rough. Mobile IV therapy can quickly hydrate and nourish your body without needing to leave the house. Healthcare professionals will come to your home and administer a vitamin IV formula designed to support your skin to give you a healthy glow.

Dehydrated skin feels quite uncomfortable. Besides drinking more water, a combination of collagen and moisturizers hydrates the skin. That’s because the collagen mask contains peptides that boost skin moisture to create a strong effect. More so, hyaluronic acid in a collagen mask binds water to your skin, providing lasting hydration.

Improves Dull, Dry Skin

As earlier said, your skin becomes dry when it lacks sufficient oil. Dry skin has a rough or flaky texture. Remember, oil makes the skin supple. Without oil, wrinkles will appear on the skin.

Replenishing the lost oil is the most reliable way to treat dry skin issues. Make sure you use mild cleaners and oil-based moisturizers. A hydrolyzed collagen product will improve dry skin conditions.

A collagen mask smoothens fine lines and wrinkles

As our skin loses collagen to age, skin sags, wrinkles, and fine lines form on the face. Supplementing the lost collagen is the most effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine line formation. Using a hydrolyzed collagen mask will increase your skin’s collagen content, resulting in smoother and wrinkle-free skin.

Since collagen helps maintain your skin’s beauty, elasticity, and durability, living a life that promotes collagen production is ideal. Your skin looks new with regular application of hydrolyzed collagen mask.

Heals and transforms skin

Collagen helps to fight skin bacteria, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. With that, it makes the skin heal faster. If you want your skin to recover quickly from wounds or acne, applying a collagen mask could help.

Collagen Facial Before and After

Before collagen is applied, the skin looks rough, flaky, and wrinkled. The use of collagen-infused creams helps boosts the skin’s collagen reserve. Once the skin is set, the collagen pack is applied to the face to look fresh and young instantly.

Many prefer collagen facial because of the instant and long-lasting results it provides. Overall, this treatment is painless and straightforward.

Collagen Facial Cost

Collagen facial treatment is affordable. Depending on the spa center and type of collagen products used, the treatment costs between $5 to $200.

Is Collagen Facial Safe?

Naturally, you should be concerned about your safety. But the answer is simple. Yes, collagen facial is safe and effective. So far, no side effects have been linked with collagen facials.

How Often Should You Get a Collagen Facial?

For effective and long-lasting results, take collagen facials at least three times a week.

Does Collagen Facial Work?

A collagen facial treatment helps keep the skin supple, improving beauty and youthfulness. More so, regular collagen facial treatment eliminates wrinkles and other aging signs. Collagen is an excellent moisturizer, as it helps to retain water in the skin. The procedure is low-cost, safe, and takes about an hour to complete. Sometimes you should talk with a dermatologist before commencing facial collagen therapy.

However, remember that whatever you do, the collagen always goes last otherwise it will not be effective. Immediately after the treatment make sure to refrain from swimming or any kind of physical activity which might ruin the effects of collagen.

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