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10 Best Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews 2020 The Best professional microdermabrasion machine like kendal HB-SF01, 02, Microderm Glo, Topdirect, Mysweety, Zeny pro, LCL will help you to get your desired skin at home or salon.

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When you treat your skin using the best professional microdermabrasion machine, it helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the top layer of your skin.

The skin undergoes constant renewal of old skin cells with new skin cells, and by manually removing older skin, you can more quickly improve your complexion and get rid of blemishes and dark spots.

You must need to take care of your skin after a microdermabrasion treatment.

A microdermabrasion diamond tip machine is one of the best treatments you can use because it applies a light rub to your skin in order to eliminate these old skin cells and promote healing and rejuvenation.

Microdermabrasion with the best professional microdermabrasion machine is an effective way of getting rid of different acne problems. The skin surface gets cleaned thoroughly. This helps in decreasing the chances of clogged pores.

Other benefits of diamond dermabrasion include reduction of wrinkles, better skin tone, and discoloration of age spots or discoloration areas. If you have acne scars, this skin treatment can be used to even your skins. It can also be used to lessen scars.

People have enjoyed the benefits of the diamond tip microdermabrasion machine for years, but the false assumption is that the only way to receive this powerful and effective treatment is by visiting the spa.

Every year, people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on microdermabrasion spa treatments to improve the appearance of their skin. Rather than spending so much money at the spa, a better is to buy a diamond microdermabrasion machine.

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An Overview of Microdermabrasion Treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a gentle, rejuvenating process that exfoliates the superficial layer of the epidermis (the skin). Exfoliation restores cellular activity and helps treat several imperfections.

A microdermabrasion treatment projects microcrystals to detach and exfoliate dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion treatments apply to both women and men.

Having the role of protecting the epidermis against external aggressions, dead cells accumulate on the skin over time. They are less common as you grow older.

If not removed, they remain on the skin. This can cause visible blemishes on the latter. By removing these cells, microdermabrasion allows your face to look younger and smoother longer.

Eliminating a good deal of dead cells, the treatment stimulates the production of new cells and natural collagen. You should study the way to use microdermabrasion tool for acne scars.

Microdermabrasion uses different technologies. This depends on the clinic or facility where it is performed. Some clinics also develop patented technologies.

In general, microdermabrasion consists of scraping the epidermis layer with grinding wheels in order to erase the visible lesions. The latter is sometimes also practiced in spas. It can also be practiced by beauticians or health facilities as well as other professional skincare.

If you go to a spa or clinic to have microdermabrasion, the technician will use a dedicated microdermabrasion machine. This will then eject tiny crystals (aluminum oxide, sodium chloride, or sodium bicarbonate) to detach dead cells from the skin.

Vacuum suction is ten performed. It is done by the same device to collect all residues.

Now you can enjoy the same professional care at home. With the use of new materials such as diamond, the latest generation devices – diamond microdermabrasion machine – is available for the general public and will often give much better results.

Best Professional and Personal Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

Best Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews (UK), 2020

Find the best home and professional microdermabrasion machine UK reviews

Our Best Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews (Diamond Tip)

So that you can make the best choice when purchasing your diamond microdermabrasion machine, we’ll be reviewing the top 10 diamond tip microdermabrasion machine on the market. Let’s get into it.

1. Kendal Professional HB-SF01 Reviews– Best Professional Microdermabrasion Machine (Overall)


The Kendal HB-SF01 is one of the best diamond tip microdermabrasion machines for estheticians on the market right now. It is one of the emerging brands which means that you’ll be getting new and innovative features in their products.

This machine makes skin exfoliating easy. It does so by providing the non-surgical resurfacing procedure. The procedure is done using sterile diamond heads. These heads aid in peeling and rubbing off the dead cells atop the skin layer.

This machine also offers the possibility to vacuum the skin so as to remove particles of dirt or dead skin. The Diamond Head is solid and well built. Stainless steel handles add to its sturdiness.

The diamond tips come in different sizes. Those sizes are great to use on different parts of the body.

You also don’t have to worry about buying filters since they are provided. You will get 360 cotton filters which is great.

The filters are mostly small with the large ones consisting of 120.  The latter is also very easy to understand and use. Manual and instructions are clear. Now let’s check its pros and cons below.

  • Great suction capacity.
  • Easy to understand and use
  • It is not easy to break since it is pretty sturdy
  • Different tips are provided
  • Comes with 2-cylinder oil filters
  • It is pretty expensive

If you want to learn more about Kendal Microdermabrasion Machine (HB-SF01) , click here

2. Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews– Best Microdermabrasion Machine at Home – Our pick for the US and UK customers


Microderm GLO is one of the established manufacturers in terms of microdermabrasion systems. Their products are made by professionals. As a result, most of them are of high quality. Their products and machines are always of the highest grade.

So as to remove the outer layer of facial skin, the Microderm GLO uses a light abrasion process. As a result, this promotes the growth of new skin.

This device also has a dual-action mechanism. It increases blood flow while massaging and vacuuming the skin. This promotes the rebuilding of elastin and collagen.

The average skin treatment using this device is only 4 minutes. Most dermatologists will recommend it due to its high quality.

Furthermore, this also uses Safe 3D technology. This technology has been engineered by the best. As a result, it is safe for all skin types. You can also use it on sensitive skins.

This is also FDA registered. This means that you don’t have to worry about safety and quality. The device also works great on skin that has taken sun damage. The device makes softening and smoothing easy. Your skin tone will look best after use.

The manual is easy to understand. You get 2 premium diamond tips to use as well as 20 replacement pack. A cleaning brush is also included.

In terms of cords and accessories, everything is there as well as the charging adapter. Lastly, you get your carry pouch to bring it anywhere with you. Let’s check their pros and cons now.

  • It is affordable
  • Easy to use and understand
  • 2 premium diamond tips included
  • Made by professional for efficient use
  • Might be sensitive to the skin if not used properly.

3.Kendal HB-SF02 Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews-Best Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit for  Aestheticians or Dermatologists


If you’re an aesthetician, dermatologist, or clinical professional who takes care of the patients’ skin, then you should have the HB-SF02 Diamond Microdermabrasion machine. It’s a great machine for refining, rejuvenating, or smoothening the skin.

It is within an affordable price range and you could buy it to have at-home skin treatments. You might ask yourself the question: how does it rejuvenate the skin? Well, it peels and rubs off the dead skin cells on top of your skin using its sterile diamond head.

As such, it re-surfaces the skin in a non-surgical way. Once it has peeled and rubbed off the dead cells, it vacuums or sucks them away together with any debris on the skin. This results in smoother and clearer skin.

It sucks away the dead cells and debris with a pressure of just 70cmHG and 3mm frictional force. The result is a painless skin treatment procedure.

It includes accessories such as 2 dermabrasion stainless steel-made handles, 9 PC tips, 240 cotton filters, 2 cylinder-like filters for oil, and an air hose for the handles.


  • It is lightweight since it weighs only 16.8 pounds.
  • It removes scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It’s compact-sized and saves space.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • It might come without a user manual.
  • The suction force might be inefficient with time.

4. Kendal 3 in 1 Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews- Best Multifunctional Microdermabrasion Tool (Scrubber, Diamond Dermabrasion, Beauty Massager)


This microdermabrasion machine weighs 14.4 pounds and measures 15 x 14 x 11 inches. It is thus very portable and takes up less space. In terms of performance, you can be sure to benefit from 3 functions if you opt for it.

The three functions are skin scrubbing, diamond dermabrasion, and beauty massager. This machine comes with a skin scrubber for removing dirt from the pores. This results in cleaner and glowing skin.

Also, this machine comes with 2 diamond wands and 9 dermabrasion tips. If you use the dermabrasion function, your skin will be free from skin debris, scars, blemishes, and uneven pigmentation.

The two massage probes also guarantee a SPA-level massage. The massage function removes wrinkles and redistributes the fats under your skin for an enhanced look. It also comes with 360 cotton filters for excellent filtration effect.

The plastic-made oil filter ensures that no oil from the skin reaches the pump. This prolongs the machine’s life. It’s an easy-to-use machine that also consumes less electrical energy.

  • It is compact-sized thus saves space.
  • The oil filter prolongs the pump’s life.
  • It offers three functions for excellent skin treatment.
  • It removes wrinkles, blemishes, scars, and dead skin cells.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It might be a bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t have the vacuum suction function.

5. ZENY Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Reviews- Best Budget Microdermabrasion Machine for Personal Home Use


ZENY has recently become one of the most popular diamond microdermabrasion systems on the market. This can be due to a lot of things. However, it is most likely that the device is innovative and of high quality.

The ZENY machine is pretty light and compact which makes it easy to carry around. The latter is also user-friendly, making it very easy to use.

You don’t need to be a professional to set it up. The latter only takes a few minutes. Connect everything and just switch it on. With a sucking range of 65-68cmHg, it is great for both professional and home users. 2 large diamond tips are included.

This is to help in removing scars and lightening skin tone. There are two medium tips. Those are for treating blemishes and rough skin.

Many smaller diamonds are also supplied. Their uses depend on the user. The wands are also pretty solid. The reason is simple. They are made of stainless steel. Fitting the diamond tip into the wand is extremely easy to do.

The latter is also affordable. This makes it one of the best in terms of product and price. When considering all the things it offers, it is a must how. Now let’s check its pros and cons.

  • It is cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • It is also affordable
  • Suction is rather powerful
  • You don’t always receive user manuals.

6. Microderm GLO MINI Diamond Reviews  –Best Pore Vacuum for Skin Toning

Another one of Microderm Glo products which we now know is of high quality. This is another model of the microdermabrasion system. The mini version was made for people with small hands. The other reason is to get to tighter angles on the skin.

It is used to remove out layers of the facial skin. In that respect, it’s the same as its predecessor. To do so, it uses the same light abrasion process. The latter will promote the growth of new skin in an efficient manner.

It also increases the blood flow while massaging and vacuuming the skin. As a result, the process will promote the rebuilding of elastin and collagen. It is advertised as needing an average of only 4 minutes of treatment.

Since it is of high quality, the latter is also recommended by dermatologists. Using the latest safe3D technology makes it safe for all skin types. Safety and quality are guaranteed. This is due to be FDA registered.

This is used to skin with sun damage. The application should last for 4 minutes. Once done, the skin will be smooth and soft. It might also be refreshing.

Like most Microderm Glo products, the manual is easy to understand. You’ll get 1 premium and 1 exfoliating diamond tip.

We do not forget the cleaning brush and the replacement pack that is supplied. As for the fittings and adapters, they are all there and of the highest quality. Lastly but not late, you get your carry pouch to bring it with you if you plan of staying away from home.

  • It is affordable
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Easy to use
  • Made by professionals
  • Made specifically for professional use

7. MYSWEETY 3 in 1 Diamond Reviews- Best Affordable Multifunctional Microdermabrasion Machine


MYSWEETY is one of the emerging brands in 2018. As a result, brace yourself to get some new features as well as some innovative ones. You can also consider this while choosing the best diamond microdermabrasion machine.

This device works pretty well in rubbing off dead cells atop the skin layer. It does so by using the sterile diamond in order to peel. Overall, you’ll be getting a non-surgical resurfacing procedure.

It also provides a few other procedures, from removing uneven pigmentation of the skin debris. It is also an improvement over the crystal dermabrasion since it uses diamond dermabrasion.

The device is usable along with other skin products. This is so that it can reach the dermis level. By reaching the dermis level, it helps restore cell activity, promotes skin heal, and replenishes natural nutrients.

As for the equipment and accessories, most of them are provided. You get the heads and foam box as well as the 3 O-rings. 9 diamond heads and 3 diamond pens are also supplied.

The cords also feel like it does not break easily. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Overall, it is a pretty good product even though it is new. Let’s check its pros and cons.

  • It is affordable
  • Made for amateurs and thus user friendly
  • 9 diamond heads included
  • Low suction power
  • Probe is of low quality

8. TopDirect 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews-Best Cheap Multifunctional Microdermabrasion Device for Salon with Vacuum and Spray


This skin treatment machine is ideal for domestic use; not commercial use. It packs enough vacuum suction power to suck away all the skin debris for a glowing and clearer look. Its vacuum suction power ranges from 65-68 cm (Hg), which is enough to handle the debris on your skin.

To successfully use the suction function, start from the lowest setting as you adjust the power bit by bit until you reach the maximum. And it comes with 3 glass tubes for effective vacuuming.

This machine also comes with 2 Diamond wands and 9 tips for dermabrasion therapy. This therapy exfoliates the skin by removing all dead skin cells, cars, debris, and blemishes. It also removes wrinkles. The result is smoother and glowing skin.

Moderately use this therapy with skincare products that penetrate the skin to the dermis layer if you want to replenish the skin’s nutrients. Once you’re done with dermabrasion and vacuuming functions, it’s now time for the spray function.

Simply add toner to the spray bottle until it’s 1/2 or 3/4 full. Then press the top of the bottle with your index finger for some toner. The toner minimizes the pores’ sizes and smoothens your skin.

  • It has an oil filter that protects the pump from skin oils.
  • It is energy-efficient since it consumes less electrical energy.
  • It improves the overall skin’s condition.
  • It reduces spots, wrinkles, and discoloration.
  • It is affordable, lightweight, and compact-sized.
  • Assembling the accessories might be a chore sometimes.

9. Kendal 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine (BM02) Reviews- Best Multifunctional Microdermabrasion Machine from Kendal (Diamond Dermabrasion, Vacuum, and Spray)


This is yet another microdermabrasion machine for your skin. If you opt for this machine, you get 2 sterile Diamond heads for peeling and rubbing off the dead skin cells. Also, you get 2 sets of cotton filters – 240 small cotton filters and 120 large cotton filters.

Their work is to enhance the filtering effect during exfoliation of the skin. You also get 9 PC Diamond tips for use on the entire body. This machine also features oil filters that are plastic-made to filter out oil and dirt during skin treatments.

It thus makes the skin smoother and softer if you use the dermabrasion functionality. It also has two other functions- the vacuum function and the spray function. The vacuum function or therapy comes in handy if you want to remove dirt from the pores. It makes the skin elastic and reduces discoloration.

Use this function after dermabrasion and vacuuming of the skin. Simply fill the spray bottle with toner and push the top of it with your finger. It moistens and refreshes the skin. It also encourages the closing of the pores. It’s a necessary procedure after dermabrasion and vacuuming.

  • It’s ultra-lightweight since it weighs only 5.8 pounds.
  • The three functions are easy to use.
  • It has an easy-to-use knob for setting the vacuuming procedure.
  • It’s an affordable skincare machine.
  • It comes with many cotton filters.
  • The suction function might become less effective with time.

10. LCL Beauty 7 in 1 Professional Digital Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews-Best Multifunctional Professional Microdermabrasion Machine for Spa (1. Diamond Dermabrasion 2. Spray 3. Vacuum 4. Exfoliating Massaging brush 5. Galvanic 6. High Frequency 7. Product Infuser)


If you’re looking for a personal or professional microdermabrasion machine, then you just found it! This machine by LCL Beauty has every accessory you need to transform your skin and body for the better.

It weighs only 9 pounds and is compact-sized, making it ideal for users who are always on the go. Also, it’s backed by a 1-year limited warranty. From its name, you can tell that this machine has 7 functions. It is, therefore, suitable for professional skin dermabrasion as well.

First, it has a diamond microdermabrasion function. And for this course, it comes with a patented solid core diamond wand and traditional hollow core wand. Also, it comes with 9 tips for peeling and sucking away the dead skin cells.

It also features the vacuum extractor function. Its work is to remove pimples and blackheads from the skin. And since the machine incorporates the spray function in its design, it comes with 2 spray bottles.

This machine also has 2 massaging brushes and buffers. Use the larger brush on larger areas such as the cheek and forehead. And use the smaller brush to massage beneath the eyes. The buffers exfoliate the skin in a painless yet effective way.

Lastly, this machine has the product diffuser function. It works to nourish the skin with the nutrients from skincare products. Just like other machines on the list, this one too is easy to use.

  • It is ultralight and compact-sized for easy portability.
  • It has a 1-year limited warranty.
  • It’s ideal for commercial usage as well.
  • It has 7 functions for perfectly treating the skin.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a bit expensive for domestic use.
  • It might be challenging to assemble.

Why people prefer Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion over Crystal?

Now, most people will tell you that they prefer one or the other. But we want to know why people choose one over the other. Before getting into that, let’s get a quick definition of the two so that we can compare.

Diamond Dermabrasion and Crystal Dermabrasion

It is a mechanical exfoliation treatment, that is to say, it is to eliminate dead cells from the outer layers of the skin. A device with diamond tips is used to perform this.

They suck the dead cells as they go through the affected skin area. In addition, the equipment is also responsible for sucking these dead cells and recovering them in a special filter.

Most people who use both will tell you that they prefer diamond tip microdermabrasion. This is because the diamond microdermabrasion machine is much easier to use and is suitable for all skin conditions and types.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit Provide These Benefits Better Than Its Crystal Counterpart:

  • Improves the appearance, luminosity, and complexion of the skin.
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Eliminates acne scars and pimples.
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Reduces the damage produced by the sun.
  • Reduces the size of the pores.
  • Can be used in all types of facial treatments.
  • Works great after the use of smart face cleansing devices.

The diamond microdermabrasion machine is much softer on the skin. It is thus used by both professionals and amateurs. It also well designed and more user-friendly than the crystal dermabrasion machine.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Microdermabrasion Machine

Below are several factors you might want to consider when/before choosing a diamond microdermabrasion machine. You don’t want to choose something which doesn’t add up. Let’s dive into them.

1. Suction Power

The tiny diamond tip on your microdermabrasion home device will lead to the breaking away of the dead cells on your skin. However, those dead cells will persist on your skin.

To prevent the clogging of skin problems, you must ensure the dead skin cells are removed immediately.

Due to this, you must insist on buying a microabrasion machine with strong suction power. This strong suction power will ensure no dead skin cells stick closer to your skin.

2. The Quality Of The Diamond Tips

The diamond tip is where the power of the machine lies. Moreover, it is the diamond tip that determines the machine’s exfoliation abilities. Interestingly, a quality diamond tip ensures the effective removal of dead cells without freckles littering your face.

When choosing, you will want to get a high-quality diamond tip. You want one that will work as described and benefit your skin rather than harming it.

Diamond tips should make your skin smooth and reduce the appearance of your scars, erase your age spots, and reduce your pigment spots and signs of skin senescence.  It should be usable on any part of the body.

This should have tips of different sizes: a precision tip for the nose and eye area, the other two for delicate and rough skin. It should also have two speeds: low speed and a high speed depending on the expected result.

3. The Tools Included In The Kit

The machine comes as a unit in a kit. This kit comes with components, such as replacement filters, adaptors, and instructional manuals.

4. Look At The Results

Before you buy, make sure you pay attention to the reviews and comments from previous users. These reviews will help you know what kind of results to expect from the machine.

5. Ease Of Use

A good microabrasion machine is easy to understand and maintain. You don’t want a machine you will have to watch several online tutorials to learn how it works. Go for a machine that is easy to learn, easy to handle, easy to use, and easy to clean.

6. Longevity

Look for a machine that is made of more than plastics. One that comes with a dust cover and a storage center.

7. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Good microabrasion machines come with a good manufacturer’s warranty to cover all possible defects and meet customer satisfaction.

8. Accessories and Fittings

The kit should have an assortment of products resulting from microdermabrasion technology that can help regenerate the skin quickly and effectively. After use, you should find that your skin is neat, hydrated, and soft.

The kit should also include a scrub gel, exfoliating devices, two tips, foam sponges as well as an anti-wrinkle and moisturizing Gamma resurfacing cream as well as a booklet of tips.

9. Can Everyone Use This at Home Microdermabrasion Machine?

The device must be suitable for anyone who wants to have perfect skin and is not a professional. In addition, it must suitable for all skin types. A diamond tip microdermabrasion machine should be usable by anyone. And this is what you want. Not professional ones like in clinics. The latter should also be user-friendly and easy to use.

10. How Fare this Microdermabrasion Kit on Your Skin Is?

You should ask the seller if it works on your skin type. Choose places where you can get a free trial. Check reviews and any other info that might help you. Brown spots can be affected by the diamond microdermabrasion.

Those are usually caused by high skin pigmentation. Microdermabrasion will gradually eliminate the damaged surface layer. And with cutaneous cellular regeneration, the tasks as well as the wrinkles will fade and may even disappear over time.

11. What You Can Expect From A High-Quality Microdermabrasion Machine?

You need to know what you want exactly in terms of a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine. Ask questions and see that it also fits your budget. Check its durability, how long it lasts, battery life, and most of those. You also have to know the frequency with which you’ll be using it.

How Does The Best Professional Microdermabrasion Machine (Diamond Tip) Work?

Conventional microdermabrasion performs two major functions. Firstly, the machine exfoliates your skin gently using different methods.

Most microdermabrasion techniques involve the use of a high-pressure flow of tiny crystals on the skin. These crystals are made up of different substances, such as aluminum oxide, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, and diamond.

Another common technique used by home microdermabrasion machines is the use of a diamond or crystal-tipped wand. You exfoliate with this by drawing it across the surface of your skin.

The wand has a strong tip, which means no crystals are fired during the process. This makes it easier to keep the machine clean.

Secondly, the function of the microdermabrasion machine is to get rid of dead cells from the surface of the skin. These skin cells have been exfoliated by the crystals used.

This exfoliation is done by suction which removes the dead cells. You can easily adjust the pressure of your device used for microdermabrasion before and after use.

Dermabrasion at home is the softer and, of course, safer equivalent of the peel performed by dermatologists.

Dermabrasion, basically, is to take off the surface layer of the skin to renew it faster, as a scrub 10 times more effective, and thus correct some small defects (small wrinkles, superficial stains, scars, and so on).

The home kits come in many forms: small diamond tip impregnates and rubs on the face with a machine that sometimes looks like a showerhead, a creamy mixture to concoct, and then apply to the skin to let act.

When using for the first time, it is important to choose a soft setting. You can gradually increase the speed in relation to your skin’s reaction.

For the face and the neck, it is necessary to do it for 15 minutes. For the neckline, 5 minutes are enough. Too much use could irritate the skin.

The movements should be simple and precise. The diamond tip should be used carefully. After the treatment, it is to moisturize the skin. Some redness may appear, so I always do my care in the evening. You need to clean the filter of the device. This is where all dead cells are sucked.

Dermabrasion, as attractive as it is, is absolutely not for all. On a fine skin, the damage: risks of making it hypersensitive, to refine it more (and thus, problems of dryness, early wrinkles), even burns.

For combination to oily skin, the problem is latent: dermabrasion may, in the long term, disrupt the sebaceous glands (which therefore produce the layer of protective oil on the face) and thus make the skin even more oily.

Final Words about Best at Home Microdermabrasion Machine

Now that we’ve reached the end of this review, it’s time to reveal which one we believe is the best professional microdermabrasion machine. However even if we pick one over the others, it doesn’t make them bad.

In fact, they are all good and ultimately, your choice will come down to your own preference. So without any further ado, let’s reveal our pick.

Kendal HB-SF01 Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Machine is our best choice for proper microdermabrasion procedures.

Kendal Microdermabrasion System is our best microdermabrasion machine because of its customer satisfaction rate.  It has a very low return rate than the other on this list.

Overall, for the price it has, you are getting one of the best devices on the market. So that’s it, you have the review for the 10 best professional microdermabrasion machine (diamond tip) in 2020.

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      Thank you for your question. Sensitive skin is always more demanding. However, we recommend you to choose any of the diamond tip microdermabrasion machines from our list. It is suitable for all skin types. Most importantly, the diamond microdermabrasion treatment reduces the damage caused by the sun and is therefore perfect for your discoloration problem.

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