11 Best Professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews 2024

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Are you looking for honest best professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews? If yes, then you are reading the right post.

After doing research, we have identified the 11 best HydraFacial machines. We will review these machines so that you can be sure which HydraFacial machine is the right one for you. Before jumping to reviews, let’s understand what the HydraFacial thing is and how the HydraFacial machine can be beneficial for your face.

Hydrafacial is such a popular facial treatment that it is performed somewhere in the world after every 15 seconds. As we know, HydraFacial targets common skin problems, such as signs of aging, dryness, etc. it has become a go-to treatment for many big-shot celebrities around the world.

Top 11 HydraFacial Machines 2024

Our 11 Best Professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews

1. Zemits DermeLuxx Pro : Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Cryo Machine Review

The Zemits DermeLuxx Pro is a cutting-edge Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Cryo Machine designed for estheticians seeking professional-grade equipment. This US-based brand offers the latest advanced technology in facial hydro treatments.

One standout feature of the DermeLuxx is its unique technology, which ensures even serum distribution to the skin while conserving product usage. With the new hydrodermabrasion protocol, a single bottle of HydroDermabrasion Serum can last up to an impressive 100 services.

This device boasts Dual Diamond tips, Oxygen, and Cryo Therapy all integrated into a single system, providing comprehensive skincare solutions. This innovative 3-in-1 facial system combines HydroDerm Serums, Fluid Diamond Exfoliation, Oxygen Therapy, and Cryo therapy to deliver instant radiance, effective blackhead extraction, deep hydration, collagen boost, pore reduction, and controlled procedures without the need for serum jars.

DermeLuxx sets itself apart from traditional microdermabrasion devices, offering a cleaner and more controlled procedure. Hydro Fluid Dermabrasion, performed with a fan brush, smoothly exfoliates the skin’s surface with diamond tips, while vacuum suction efficiently collects debris and dead skin cells.

Experienced aestheticians prefer Zemits DermeLuxx for its top-rated Hydrodermabrasion treatments. The device’s unique dual diamond tips and prolonged serum-skin contact time ensure superior skin exfoliation. Plus, it helps skincare professionals reduce consumable expenses per facial.

The DermeLuxx Fluid Dermabrasion wand features a unique structure with a fluid-cumulating filter and a range of abrasive tips. Double Diamond Tips offer an enlarged abrasive surface for improved exfoliation and reduced vacuum suction skin overstretching. Gentle Exfoliation Ruffle Tips are designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin, providing a superficial exfoliation without abrasion. Clear Extraction Tips with smooth edges and transparency enable pain-free deep extractions, leaving the skin visibly cleaner and pores “empty.”


  • Advanced technology for hydrodermabrasion and skincare treatments.
  • Efficient serum distribution, reducing product consumption.
  • 3-in-1 functionality with Dual Diamond tips, Oxygen Therapy, and Cryo Therapy.
  • Cleaner and more controlled procedures compared to traditional methods.
  • Specialized abrasive tips for various skin types.
  • Suitable for experienced estheticians seeking top-quality treatments.


  • Initial investment cost may be relatively high for some businesses


2. FOXPIG 8 in 1 Hydrǒgen Oxygen Facial Machine Review

This FOXPIG 8 in 1 Hydrǒgen Oxygen Facial Machine is a multifunctional vacuum face cleaning equipment designed for home use. It operates on a spǎ 110V power supply.

This machine offers 8 different beauty functions in one compact device. It can add moisture to the skin, making it more supple, and deeply improve the complexion, skin laxity, pigmentation, and other skin concerns. Using this machine is equivalent to having 8 hydrating masks in one session. One of the key advantages of this product is that it eliminates any risk of cross-contamination or discomfort. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, making it ideal for use in beauty salons as well.

The oxygen facial machine works by cleaning the skin under a fast working state, vibrating at 280,000 times per minute. This deep cleansing action removes dirt and impurities from the pores, ensuring a clean and healthy complexion. Additionally, it provides enough moisture to the skin’s stratum corneum cells, keeping the pores clean and hydrated.

The product efficacy is further enhanced by the creation of hydrogen and oxygen water from purified water. This water quickly penetrates the skin, delivering a deep cleanse while increasing metabolism and improving the absorption of creams and other skincare products.


  • Impressive suction power
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Facial cleansing and peeling
  • LED light


  • Expensive
  • Requires professional knowledge to operate


3. Mhogz 8 in 1 Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine Review

Mhogz Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine is an 8-in-1 multifunctional face cleaning device that helps restore hydration and rejuvenate your skin. It is a comfortable, safe, and effective tool for your skincare routine.

Equipped with a control screen, you have the flexibility to adjust the control intensity and time according to your preference. This machine utilizes purified water to generate hydrogen-oxygen water and produce small molecules that penetrate the skin, resulting in a deep cleanse and improved absorption of facial creams.

The massage head of our machine works at a rapid speed of 280,000 times per minute to clean the skin while providing ample moisture. With just 20 minutes of usage, you can experience the same results as a professional beauty salon treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Not only is this machine suitable for personal use, but it is also designed to cater to the needs of beauty salons. Its professional design ensures it meets the high standards of a salon setting.


  • Seven treatment modes
  • Removes imperfections, skin cutin, wrinkles, dark circles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin.
  • Gives you a youthful look, all thanks to the H20 molecules that this machine produces


  • This machine is a bit sensitive. Don’t treat it carelessly because if you do, one of its parts may stop working.


4. Water Diamond Skin Peeling Machine Review

If you are looking for a HydraFacial machine that accompanies a variety of water supplement products for effectively cleaning the face, then the Water Diamond skin peeling machine is what you need. This device is quite impressive when it comes to giving results quickly.

This machine purifies, soothes, and extracts; consequently, transforming the skin by reversing the effects of dullness, decongestion, aging, and uneven tone.

By using spa-grade technology, this machine exfoliates, cleanses skin, and improves radiance. The combination of the diamond-encrusted exfoliating tip with strong vacuum suctioning and a 180-degree swivel head means this machine is highly productive.

If we talk about the negatives, this machine is pricey, and some people found its suction a bit aggressive for the skin as it is very powerful.


  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • Fast results
  • Highly effective against sun damage and oily dehydrated skin
  • Spa-grade technology
  • Diamond-encrusted exfoliating tip


  • Pricey
  • Some customers found the suction a bit aggressive


5. MEBUCN 6-in-1 Multifunction Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine Review

The MEBUCN 6-in-1 Multifunction Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine is a versatile and effective solution designed for both salon and home use. This multi-functional beauty machine brings together various facial care functions into a single device, encompassing deep cleansing, moisture replenishment, and blackhead removal, making it a comprehensive tool to address a range of facial concerns such as dryness and clogged pores.

With its six distinct facial care tools – including the Facial care probe, Flat Massage probe, Hot and cold hammer, Skin scrubber, Micro-current probe, and Oxygen sprayer – this machine accommodates clients of all skin types, even sensitive skin, extending its benefits to a diverse range of users.

Utilizing vacuum negative pressure technology, the small bubble method combines pure water and nutrient solution to treat the skin directly, offering the equivalent of eight hydrating masks in a single use. The machine’s Skin Scrubber, operating at a remarkable speed of 280,000 times per second, effectively breaks down pore-clogging dirt and debris, leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed and blemish-free.

Alongside its advanced features, the Beauty Machine comes with a one-year warranty and a three-month return period, ensuring customer satisfaction. If any parts experience damage within the warranty period, replacements are provided free of charge.


  • Versatile Functionality
  • Inclusive Design
  • Efficient Treatment
  • Effective Cleansing
  • Warranty and Support


  • Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain optimal performance.


6. Vevlom 7in1 Hydrafacial Machine Review

The Vevlom 7in1 Hydrafacial Machine is a facial care device suitable for both the human body and neck, ensuring high efficiency. With its seven-in-one functionality, this machine offers a variety of skincare benefits.

The Hydrafacial Machine moisturizes the skin, leaving it softer and also works to tighten the chin line, reduce eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines. It aims to deeply improve skin tone, promote skin relaxation, and address pigmentation concerns, among other effects.

One of the notable features of this machine is its efficiency, as a single use is said to be equivalent to the benefits of using eight moisturizing masks. It is designed to be gentle, free of pollution, and causes no discomfort, making it suitable for all skin types. It can be used in beauty salons, spas, or even in personal skincare routines.

The Hydrafacial Machine employs advanced technology to convert pure water, allowing it to penetrate the skin quickly and achieve a deep cleaning effect. The result is a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

Whether you seek thorough skincare or a relaxing treatment, the Vevlom 7in1 Hydrafacial Machine offers a versatile solution to meet various skincare needs.


  • Suitable for both the human body and neck, ensuring high efficiency.
  • Seven-in-one functionality, offering a variety of skincare benefits.
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes it softer.
  • Tightens the chin line, reduces eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.
  • Improves skin tone, relaxation, and addresses pigmentation concerns.
  • Efficient; one use is equivalent to 8 moisturizing masks.
  • Gentle, pollution-free, and suitable for all skin types.
  • Advanced technology enables deep skin cleaning for a refreshed complexion.


  • Effectiveness may vary depending on individual skin type and conditions.


7. SUERBEATY Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine Review

SUERBEATY Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine is a multifunctional device designed for both salon and home use. It offers a comprehensive and revitalizing skincare experience, targeting issues such as enlarged pores, excess oil, dryness, fine lines, blackheads, and more.

Dry facial skin can cause fine lines and loss of elasticity, but with this beauty facial care machine, you can give your skin a water SPA. By replenishing the moisture level of your facial skin, promoting nutrient absorption, and providing hydration, your skin will become more radiant and rejuvenated.

Fine lines and sagging skin are common signs of aging, but our facial care machine can help you combat these issues. It can help achieve a “V” face, restore skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, making you look younger and more vibrant.

Makeup can often cause clogged pores, excessive oil secretion, blackheads, and blemishes. This beauty Facial Care Machine features a Hydro Probe with a deep cleansing function, which can penetrate into the pores and use powerful suction to remove impurities, blackheads, and excess oil. This will keep your skin clean and refreshed for a longer period of time.


  • Multifunctional; performs all facial cleansing functions
  • Intense exfoliation and rejuvenation
  • Efficient water oxygen jet peel
  • Easily portable


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin


8. HERNOOR Mechanical Pump Hydrogen Oxygen Small Bubble Facial Machine Review

The HERNOOR Mechanical Pump Hydrogen Oxygen Small Bubble Facial Comprehensive Management Instrument is a versatile solution designed for efficient skincare, catering to both body and neck areas. With its versatile application, it ensures high efficiency in addressing various skin concerns. This instrument offers an efficient hydration process, providing the benefits equivalent to using 8 moisturizing masks in a single use. Notably, the hydrogen facial care machine guarantees a pollution-free and comfortable experience suitable for all skin types, beauty salons, and spas.

Featuring seven-in-one functionality, this facial care machine proves to be a comprehensive solution for a range of skin needs. It effectively moisturizes the skin, enhances its texture and softness, tightens the chin line, and addresses concerns such as eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines. Furthermore, its capabilities extend to improving overall skin tone, promoting relaxation, and addressing pigmentation issues, among others.

The machine utilizes advanced technology to achieve deep cleansing results. By converting pure water into a cleansing solution, it facilitates rapid and effective penetration into the skin, ensuring thorough cleansing effects. This promotes the removal of impurities and contributes to the overall improvement of skin health.


  • Designed for both body and neck areas
  • Provides hydration equivalent to using 8 moisturizing masks in a single use.
  • suitable for all skin types, beauty salons, and spas.
  • Seven-in-one capabilities address various skin concerns, from moisturizing to fine lines.
  • deep cleansing effects
  • Replacement parts or new device offered within 180 days


  • Regular maintenance is needed for long-term performance.


9. BRÜUN Hydrogen-Oxygen Facial Machine Review

The BRÜUN Hydrogen-Oxygen Facial Machine is a cutting-edge skincare device that utilizes advanced technology to transform purified water into hydrogen and oxygen water. This specialized water can rapidly penetrate the skin, providing deep cleansing and improving blood circulation.

This multifunctional device offers a range of benefits for your skin. It moisturizes to promote smoothness, tightens the chin line, and reduces under-eye puffiness and lines. It also enhances skin color and relaxation, resulting in a youthful and radiant complexion.

Not only does this device deliver exceptional results, but it also saves you time and money. The entire process can be completed in under 15 minutes, eliminating the need for additional facial treatments. You’ll achieve clear and refreshed skin with just one session.

Using this device is effortless. It doesn’t require any complicated setup; simply adjust the time, function mode, and energy intensity to suit your preferences. You can easily control all the device’s features and settings, including time and intensity, with a simple touch on the smart screen.

Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast looking to improve your at-home routine or a beauty salon professional, the BRÜUN Hydrogen-Oxygen Facial Machine is a must-have tool for achieving optimal skin moisturization and rejuvenation.


  • Amazing deep cleansing results
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation
  • Professional-grade design


  • Users might need time to understand and utilize all functions effectively.


10. Generic Small Bubble Facial Machine Review

Our Small Bubble Facial Machine is the perfect addition to your home or spa. With its advanced technology, it can deliver better results compared to other machines on the market.

This multifunctional equipment offers a range of benefits, including firming, lifting, and tightening of the skin. No matter what issues you’re facing, our machine’s 6 handles are designed to solve a variety of problems.

Using our machine regularly will help improve the overall condition of your face, leaving it looking healthier and more radiant.

Operating this machine is easy thanks to its user-friendly touch screen interface. Rest assured, it has undergone rigorous safety tests and is designed to provide high efficiency during treatments.


  • Small size; convenient to store and carry
  • Multifunction; suitable for multiple facial treatments
  • 6 bubble handles; suitable for both small hands and large hands
  • LED digital display; convenient for operation


  • Not suitable for professional use

11. MSOTLIYR 7 in 1 Hydrafacial Machine Review

The 7 in 1 Hydrafacial Machine is the ultimate solution for all your skincare needs. With six different handles that offer various functions, this hydrafacial machine is perfect for professional spas or even for use at home.
The machine is designed to tackle multiple skin concerns, making it a versatile and efficient tool for achieving healthier and younger-looking skin. Whether you’re dealing with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, or dullness, this machine has got you covered.

The hydrafacial machine utilizes a combination of different treatments, including hydrodermabrasion, oxygen therapy, and skin rejuvenation. These treatments work together to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

The six handles offer different functions, such as diamond dermabrasion, microcurrent, and cold hammer therapy. With these various options, you can personalize your skincare routine and target specific concerns that you may have.

Not only is this machine effective, but it is also easy to use. The user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, even for those who are new to using skincare devices. Its compact size also makes it convenient for transport and storage.


  • Greatly affordable, especially considering the price and specs
  • Soothing spa experience
  • Greatly versatile; suitable for all skin types
  • Convenient, portable design


  • Might be too large and cumbersome for some users



What Is The Best HydraFacial Machine At Home?

All the HydraFacial machines that we reviewed can be used for both purposes, professional and home. Although, if you are looking for a HydraFacial for home use, then choose the one which is portable and budget-friendly.

The reason we said portable is because you won’t face any difficulty while carrying your machine from your home to your friend or relative’s home. Heavy HydraFacial machines are recommended for clinics as there won’t be any need of lifting the heavy machine to take it somewhere else.

Now, the reason we said budget-friendly is because you don’t need a machine for clients. You need it for yourself. Thing is, if you are running a clinic, then you’ll try your best to buy the expensive HydraFacial machine that comes with a variety of features, and if it offers more features, obviously clients will come to you.

For home, a budget-friendly normal HydraFacial machine can be the best option. One thing should be noted that an expensive HydraFacial machine may not always be superior to a budget-friendly machine. Irrespective of the costs, all ten HydraFacial machines that we reviewed are outstanding in their ways.

What is HydraFacial?

Hydrafacial is a very famous facial treatment that helps in cleaning out pores from the face, also, it hydrates your skin. HydraFacial changes dull skin into glowing skin.

According to Dr. Ariel Ostad (board-certified cosmetic dermatologist), this facial treatment is the only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that cleanses, extracts and hydrates by using patented technology.

Let’s discuss three steps of HydraFacial:

Cleanse and Peel

This step exfoliates the skin. You can also call this step a resurfacing step. In case you don’t know, the removal of dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin is called exfoliation.

Extract and Hydrate

In this step, you get rid of debris from pores with painless suction. After this step, your skin gets brighter.

Fuse and Protect

This final step is about saturating the surface of the skin with antioxidants and peptides to maximize the glow.

What Is A HydraFacial Machine?

The machine that performs HydraFacial is called a HydraFacial machine. There are various types of HydraFacial machines, some are small and portable, some are heavy, some have LED technology, etc. The 10 best of those Hydra Facial machines are the ones we are going to discuss.

What a HydraFacial Machine Can Do for Your Face?

A hydra facial machine can help improve the appearance of your skin in many ways. It can exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove excess oil. It can also help stimulate collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, a hydra facial machine can help to even out your skin tone and give your skin a healthy glow.

If you are considering getting a hydra facial machine, it is important to consult with a dermatologist or other skincare professional to ensure that it is the right treatment for your specific skin type. Hydra facials can be performed every four to six weeks, and most people see noticeable results after just one treatment. However, if you have very sensitive skin, your dermatologist may recommend a different treatment schedule.

Hydra facials are relatively safe and side effects are rare. However, as with any facial treatment, there is a small risk of infection. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions from your dermatologist or skincare professional to reduce the risk of infection and maximize the results of your hydra facial.

How To Use HydraFacial Machine?

After getting yourself a HydraFacial machine, you most definitely want to know how to install and use it. Different types of HydraFacial machines come with different working procedures. Although, there is a slight difference in the working procedures of HydraFacial machines as all of them have similar pieces and that is why if you know how to use one machine, then you won’t face any serious problems in handling any type of HydraFacial machine.

Anyways, since many people are demanding the guideline for using HydrFacial machine, we will explain.

  • Take out the accessories and device
  • The main machine is connected with a hydro dermabrasion handpiece
  • Inside the accessories bag, you’ll see a rubber ring and hydro tips. Before replacing any faulty rubber ring, detach the tip
  • Attach hydro tip with handpiece
  • If there is any faulty fuse, replace it with one of the spare fuses by opening the fuse cover with a screwdriver
  • Start installing screws. Make sure the handle holder is in the correct position, and then, rotate the screws into the machine
  • Attach the cold hammer handle with the device
  • Attach RF handle with the device
  • Attach the BIO microcurrent handle with the device
  • Attach the hydro spray handle with the device. Attach the hydro bottle with the handle and tighten the screw. Attach hydro spray and the other end of the handle with each other and tighten the screw
  • Put the handles onto the candle holder
  • Make sure everything is properly installed
  • Fill up the bottles with the solution
  • Turn on the machine by clicking the power button
  • Once you have turned on the device, hydro dermabrasion will be the default interface
  • Set the work time between 0-60 minutes. 10 minutes are advised
  • Click to start
  • During the treatment, the solution will transfer into your skin and then will go to the waste bottle as wastewater. The device will automatically stop once the waste bottle gets filled up. Empty the waste bottle.
  • Adjust the suction level by twisting the hydro dermabrasion knob.
  • Once the treatment is done, empty the waste bottle by turning on the red valve
  • After each treatment, remember to fill up each clean water bottle with normal saline. Turn the device on so saline can circulate and clean the device

How To Clean HydraFacial Machine?

  • Firstly, put on a pair of gloves
  • Sanitize your machine. Spray chlorhexidine on a microfiber cloth. You can also use any other chloric acid solution
  • Cleanse the screen. Make sure you cleaned every part of the machine’s screen that you might have touched in previous treatment
  • Cleanse the handpiece. Decently cleanse it since it gets touched the most. Also, clean the tubes attached to it
  • Cleanse the flip switches
  • Cleanse the tool holder
  • Cleanse the LED lights
  • Cleanse the adapter
  • Once you have cleaned every piece, throw the microfiber cloth in the dustbin.
  • After each treatment, remember to fill up each clean water bottle with normal saline. Turn the device on so saline can circulate and clean the device

Does The HydraFacial Machine Really Work?

Yes, it works effectively and gives very bright results. It works quite efficiently to eliminate wrinkles, acne spots, blemishes, dark circles, etc. within 30 minutes. The way the HydraFacial machine clears the skin is something that can’t be done manually.

The working procedure of a HydraFacial machine involves three steps- cleanse + peel, extract + hydrate, and fuse + protect. We have discussed all these three steps in the starting section of the article.

Is HydraFacial Machine Good for The Face?

Yes, absolutely! Many face treatments cause pain in the face, but such is not the case with HydraFacial machines. Many HydraFacial machines do the therapy without causing any pain at all. People around the world have said that they felt so relaxed during therapy with a HydraFacial machine.

The best thing is that majority of the HydraFacial machines can be applied to any type of skin, including sensitive skin as well. The treatments of HydraFacial machines improve the overall skin texture and appearance.

Some HydraFacial machines are so good for the face because they inject oxygen and other nutrients into it. These machines increase the blood circulation of the face.

The importance of the HydraFacial machine for your face can be guessed from the fact that many celebrities around the world go for HydraFacial machine treatments.

After treatment with the HydraFacial machine, your face would feel very refreshed.

Per Month, How Many Times You Should Get A HydraFacial Machine Treatment?

The best would be two treatments per month. However, if your skin is good enough that it can handle more than two treatments per month, then go for it.

Final Words

Over the years, HydraFacial machines have gained significant importance around the world. Everyone wants to have a piece of HydraFacial machine treatments. Since HydraFacial machine treatments have been getting popular, we decided to review the best HydraFacial machines in the market.

After seeing the 10 best HydraFacial machine reviews, you must have an idea of which machine would be suitable for you. Almost, all the HydraFacial machines that we reviewed have so many features in common with each other, and thus, whatever machine you choose, it will be alright.

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