10 Best Professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews 2022

Are you looking for the honest best professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews? If yes, then you are reading the right post.

After doing research, we have identified the 10 best HydraFacial machines. We will review these machines so that you can be sure which HydraFacial machine is the right one for you. Before jumping to reviews, let’s understand what the HydraFacial thing is and how the HydraFacial machine can be beneficial for your face.

What is HydraFacial?

Hydrafacial is a very famous facial treatment that helps in cleaning out pores from the face, also, it hydrates your skin. HydraFacial changes the dull skin into glowing skin.

According to Dr. Ariel Ostad (board-certified cosmetic dermatologist), this facial treatment is the only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that cleanses, extract and hydrate by using patented technology.

Let’s discuss three steps of HydraFacial:

Cleanse and Peel

This step exfoliates the skin. You can also call this step a resurfacing step. In case you don’t know, the removal of dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin is called exfoliation.

Extract and Hydrate

In this step, you get rid of debris from pores with painless suction. After this step, your skin gets brighter.

Fuse and Protect

This final step is about saturating the surface of the skin with antioxidants and peptides to maximize the glow.

Hydrafacial is such a popular facial treatment that it is performed somewhere in the world after every 15 seconds. As we know, HydraFacial targets common skin problems, such as signs of aging, dryness, etc. it has become a go-to treatment of many big-shot celebrities around the world.

What Is A HydraFacial Machine?

The machine that performs HydraFacial is called a HydraFacial machine. There are various types of HydraFacial machines, some are small and portable, some are heavy, some have LED technology, etc. The 10 best of those Hydra Facial machines are the ones we are going to discuss.

What a HydraFacial Machine Can Do for Your Face?

As we have explained the importance of HydraFacial, a HydraFacial machine can produce fruitful results for your face. The way a HydraFacial machine exfoliates the face is something we can’t do it manually, also, it hydrates it simultaneously; consequently, you get a very clear and glowing face.

The treatment done by the HydraFacial machine may last for 1-2 weeks.

10 Best Professional HydraFacial Machine Reviews

1. Hydraskincare LED Light Photon Therapy Machine Review

If you are among the list of those people who are searching for a light therapy device that can handsomely treat dark spots, acne, and wrinkles, then this Hydraskincare photon therapy machine is what you need. This HydraFacial machine has all the potential of doing many of those things that other far expensive therapy machines can do.

One of the best things about this HydraFacial machine is that its infrared will always remain on, irrespective of whichever color light you choose to use. This device has three colors, and they are blue, red, and yellow. The fascinating fact is that this device allows you to turn on all three lights at the same time.

The machine comes with goggles and an adjustable stand. The blacked-out goggle lenses are of excellent quality. You can use this machine on your face, arm, chest, stomach, and legs. One of the buyers wasn’t satisfied with its remote.


  • One of the best machines for acne problems
  • Budget-friendly
  • Being a machine with amazing features, its price sure is low
  • Infrared benefit
  • Hardly takes effort in putting it together
  • You can turn on blue, red and yellow at the same time


  • One of the customers had issues with its remote.


2.  Yoma Multifunctional HydraFacial Machine Review

If you want to make your skin translucent and elastic, then you have to try JJ. Yoma multifunctional facial machine. This HydraFacial machine produces H2O molecules on the skin so that they can penetrate the dermis, giving you a youthful look. The machine work against whiteheads and blackheads like a pro.

This 7-in-1 hydrogen-oxygen facial machine’s head massage helps in shrinking the pores and brightening the skin color. The touch screen operation panel is very easy to use. This machine works on all types of skin, including sensitive skin as well. One thing you should remember that before opening the mask, the ice hammer function should be turned off as both of them can’t be used at the same time.

Once you have done the treatment with JJ. Yoma machine, your skin feels so refreshed.


  • Seven treatment modes
  • Removes imperfections, skin cutin, wrinkles, dark circles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin.
  • Gives you a youthful look, all thanks to the H20 molecules that this machine produces


  • This machine is a bit sensitive. Don’t treat it carelessly because if you do, one of its parts may stop working.


3. Water Diamond Skin Peeling Machine Review

If you are looking for a HydraFacial machine that accompanies a variety of water supplement products for effectively cleaning the face, then the Water Diamond skin peeling machine is what you need. This device is quite impressive when it comes to giving results quickly.

This machine purifies, soothes, and extracts; consequently, transforming the skin by reversing the effects of dullness, decongestion, aging, and uneven tone.

By using spa-grade technology, this machine exfoliates, cleanses the skin, and improves radiance. The combination of the diamond-encrusted exfoliating tip with strong vacuum suctioning and a 180-degree swivel head means this machine is highly productive.

If we talk about the negatives, this machine is pricey, and some people found its suction a bit aggressive for the skin as it is very powerful.


  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • Fast results
  • Highly effective against sun damage and oily dehydrated skin
  • Spa-grade technology
  • Diamond-encrusted exfoliating tip


  • Pricey
  • Some customers found the suction a bit aggressive


4. HDLWIS Hydrogen Oxygen Jet Peel Machine Review

This 6-in-1 functional design anti-aging machine does the treatment without even the slightest of pain. This HydraFacial machine comes with a convenient control screen that makes it easy for you to control strength, time, and mode.

The machine does wonders related to many skin concerns, but it is highly effective against eliminating wrinkles, and that is why if you are going through a wrinkle problem, the HDLWIS hydrogen-oxygen jet peel machine is what you need.

Just like JJ. Yoma Multifunctional Facial Machine, this machine produces H2O molecules on the skin so that they can penetrate the dermis, giving you a youthful look.

Since the face roller has a micro-current function, it increases elasticity, makes blood circulation effective, fades wrinkles; consequently helping in giving your face the most beautiful V shape.


  • Seven treatment modes
  • Gives you a youthful look, all thanks to the H20 molecules that this machine produces
  • Gives you a beautiful V-shaped face


  • Machine is heavy


5. Elitzia ETQY1104 6 In 1 Hydrogen and Oxygen Machine Review

Just like Hydraskincare LED Light Photon Therapy Machine, Elitzia ETQY1104 is highly recommended for acne problems. Having advanced skincare technology, this hydrating dermabrasion machine provides results that are beyond outstanding.

This machine is specifically designed not just for acne problems but also for a glowing complexion. If you are going through elastosis, then pick this machine as it handsomely increases skin elasticity.

Additionally, it eliminates sebum, blackheads, cysticercosis, and keratin. The screen of this HydraFacial machine has two options of language, Chinese and English. The negative we noticed is that compared to its price, the machine doesn’t have that many features. However, the features which this machine has can do wonders.


  • One of the best machines for acne problems
  • Advanced skincare technology
  • Highly recommended if you are going through elastosis
  • Removes aging factors from face


  • Since it is not budget-friendly, there should have been few more features


6. MQSS 6 In 1 Dermabrasion Machine Review

Having advanced technology, this 6-in-1 machine produces H2 molecules that get absorbed by the skin; consequently, giving you a whitening look. The machine comes with six types of heads, and each head has a different function.

This dermabrasion can handsomely reduce dark yellowness or redness from the face, which means it puts a very balanced color on your face.

Just like the other HydraFacial machines we have discussed, this HydraFacial machine also has powerful exfoliation, thus, it is also very effective when it comes to reducing wrinkles and acne spots from the face. This HydraFacial machine is suitable for all skin types, but if you have dry skin, then this machine is best for you.

Since the machine clears pores, leaving skin softer and smoother, we can say for sure that this machine’s performance is of high grade. We haven’t found any negative things in this machine, however, this doesn’t mean that this is the best machine we have reviewed out of all. It can be superior or inferior to them, it all depends upon what type of machine is your style.


  • H2 molecules give you a whitening look
  • Six types of head, each with a different function
  • Reduces yellowness and redness effectively
  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Say goodbye to wrinkles and acne spots


  • None


7. FAZJEUNE Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine Review

This is a beauty machine that uses hydrogen and oxygen to deliver targeted treatments for healthy skin. It uses water for the hydrogen and carbon dioxide that’s extracted from the air around us, or purchased in cylinders.

One of the benefits is that it can be used for 10 hours a day. The machine has an adjustable intensity setting, with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

When set at one, it helps to relieve skin concerns such as acne and redness. At three or four, it helps to fight aging and revitalize the skin. At five, it can be used to improve skin elasticity. It also helps to keep the skin refreshed and hydrated. There’s no need for creams or lotions, when you can just get the treatment from this machine.


  •  It can be used for 10 hours a day.
  • The adjustable intensity setting with one being the lowest and five being the highest.
  • It’s an affordable way to help with skin concerns.


  • The water used can be expensive to purchase. There are other machines on the market that have the same benefits, but cost less.


8. Zemits Hydroluxx Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine Review

The Zemits Hydrodermabrasion Machine is a safe and effective system designed to exfoliate dead skin cells on all areas of the body while being able to treat specific areas of concern. The machine comes with three interchangeable attachments that are available for purchase in various sizes, allowing it to be used on different areas or for different concerns.

The attachments use a diamond tip to provide the necessary exfoliation for skin care, deep cleansing and rejuvenation. It is especially effective around the eyes and around stretch marks because of its ability to penetrate these areas.

The Hydroluxx also comes with a stand that holds all three implements, a large glass bowl that can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid and is dishwasher safe, a 5-ounce liquid measure cup and an instruction manual.


  • Very easy to use and safe to operate.
  • Can be used for a variety of skin care concerns such as acne, fine lines, deep cleansing, exfoliation, skin polishing and skin care for stretch marks.
  • Can be used on face, neck, chest and hands.
  • Has a high customer satisfaction rate, with many people reporting it to be an excellent exfoliating machine.


  • Due to the high speed of the machine it can be difficult to negotiate around certain areas such as the eyes.
  • This machine costs about $2000 as opposed to other options on the market that can be as low as $30.


9. WRQ 7 in 1 Hydro Oxygen Acne Removal Machine Review

In our list of 10 best Hydrafacial machines, we have WRQ 7 in 1 Hydro Oxygen Acne Removal Machine at number 9. WRQ 7 in 1 Hydro Oxygen Acne Removal Machine is considered one of the best machines for replenishing the skin’s moisture content and cleaning pores of dirt and sebum. Besides that, just like Hydraskincare LED Light Photon Therapy Machine and Elitzia ETQY1104 6 In 1 Hydrogen and Oxygen Machine, this machine with seven treatment modes is highly recommended if you are going through acne problems.

One of the best things about this HydraFacial machine is its cool massage head. The massage head effectively shrinks the pores and makes our skin glow as you imagined. The machine comes with anti-aging benefits.

Just like JOPOHA 8 in 1 Dermabrasion Skin Machine, the sprayer of this HydraFacial machine injects oxygen and other nutrients deeply into the skin to strengthen the respiratory function of the skin and make it white. Overall, this machine plays a great role in making your skin young while being unpainful.


  • Seven treatment modes
  • One of the best machines for replenishing the skin’s moisture content and cleaning pores of dirt and sebum
  • One of the best machines for acne problems
  • Portable
  • Cool massage head


  • Suction isn’t that impressive


10. Brrnoo Oxygen Injection Facial Beauty Machine Review

Oxygen is very beneficial for skin as it increases blood circulation of the face and reduces acne; consequently, making your skin look bright. Oxygen therapy is considered the go-to therapy of many celebrities around the world. If you want high-quality oxygen therapy treatment, then this oxygen specialist machine has got you covered. This portable and budget-friendly HydraFacial machine provides outstanding oxygen therapy treatments.

This HydraFacial machine makes sure oxygen goes deep inside your skin to rejuvenate dull skin. After the oxygen treatment is done by this machine, you’ll feel so refreshed. There are many other oxygen facial machines but the thing that separates this machine from others is the fact that it makes sure skin absorbs oxygen and other nutrients easily.

So if you are upset with your aged and dull skin, get this machine to bring a new life into your skin.


  • One of the best HydraFacial machines for oxygen therapy
  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rejuvenates a dull skin
  • Does oxygen therapy faster than many other similar machines


  • Not that many features


What Is The Best HydraFacial Machine At Home?

All the HydraFacial machines that we reviewed can be used for both purposes, professional and home. Although, if you are looking for a HydraFacial for home use, then choose the one which is portable and budget-friendly.

The reason we said portable is because you won’t face any difficulty while carrying your machine from your home to your friend or relative’s home. Heavy HydraFacial machines are recommended for clinics as there won’t be any need of lifting the heavy machine to take it somewhere else.

Now, the reason we said budget-friendly is because you don’t need a machine for clients. You need it for yourself. Thing is, if you are running a clinic, then you’ll try best to buy the expensive HydraFacial machine that comes with a variety of features, and if it offers more features, obviously clients will come to you.

For home, a budget-friendly normal HydraFacial machine can be the best option. One thing should be noted that an expensive HydraFacial machine may not always be superior to a budget-friendly machine. Irrespective of the costs, all ten HydraFacial machines that we reviewed are outstanding in their ways.

How To Use HydraFacial Machine?

After getting yourself a HydraFacial machine, you most definitely want to know how to install and use it. Different types of HydraFacial machines come with different working procedures. Although, there is a slight difference in the working procedures of HydraFacial machines as all of them have similar pieces and that is why if you know how to use one machine, then you won’t face any serious problem in handling any type of HydraFacial machine.

Anyways, since many people are demanding the guideline for using HydrFacial machine, we will explain.

  • Take out the accessories and device
  • The main machine is connected with a hydro dermabrasion handpiece
  • Inside the accessories bag, you’ll see a rubber ring and hydro tips. Before replacing any faulty rubber ring, detach the tip
  • Attach hydro tip with handpiece
  • If there is any faulty fuse, replace it with one of the spare fuses by opening the fuse cover with a screwdriver
  • Start installing screws. Make sure the handle holder is in the correct position, and then, rotate the screws into the machine
  • Attach cold hammer handle with the device
  • Attach RF handle with the device
  • Attach BIO microcurrent handle with the device
  • Attach the hydro spray handle with the device. Attach the hydro bottle with the handle and tighten the screw. Attach hydro spray and the other end of the handle with each other and tighten the screw
  • Put the handles onto the candle holder
  • Make sure everything is properly installed
  • Fill up the bottles with the solution
  • Turn on the machine by clicking the power button
  • Once you have turned on the device, hydro dermabrasion will be the default interface
  • Set the work time between 0-60 minutes. 10 minutes are advised
  • Click to start
  • During the treatment, the solution will transfer into your skin and then will go to the waste bottle as wastewater. The device will automatically stop once the waste bottle gets filled up. Empty the waste bottle.
  • Adjust the suction level by twisting the hydro dermabrasion knob.
  • Once the treatment is done, empty the waste bottle by turning on the red valve
  • After each treatment, remember to fill up each clean water bottle with normal saline. Turn the device on so saline can circulate and clean the device

How To Clean HydraFacial Machine?

  • Firstly, put on a pair of gloves
  • Sanitize your machine. Spray chlorhexidine on a microfiber cloth. You can also use any other chloric acid solution
  • Cleanse the screen. Make sure you cleaned every part of the machine’s screen that you might have touched in previous treatment
  • Cleanse the handpiece. Decently cleanse it since it gets touched the most. Also, clean the tubes attached to it
  • Cleanse the flip switches
  • Cleanse the tool holder
  • Cleanse the LED lights
  • Cleanse the adapter
  • Once you have cleaned every piece, throw the microfiber cloth in the dustbin.
  • After each treatment, remember to fill up each clean water bottle with normal saline. Turn the device on so saline can circulate and clean the device

Does The HydraFacial Machine Really Work?

Yes, it works effectively and gives very bright results. It works quite efficiently to eliminate wrinkles, acne spots, blemishes, dark circles, etc. within 30 minutes. The way the HydraFacial machine clears the skin is something that can’t be done manually.

The working procedure of a HydraFacial machine involves three steps- cleanse + peel, extract + hydrate, and fuse + protect. We have discussed all these three steps in the starting section of the article.

Is HydraFacial Machine Good for The Face?

Yes, absolutely! Many face treatments cause pain on the face, but such is not the case with HydraFacial machines. Many HydraFacial machines do the therapy without causing any pain at all. People around the world have said that they felt so relaxed during therapy with a HydraFacial machine.

The best thing is that majority of the HydraFacial machines can be applied to any type of skin, including sensitive skin as well. The treatments of HydraFacial machines improve the overall skin texture and appearance.

Some HydraFacial machines are so good for the face because they inject oxygen and other nutrients into it. These machines increase the blood circulation of the face.

The importance of HydraFacial machine for your face can be guessed from the fact that many celebrities around the world go for HydraFacial machine treatments.

After treatment with HydraFacial machine, your face would feel very refreshed.

Per Month, How Many Times You Should Get A HydraFacial Machine Treatment?

The best would be two treatments per month. However, if your skin is good enough that it can handle more than two treatments per month, then go for it.

Final Words

Over the number of years, HydraFacial machines have gained significant importance around the world. Everyone wants to have a piece of HydraFacial machine treatments. Since HydraFacial machine treatments have been getting popular, we decided to review the best HydraFacial machines in the market.

After seeing the 10 best HydraFacial machine reviews, you must have an idea of which machine would be suitable for you. Almost, all the HydraFacial machines that we reviewed have so many features in common with each other, and thus, whatever machine you choose, it will be alright.

However, care should be taken that you pick that machine which suits your condition the best. For example, if you are going through acne problems, then Hydraskincare LED Light Photon Therapy Machine, Elitzia ETQY1104 6 In 1 Hydrogen and Oxygen Machine or JYY LDTXH 7 in 1 Acne Removal Machine can be the best choice for you. Similarly, for wrinkle problems, JOPOHA 8 in 1 Dermabrasion Skin Machine is the best choice and so on.

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