FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Reviews-The Magical Face Cleansing Brush

FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Reviews are our intention to explore features and user experience for future users. This T-Sonic™ featured device marking a new outlook for ultra-hygienic skincare by its unique facial-cleansing attributes, productively combining pulsations which helps in cleansing the skin with a smooth silicone brush that leaves a gentle, satisfying feel on the face.

This complete waterproof Foreo Luna 2 with its smart compact design can last up to more than 5 months from a one-time full charge (that adds up to 300 uses until the next charge). LUNA mini 2 is designed to seamlessly integrate into any sort of routined skincare with a wide variety of five exciting colors, each customized for unique needs catering to all skin types (normal, oily, dry and combination).

Colors: Mint, Fuchsia, Midnight, Sunflower Yellow, Pearl Pink, and Aquamarine.

foreoluna mini 2 reviews

However, the Aquamarine color denotes to “Save The Seas” campaign, dedicated to the Sea Turtles with a Turquoise color representation. FOREO LUNA ™ mini 2’s complete net return proceedings would be given off to both, “Green Save” and “Save The Seas.” You can use this before all types of facials or all types of massage therapies on zero gravity massage chairs or on massage tables before using the massage gun. It works well with professional microdermabrasion machines or faces tightening machines or professional spray tan machines.

Best Selling Foreo Luna Mini

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Reviews

Each device has various silicon bristle (soft) touchpoints for refined, purified and clear skin via deep cleansing by more than eight thousand pulsations, lasting each minute. It aims to target uneven textures, pores, wrinkles, dullness, and visible fine lines, giving you a fresh ageless look.

Based on clinical trials, LUNA mini 2 claims to remove makeup residues and 99.5% of oil and dirt on the skin. It helps refine age-related acne and remove dead skin skills, all in just a minute or two of use daily. However, the results would be visible with regular use.

LUNA mini 2, offers dual characteristics: alongside a facial cleansing brush to eliminate impurities, enjoy a facial spa massager experience with its eight massage intensities (adjustable). The three-zoned optimized gadget is compatible with a type USB rechargeable along with its travel-friendly nature which allows you to carry it in your bag easily.

Its distinctive design is molded to reach all hard to reach areas with the parts, for example, all the oily areas in the T zone are cleared up via the back portion, while the area under the eyes and the sides of your nose are catered via the top bristle border. Subsequently, the front part is used to serve sensitive and normal skin.

This palm-sized Luna mini 2 is perfect for travel endeavors and costs only about $139. It can easily fit in your bag given its tiny size, that of a cotton ball. If you are hesitant to use any brushes in regards to irritating skin and dryness then FOREO’s LUNA mini 2 should be the ultimate choice moreover it is very low maintenance as it does not require a change of brush head, saving you extra added costs.

The Foreo LUNA Mini 2  Features

  • It has a second-generation brush head
  • A single brush for all skin types
  • 50% brush area coverage for more effective results
  • The soft body that gives comfort while on holding and in use.
  • 36% thicker silicone
  • 8 adjustable T-Sonic ™ pulsations
  • +/- buttons to adjust intensity settings
  • It is 100% Waterproof
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee and a limited 2-year warranty
  • It is 35 times more hygienic when compared to a regular nylon brush.
  • Longer touch-points (about 26%)
  • Improved reach to skin with a softer feel
  • Type USB rechargeable
  • 95 x 3.15 inches (75 x 80mm)
  • Portable skincare
  • Stylish with an amazing bristle feel
  • Built-in integrated timer (a 15-second pause of pulsations to redirect an area)
  • An end of cleansing signal with three succession pauses
  • An auto switch off mode after three minutes to prevent overuse
  • Smart cleansing

The LUNA Mini 2  Pros: 

  • Help reduce age-related acne
  • Prevents bacterial buildup
  • Reduces dark circles, blemishes, helps fight to age.
  • Unclogs pores refine skin, removes dead skin and impurities.
  • Does not require head replacement – saving money
  • 5 funky colors

The LUNA mini 2 cons:


How to charge your Foreo LUNA Mini 2?

Your LUNA Mini 2 comes with a rechargeable USB cable. A single charge for up to sixty minutes can last up to 5 months of use which means around 300 portable uses. As your devices charge an indicator will repeatedly be flashing and would give off a steady glow when the battery is fully charged. In case, the battery turns low, a repeated flash shall appear n the indicator again.

How to Use Foreo Luna Mini 2?

This video will describe best how it works:

A few frequently asked questions about Foreo Luna Mini 2

How is LUNA Mini 2 Different from LUNA Mini? 

The LUNA Mini 2 gives you a more enhanced and deeper cleansing experience. Its motor is twice as more powerful than that of LUNA mini with a greater brush surface. It’s touch-points are 26% longer with a silicone body which is 36% thicker than LUNA Mini.

The travel-friendly LUNA Mini 2 comes with five vibrant colors with eight adjustable speeds. It can also be used for 300 times before the next full charging. This deep facial cleansing device is built with a three zoned brush surface that is suitable for all skin types. While the LUNA 2 also provides an Anti-Aging feature apart from its facial cleansing feature.

The anti-aging mode uses pulsations at a lower frequency to reduce any viable aging signs. In contrast, it can only be used for 450 times as per full charge and come with 12 speeds. It is only restricted to four colors which are specially designed for your skin types.

Can I still use the LUNA mini 2 if I have any skin conditions like eczema or acne?

If you have any serious skin conditions then we would highly recommend you to first consult a dermatologist before using the gadget.

Can the LUNA™ mini 2 be used on a skin that has undergone any cosmetic procedures like Hyaluronic Acid treatments and Botox?

We would suggest you consult a skin care specialist or a physician before you use the device.

Is LUNA™ mini 2 an alternative to makeup removers?

Our suggestion would say to use this device once you have removed all the makeup from your skin for more effective results.

Can I clean LUNA mini 2? And how do I do it?

The brush surface of the device can be cleaned with basic water and soap. It can then be rinsed with clean water and pat dried by using a normal towel or a microfiber cloth. Another suggestion would be to use the FOREO’s cleaning spray to spray upon the device and then rinse it with lukewarm water to achieve maximum positive results. Leave the device for air drying afterward. 

Can I use any facial cleansers with the LUNA mini 2?

Yes, you can use them. The device is designed is compatible with almost any facial cleanser, although we would suggest avoiding using any grainy, silicone or clay-based cleansers as it can destroy the silicone touchpoints. Moreover, for maximum results, keep your LUNA™ mini 2  in an ideal condition.

Is it okay to use the LUNA mini 2 around the area of my eyes?

Yes, the LUNA™ mini 2 is specifically designed to resolve the puffiness around your eyes and significantly reduce dark circles and hence can easily be used under your eyes. We would suggest you glide the device under your eyes at a lower frequency, without the added pressure on the skin.

Is it okay to use the LUNA mini 2 with any cleansing oils?

Using cleaning oils with your LUNA mini 2 can result in a silicon surface damage. We DO NOT recommend the use of your FOREO device with any cleansing oils. What you can do it, at first, use cleansing oil to thoroughly cleanse your face and rinse well with warm water after which, you can utilize your LUNA™ mini 2 for a deep cleansing experience.

Does LUNA have a waterproof charging point?

The LUNA is a complete waterproofed device that can easily be used while taking a bath or in the shower.

How can I use my LUNA mini 2?

Before using the device, we would suggest you use FOREO’s day and night cleansers. To obtain optimal results dampen your face with warm water, rinse and use the device.

Once the device is wet, you can press hold the centrally located button which will turn on your LUNA™ mini 2 devices preset on an automatic high-intensity program. Now for the next one minute gently move the device in circular motions.

Final Words about the Foreo Luna Mini 2 Reviews

If you are always on the road or an occasional traveler then FOREO’s LUNA mini 2 should definitely be on the list. It is a remarkable product to maintain a consistent healthy skincare routine on a daily basis while you are home, road or on an adventure.

The Foreo LUNA mini 2 is a small, funky gadget that has great features with almost no disadvantages. It is certainly a worthwhile investment if you want to maintain a skin routine and subsequently is working to sponsor the Sea Turtles via (Save The Seas campaign).

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