Preparation of A Spray Tan: What to do before a spray tan?

Every summer, beauty concern people need a spray tan. The big question for them is what to do before a spray tan! In this post, we will help you to find this big question’s fruitful answer.

Sunny days and weekends you can spend on a beach are coming soon! Therefore, many of us want to get ready for wearing short skirts, sleeveless tops, dresses, or a bikini. This implies tanning sessions too. This seems like an easy way to get ready for the summer but the question is – do you do it the right way?

Many people approach artificial tanning without the necessary preparation. Consequently, their results are not always satisfactory. Despite the fact that most people entrust their tanning to a professional and visit beauty salons, mistakes still happen. Why? Lack of preparatory steps leads to poor tanning results.

 What to do before a spray tan

How Does Spray Tan Work?

You probably wonder how spray tanning works. It is important to know the principle behind it in order to prepare your skin before the procedure. Self-tanning sprays contain a sugar derivative of dihydroxyacetone that interacts with amino acids in the surface layer of the skin and gives it a tanned appearance. Dihydroxyacetone can be used individually or in combination with erythrulose.

Tanning spray is a great alternative to natural tanning and sunbathing, and is recommended by experts. However, they point out that it is extremely important to remember that this color does not protect you from harmful radiation and that you must protect yourself with sun-factor creams. The results can take anywhere from seven to 20 days, but it depends on your skin type. If you have completed step 1, i.e. decided on your perfect tanning method, let’s continue to step 2 preparation of your skin before a spray tan.

In this article, we will talk about the things you should do before tanning. In particular, we will focus on spray tanning with the most popular tanning solutions.

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What To Do Before A Spray Tan?

Step 1: Choosing the right tanning way for your skin

The first step is to select the tanning products that work best for you. Today, the choice is very rich. You can choose between tanning foams, tanning lotions, tanning bed lotions, wipes, and sprays.

It is important to keep in mind the varying durability of the product as some of these tanning solutions stay on the skin until the first shower and some last for several weeks, even months.

Wipes have the advantage if you are looking for a quick tan and convenience because we apply them with just one swipe or when we are in a hurry.

Creams and Indoor tan lotions are great if you have dry skin, while the foams are ideal for those with light-tone skin. If you have sensitive skin, choose the products that do not cause allergic reactions and always try the product on a small part of the skin before applying and wait for it to cause you a reaction.

Now, let’s talk about spray tanning. This is the most popular tanning option around the world. It is easy to use, requires simple preparation that guarantees the best results, and it lasts longer than wipes or creams.

Step 2: Peeling and cleaning your skin

The second step is to remove the dead cells from your skin. This process is important for the health and good looks of your skin regardless of spray tanning.

You should do a skin peeling once a week or even more often if you use certain oils that can close your pores. When it comes to spray tanning and peeling, you should do it 24 hours before your spray tanning session.

Whether you perform microdermabrasion with a diamond microdermabrasion kit or crystal head microdermabrasion kit is the most common method of skin peeling – exfoliation, it is important to get rid of old skin so that the self-tanning spray is equally effective everywhere on your body.

Also, don’t do your peeling immediately before your spray tanning session. As we have already said, experts recommend thoroughly cleaning your skin one day before the procedure using a good body wash for spray tan.

Step 3: Waxing

Here comes the step No. 3 – waxing. We know this is not your favorite step but trust us, it is necessary. The day before spraying is the best day to do your waxing. Why is this important?

It will help avoid ugly black dots on the skin as a consequence of your hair follicle locations and spray interaction. As a result, you will have equal results everywhere on your skin despite the hair follicles.

Experts say that the combination of waxing and exfoliation is the best package before spraying, but some argue on what should be done first.

Exfoliation before waxing can help prepare your skin and provide better waxing results, while exfoliation after waxing removes any dead skin cells that are left on your skin.

You can exfoliate before or after waxing. However, it is important not to skip exfoliation as it increases the permeability of the surface skin layer, making the skin more absorbent for tan spray color. 

Step 4: Showering

On the day of the spray tan session, you should avoid showering for five to eight hours before applying the spray. As we have already pointed out with exfoliating and peeling, you should not leave this for the last minute.

Do your peeling and waxing the day before, shower 8 hours before the spray tan application, and don’t wear lotions or makeup. This can only destroy the process of absorption of color. 

Step 5: Protect certain areas of your body

Of course, you don’t want the self-tanning spray to accumulate in some places. That’s why you should protect the area between the border of your nails and skin, your toes, elbows, and knees.

Putting petroleum jelly or lotion only in these places will create a protective layer that will prevent the spray from concentrating in these critical zones. 

Step 6: Opt for a moderate use

We all know that the effects of spray tanning are amazing. In a matter of hours, you get that perfectly tanned look that makes your skin appear healthy and radiant.

However, it is easy to get carried away and start doing your spray tanning sessions too often. This is a huge mistake for the long-term health and benefit of your skin.

Namely, tan sprays contain on average three to five percent of dihydroxyacetone. The surface layer absorbs them quickly, which is why only a small part enters the body.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a fake spray tan moderately.

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