Thai Massage Therapy At Home and Thailand Video Tutorial 2022

Are you A fan of Thai massage therapy? Maybe you were planning to visit Thailand?  Or do you just want to expand your knowledge in the world of massage?

In this text, you will find everything you are interested in, and until now you did not know about Thai massage and its variations. At the same time, you will learn something new about the beautiful culture and tradition of Thailand as a country.

So let’s start …

What is Thai Massage Therapy?

As we know, massage as therapy has existed since the existence of man.  During the years and the development of mankind, various massage techniques have been developed and perfected in parallel.  But one technique called Thai massage, which originated in India, has been around for over 2,500 years.

Initially viewed as a healing art, originally Thai massage therapy incorporates impacts from both Ayurveda and conventional Chinese medicine.

Thai massage uses delicate weight and pressure of the therapist and extending and stretching methods to loosen up the entire body of the client.

In contrast to Swedish or various kinds of western types of massage therapy, in which a client passively lies on a bed, the client lies on the floor mat and participates more actively in the Thai massage.

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Nuad Thai, Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Nuad Thai massage is as seen as part of the history, tradition, and science of traditional Thai healthcare.

In December 2019, Unesco was listed in traditional Thai massage, Nuad Thai, on its prestigious World Heritage list.

This massage technique was started to be practiced in India as one of holistic healing treatment, later is promoted and practiced in Thailand and become a tradition of the country. It was started to be promoted in the rest of the world when a school, particularly devoted to teaching this procedure to massage therapists from all around the globe, was opened during the 1906s.

Bangkok’s Wat Pho temple during the centuries has become a learning center for Thai massage therapists all around the world. Pillars and walls of the temple are well known for their specific decorations and images which represent a visual part of the traditional medicine in Thailand and the temple’s history as a center of education.

Many beginner students or even experts in massage therapy have been learned their Nuad Thai massage technique in the place of Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medicine School.

Nuad Thai is a technique of massage that focuses on coordinating blood flow around pain points and relieving the client’s Sen (energy line) stagnation. When is pain muscle relieved and energy is again flowing through your body lightly, then you can say your body is healthy.

Nuad Thai therapists make a combination of manipulations in the movements using their hands, elbows, knees, even whole body weight to perform full body Thai massage therapy.

There are several Thai massage techniques that originated from the original Nuad Thai massage as is Thai Foot Massage, Advanced Medical Thai Massage, Women’s Healthcare Massage as Thai facial massage.

All of these massage techniques have a holistic approach to healing your body. They include the healing of energy and the physical part of the body that is treated.

Well… There is one specific technique in Thailand that is almost cultural heritage as Nuad Thai massage but actually quite different from original thoughts about healing with Thai massage techniques.

It is a Thai Soapy massage. As it wears a name massage but actually it is quite a bit different than any other type of massage.

What is Thai Soapy Massage?

When we say Thai Soapy massage, most of you have already been read, hear or even try it if you had a chance to visit Thailand on any occasion.

But for this one of you who hasn’t been able to know what is Thai Soapy massage, here is a quick introduction to this sensation of Thailand.

A soapy massage is just a massage with you in a bathtub with another lady massage therapist, whose objective is to clean every part of your body thoroughly. After the massage is over, you lay down on the bed where well, we will leave that to your imagination.

Soapy massage experience has three phases: a thorough washing in the big bathtub, a nude full-body rubdown-massage on the hot,  air mattress, and at the end massage/adult services session if a client wants to finish his soapy massage session like that.

In spite of the fact that the bath washing mostly occurs first, a few masseuses prefer giving you the treatment of the inflatable matter first. Either way, you and your lady massage therapist will be completely naked during a massage.

For this experience, you should best research all the salons that offer this service well and in detail before coming to the salon.

Due to the specifics of the service itself, it is in your interest that the hygiene of the salon and the health of masseuses who works, at an excellent level.

What to Expect During Thai Massage?

Well, let’s bring back our thoughts and interests in more traditional ways of Thai massage.

As we previously in the text mentioned that Thai massage is much more different than any other western type of massage, especially because there is no use of oil in this massage, and you as a client must be wearing light and comfortable clothes.

There are a few things that you must know and expect before your Thai massage appointment.

At the beginning of the massage, your therapist will introduce you to the concept of Thai massage, Sen – energy lines, balancing with your energy and physical body, and show you how to prepare and lay down on a special floor mat for Thai massage.

You will usually begin lying on your back and the therapist will start at your feet. The therapist will press up and down over your body including Sen Lines using thumbs, palms, knees, and forearms. You can feel some pressure points very deep, but it won’t be painful.

Your Thai Massage Therapist will also use a lot of Yoga stretches and positions. Do not be afraid if you are not very flexible, your therapist will only push the stretches as far as your joints and muscles allow.

After 60 to 90 minutes of Thai massage therapy, you should be able to feel more energizing and relaxed. Your therapist will provide you with further instructions on how to maintain at home stretching and stress relieving similar to Thai massage technique. And if you are satisfied with the treatment, probably you will talk about the next appointment for your Thai massage therapy.

Thai Massage Techniques You Can Try At Home?

As we said, there are a few techniques that you can learn how to use at home Thai massage therapy.

But before you try anything at home, be aware that you are not a professional Thai massage therapist, and you should learn and understand how to perform any kind of movement or any stretching.

Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage because of the many yoga positions that are included in the massage process. So in the beginning, you must find good literature on yoga techniques, then learn how to stretch and heat your muscles and joints before starting yoga positions.

Also, acupressure points on your body are great energy flowing centers, so learn basic or if you are more interested advanced positions of acupressure points.

Most benefits can be if you have a partner or friend who is also interested or well known about Thai massage or Thai yoga.

Thai Massage Video Tutorial

You can learn traditional thai massage and practice with your partner at home from the below thai massage therapy video:

Thai Massage Benefits?

Thai massage uses the positive effects of acupressure, yoga, and reflexology so that it gives you a calmness and regeneration of tired parts of the body, increases the elasticity of the body, improves circulation, and stimulates the work of internal organs.

Thai massage has a very positive effect on reducing and relieving stress, as also in people who have chronic or frequent headaches.  Athletes and people who are often exposed to physical exertion are recommended to regularly or periodically go for a Thai massage.

Thai massage is a type of body massage that is based on the ten most important energy channels (Sen) through which life energy flows. Thai massage removes blockages in Sen channels and allows the complete flow of energy through the body.

The benefits of traditional Thai massage are evidenced by the fact that it is recognized by the International Health Organization of Europe as a natural healing preventive activity.

There are many positive benefits when massage is provided expertly of course. For the Thai people, this is not surprising. They respect balanced energy and the unobstructed progression of Sen as fundamental for good well-being. A well done Thai massage achieves this and can correct emotional obstruction as well as physical ones.

Thai Massage for Athletes

Athletes are a group of people who can have the greatest benefit from Thai massage.  Considering their tendency towards fatigue, exhaustion, and injuries in the muscles and connective tissue of the muscles, Thai massage for them represents regeneration, rest, and recovery, all in one treatment.

Athletes who are actively involved in any sport, including recreational athletes, are familiar with the power that massage has if it is regularly included in the process of work and training.

Sports massage combines assisted stretching with fast massage movements to treat sports injuries and improve an athlete’s range of motion.

On the opposite hand, Thai massage gradually stretches the entire body, allowing the person to relax. Relaxation combined with the energizing and invigorating effects of Thai massage helps people feel mentally and physically restored. Slower and deeper movements during a Thai massage allow the therapist to better feel where the main problems are in the person being treated and thus remove the problem thoroughly.

During the Thai massage your circulation also improves, which brings more oxygen to muscles and other tissues. This helps your muscle to heal faster or get recharge for new training sooner.

Best Massage Parlors in Bangkok?

Choosing a Thai spa parlor depends on your budget & time.

If you are traveling on an in the front planned budget, you can opt for simple-looking shops with large glass doors along the streets which are highly recommended. They mostly charge between 220 to 300 THB for a 60-minutes Thai massage.

There are many other variations including foot massage and other Thai spa massages for specific body parts at different pricing. For the best it is to ask in every parlor for the price list, then compare the best option for yourself depending on your budget options.

Here is a list of 10 best places to go on Thai massage therapy in Bangkok according to reviews and google maps recommendations.

  • Wat Pho Traditional Medical School: The Best for Authenticity
  • So Spa at Sofitel: the simplest for Luxury
  • Luxsa Spa at Hansar Hotel: the simplest for the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle
  • Health Land: The Best Choice for a Variety of Treatments
  • Perception Blind Massage: the simplest for a singular Experience
  • Asia Herb Association: The Best for Aroma
  • Shewa Spa: The Best Value for Money
  • Arunda Oriental Massage
  • Massage in Garden: the simplest for Natural Surroundings

My recommendation is to use internet browsing to explore the online recension of every place you want to go and visit during your vacancy in Thailand. It is at least a good start to knowing the quality of the place you want to go.

How Much Does A Thai Massage Cost?

No entrance fees are required for some Thai massage parlors unless one visits the Wat Pho temple which has a standard entrance fee of 100 baht for tourists.

Thai massage prices vary between 200 baht to 400 baht which is 6-12 US dollars, occasionally 500 baht in the places that are a little luxurious.

Like before mentioned, different types of Thai massage have different pricing also.

Every parlor or spa has a different price list, take time, and choose between the best quality of service and best pricing.

A customary tip of 10% in cash is mandatory and can be done directly to the masseuse depending highly on the place and the type of services performed, in independent studios at least 100 baht for every half or an hour is what is suggested. Mostly that tip you gave to your masseuse is all she got during her workday.

Thai Spa “To wear Clothes Or Not?”

For the massages, you will get a specific cloth from the massage parlor. You will need to change your clothes in a changing room. These clothes are better than your own clothes as they are loose-fitting, comfortable, and suitable for professional Thai massage.

How Often To Get Thai Massage?

Nowhere is a good strict guideline for how often a person should get a Thai massage. It is essential to maintain your body daily, including good stretching and relaxation techniques on a daily basis. If you are investing your time and love into your body and mind even at home, your body will remain flexible and relaxed even a long time after your massage therapy appointment.

If you have a problem and you want to focus on a specific area of your body then you can choose to work with a massage therapist to schedule regular sessions until you are satisfied with the results.

The most recommended time to go on Thai massage treatment is 2 or 3 times per month.

Or if you are a more active athlete, probably you should make even frequent appointments with your Thai massage therapist.

Is Thai Massage Painful?

Thai traditional massage should not be necessarily painful. (If your body is not in such bad condition). Also, you can ask your masseur to do less strong pressure for you if you first do this kind of massage and stretching.

Thai massage is one of the most intense massage modalities. It involves compression, sometimes using feet and body weight with gravity. They also use a number of stretches which should feel good.

Because Thai massage is so intense you must have good rapport and communication with the practitioner so that they will only put as much pressure as you can tolerate without pain.

Intensive pain during massage is counterproductive and will not lead to positive outcomes for you.

In tourist areas, the person who is the boss of the massage parlor normally can speak basic English, or you can use the help of google translate to make good conversation and inform your masseur about possible health issues or pain during the massage procedure itself.

What is Thai Massage Bonus?

The happy ending Thai massages are used to be called by various names. Some will know it as a Thai massage bonus because masseuse uses it to indirectly give a little hint at any requirement for ‘extra’ services after a regular massage. Nobody will tell you loudly the truth about the Thai massage bonus as it is an open secret for anyone looking for sex massage in Thailand.

Most tourists don’t ask for Thai bonus at the massage appointment, but for those who seek for that kind of pleasure, Thai masseuse gets used to been asked about “bonus at the end of massage”

And of course, Thai bonus should have been paid or tipped more than traditional Thai massage therapy.

Final Takeaway

Thai massage has a long and ancient history, but despite that Thai massage remains a relatively new and unfamiliar technique in Western culture.

Slowly but certain this technique gets its way worldwide, mostly because Thailand as a touristic country is getting to be recognized so much. Also, Thailand is becoming a more cultural and historical center alongside other eastern countries.

People from the whole world come to visit and explore, also learn from Thais a nation that knows how to heal itself with ancient techniques and herbal remedies medicine.

Thai massage becomes one of the most recognized Eastern techniques of massage therapy alongside shiatsu massage.

A person of any age except for children’s can get a Thai massage, but this type of massage isn’t appropriate for everybody.

Like any other massage therapy, there are certain health conditions that represent a contraindication for Thai massage. One of the most important are, cancer, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, people who have been freshly post-surgery, any kind of extortion or seriously muscle injury should not get a Thai massage.

If you are considering a getting Thai massage for the first time, it may be better to contact your health care provider to make sure that you don’t have any contraindications for this type of massage. Or if you well know your health condition and your body, then you should be able to provide your Thai massage therapist all the necessary introductions before your massage appointment starts.

Overall health benefits are enormous for your body and mind, feel free to get to know all about Thai massage parlors near your home or parlors in the county where you go as a tourist.

As people from almost 2500 years from beginning till now have been using benefits from Thai massage technique, start your own Thai spa experience now and your body should thank you for that.

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