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Choosing the most suitable spray tanning equipment can be simple if we know the characteristics of any equipment of this style. To do this, we will see the characteristics that should not be missing in this product if you intend to obtain the best possible result.

Best Selling Spray Tan Machines

Principal Components of a Spray Tan Machine

All spray tanning equipment includes at least about three main parts. These are the spray tan hose, the spray gun, and the compressor.

The mechanics, in general, are the same in most of the brands available in the market, although these three parts can be provided in different qualities. Therefore, the result may vary for better or even worse.

The Tanning Hose

It may seem one of the parts that have less incidence in tanning, but the reality is that improper hose can give an inadequate result.

Then, you should pay attention to the material with which the hose is made. Many of them are constructed with double-layer materials or rigid or flexible plastic.

The correct choice depends on the location of your spray tanning equipment since if it is located on a road or in your home, a flexible hose will be convenient.

On the contrary, a rigid hose is the most appropriate if your equipment will be in one place and without moving.

The Tanning Gun

As a rule, guns are constructed with metal or plastic. Metal guns, which are usually made of stainless steel, are capable of granting a controlled and fine mist.

On the other hand, plastic guns are usually chosen for a large number of daily jobs, as they are light and more maneuverable.

Another characteristic of guns is related to its dual or unique phases. This means how chemicals are atomized and then sprayed.

Finally, the easier to clean your gun, the more convenient it will be. Disassembling a gun for cleaning is a step that cannot be omitted if you do not want to spoil its useful life.

Tanning Compressors

The High volume and low-pressure system are responsible for providing air that is produced thanks to a turbine. In this way, the gun can spray the solution. The necessary pressure ranges from 4 to 10 PSI and is the level at which the system works.

As a result, the flow obtained is adequate, constant and uniform to give adequate results. This type of system can provide a tanning session in about 10 min.

The low-pressure low volume system works with a pressure of approximately 1 PSI. This results in a small amount of spray and faster drying. So it is more convenient for more subtle tanning.

The airbrush tanning compressor requires more time to fully apply a session, that is, between 30 to 40 min.

This system works from an air pump, which makes it produce less noise and be cheaper. Also, a product with this type of compressor is not recommended as it produces too much spray.

Spray Tan Solution

This quality is important if you intend to give your spray tanning equipment a commercial destination. Keep in mind that a tanning machine that supports a quantity of fewer than two ounces of tanning will surely be insufficient or will not give the expected result.

Therefore, there is a generic calculation that can be done so that for each client you want to tan, you have enough content. Therefore, most clients need about 2 ounces of solution for each tanning session.

Of course, it does not apply to all cases, but it is an average that you can use to calculate your costs and the most appropriate gun.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Spray Tan Kits

What type of feed you should choose?

You may realize that there are machines with different types of feed. These are side feed, gravity feed, and siphon-feed.

Among these three options, perhaps the most appropriate is siphon feeding. This is because this type of feeding offers a more adequate way to control the level of solution that is applied to each of the clients.

This allows you to take care of your budget, and therefore, reduce waste while saving some money.

Tanning, Airbrush or Spray Guns? Which one is the best option for you?

An airbrush gun needs too much time for each tanning session, compared to other tanning guns. That is, you will require approximately 40 minutes to complete a session.

Therefore, a gun that needs less time, will be more profitable to be able to perform many more sessions at the same time.

The spray guns are intended to cover large portions in a short time. This is useful if it is business since time is something that should not be spoiled.

Besides, the result obtained will be more even, less time will be required, and therefore less time. Also, the solution will have a better mix.

Spray Pattern

The most suitable for choosing a spray pattern is a range between 2 and 6 inches. If you do not want to waste too much time spraying a person then do not choose a gun below 2 inches. Otherwise, you will lose time and solution since much of it will end up in the air.

In the same way, having a gun larger than 6 inches will also waste resources. The solution here will also be in the air or somewhere else not productive.

So, to take care of your health and your budget, the best choice would be a gun with an intermediate size.

Noise Level Produced

To be honest, nobody likes a business or commercial place too loud, right?

If you agree with this, you should pay attention to the level of noise produced by each machine during tanning sessions.

Noise will not be the determining factor that ends up emptying your business. But without a doubt, it will add an unpleasant trait, which will play against it at some point.

Then, whether it is a machine for your home or your business, choose the product with the appropriate noise level, so that the tanning session is pleasant and enjoyable. People will want to return if it is a silent machine.

Amount of Use

Here you can decide if you will use your tanning machine for a business, or use it for personal or home use.

In both cases, you will need different machines, since you should check the volume of what you can provide to each one. you will find different classifications, they go between heavy, medium and light use.

Heavy-duty machines are used for shops since they are usually used several times a day. On the other hand, the light ones are for the home, because they are used a few times a week.

Machinery Weight

This point can be important if the tanning machine will move or not. It is often the case that tanning machines that are destined for beauty salons are not usually moved. In this case, the weight will not be a problem. Once the machine is installed, you can forget about the weight.

However, if you have decided to buy a tanning machine for your home, then you should pay attention to the weight. This is because you will probably need to move your spray tanning equipment. In this case, the ideal will be to get a product that offers a lightweight, easy to transport and assemble.


An ideal product does not have to have an untiring price. Otherwise, it would not be the ideal product, right? So obtaining a product that can provide a good balance between efficiency, performance, operation, and cost will be the most appropriate.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that a tanning machine that goes to a beauty salon will be more expensive, but will bring greater benefits to your wallet.

In turn, a tanning machine with an affordable cost could be for home use. However, a machine that is too cheap could be damaged more easily. This results in a higher cost since you must fix your tanning machine, or buy a new one.


The best way to conclude is to verify which are the best options that are available in the market. In this way, we can better exemplify what good spray tanning equipment should have.

One of the best options is the MaxiMist Lite Plus spray tanning system. It is one of the best products for the home because it offers about 10 applications per day. In each tanning session, you will get the best and highest quality.

Besides, you can obtain a carrying bag for comfort. In turn, its fine mist atomization is of excellent quality.

A second option is the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP spray tanning system. It is an excellent machine for professional use that provides about 25 daily applications. It also provides silent, efficient and adequate use.

The spray pattern is smooth, steady and even. So your customers will notice the difference and will return to your business without a doubt.

With this information, you are ready to choose wisely the best spray tanning equipment, and get the best tanning sessions!

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