Spray Tan Booth- Facts You Need To Know

Some people prefer to avoid the potentially serious health risks that come with outdoor tanning and opt for indoor alternatives. One such option is a spray tan booth. Spraying yourself with a bronzing solution instead of standing in front of artificial light provides you with an even, natural-looking shade.

Spray Tan Booth is a machine that sprays a person with a cosmetic solution to give them an even, healthy golden glow. With the help of UV light, the solution will dry and set off in an instant. The color can be customized to suit your preference and you can also add safe oils to the mixture for hydration.

What is Spray Tan Booth?

A spray tan booth provides a quick and easy way to get a great-looking skin tone. Spray booths can be found in salons, nail salons, and even some convenience stores and offer an alternative to sitting in the sun for hours.

Spray booths work by spraying a bronzing solution onto your skin, which will protect your skin from sun damage. The bronzing solution contains no harmful UV rays so there is no risk of getting burned or developing melanoma. Spray booths are used in many different ways, depending on your preferences.

Think of the spray booth as a beauty tool that makes treating the skin fast and easy. Many skin professionals use the spray booth to give their clients an even, natural-looking glow.

Best Spray Tan Booth

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Different Types of Spray Tan Booth

There are many different types of spray tan booths available on the market today. A lot of these spray booths can be separated into two categories; Airbrush, and Closed booth.

Airbrush or Open booths expose the customer to the air, And they are more affordable but require a person to stand in front of them and get sprayed by the machine.

Closed booths keep them inside. Closed booths are more expensive and they require a higher-quality paint that does not contain any propellants or oils. This type of booth typically comes with a chair and goes all the way up the body.

An Ideal Spray Tan Booth

Canonical spray tan booth is the most common type of spray tan booth. It consists of a booth, with a nozzle, that is used to spray the tan solution. The booth contains a UV backlight that is crucial in producing the tanning effect. A manual spray gun is used to dispense the tan solution.


The pros of the Canonical spray booth include:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is affordable.
  • It does not require much maintenance.
  • The spray gun is easy to clean.
  • The booth is easily portable.
  • It is safe to use.


The cons of the Canonical spray booth include:

  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The nozzle needs to be replaced after a few uses.
  • It does not provide the same quality as a UV tanning bed.
  • It is difficult to do a DIY spray tan at home.
  • It does not last as long as a UV tanning bed.

Overall Canonical spray tan booth is ideal for those who want to set off a quick tan but are on a budget.

Where Is The Spray Tan Booth Used?

A spray tan booth is an enclosed booth where people can go to receive a sunless tan. Spray tan booths are used in salons, spas, and homes. They are typically used by people who want to look tan but don’t have the time to go outside or use self-tanning lotions.

There are many spray tan booths in the United States, but many of them are located in California and Florida.

How Do Users Feel When Using The Booth?

Users feel satisfied when using the spray tan booth. Spray tans are a great way to get a tan without having to go outside in the sun, which can cause skin cancer. The user feels good about their appearance when they have a nice tan.

Since the average height of these booths ranges from 4 ft 9 inches to 6ft 3inches, most people are being able to use them with ease.

How Do You Get A Good Spray Tan In A Booth?

To get the perfect spray tan you need to make sure you know what to do and what not to do. You should always exfoliate before getting a spray tan because this will help you get an even, streak-free application. Make sure you wear dark clothing for the best results and don’t forget about sunscreen!

In general,

  • Spray tan booth will have a reclining chair with a hole in the seat for the customer’s feet.
  • The customer will remove their shoes and place their feet in the hole.
  • The machine will spray a mist of water and air at the customers’ skin to loosen it before spraying an oil or bronzing solution onto the skin.
  • Once sprayed, the customer is encouraged to move around so that the mist has a chance to get underclothes and give an even coverage of color.

How Much Can You Charge For A Spray Tan In A Booth?

A spray tan in a booth typically costs $5 per minute, with the price increasing for tanning duration. The cost of a full-body tan can range from $37 to $62. These prices depend on factors such as time and location but can be less expensive than an in-salon process. 

When you take into account the time it takes to apply lotion after getting sprayed, the total cost is comparable.

How Long Does A Booth Spray Tan Last?

The average booth spray tan should last anywhere from 7-14 days. It’s important to note that the longer you wait after the spray tan, the more natural-looking it will be. 

Do not shower or wash your body for at least 12 hours after your spray tan session. The only way to make sure you don’t lose any color is by applying lotion on top of your skin every day.

Final Words: Spray Tanning Booth

Spray tanning has been around for over 25 years and has only recently gained popularity. Many people are surprised to find out that they can get that bronze glow without sunburn and other risks.

A spray tan booth is actually a mobile structure that is made up of a tent-like enclosure where you can get your body sprayed with cosmetic solutions and give you a golden or bronze glow.

Spray tanning is a quick and easy way to get that golden glow in just a couple of minutes. Spray tanning booths are the cheapest and easiest way to get your daily dose of vitamin D rather than sitting under sun lamps for hours.

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