Sports Massage Techniques and Tools for Players and Athletes

What is a Sports Massage Like?

Sports massage techniques refer to a unique relaxing technique that helps athletes in many ways. This massage is very helpful to athletes as it helps to release definite pressures and make an athlete ready for a particular activity.

The sports massage mainly include Swedish massage coupled with physiotherapy. Various types of massages are included in sports massages techniques such as facial relaxation, trigger points, muscular massage, reflexive mobilizations, stretching, and lymphatic removal.  In addition to the treatment, massage psychotherapists often use a therapeutic adhesive bandage (taping).

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sports massage benefits

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Sports massage improves sports recovery by cleaning the toxins from the tissues, such as lactic acid and uric acid. Lactic acid and uric acid are the two major toxins that could cause aches in the human body. So it helps in reducing aches.

  • It helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow, for better oxygenation and better elimination of toxins, without stressing the heart too much.

  • By stretching ligaments and tendons, it keeps them supple and flexible. This improves joint mobility and allows a greater range of motion.

  • It stimulates the nervous system, it relieves pain.

  • Excellent against stress, emotional and physical, it is useful during a cure for stress management. It also helps you sleep better.

  • It increases respiratory capacity, improves digestion, it also has many specific medical uses.

  • It acts on areas of tension to promote better energy balance. By the same token, it increases resistance to disease.

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Types of Sports Massage Techniques

Sports massage is based on classic massage techniques, but the traction and kneading movements dominate the others. The use of techniques is closely related to the psychophysical state of the player and the type of training period. Hence, we can divide sports massage into:

  1. Training massage
  2. Pre-competition massage
  3. Pre-effort massage
  4. Post-workout massage

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Training Massage

Training massage is used throughout the entire training start-up cycle. The purpose of the massage is to develop the athlete’s ability to work, increasing the body’s abilities. This massage should be finished before two days of the competition.

Before the competition Massage

It allows the player to achieve the best start readiness. This massage should cover the whole body, and its intensity varies depending on the athlete’s physical condition. It helps to keep the locomotive parts of the body in optimal start readiness.

Pre-effort Massage

It is aimed at making the body for sports effort, used as a warm-up supplement, warms up joints and tendons, relaxes muscles, which increases their flexibility.

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Post-exercise Massage

It is aimed at shortening the body’s recovery time after intense and prolonged effort. Its main task is to improve blood distribution that helps to reduce post-exercise muscle pain.

See the following video tutorial to master the art of sports massage therapy techniques at home:

Sports Massage for tennis players

Tennis is a very popular game that has been around for hundreds of years. With the participation of two opponents, tennis is played on a rectangular tennis court. A tennis racket is used to hit the ball over the net. Players of each side try to send back the ball to the opposite side in a way that makes it difficult to receive or strike back.

The ball, also known as tennis ball, can be shot before it touches the court or after one bounce. When a side or player misses hitting the ball, the other side or player gets a point. To get point tennis players to need to use various techniques such as service, forehand, backhand, volley, and smash that involve lots of running and body movement. A tennis player should be fast, agile, strong and persistent enough to win a game. The main loads fall on the lower limbs and the upper limb, in which the tennis racket is held.

Sports massage is as important for tennis players as physical exercise, before, during, and after the competition. Massage helps the muscles to relax and keep them inadequate flexibility and readiness for subsequent training.  Massage reduces the risk of injury, which is a frequent “guest” in the life of a tennis player. After injuries, massage improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on tissue reconstruction and the reduction of injury symptoms and strengthening of muscular strength.

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What type of massage is right for a tennis player?

If a tennis player wants to get well prepared for a sporting competition or want to exercise without getting hurt, then having a massage would be the best idea. First of all, listen to your body, certain signals (pains, stresses, contracture, etc.) may indicate that it is time to go for a massage! Follow our guide to find out which one to choose.

When competition is knocking at the door and stress increasing, opt for a relaxing massage. Due to its light pressures, it would relax the nervous system, this massage is perfect for getting relieved from pressure.

If you feel tired and need a push to win in a competition or break your personal best, opt for the energizing massage. It may help you improve the overall condition of your body and oxygenate your muscles.

If you perform extreme training all year round and need regular monitoring, opt for osteopathy. Osteopathy helps to improve the physical condition and performance of tennis players.

If you have just made an effort or participated in a competition, opt for a deep tissue massage. This massage specially designed to relax the muscles, moderates muscle tension and decongests the tissues.

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Final Verdict Regarding Sports Massage Techniques

Sports massage is getting popularity among tennis players as it does not require any physical efforts. You just need to lay down and the massage therapist will do the rest. That’s why most of the famous tennis players tend to include sports massage in their fitness programmer.

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