Is Rose Water A Good Toner for Skin ?

Is Rose Water A Good Toner?

Is Rose Water A Good Toner

Rose water is a natural facial toner that is made from soaking rose petals in water. Aside from having a sweet scent that makes it a suitable perfume, it has a lot of medicinal and culinary benefits.

Because of the amazingly versatile usefulness of rose water, we can find traces of rose water being used in history as far back as the 7th century. This magical potion is used all over the world, as roses grow everywhere.

One of the most beneficial uses of rose water is for skincare and facial care. More interestingly, rose water does its magic for all skin types- normal, oily, dry, sensitive- you name it. You will feel the change on your skin instantly after applying rose water.

In this article, you are going to learn about the benefits of rose water as a natural toner and how you can use it in various ways.

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What Are The Benefits of Rose Water As A Toner?

If any of you are beginners to the world of skincare, you may be wondering what a toner really is. This is a brief overview for those of you.

Toner is just another skincare product that is applied to the upper body after washing. Toner does the job of removing any traces of excess oil, stubborn dirt, leftover makeup, etc. after cleansing. But don’t think of the toner as something that replaces washing your face.

As we have progressed into the age of modern medicinal research, our skincare products have changed a lot with that flow as well.

Toners are more useful and beneficial than they were in the 20th century. Nowadays, toners can even target and help treat different kinds of skin concerns like acne, dryness, aging, etc. There are specific toners for specific types of skin. For example, a toner for dry skin will contain more hydrating ingredients than the others.

Natural toners are just potions that give the benefits of toners and are extracted from natural resources. In our case, Rose water is a prime example of a natural toner.

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The Benefits of Rose Water

Most people prefer natural treatments or products more than artificial products because there are almost no side effects from using them and you get so many benefits in one package. Rose water is a good toner and it’s an all-in-one benefit package for skincare and other health benefits.

There has been a lot of research on the benefits and usefulness of rose water because of its popularity.

The researchers have found almost no side effects on any test subjects after applying rose water, except for some special cases where the person had an allergic reaction to rose water. Read on to know about some of the many amazing benefits of rose water.

1. Treating And Preventing Infections

Rose water contains Aldehydes(5-6%), Esters(8-9%), and Alcohol(32-66%). These chemical elements have powerful antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious properties that will help your body’s immunity system to fight the disease and prevent infections in the future.

Rose water has given proven results when it was used in eye drops to treat conjunctivitis. It is proven to help treat ocular disease.

2. Contains High Level of Antioxidants

Rose water contains many powerful antioxidants that can help your skin in various ways. Firstly, your cells will gain more protection from damage. When you go outside or use something rough on your skin, your cells can get damaged and you’ll find redness around the damaged cells.

The antioxidants from rose water can prevent the damaging of your skin cells and you’ll enjoy your time outside more.

3. Soothes Skin Irritation

As we have mentioned above, the chemical elements in rose water have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Skin irritation occurs due to the inflammation of some of your skin cells.

This inflammation can be triggered by a number of environmental factors, as well as some internal factors of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water will prevent those environmental and internal factors and stop your skin irritation. This benefit is also proven by studies.

4. Anti-aging Properties

Who in the world isn’t concerned about becoming old before they are ready? You might be spending the best time in your early 30s and one day you notice the first wrinkle on your facial skin. All of a sudden, you don’t feel like a person full of youth and vitality anymore. We all know the horror we will feel when that moment comes.

But until then, you have magical potions like rose water to take care of your skin. Rose water contains high levels of vitamin A and C. These two vitamins have a lot of anti-aging properties and are used in many anti-aging treatments.

Vitamin A and C will treat and prevent oxidative damage on your skin. They will also help your skin to rebuild collagen.

If you are already worried about having wrinkles on your skin, don’t worry. Because rose water has got you covered there too. Rose water will minimize the appearance of your fine lines and stretch marks.

5. Treating Skin Conditions and Healing Cuts

A vast number of different usefulnesses of rose water have been discovered recently. People weren’t aware of the powerful antiseptic properties of rose water before. These properties help treat and prevent a lot of skin and bodily infections. Rose water is being more and more used in various medicinal treatments.

Rose water can also significantly reduce skin redness and improve your skin texture. The strong antibacterial properties fight and reduce acne.

When you get any cuts, scars, or burns on your skin, the damaged area needs maximum protection from bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Simply applying rose water to that area can be all you need for making sure your damaged skin remains safe from everything. Some other chemical elements in rose water stimulate the skin cells to cause mitosis faster which helps your damaged skin heal faster.

6. Relieving Headaches and Giving a Refreshed Mood

Have you ever taken antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications? If you have, then you know the feeling of feeling suddenly happy and relaxed. The chemicals that are used in those medicines are found in rose water as well. That is why rose water can give you a very relaxed feeling and take the fatigue away from your mind.

What’s more? Rose water can even relieve headaches. That is why rose water is used in aromatherapy. The vapor of rose water can give instant relief from headaches or any dull feeling inside the head.

7. Cleansing and Toning the skin

Rose water is widely used as a natural toner and is most popular among skincare experts and enthusiasts. Rose water has astringent properties that clean the pores and tone your skin. If you apply rose water after a short steaming session, you will get additional benefits. The capillaries will tighten, redness and blotchiness  will be reduced.

How to use Rose Water as A Toner?

The pH balance of your skin is disrupted when you use cleansers, soap and other skincare products that have higher pH than 7.0 . Rose water has a naturally low pH of 5.5 which balances the pH of your skin and allows its natural development. This is why Rose Water is a good natural toner.

When you use rose water as a toner, it will remove extra oil, dust, debris from your skin and tighten the pores. This way rose water will compliment the work of your cleanser. Using rose water regularly will greatly benefit your skin by keeping away blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimple and giving your skin a natural glow.

Using rose water as a toner is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is apply it on your face, sit back and relax. The natural nutrients of rose water will take care of the rest.

When to use Rose Water Toner?

The best time to use toners is after cleansing/washing your face and before applying moisturizers or serum. As we have mentioned before, rose water will greatly compliment the job of your cleanser while giving you additional benefits and protection from blackheads, acne, etc.

Applying rose water before moisturizer will also help your moisturizer to work better and reach deeper layers in your skin.

Which type of skin benefits from Rose Water?

Rose water is beneficial for all skin types -normal, dry, oily, sensitive,etc.

  • Benefits of Rose Water for Dry Skin : People with dry skin normally suffer from redness and itchiness from the slightest inconvenience like going out in the sun. But rose water can sooth even the driest skin and eliminate redness and itchiness.
  • Benefits of Rose Water for Oily Skin: People with oily skin can benefit immensely from rose water. Rose water can regulate the oil production of the skin and increase water content to eliminate the extra oil. The astringent properties of rose water remove the dirt and oil from the pores and maintain the natural pH balance of the skin.
  • Benefits of Rose Water for Normal Skin: Rose water can do wonders for normal skin as well, because of the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients and hydrating properties. Besides, rose water also contains vitamins like Vitamin A and C. All of these ingredients work together to remove aging spots, fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a youthful look.

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Using Rose Water for more Skincare

Now that you know about the amazing benefits of this magical liquid, you should learn how to use rose water to get those amazing skincare benefits. Here are some amazing applications of rose water for your skincare-

  1. Cleanse your face: Rose water works perfectly fine as a facial cleanser on all skin types. It
  2. Fix your dry hair: Mix equal amounts of glycerin and rosewater. Apply the mixture on your scalp, massage for 10-15 minutes. Then take a rest for 30 minutes and wash it off afterward.
  3. Get rid of those tired eyes:
    Wet a cotton pad with rose water and place it on your eyes for 15 mins.  rose water will reduce the puffiness of your tired eyes and make you feel relaxed.
  4. Treat Acne: Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with the same amount of water. Apply the mixture to the acne-affected area of your skin.
  5. Remove your makeup: When it comes to natural makeup removers, nothing comes close to rose water. Simply apply rose water on your makeup and wait for it do the job.
  6. Pamper Yourself: Almond Oil works great with rose water. You can mix rose water with Almond Oil and apply it to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Rose Water Keep the pH Balance of the Skin?

Yes, rose water mains the pH balance of your skin by controlling unnecessary oil and dirt while keeping it moisturized at the same time.

2. Is Rose Water Bad for the Skin?

There are generally no bad effects of rose water on the skin at all.

3. Can I leave Rose Water on my Face Overnight?

You can spray the rose water mix on your face and massage it all over before you go to sleep. The elements of rose water will do their magic throughout the whole night. You will notice the change after waking up the next morning and washing it off.

4. Does Rose Water Remove Dark Spots?

Rose water can certainly help remove some dark spots from your face and also soften puffy eyes.

5. Can I Use Rose Water Daily?

Yes, you can. Rosewater is a completely natural ingredient and you can use it regularly without worrying about side effects. You can spritz a certain amount on your face every day and notice changes.

6. How do I know Pure Rose Water?

The best method to extract pure rose water is through the steam distillation of rose petals. You should look for the words “steam distillation” on the bottle of the rose water product you are looking to buy.

Final Words

We hope this guide has been helpful and informative for you. We tried to cover all of our bases when it comes to giving you the information you wanted or needed regarding rose water. Be always careful before applying anything on your skin, even if it’s a natural toner like rose water.

Leave any of your thoughts about our article or relevant topics down below.

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