5 Biohacks to Remove Acne and Dark Spots from Your Skin

One of the biggest challenges humans deal with relates to skin protection. Since adolescent days we struggle with acne and dark spots. It influences the way we see ourselves and affects our confidence levels. Luckily for us, clever scientists identified ways to biohack the natural processes. Biohack seems scarier than it actually is. Let us focus on the meaning of acne and dark spot biohacking. Also, the manner it allows us to remove acne and dark spots.

remove acne and dark spots

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What Do We Mean by Biohacks?

Biohacking has developed into a popular term to influence our natural processes. We do this using the scientific knowledge created by specialists. For example, in the event we struggle to sleep, we use knowledge to hack into our daily bodily patterns. We influence the brain and sleep easier, feel more relaxed, or study better. Some biohacking opportunities include typical things we do daily, for example, drinking water with additional nutrients. Before we become too carried away about the meaning of biohacking, let us look into 5 biohacks to remove acne and dark spot areas.

For us to use the correct biohacks, we need to develop an understanding of the skinning process. The moment we stand in front of the mirror and we notice a pimple, it sometimes burns like fire. This means our skin struggles with inflammation. Our skin remains clever and generates new cells to recover the skin layers.

Dark spots develop when certain areas contain more melanin than others. It creates a dark spot on our skin and also develops after inflammation.

Improve Your Skin Treatments

Using specialized skin products described by a dermatologist provides our best method of biohacking. A visit to the specialist allows us to understand why we develop acne and dark spots, second how to address it. The dermatologist comprises the knowledge we need to use skincare products and change the manner our skin breath and generate new cells.

• Using specific creams, oils, moisturizers, scrubs, and masks advances your body’s ability to retrieve an unblemished skin.

• Besides the use of skin products, many other biohack opportunities exist for example skin laser treatments. Laser treatments do not suit everybody’s preferences, but it allows an opportunity to enhance cell regeneration and also to get rid of bad skin.

• Using skin brushing allows us to get rid of dead cell layers and permits the skin to develop new ones. Different brushes allow for various treatment intensities. People who struggle with sensitive skin may need to book a treatment at their skin treatment facility first.

Skin treatments for dark spots include the use of hydroquinone. This product allows for the creation of an enzyme named tyrosinase that balances the occurrence of melanin.

• Chemical Peels
Using chemical peels provides a biohack opportunity to remove the first cell layer from your skin. It removes all the dead cells and allows your skin to start afresh. Take in mind these options generally require a specialist or doctor to undertake the treatment. The first few days after the treatment, it requires our vigilance and care to protect the skin from any damages. Using appropriate skin products and staying away from the sun remains the key to develop a skin without acne.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water may sound cliché, but it helps to keep your skin healthy. Water assists our bodies to stay hydrated, keep the organs clean, and also maintain the digestive system. For this reason, the more water we use, the better our bodies feel. A clean bodily system prevents us from developing that ugly acne that makes our lives so difficult.

To make the use of water a bit more colorful, add additional nutrients to the fluids. For example, add lemon, pieces of oranges, or other fruits you enjoy to the water. Even adding some cucumber makes the water a lot more tasty and healthy. Drinking water allows the system to naturally remove the acne and dark spots that develop throughout our days.

Aloe Vera Natural Remedy

We noticed a significant increase in using Aloe Vera over the last years. The usages increased for a specific reason. It helps to keep our skin clean from acne and the development of dark spots. Aloe Vera products act as a magnificent skin healer and different options exist. Some products allow us to use the extract and combine it with our daily water intake. Producers also developed skincare products with added Aloe Vera and acts as a perfect method to keep our skin from developing pimples.

This biohack approach enhances our body’s natural remedies and prevents inflammation from taking place. Aloe Vera does not only act as a preventative measure but also removes the acne and dark spots.

Potato Skin Masks

Potato masks sound hilarious, but it works. Mix grated potato with honey and we biohack our skin in no time. Leaving the mask in the face for a couple of minutes allows our skin to receive the additional remedies it needs. If we scared of using masks on our faces, place a piece of potato on the acne and dark spot. Thereafter wash the face with warm water and there we go.

UV Radiation Protection

UV radiation stays one of the skin dangers we face in this world. The constant exposure to radiation when we take part in outdoor activities impacts on our skin’s health significantly. UV exposure increases the level of dark spots on our skin but also dehydrates the cell layers. Can we remember the times when used to sunbath and noticed additional extra blemishes? To maintain healthy skin without dark spots the use of a specialized sunscreen becomes significantly important. Various types of UV blockers and sunscreens exist that allow us to prevent the skin from developing new dark spots. You can use an indoor spray tanning kit alternatively.

Consultation with a dermatologist helps to receive specialist skin product guidance aligned with our skin requirements. Many good sun care products online also provide access to diverse UV protection products. The use of good products prevents dark spots from happening but also remove them when applied to the skin.


5 Biohacks to remove acne and dark spot allows us to intervene in the bodily processes. The impacts of using these biohack techniques help our skin layers to generate new cells or cure inflammatory areas. The increasingly changing environment requires us to undertake drastic measures to protect our skin from harm and get rid of acne or dark spots.

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