ReFa CARAT Reviews-Eye, Lip & Forehead Roller

Today, I’m bringing you a review of an awesome facial roller that’s currently one of my favorite skincare tools out there: the ReFa CARAT.

Refa has been a world leader in electronic beauty devices for going on twenty years now and has really done a good job with this little facial massager. It’s simple to use, easy to figure out, and it feels absolutely divine on your skin.

For the past few weeks, I’ve used it every day (in between using my other beauty gadgets) and today I’m going to show you how to use the ReFa CARAT, give you a little demonstration of why I love it so much, and take a look at all of its features.

Ready? Let’s do it!

What is ReFa CARAT Face Roller?

Refa S CARAT is a facial roller that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines for younger-looking skin. It has been used by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world since it was first introduced in Japan. ReFa S CARAT comes with a vibration absorption mechanism that lets the needles smoothly run down your face without being harmful or uncomfortable.

ReFa S CARAT Facial Roller Features

  • Stimulates skin density and tightness
  • Relaxes your face muscles and increase blood flow to your face for a highly effective anti-aging beauty routine
  • Firms up slackened facial muscles and restores elasticity in just 4 weeks
  • Special rotating head that rolls across the surface of the skin, using diamond microneedles to help relax muscles and increase blood flow
  • Stimulates muscle movement with gentle vibrations, promoting the production of collagen for firmer, younger-looking skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists in Japan
  • 2-year warranty

What is Special about ReFa S CARAT Facial Roller?

1) The head is made of 100% pure platinum for a longer usage time

2) The vibration absorption mechanism lets the needles smoothly run down your face without being harmful or uncomfortable.

3) Diamond microneedles are designed to help improve blood circulation on your face.

✅Makes your skin cleaner than just using a facial cleanser alone ⛔ Pricey
✅ Removes dead skin cells right down to your pores ⛔ Can only be bought online
✅Gently removes dirt and sebum
✅ 2 in 1 device: facial cleanser and skincare product! Just attach to palm and gently move over the face
✅ No need for batteries, as you just need to move it gently on your face
✅ Can be used by all skin types, even sensitive ones!

What are the Benefits of Using ReFa S CARAT?

  • Wrinkles and fine lines appear to decrease, while skin is becoming smooth. And it only takes 30 seconds!
  • Even for beginners, there’s no need to worry because ReFa S CARAT massages your face gently thanks to its vibration absorption mechanism.
  • ReFa S CARAT also cares for your skin and makes pores smaller than using just a facial cleanser alone! You will get the best results when you use ReFa S CARAT together with the “Refa Carat Essence” and “Refa Carat Lotion”.

How does ReFa S CARAT work?

ReFa S CARAT works by using the diamond tip which spins over 10,000 times per minute to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum right down to your pores. When ReFa S CARAT is used on your face, it will make your skin cleaner than when you just use a facial cleanser alone!

When should I use ReFa S CARAT?

ReFa S CARAT is a 2-in-1 device that you can use as both a facial cleanser and skincare product. You should use it once or twice a day, every day! It’s the perfect cleansing device for those who want really clean and clear skin.

How do I use ReFa S CARAT?

After washing your face, attach the ReFa S CARAT to your palm and gently move it around on your face. Don’t push too hard, just let the device work as it spins 10,000 times per minute!

We recommend using a facial cleanser to wash away dead skin cells first, then gently move ReFa S CARAT on your face to remove dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells. Afterward, you should use the “Refa Carat Essence” which contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin.

How to Use the ReFa CARAT Facial Roller?

Using this facial massager is as simple as turning it on and then rolling it over your face. You can watch what I do in my demo video below, but here’s the quick version:  

1) Turn the ReFa CARAT on by holding down its power button for a second.

2) Rest the back of it against your cheek and roll the front of it across your skin with gentle pressure. This motion is upwards and towards the inside of your face; upwards from your chin to your cheekbones, across your cheeks, up over your forehead, and then back down to just above where you started.

3) Repeat this rolling motion on every area of your face that I’ve mentioned before (the forehead, nose, both cheekbones, and the chin).

The oscillating part of the massager (the metal discs that shake back and forth inside it) does most of your facial massage while the vibrating disc at the front targets specific areas like your forehead, nose, chin, etc. These areas are also where you’ll feel ReFa CARAT’s vibration function the most, which is pretty nice for things like your nose.

The vibration itself isn’t too intense, but it’s not mild either; it’s just right, in my opinion. The disc vibrates with gentle pulses that really enhance the whole facial massage sensation. It makes the ReFa CARAT feel more than just a simple roller that oscillates – it makes it feel like a tiny massager that’s specifically made for your face.

The whole idea, of course, is to use the ReFa CARAT on clean skin before applying skincare products. I’m all about multi-tasking so I’ll use this device while watching TV or listening to music (in the mornings) but there are times when I’ll use it while applying makeup, too, because why not?

What does ReFa s Carat do?

The CARAT is a facial roller that claims to “help you create attractive, radiant skin in only 5 minutes every morning” by stimulating your face with its rolling motion.

“Stimulating microcurrents help to improve blood circulation and metabolism of cells under the skin, which helps to keep the face looking healthy and young.”  (

The CARAT roller is supposed to improve the appearance of your face by kneading parts of your face (especially around the eyes, nose, and mouth), reducing skin pores, extracting blackheads, tightening skin, removing fine lines and stretch marks, moisturizing skin, and promoting collagen production.

Who can use the ReFa CARAT?

The ReFa CARAT is intended to be used by men and women, but it has been specially designed to target the needs of women. It is not suitable for children.

Why is ReFa expensive?

Like any good skincare device, ReFa CARAT is a premium product that utilizes high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The CARAT has been developed by a team of leading cosmetic dermatology experts in Japan and will work wonders for your skin.

It’s important to note that many inexpensive products on the market claim to offer similar benefits to high-end devices like ReFa CARAT, but often fall short in their ability to deliver. The technology for deep exfoliation is very new and the benefits of using these types of products are just now beginning to be understood by dermatologists around the world.

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Final Verdict

ReFa S CARAT is a 2-in-1 device that works both as a facial cleanser and skincare product. It uses the diamond tip to spin over 10,000 times per minute so it can remove dead skin cells, dirt, sebum right down to your pores for clean and clear skin.

Use ReFa S CARAT once or twice a day to get clean and clear skin in just 10 days! If you want a facial cleanser that works for all types of skin, then the ReFa S CARAT is perfect for you.

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