Products May Help You Prevent Corona Virus Attack

You must be worrying about coronavirus threat. That’s why we compiled a few products to help you protect yourself and other people from spreading the breakout of the coronavirus. Your immunity and these products may protect you from this threat to the world. You can also visit the CDC website for accurate information.

Prevention From Corona Virus

Corona virus products

Currently, no vaccine is available for coronavirus (COVID-19). The best way is to prevent corona contact to your respiratory system.  Beware of the following including:

  • Try to avoid close contact with corona affected patients.
  • Change the habit of touching eyes, nose or mouth.
  • If you are sick avoid people.
  • Cover sneeze or cough with a tissue and throw it in a safe place.
  • Use a good quality mask.
  • Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) in your pocket and use it touching any unknown substance.
  • Frequently wash your hands with a handwash.
  • Gargle with hot salt water.
  • Drink hot water.
  • Avoid ice cream.

Products May Help You Prevent Corona Virus

Disposable Personal Protection Isolation Gown

Disposable Safety Face Shield

Safety Glasses with Side Shield

Disposable Boot And Shoe Covers

Best Hand Sanitizers

You should always keep a hand sanitizer while you are outside home. Noramlly, a good sanitizer kills 99% germs from your hand. You can consider these:

Best Face Mask

Face masks are considered essential in the context of combating coronavirus as they are effective at capturing droplets. Droplets in your body are the main route exclusively responsible for COVID 19 transmission.

Therefore, in order to ensure fivefold protection from getting infected by Corona, you need to extensively use face masks.

However, you need to keep in mind that wearing a facemask definitely not an iron-clad guarantee. You may also Corona infected as this deadly virus can transmit through your eyes.

Facemasks are necessary especially when you are in close contact with infected persons. This will eventually cut the chances of the disease passing on to you. Similarly, and importantly, if you have symptoms of coronavirus you need to mandatorily wear facemasks.

Here is a list of best, reliable and most popular facemasks brands which is claimed to be very effective in preventing Corona infection:

Best Antiseptic Handwash

WHO has been repeatedly emphasizing handwash particularly after the Corona outbreak. Regular handwashing frequently at constant intervals is extremely essential using appropriate soap or hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available to combat Corona.

However, handwash does not refer to the usual handwash that we generally consider. There are two basic and essential components of handwash which have to be followed with extreme priority. They are:

  • Handwashing through appropriate norms or methods.
  • Using appropriate and recommended handwash soap.

What are the Appropriate Norms/Rules/Methods of Handwash? 

The Journal of Environmental Health reveals that only 5% of Americans properly wash their hands which is certainly hazardous especially in the context of the Corona epidemic.

Secondly, almost all do not follow the appropriate rules of handwash that result in futile in terms of the expected outcome. For example, the CDC strictly recommends a minimum of 20 seconds of handwashing whereas every average American washing is about 6 seconds or less than that.

Here are the rules of handwash precisely:

  • Thoroughly scrub and cover every surface of your hands’ both sides and wash for at least 20 seconds. First, wet your hands with clean water, then scrub, and rinse before drying. If you are confused about the timing, the CDC recommends humming the “Happy Birthday” song from the beginning until the end twice while handwashing.
  • Strictly wash your fingertips and under the nails. Most people often skip these parts while washing their hands.
  • Necessarily wash your hands before eating, after every trip to the toilet, after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing. Never forget to wash your hands after coming back to your house from any type of outings.
  • Remember, never neglect or say “let me first finish this task and then wash my hands”. You need to immediately wash after sneezing, coughing or coming across a sick person or coming back from outside. The virus survives 5 to 10 minutes before it dissipates.
  • Avoid touching your face especially your nose, mouth, and eyes. Similarly, cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue and throw the tissue in trash immediately.
  • Give priority to handwash instead of sanitizing. Handwash works more effectively than sanitizing. 

What are the Effective and Recommended Handwash Soaps?

Here is a list of effective, recommended and popular soaps for your appropriate handwash. However, if these soaps are not available in your locality or you do not get them, you can use any handwash soap that is available for you:

Best Disposable Hand Gloves

Hand gloves can potentially protect you from corona infections especially if you are coming into contact with people with coronavirus infections. They will protect your hands particularly when they come in contact with your droplets.

However, you need to be extra cautious if you are using the hand gloves because wearing them sometimes increase the risk of catching the deadly virus. Often people wearing the hand gloves become overconfident and do not follow the precautions of handwashing etc.

In addition to this, they also do not wash the hand gloves frequently which increases the chances of infections. Secondly, the lower standard and inappropriate hand gloves make you more vulnerable to virus infections.

Therefore, take uttermost care to wash your hand gloves appropriately at frequent intervals and use appropriate and recommended hand gloves. Here are a few hand glove brands which are popular especially after the coronavirus outbreak:

Best Disinfectant Wipes

The Environmental Protection Agency in the US has worked out a list of disinfectants that will provide the required protection against corona infections. Disinfectants are equally essential and important as facemasks, hand gloves, and handwash.

The federal government released a five-page list of chemicals and products recently that are strong enough to combat the coronavirus. In this context, the EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler said that in addition to handwashing using appropriate disinfectants is essential and important in reducing and preventing the spread of illness.

It is true that the coronavirus basically spreads through the respiratory outlet. In other words, the most common ways of corona spread are person to person through cough, sneezes and spit.

However, people who come into contact with objects or surfaces that are contaminated with coronavirus and touch their face, mouth, nose or eyes have high chances of getting infected.

Therefore, it necessary that you strictly use appropriate disinfectants to combat coronavirus along with other protective measures.

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