PMD Vs Microderm Glo – Know The 4 Differences

Are you a skincare enthusiast and confused among PMD Vs Microderm Glo? If yes, then let me tell you about Microdermabrasion. It is an adequate procedure that makes your skin ten times younger. This procedure can easily cost you 100$ if you go to a dermatological clinic or salon. But here we are telling you the best friend of every skincare routine, Personal Microderm and Microderm Glo tool.

PMD Personal Microderm

PMD is your skincare treatment at home. It rejuvenates the skin, and even after the first treatment, you can say there is a baby-like skin you are experiencing. After PMD use, a woman alleged that they feel more comfortable and confident with their skin. They have many discs like PMD classic, pro, Plus, and PMD for Man. At the same time, the price range is different for each.

Personal Microderm PMD is an alternative to every expensive facial massage parlor sitting. I mean, why shed your money when you can get the spa-like treatment if you can smartly invest in PMD. PMD is tried and tested on several women, and out of 100%, 95% claimed that their skin is feeling light and fresh while the rest 5% were pleased with their new plum skin.

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Highlighted Features

Easy Usage

Nobody has time to wait for appointments and treatments for hours. Personal Microderm PMD is very easy to use. Just clean your face and place the desired disc on PMD. Gently hold your skin in an uplift manner. Glide the PMD over the skin in an upward motion. Make sure to glide once only over the face and don’t apply pressure in the overall process. Please avoid stopping at one spot.

It is advised to take a gap of 7 days after the first usage of PMD as PMD removes the upper layer of skin, so your skin needs time to regrow the new cell. So, it is better to take your skin time for healing before the second attempt.

Exfoliation Skill And Acne Fighting Capacity

PMD is the best tool when it comes to exfoliation. By exfoliation, we mean cleaning of cells. In peeling, we cleanse the pores of the skin. With the strength of suction, PMD sucks out every dirt and filth from the pores. It is resulting in fresh and clean glass textured skin.

We have tested PMD on the acne skin, and the results are very soothing. Those women who were suffering from acne and acne scars gain good results. It not only reduces acne by removing acne-causing germs, but it also helps to remove the acne scars over a period.

Better Absorption Of Skin Care Products

As discussed above, that Personal Microderm, through its suction mechanism, removes the upper layer of dull skin. So once the blockage is wiped off, every skincare product you apply on your skin will better absorb in skin cells.

Skin moisturizers, when used over Personal Microderm treatment, show good results. Additionally, it will be better to wash the face with a good cleansing brush after exfoliation for water penetration and skin hydration. Water-based skincare products aid plump skin look.

Microderm Glo Microdermabrasion Kit 

Microderm Glo is Diamond tipped Microdermabrasion tool. It helps to minimize the open pores of the skin. Not only this, it is reviewed that it offers professional microdermabrasion facial treatment results at home. Microderm Glo has a line of skincare tools like Diamond Microabrasion tool, Diamond mini micro-abrasion machine and suction tool, facial steamer, sonic facial cleanser brush, and lastly, Peptide complex serum.

The results will be clean young, and wrinkle-free skin. You can rest assure that the results will be in your favor. Moreover, you can get your pores free from blackheads, leaving behind smooth and soft skin.

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Highlighted Features of Microderm Glo

Safety of Skin and Body

This machine is an FDA-approved skin care machine. Many dermatologists also recommend Microderm for skin rejuvenation. The microabrasion technique will not give you bruise or cuts on your skin. Try to hold your skin tightly and glide in a one-way direction

Microderm Glo is a certified safe tool for all skin types. No matter if your skin is sensitive, you can still use it. It delivers 3D technology salon-like finesse to the skin. People are delighted by its long-term usage as it reduces the fine line, improves the color complexion, and impart fruit glow to the skin by increasing blood circulation.

Easy Usage

Microderm Glo is convenient, and it can fit in your purse. You do not have to take time out for using it. It hardly accomplished rejuvenating your skin in 4 minutes. Plus, the Microderm Glo is battery-operated, so you don’t have to search for a power source. It will align the mode as per your skin need automatically.

Moreover, Microderm Glo comes with the guide book inside it with all the functionalities and related use. They have also uploaded many YouTube videos related to its use. Above all, they have a whole separate department for Microderm Glo products. In case if any customer faces any trouble with Microderm Glo, they will guide them through.

LED Screen

The mounted LED screen is something unique. You can now select the level of suction you want for deep-seated blackheads. Once the mode is set, apply the tip on the skin’s clean surface and glide evenly throughout the face.

The LED screen will tell you which part of the skin requires more time, what skin treatment mode will be suitable. Once the skin is all done, the beep buzzer will ensure that the whole skin gets equal time and treatment.

Difference Between PMD And Microderm Glo

Microderm Glo PMD Personal Microderm
Battery operated Cord required.
Diamond tips Spinning disks.
LED screen No LED screen.
Microderm also offers peptide serum complex for the hydration of the skin. PMD has many models for all types of skin, including specialized model PMD for men.

Final Verdict: PMD Vs Microderm Glo, Which One to Buy?

As both PMD and Microderm Glo both have similar sound effects on the skin. But the battery-operated and handy size, along with the LED screen, added value to the Microderm Glo. Not only this, Microderm Glo has a wide range of products coming along with serum which also hydrates your skin for cell rejuvenation.

If you want fair glowing dewy and happy skin, then we recommend you to go for Microderm Glo. This will be your perfect companion if you want clear, young, and blackhead-free skin. Moreover, buying Microderm Glo will help you to have a satisfactory facial in the comfort of your home.

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