PMD Clean VS Foreo Luna: 5 Differences You Should Know

Are you confused between PMD Clean VS Foreo Luna? If yes, then you are at the right place as in this article, we will tell you all differences between these two facial tools, Foreo Luna and PMD Personal Microderm.

Facial cleansing methods have evolved over the years. First, there were hand movements for facial in the parlor and at home, and then came Clarisonic facial brushes. And today everybody is familiar with the Foreo Luna series for facial care.

Facial means to remove the dirt particles from the deep skin pores. Because the dirt particles go deep in the skin and are the primary reason for acne and blemishes, PMD and Foreo Luna are perfect for this purpose and fulfill skincare needs.

Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna is a Swedish origin brand that is famous for high technology beauty devices and their toothbrushes. Foreo is a facial massaging tool made up of soft silicon. Foreo is most importantly designed after considering all skin types from oily to dry, combined with natural skin; it works like magic.

Foreo is the best facial device so far and readily available at all skin-related retail shops like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and others. Many models of Foreo Luna offer antiaging properties as well. Moreover, Foreo devices are available in different colors and shapes. Luna lines have a broad range of facial cleansers and face serums as well.

So without further discussion, let’s get to know about the latest models of Foreo Luna down in the article.

Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna has upgraded its model to Foreo Luna 2 with much larger silicon bristles. As a result of large follicles, it clears the skin better. The T- sonic technology enables Foreo Luna to make skin perfect and smooth. Similarly, the frequency of the vibration of 8000 pulsations per minute enables deep pore cleansing.

Highlighted Features

Cleansing Properties

Foreo Luna’s soft silicone bristles go deep in pores and help in de-clogging them. It can be used on the face and other body parts as per requirement. As you apply to makeup, the foundation goes deep in pores. Hence Foreo Luna takes makeup off from the mini pores of the skin. It clears the skin up to 99.5% and helps skin against acne.

Anti-Aging Property

Foreo Luna has antiaging property. As its soft massage vibrations clear the lines near the eyes, smile region, and forehead. As we all know, young skin has flawless texture. But with time and age, skin pores start to appear more prominent on the skin surface. Hence Foreo Luna plays a vital role in reducing open pores and declining their visibility on the skin.

Better Absorption

It is advised to use skincare products in combination with Foreo because it increases the absorptivity. Apply a skin care product on the skin; start using Foreo on the skin in circular motions. The vibrating bristle will make deep penetration and absorption of the product. Massaging technique will allow skin’s enhanced blood circulation results in better skin.

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo has upgraded the properties of Foreo Luna 2. For all those who want extra-large bristles, please buy Foreo Luna 3. A further upgraded feature of Foreo Luna 3 is 16 pulsation per minute. So far, Foreo Luna 3 is the most advanced product of the Luna line.

Highlighted Features

Softest Cleansing Experience

For claims that Luna 3 has the smoothest bristles in all skincare products. Which not only helps in lifting dirt particles but also sebum. Deep-seated sebum can dull your skin complexion. Resulting in spotting and hyperpigmentation. Hence Luna 3 massage your face for 1 minute, leaving behind fresh, glowing skin.

Connect To Mobile

One of the advanced features of Luna 3 is that you can download the Luna app on your phone. By app, you can operate face massaging levels if you are indoor. However, switch to sweat mode if you are coming from the harsh climate outside. This feature allows you to tame the Foreo Luna as per your skincare desire.

Radiant Skin

Its vibrating technology is very efficient as Foreo Luna 3 vibrates at 160 pulsations per minute. It takes care of wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it can be used 650 times after one time recharge. More extensive, softer bristles give you fair facial and youthful skin. Radiant skin shines, and tell everybody that you are taking facial every day with Foreo Luna 3.

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PMD Personal Microderm

In a world full of makeup, the skin needs to breathe. For skin’s sake, we have tried PMD, and the microdermabrasion at home results are excellent. PMD is an exfoliation tool and helps remove the clogging of pores. There are many different models available in PMD, like classic, pro, plus, and for man. We have a separate post related to PMD microderm reviews.

PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleaning Device

PMD Clean is a skincare device that comes with four modes of cleansing options. Two for cleaning and two modes for massaging. With gentle cleaning mode, you can deal with facial skin, and with intense cleaning mode, you can use it all over your body for perfect cleaning. There are many colors of PMD Clean available in the market and that is teal with brushed aluminum, blue with golden contrast, berry, and white.

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Highlighted Features of PMD Clean

Sonic Glow Technology

PMD Clean uses sonic glow technology to lift the all-over presence of your skin. It glides smoothly on the skin’s surface and breaks down the tiny bacterial and dirt particles. The brush vibrates at the speed of 7000 vibrations per minute, which relaxes the fine lines of the skin. Along with that, the sonic glow technique brings out the inner glow which was hidden beneath the tan layer.

Anti-Aging Massager

PMD Clean is designed to be your complete skincare solution. The front of the head is equipped with soft bristles to clean the face. While the back of the head is equipped with active warmth heat therapy. Further, when you apply the back of PMD Clean on your face you will feel like a hot towel is pressed against your skin, which opens the face pores for better absorption.

Silicon Beauty

PMD Clean is made up of silicon which makes it absolutely odorless, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. Just use it and wash it underwater and you are good to go every time you use it. No need to worry about bacterial growth because its silicon-based structure is antibacterial. It can be used by teenagers and men as well.

PMD Clean Body

Like face whole body needs gentle but deep cleansing, PMD Clean Body has an easy-grip handle that will help you to clean your body easily. You can use it while applying skincare products to your body. It prevents dryness and scaling of the skin and helps in better absorption of moisturizers.

Differences Between PMD Clean And Foreo Luna


Foreo Luna PMD Clean
Silicone bristles are movable, soft, and more extended towards the outside. Silicon bristles are slightly stiff and comparatively less protruded towards outside
Foreo Luna starts at a price of $50 and ranges to $200. PMD clean starts from $99 and ranges to $250.
There is a timer of 60 seconds after which Foreo Luna stops vibrating. PMD clean has no time limit, it keeps on until manually off.
Once recharged can be used more than 50 times. PMD Clean is battery-operated.
Foreo Luna has bristles on one side of the head, and the back of the head serves as a massager. PMD clean has a metallic plate at the back of the head, which heats up and serves as a face massager.


Final Verdict: PMD Clean Vs Foreo Luna: Which One To Buy?

To sum up, Foreo Luna is way more soft, pliable, and easy on the budget. Further, if we talk about the effortless use, then Foreo Luna is genuinely simple, charge it once, and it will last long. Whilst, with PMD Clean, you have to stay cautious about battery changing. Moreover, we would like to address that if you have acne skin or sensitive skin, then you might not want to use heat therapy on your face.

Considering the above points, we would like to recommend in general Foreo Luna over PMD clean because it suits best for all skin types. Further, the Foreo Luna has the perfect shape and soft-bristled that reach every corner of your face especially under the eye and corner of the nose. While PMD clean has a typical round head with stiff bristles.

But, PMD clean has lots of variations like gold and silver-plated active warmth therapy and a fantastic tool for facial cleansing.

We have illustrated the differences here PMD Vs Foreo luna. You should choose according to your requirements.

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