PMD Clean, Pro, Body Reviews And Comparison 2022

Are you looking for PMD clean reviews and confused between PMD Clean, Pro, and Body and wondering which one to choose?  If yes, then don’t worry, as we are going to review the three products for you to help you in your decision. Facial and body cleansing is an effective way to get younger and tighter skin.

However, when it comes to selecting the right skincare tool, the best is the one that is according to your beauty routine and usable daily.  From electronic devices to jade dollars, there is a wide variety of face massage tools, but you cannot select any random product without knowing about it first.

Therefore, to minimize your search, we will review some of the best skincare PMD Clean products for you in this article. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

Most Popular PMD Products

What is PMD Clean?

PMD designs skincare products and beauty tools convenient, effective, safe, and easy to use PMD clean includes exfoliating, cleansing, and massage tools for the face and whole body. All the devices work on Sonic Glow technology, which removes dirt and oil from the body. It works at the rate of 7000 vibrations per minute.

Moreover, these tools are best for lifting, firming, and toning the skin. These tools’ material is silicone, ultra-hygienic, and waterproof, so you do not have to worry about its damage while using it in the shower. With few minutes of a simple skincare routine with PMD Clean, you can achieve acne-free and glow skin.

The body cleaners include aluminum oxide crystals and make the skin soft and smooth by removing calloused skin. Massage feature is also available that helps in reducing body pain after a tiring day. Moreover, the cleansing and massaging promotes circulation, tightens the pores, and gives a fair complexion by relieving tension.

The products have heat therapy combined with sonic glow vibrations that enhance your skincare by letting them penetrate deep into the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, and four customizable modes make this device usable by individuals with sensitive skin.

Moreover, the ingredients like iron, magnesium, and oxygen reduce tension and inflammation from the skin. These ingredients exfoliate life and tone skin while giving a younger look. If you are worried about wrinkles’ increasing with age, you must try their tools for face massage.

PMD Clean – Smart Facial Cleansing Device Reviews

If you love to apply foundation on your skin regularly, then this device is excellent for you when it comes to washing your face. Sometimes even if you double cleanse your face with your hands, still some foundation particles remain on the face.

These particles are harmful to the skin when remaining in the pores for a long time. With the PMD smart facial cleaning device, you can quickly cleanse your face and notice the difference in your skin.

This device uses heat and vibration simultaneously and enhances the effect of skincare products on the face. It softens the dry patches and diminishes breakouts. This device works on 7000 vibrations per minute and removes the oil and dirt from the skin.

It is available in different primary colors. The colors available are berry, black, blush, and concrete, like navy, olive, pink, teal, and rose.

Key Features

Four Customizable Modes

The device has four customizable modes working with different intensity levels. The two modes are cleansing mode having gentle vibration and intense vibration. The remaining two modes are gentle pulsation and intense pulsation massage modes.

Sonic Glow Technology

This device has sonic glow technology. The sonic glow technology removes dirt from pores within minutes. Its vibrating frequency is perfect for lifting and toning the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as the device’s bristles are gentle.

Silicon Anti-Bacterial Handle

Mostly we are worried about the hygiene of skincare products or devices because they contribute to skin acne. However, this item’s handle is anti-bacterial made up of silicon, so you do not have to worry about hygiene while doing your skincare routine.

Anti-Aging Massage

We are worried and also increase our skincare routine with growing age. It is best to use it as an anti-aging facial massage with serums and moisturizers. With consistent use, the blackheads and blemishes will start to disappear.


  • Easy to use.
  • Prohibit bacterial growth.
  • Perfect intensity.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Expensive device.
  • The battery gets rusted.

PMD Clean Body – Smart Body Cleansing Device Reviews

Skincare not only includes the face but also is about your whole body. Therefore, this PMD clean device contains PMD clean body, magnetic attachments with USB charging code, and a silicone loop. It deeply cleans the skin by reducing breakouts that are caused by debris and sweat.

Moreover, it minimizes the number of ingrown hairs by lifting and toning the skin. It works vastly with 7000 vibrations per minute and is suitable for all skin types. Three different colors are available, such as berry, navy, and Blush.

Besides, charging this device takes 3 hours, and then it is ready to use. You can also replace or quickly put and take off the magnetic attachments. The device is waterproof with having anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and hypo-allergic properties. You do not have to worry about the battery replacement because it is rechargeable.

Additionally, the length of the brush is just right for reaching your back without any discomfort. Bringing this device into your skincare routine will give you a clean skin but also make you able to have a high-quality skincare session at home.

Key Features

Sonic Glow with Customizable Modes

The sonic glow technology is also present in this device, just like the other products of PMD clean. Moreover, you can also use this device with four different customizable modes for cleansing and massage.

Body Massager

It includes a body massager with sonic glow technology, which gives relief from body pains. Moreover, it will reduce the tension in your muscles and improve blood circulation. So, massage your body with your favorite oil or moisturizer to relax your body.

Silver Infused Loofah

The brush is gentle and exfoliates well. The silver-infused loofah is anti-bacterial and cleanses the skin without spreading bacteria on the skin. It reveals smooth and soft skin by removing the dead rough layer.

Aluminum Oxide Exfoliator

The exfoliator is made up of aluminum oxide crystals that smooth rough skin. It is best to use for calloused body parts like feet. However, it cannot replace the routine pedicure but will aid in its usefulness.


  • Minimize bumps.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Short battery life.
  • Weak vibrations.

Personal Microderm Clean Pro Reviews

It is a home device for personal Microderm providing the same results as visiting professional clinics or spas. It minimizes wrinkles and dark spots by giving the skin a glowing texture and perfect tone.

Moreover, it includes a perfectly calibrated vacuum suction and patented spinning disc, reducing skin roughness and sunburn effects. Aluminum oxide crystals are best for reducing fine lines.

Many women have given positive reviews regarding the personal Microderm clean pro that their skin is soft after using it. Also, 95 % of women claim that they feel more confident in their skin by using this product.

Additionally, the product is suitable for all types of skin with four customizable modes. The metal massager is protected with a 24K Gold experience give anti-inflammatory properties which increase hydration and elasticity.

Key Features

Facial Massage

It is best for facial massage as the slow vibrations increase blood circulation, helping in achieving a glowing skin.  A person cannot get these results with a hand massage. Also, if you are a lazy person, it is good for you to use it.

Suction Strength

Effective calibrated vacuum suction helps in increasing the circulation of blood under the skin. It aids in boosting collagen, elastin, and the natural healing process. The aluminum oxide crystals exfoliate dull and dead skin cells while revealing glowing skin.

Anti-Bacterial Metal

The metal is made up of silicon, having anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria and germs are the main cause of acne and pimples so that you can get rid of them. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the product getting rust because items it is waterproof.

Four Customizable Modes

The four customizable modes made the product suitable for all skin types. 2 modes are for light and intense cleansing, while the remaining 2 are for the massage. Even if a person has sensitive skin, she can massage her skin with light intensity mode.


  • Suitable for face and body.
  • Customized 2 speeds.
  • Reduce acne pores.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • Non-rechargeable battery.
  • Causes irritation.

Difference Between PMD Clean Pro Silver And PMD Clean Pro Gold

Talking about the skincare routine, PMD clean pro silver is must have to deal with clogged pores, dull and dry skin. The silicone bristles are a soft overall kind of skin, but still, if you have acne burst on your skin then you should surely grab it. Because the back is purely silver-plated which is antimicrobial and possesses and has active warmth technology. Plus, it reduces oil congestion on the face.

While PMD clean pro gold comes with a pure gold-plated backside which is an amazing addition to a facial cleansing brush. It gets warm up to 42 ℃ in less than 10 seconds and provides relaxing warmth to the face. It keeps on for as long as you want to enjoy it. Then you can flip the head and provide exfoliation with the vibrating silicone bristles. It minimizes blackheads and makes skin radiant.

Moreover, if you are still confused about these two, then the table below might be helpful for you.

           PMD Pro Silver           PMD Pro Gold
It comes with a silver plate at the back of the head. PMD pro gold comes with the gold plated back of the head.
It provides antibacterial and antiaging effects. It decreases the inflammation of the skin.
PMD pro’s silver plate is effective for acne-prone skin. 24k gold is known to enhance the radiance and elasticity of the skin.
The silver-plated side will decrease the fungal infections on the skin. Gold plated back head serves as an antioxidant regime to your skincare.
PMD pro silver provides gentle exfoliation with further resistance to acne and blemishes, PMD pro gold provides gentle exfoliation with more collagen production.

How To Use PMD Clean?

Follow below simple steps for using PMD clean.

  • Wet your face with Luke warm water.
  • Before using it on the face directly, have a patch test on your arm or leg. If you feel allergy symptoms or burn on the face, then do not proceed.
  • Rinse the device with water to remove dust from it.
  • Now apply cleanser on PMD clean.
  • Cleanse your face for some minutes with the device. Start from light intensity mode if your skin is sensitive. Move the device head in a circular motion on the face.
  • During gliding the device on the face, pull the skin tight with the other hand.
  • Do not massage areas that have acne or pimples. It may increase the irritation and burn.
  • After completing a few-minute massage, wash your face with water.
  • In the end, apply some good quality moisturizer on your face. Massage the face with mode 3 or 4 of the device. It is good for toning and lifting loose skin.

Comparison Table Among PMD Clean

PMD Clean body  


PMD Clean – Smart Facial Cleansing Device


PMD – Personal Microderm PRO

Interchangeable Discs

Interchangeable head attachment No interchangeable attachments. PMD pro comes with interchangeable discs to cover both the body and face.
Performs deep cleansing and exfoliation of the whole body Serves as gentle face cleanser and massager Deep exfoliation and toning of the skin.
1.      Silicon soft bristles to clean the face and body. Plus, for exfoliation of the whole body. Silicon soft bristles, perform sonic vibrations, reach the depth of skin to break the oil and dirt from the face. PMD Pro is designed solely for exfoliation purposes.
2.    Provides gentle exfoliation with silver infused loofah. PMD clean is for gentle cleaning of the face. It has strong suction strength, which eliminates the deep-seated debris from the skin.
3.     PMD clean body comes with aluminium oxide exfoliator for buffing away the dead skin of the body. PMD clean has no aluminium oxide exfoliator. All the discs have aluminium oxide crystals to exfoliate away the dead skin layer.
4.      PMD body comes with a body massager to relax the muscles. It comes with massager mode at the back of the head for better absorption of a skincare product. PMD Pro has a complete range of discs, from sensitive to intense disc to deal with all skin types.


PMD Clean Before And After

Before PMD clean, the skin might be fine but not genuinely clean. There is a lot of deep-seated dirt that is obvious to the eyes. Further, the clogged pores make skin look dull, dark, and tanned. Plus, the fine lines are prominent as well.

However, after using PMD clean skin feels much lighter and cleaned to the core. You have to be ready for certain things. Like when you start using PMD, you will witness more acne breakouts. The reason behind this is that PMD clean will bring deep-seated acne and dirt to the surface of the skin, and initially, you will face acne breakout.

If you stick to PMD clean, you will experience that your skin is getting better periodically. Moreover, with continuous use for 2-3 weeks, you will experience bright and glowing skin. However, one thing should be made clear that PMD clean will not firm or lift your skin as they have claimed. Or maybe it will do but merely noticeable.

Although PMD clean will indeed reduce the blackheads and, as mentioned earlier, it will completely banish them with continuous use. The most visible result of PMD clean is the smooth and softer skin you have ever experienced before.

Is PMD Clean Good For Your Skin?

It is suitable for skin as PMD clean has sonic glow technology with 7000 vibrations per minute. These gentle vibrations come in four modes. The first mode is relatively smooth for soft cleaning, while the second mode is for exfoliation, which serves for the deep purification of the skin. The third and fourth modes are massaging vibrations to pamper your skin.

Sonic technology helps drain the face’s lymphatic nodes so that it looks less puffy in the morning. Plus, you can use the back of PMD’s head to apply moisturizer because it presses your skincare products directly into the facial pores.

  • It is an earful first to damp the PMD clean and your face.
  • Place the drop of facial cleanser on the bristles of PMD clean and turn on.
  • Apply it on your skin gently in a circular motion for about one minute, then rinse the face with fresh water.
  • Damp the face with the towel.
  • Apply the moisturizer, toner, or any face oil directly to the back of the PMD clean, and massage it slowly on the skin.

Unlike other cleaning brushes, you don’t have to worry about the PMD cleanliness because it is super easy to wash. Further, the silicon-made body is hygienic, odorless, and inhibits bacterial growth.

Can I Use PMD Clean Every Day?

As per dermatologists, you should not tickle your face every day because it might irritate the skin. However, when we talk about the PMD clean, the bristles are slightly stiff. Plus, they are not much extended and hardly provide deep cleanse on gentle mode, so better to use your hands for everyday face wash.

However, you can use it with a gap, especially when you want to exfoliate your face using the intense vibration mode. Which will lift the skin game by making your skin pores tidy. Ultimately your skin products will absorb better, providing more visible healthy results.

Nonetheless, you can use the massage head of PMD clean every day in case you want to relax your skin. Or you can use it once a day in the morning, especially in the under-eye area, because PMD clean will lessen the puffiness with gentle vibrations and promote blood circulation.

How Often Should You Use PMD Clean?

It depends on your age, daily routine, and skin quality. If your skin is not matured, then it is not good to use PMD clean every day because too many vibrations and heat applications will open your tight pores more quickly.

However, if your skin is maturing and you wear makeup every day, then regular use of PMD clean will make your skin healthy. Further, the daily massage will decrease the fine lines and acne scars. Blackheads and skin tanning will also be carried away with regular use of PMD clean. Skincare products will show better results in a shorter period.

Does PMD Clean Really Work?

It is no surprise anymore that PMD clean works. Because out of ten, 8 women are satisfied with the daily use of PMD clean. However, many women have different opinions related to it because it is a little expensive. Plus, they do not like the typical round shape of PMD clean because it won’t reach the eye and nose corners.

Many makeup and skincare brands like “Ulta beauty “and “the body shop” have suggested PMD clean as one of the best facial cleansing brushes. Because it does not promote the spread of bacteria, it never agitates the irritated skin and can be used by teenagers and men as well. Plus, with regular use for 30 days, there are visible results of improved complexion, decreased blackheads, scars, and acne break out.

Moreover, it is advised to wet your face as well to avoid the dragging of skin. Also, make sure to apply skincare products after cleansing to prevent wrinkles and skin sagging. However, if you have a complex skin disease like rosacea, it is better to consult with your dermatologist.

Can I Use My PMD Clean In The Shower?

Yes, you can use PMD clean under the shower because it is waterproof. The silicon body is water-resistant and allows you to use it while washing your face and even while taking a shower. Just apply a tiny drop of cleaning gel or liquid on the top of the head and start using it as long as you want.

Plus, it is battery operated, which will set you free from all sorts of worries of electric shock. The battery operation system is efficient and hardly requires a one-time change in a month. However, you might have to take PMD clean body, which is purely designed for the body. Moreover, it comes with a loofah and exfoliating plate for a better shower experience.

Is PMD Clean Pro Waterproof?

Yes, PMD clean is waterproof and has a soft silicon-made body that is odorless and antibacterial. You can use it underwater while washing your face. The PMD clean also self-advises the customers to first dampen the head of PMD clean before using it.

Final Verdict Regarding PMD Clean, Pro, Body Reviews

If you have acne scars, oil, and sensitive skin, it is advised to have one skin cleansing brush. Moreover, PMD clean is the best product to introduce to your skincare regime. Because PMD is nonabrasive and comes with ultra-sonic vibration technology that promotes blood circulation plus, it glides like butter on your skin and brings out the natural glow.

Nonetheless, PMD clean, and PMD body is safe and gentle over the skin.  Further, PMD has a polishing feature added, which will gloss the peripheries like elbows and toes. On the other hand, Personal Microderm Pro is brilliant for exfoliation only, and it is not advised to use it frequently over sensitive and young skin. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite PMD clean and take your skincare routine to another level.

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