Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer Review

The Okachi Gliya facial steamer is known to extract excess dirt and oils and impurities and reveal smooth purified skin beneath. We carried out several tests on the device to determine if what is advertised is actually true. We found that the nano facial steamer actually offers practical features to open your clogged and maxed-out pores. It eliminates blackheads allowing serums and moisturizers to penetrate to the skin easily.

Okachi Gliya facial steamer is easy to use and effective making it a worthy investment. With this device at your disposal, you will revitalize your skin for a healthier complexion right from the comfort of your own home. Read on to find out more than this capable device has to offer.

Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer


  • LED light to notify you when the device is on.
  • Auto shut off if there is no water in the tank.
  • You can stop the steamer by closing the mirror lid.


  • It does not work with 220 V power outlets.
  • Cannot be used with essential oils to avoid build up and damage.

Features of Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer

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The okachi gliya facial steamer is all you need to bring Spa-quality steaming to your home. The 60 Hz multi-functional 4-in-1 steamer will moisturize your skin. It gently extract dirt, makeup, wax and other elements. The steamer relies on advanced PTC ceramic heating to vaporize distill water and give off strong steam.

It uses nano-sized steam which combine with ionic water particles to penetrate the skin easier.  It also free up your pores from dirt and grime and melt away dead skin cells that trap acne-causing bacteria. The manufacturer also promises collagen regeneration and improved nutritional absorbency. The steamer will activate the hydrophilic factor and replenish water in the skin.

Okachi Gliya facial steamer comes with a nozzle that sprays strong, wide and thick steam.  This deeply penetrates to replenish the natural moisture of your skin.  Heat from the steamer boosts blood circulation in your face by 10×, this can enhance the healing of cuts, bruises, and broken capillaries if any. By using the burst of fine mist open the pores, the facial steamer will help your skin absorb skin care products and makeup more effectively.


The manufacturer used a sleek and clever design with a streamlined appearance.  This makes Okachi Gliya facial steamer portable and easy to use. The steamer sports a sleek and attractive design that will add to the décor of any bathroom, dresser or bedroom. They used an ultra-high grade, heat resistant and eco-friendly material for the water tanks.

This material is odorless and promises long-lived and dedicated service.  There is an HD scratch resistant single-side mirror to help you when you need to fix your facial mask for instance. All the materials used to construct this piece are free from harmful chemicals so you and your family will be safe while using it.


This Okachi Gliya facial steamer is pretty small and won’t eat up much of your space. It measures 18.2×13.8×19.7 cm (L×W×H). So, you can squeeze it into your home, office without needing much real estate. It weighs 1.56 kg so it is not much of a task to carry it around whenever you need to.

An 80 ml water tank lasts you for 15 minutes and saves you the hassle of making trips to the tap amid steaming. The 280 W facial steamer relies on a 110 V/120 V power supply to function effectively making it perfect for homes and residential areas.

Ease of use

Unlike professional facial steamers which need a certain amount of advanced skill to operate, the Okayo Gleya Nano facial steamer is simple and straightforward. Anyone can set up and operate this device, whether you are a techy or not. You will find an anti-creep touch panel for control, making it easy, safe and convenient to operate the machine.

To use this unit, you are simply required to press the water tank and pop it out. Turn on the cover before adding distilled or purified water. You can now replace the tank back and after touching the turn-on button you only need to wait for 35 seconds before mist comes out. After using it, you can choose to close the mirror or touch the panel to turn the facial steamer off.

The company recommends keeping your face 8 inches away when steaming. You should also begin by cleansing with a facial brush before engaging the facial steamer to open up the pores. This improves your skin absorbency making it effective when you apply masking or nutrition. The makers also advise that you finally use cool the cool mist facial sprayer to shrink your pores.

okachi gliya facial steamer

What comes with the Okachi Gliya facial steamer package?

Inside the package, expect to find 1 Okachi Gliya facial steamer with a mirror, a power cord and a facial brush. The company has confidence in their workmanship and always stands by their products. That is why buyers also enjoy Okiya Gliya’s cover on all their products with a 30 day hassle free refund and a 1 year replacement warranty on parts.

Our Verdict

Now you can deep clean to remove oil, dirt and stubborn make up from home or office to leave you with a clean and smooth skin. This will make your skin more receptive to creams, toners, serums and more. The okachi gliya facial steamer produces mist that will penetrate the skin and unclog pores.  It also clears blackheads leaving you with for smooth, bright and radiant youthful skin.

Okachi Gliya facial steamer is gentle on your complexion and will enhance the effects of your skincare routine for a glowing face. If this is what you were looking for, go ahead and grab one and your whole family will thank you for it. It will not only save your money but also add the convenience of treating your face from your own home the way you like it.

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