5 New Skincare Trends of 2022

The Year of the ‘Rona (ahem, 2020) gave us the opportunity to explore new skincare trends and introduced us to self-care. Now, this year is giving us the chance to love the skin we’re in.

New Skincare Trends of This Year

From healthy glowing cheeks to plant-based hand masks and luxurious body exfoliants, these top 2021 skincare trends are all about loving our best asset — our skin. 

1. Give Yourself a Hand

Are hands feeling dry? The combination of cold weather, lots of handwashing, and regular pumps of hand sanitizer may be to blame. Many sanitizers and soaps contain drying agents, fragrances, and other irritants that can dry out your skin.

This year the beauty market is seeing an influx of elevated hygiene products including botanical-based hand sanitizers and hand soaps to restore dry, over-sanitized hands. Even hand masks are surging in popularity.

2. Bye-Bye Pesky Pores

While there’s no magic trick to make your pores completely disappear, dermatologists and experts in the skincare world say that a pore minimizer in the form of a niacinamide serum is the next best thing.

Commonly recommended for general skin health, niacinamide not only helps to reduce the appearance of pores but it’s also known to help with rosacea, wrinkles, pigmentation, and acne.

Typically available in the form of serums, niacinamide works overtime to keep your skin smooth and moisturized, which contributes to a reduction in the appearance of pore size over time. It helps to reduce your skin’s oil production, too. 

Most Popular Niacinamide Serums

3. Take Your Vitamins

Are you taking your vitamins? There’s no question that a daily dose of vitamins can do your body good. Vitamins can also do your skin good, too. Last year vitamin-based skincare was booming.

And in 2021, beauty experts predict this trend is here to stay. Vitamin C serums are among some of the most popular vitamin-based skincare products.

These serums make skin look glowy and plump  — two things everyone wants. Vitamin C serums can boost collagen production and reduce overall inflammation giving skin a youthful, healthy appearance. 

Most Popular Vitamin C Serums

4. Less is More 

Sometimes less can be more. It’s what beauty gurus are calling skinimalism. Natural skin is in. And the experts at Pinterest predict people will be using fewer makeup products in 2021.

Natural beauty is big, and trending topics within this space include searches for products like aloe masks, glowing skin, natural everyday makeup, and homemade skincare. Beauty mavens are saying goodbye to 12-step beauty routines and swapping them for something much more simple. 

5. Make Your Body Good 

Good sleep, fitness, and healthy food can keep our bodies feeling good. In 2021, many expect body treatments to be all the rage.

Products that run the gamut from scrubs, oils, serums, and exfoliants will be at the top of every beauty guru’s must-have list  — think body serums designed to firm and tone, and exfoliating body treatments designed to even skin tone and texture.

The last year 2020 gave us time to master skincare for our faces. This year it’s time to do our bodies some good. 

The skincare surge is showing no signs of slowing down this year. These expert-approved skincare trends can help you take your own skincare to the next level, whether you are looking to minimize your pores or taking a full-body approach to skincare. 

Besides these, you can continue using regular facials depending on your skin, at-home microdermabrasion, reshape your body using ultrasonic cavitation, tanning your skin. It’s better to use dermatologist-recommended face cleansing brushes, body brushes to give the best to your skin.

There are always some trends that are applicable all the time. But we need to adopt new skincare trends as technology and necessity change over time.


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