Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Do you need honest medical breakthrough massage chair reviews before purchasing? If yes, then this article will be pretty helpful for you.  Indeed getting a massage is the most soothing feeling after a long tiring routine work. And that is where a massage chair comes. These are highly specialized chairs designed to provide high-quality massage without visiting a therapist.

In the past days, massage chairs were only accessible at luxury spas or physiotherapist clinics. However, nowadays, they are available in the market, which means that now you can have a massage at home.

Although there are many massage chairs, we will recommend the Medical breakthrough Massage chair because of its unbelievable features. So if you want to know more about this massage chair, then keep reading. So now, without further ado, let’s have a look at this massage chair in detail.

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair Reviews

The medical Breakthrough chair is designed by 25 medical doctors, including chiropractors, surgeons, and pain specialists. It is a comfortable chair that gives you a deep massage. We all like to get a human massage when returning home from a tiring routine job.

Besides, getting a massage by a human masseuse or a physiotherapist is the best-relaxed feeling ever. But we cannot visit a chiropractor on a daily basis because of time shortage and high expenses. But with this chair, you can get the same treatment at home.

Although many chairs claim to give massage approximately about 50 percent compared with human hands, it offers a better massage experience than human hands when it comes to this magical chair.

What is Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair?

The medical breakthrough brand has come up with an arduous struggle of about 14 years and is now providing chairs that effectively heal your body. When you sit in Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair, it scans your whole body and then positions the rollers according to your needs.

Moreover, Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair has multiple systems for healing your body pains. Also, you can use it on a daily basis to stay healthy. This chair has a reflexology foot massage system that enables a perfect reflexology foot massage. Every part of your feet will receive equal massage by the three rows of rollers encircling the sole of your foot. It is best for Artificial Human Scraping Therapy Massage for the foot.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair gives you six different massages like human hands. These are Flapping, kneading, flapping and kneading combined, knocking, rolling, and Shiatsu. Along with it, it is most suitable for a full-body stretch.

Furthermore, it also includes other varieties of massage like Greek, Egyptian, Turkish, Roman, and Japanese. This massage chair is combined with all the effective massage from different places from the world and integrated into this single chair.

The zero-gravity system offered by this chair enables your body to spread evenly so that all parts of the body receive balanced weight. Your body feels relaxed in a horizontal position by increasing the blood flow and reducing stress on the backbone.

Also, this chair has a blue tooth system. It is best for music lovers. Just connect your mobile and enjoy your favorite music with a relaxing massage.

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Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Highlighting Features

4 D Arm Massage

These medical breakthrough chairs have advanced Smart Medical Scan Technology which scans all your body and provides a required soothing massage to every part of your body. Also, you can manage the scan manually with the help of its remote.

Once you try this feature, you will want to try it every day. Most chairs do not give massage to every part, but this chair’s 4D arms cover the fingertips, hands, arms, feet, and back from every side. We can say that it is better than a human’s massage because a human can’t massage every part at the same time.

3 Dimensional L Track Massage System

The massage chair has advanced 3-dimensional rollers. While in the industry, they are also called 4-dimensional rollers. The x and y-axis allow you to control movement with time, while the z-axis allows massage intensity control, and the 4th dimension work in the depth of rollers.

The 4th rollers help those who are used to deep massage so that they can set the rollers manually. The airbag and rollers cover a greater area, and they consist of about 167 air cells.

Calf Rollers

With so many advancements still, some lacking are there in most massage chairs, and that is the massage of lowers extremities and the pesky calves.

This chair has additional calf rollers, which work as a downward knee massager. With calves’ rollers, it also has a heat therapy feature. They provide heat massage while rolling over feet and claves.

How to Use Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair/User Manual?

First, install the program supplied by an agent for operation. After complete installation, connect the power cord with the massage chair while plugging it in the socket. Now turn on the power switch. The chair is now ready to use.

Medical breakthroughs have a set of 3D hands and a four-wheel drive. The shoulder area has an automatic detection and adjustment function, which works by the detected body curve. It gives comfort, ache relief, waits for stretches along with full air pressure.

The chair includes an LCD manual controller, which controls the massage air. Sit comfortably in the chair and presses the red button to start the massage, and the chair will recline back.

There is an auto-massage button on the LCD control manual. Press this button, and the chair hands and calf rest roller start the massage simultaneously. You can adjust the intensity of massage hands by clicking the intensity adjust option.

Also, for the adjustment of detected shoulder regions, press up or down shoulder position buttons. You can also choose the massage methods which you want for yourself. You can stop the massage by pressing the power button.

Moreover, consult your doctor before using it if you have heart disease, pregnancy, heat sensitivity, skin sensitivity, osteoporosis, and malignant tumors. Moreover, be sure not to pull the plugs with wet hands.

  • Durable and flexible.
  • Well-built chair.
  • 3D back rollers.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • A bit expensive.


Is Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Safe?

Are you having questions about the safety of the medical breakthrough massage chair? If yes, then don’t worry because these medical breakthrough massage chairs are manufactured according to modern ways to provide comfort; however, the method and the massaging techniques which were used in the ancient periods have been used in the making. The people from around the globe with a mesmerizing experience came together to come up with a solution to your stressful days.

When it comes to safety, they use a Shiatsu massage that links to the Japanese therapy of healing with safety. These medical breakthrough massage chairs have left the unsecure methods of massaging far behind crucially when it is about product quality there isn’t any comparison of these chairs.

While talking about medical breakthrough massage chair safety, they have never disappointed their users so you can consider this chair without any hesitation. A good number of well-trained scientists, doctors and all the other people connected with this profession collaboratively started up, and here they are seeing this chair making people’s life thrilled.

This chair is entirely safe as various medical professionals advise their patients to have it in their houses to keep them calm throughout the day. It allows a better flow of blood all over the body and provides oxygen to each cell and tissue.

The medical breakthrough massage chair has a heat therapy system that supports cell division. And this cell division makes an injury heal faster. However, it doesn’t mean to depend on this chair for healing all your injuries. It will boost up the recovery and increase the duration of the healing.

For Whom The Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Is Most Beneficial And How?

Additionally, the medical breakthrough massage chair is ideal for athletes and elders. There can’t be any flaws in this chair, but we can add more features and more relieving methods. Moreover, this chair has been made in the tenure of 36 years which is quite a long time to develop a chair, but the duration does justice with the results.

Your whole body will be relaxed, and your mind will start having good vibes; along with this, the experience is no less than a sigh of sooth. It is secure to have this chair at your house. The heat coming out doesn’t hurt your cells at all, but it increases their capabilities to work for an individual’s betterment.

How Often Should I Use Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair?

If you are using the medical breakthrough massage chair four times a day and still face the same issues with your ankles, feet, neck, and back region, including the hips and spinal area, the answer is that you might be over-using it. Moreover, when it comes to how often you should use so, you should consider using this massage chair 3 to 5 times a week.

Whereas the time limit should be 14 to 16 minutes, that’s it! Generally, people think if they have invested their money so they must make the most out of it, but this isn’t fair with your own-self. People develop a habit of sitting and relax on this chair and forget that the excessive use of anything can be harmful too. Following are the defects of over-using a messaging chair.

  • A person might feel short sensations in their neck and the lower legs
  • Over-usage of massage chair can leave an unhealthy effect on your muscles and joints
  • It can affect your hormonal activities as well.

The duration to use the medical breakthrough massage chair relies on your age, gender, and muscles and joints’ ability to react to such phenomena. There are limits to a human body, and using it on an extreme level can be hazardous indeed. Additionally, 15-20 minutes on the chair creates pressure on the neck, spine, and lower limbs.

Does Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Really Work?

People are often in search of this question that “Do these chairs work?” Talking about medical breakthrough massage chairs, yes, the users feel improved in their mental and physical health. It works just because the way it’s been made in a way that allows your body to own it.

When you sit on this chair, it hits every single spot and triggers the pain points that need a cure. There are chairs out there in the market which doesn’t cover up the basic areas and focus more on the main and prominent spots. The medical breakthrough massage chair dives deep into your back and by the rollers and sensations to recharge your batteries and chill out.

You can try all of them by just sitting on this without spending thousands of dollars to experience the authentic massages. The users highly recommend it to their friends and family to use it as a curer.

Final Verdict- Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

To sum-up the medical breakthrough massage chair reviews, we can say that this is a good one for your health and body. Lastly, there are a few advice for you: don’t keep moving while using the chair, play a soothing tune or a favorite song of yours, and get started using it. The medical breakthrough massage chair is the key to relieving you from the hectic day. It is a long-term investment so choose wisely.

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