MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews

This post regarding MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews will help you to decide whether to buy this spray tan device or not.

Tanning has recently grown in popularity due to the growing awareness of the health risks of exposing the skin to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. You can also learn ins and outs of one of the best spray tan machines from this MaxiMist Spray tan machine review. It really brings most of the benefits you enjoy from spa treatments right from the comfort of your home.

MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews

The Maximist Spray Tan Machine comes with a rock solid 300W turbine that provides more than enough oomph to match whatever you have in mind. On the spray gun, there is a German engineered nozzle that is built for accuracy and precision. This unit maximizes fine mist atomization while minimizing the amount of overspray

The spray gun comes with a non-stick needle that prevents a buildup of tanning solution and corrosion that may result in clogging. By simply making slight adjustments at the trigger, you can get to control and adjust the spray pattern. You can ensure the accuracy of your selected tanning solution.

The Satin spray head is fitted with three 5Oz cups and 2 lids. So you won’t be making pauses in between the treatment to refill it. The cups are conical in shape with a wide base to ensure picking up as much solution as possible. A 6.5ft air hose allows you to move around freely.

The MaxiMist Spray tan machine also includes a large size clear view pop up tent. This means you won’t have to spend extra bucks purchasing a tent. The nylon tents have double stitch with threaded seams. This is for extra durability with a leak-proof stain resistant floor. The tents come in three colors so you are free to choose what suits you.

Weighing at slightly over 5 lbs, this spray tan machine is lightweight and easy to carry around. This won’t weigh you down if you choose to go mobile. It also has a convenient roomy carry bag with onboard gun storage to make the transportation easier. The carry bag still offers extra space for other personal items like towels.

The price is achievable, considering what you will have to spend in commercial spas to get this level of quality spray tanning.

What’s Inside the Package of Maximist Spray Tan Machine

The unit uses 110 V electrical supply which is the standard for most homes. Inside the package, you will get:

  • an instruction manual to guide you through setup and use;
  • a free spare spray gun cup gasket;
  • spare spray gun nozzle gasket,
  • spare turbine filter, and
  • an extra solution pick-up tube.
  • Three 80 Z bottles of the Tampa Bay Tan premium solution. (The solution is 100% natural and vegan and it comes in Dark 12% levels Medium 10% and Light 8% levels)


  • Easy access to Maximist tech support.
  • It is CE, EU, ECAL Certified which assures it safe for your skin.
  • The spray tan machine is covered by a 1 warranty on Turbine failure.


  • The solution has to be used within 90 days from the date of manufacture.


You can also check the other variations from Maximist

How To Use Maximist Spray Tan Machine?

There are certain steps to use a Maximist spray tan machine.

  • Before directly using the tan spray machine, first, exfoliate the skin
  • Apply barrier cream to nourish the dry edges of the body so that they won’t get darker after tanning.
  • Try to manage the ventilation inside the room while spray tanning to avoid inhalation of spray tan. Plus, cover the floor to avoid staining.
  • First of all, fill the cartridge up to 2-3 ounces and secure the lid tightly. In case of overfilling and improper closure, dripping or spilling of solution may occur.
  • Next, set the airflow knobs of the spray tanning machine. Lighter airflow settings for the light bronze look, and in case you want to apply it on children. While for darker skin tone, set the airflow knob to high.
  • Hold the Maximist spray tanning machine straight in a vertical position. Make vertical stripes while spraying to avoid a patchy look. Spray vertically to the front of the body until you reach the hips area.
  • While spraying hands, raise the hands and start from the armpit to the hips. However, while spraying legs, start from the thigh and move vertically to the ankle.
  • Spray lighter at the knee and ankle area. Then turn the leg in to spray the inner thigh.
  • While spraying to the face, try to hold your breath. First, do the forehead to chin, and then cover the cheeks area in circular motions.
  • After completing the spray tanning, wait for at least 10-20 minutes before wearing clothes. However, it would show a more promising result if you leave the tan spray overnight and take a shower in the morning.

How to Clean Maximist Spray Tan Machine?

It is advised to clean the Maximist spray tan machine before the tan spray dries out because once it gets dried, it will be hard to remove it completely. You can clean your Maximist spray tan machine.

  • Turn off the machine and unscrew the container.
  • If any residual solution is left in the cartridge, pour it back to the bottle.
  • Neat the container, feed tube, and ventilating bore.
  • Pour Maxi clean spray gun cleaner into the container. You can use any cleaning liquid but not flammable ones.
  • Screw back the container, turn on the machine and spray the cleaning liquid into the sink.
  • Fill the container with water, then again spray it completely to the sink.
  • Repeat the procedure until the water you filled in the spray tanning machine starts to come clear from the nozzle.
  • Turn off the system.
  • Open the container and empty it.
  • Pull outfeed tube along with the container seal.
  • Open the union nut and remove the air cap and nozzle.
  • Clean the nozzle, nozzle seal, and air cap with the help of the soft brush.
  • Wipe the outer body of the Maximist tanning machine with a wet cloth.
  • Assemble back and keep in a dry place.

It is recommended not to use metal or sharp objects for cleaning the parts of the Maximist spray tan machine. This will decrease the life of the machine. Moreover, try to avoid using volatile cleaners as well.

Does Maximist Spray Tan Machine Work?

Yes, Maximist spray tan machine works. It is very reliable, easy to use, and the coverage it provides is worth mentioning. Moreover, the tan will last longer than a week. It never leaves a patchy look on the skin once it starts fading.

Is Maximist Spray Tan Machine Safe?

Maximist spray tanning machine is completely safe and sound. You can use it every day to consume less tanning liquid, and coverage is quite efficient. However, avoid using it near water or when voltage is tripping. Avoid using flammable liquid and keep it away from children’s reach.

What is Tanning?

Tanning occurs when the production of the skin pigment, called melanin increases causing a tan color change. This is a protective measure; the skin naturally increases the production of melanin when exposed to UV radiation to protect the skin from further damage. This doesn’t irritate your skin or compromise its structure in any way.

What Are The Key Benefits of The Maximist Spray Tan Machine?

A premium quality spray tan machine like the Maximist provides you the perfect tan in seconds. It rejuvenates and hydrates the skin and keeps it clean and clear for a long while. The increase in melanin production gives your skin a healthy glow. Aside from the good looks, below are some other benefits of spray tanning:


Machine tanning is a nice way to forget the stress of the day and relax the entire body.

Boosting Confidence

Spray tanning will improve the skin tone and make your skin feel as good as it looks. This significantly increases your self-belief and naturally revolutionizes the way of your work and interactions.

Customized Skin Treatment

A well-made spray tan machine is a great way to bring Spa-quality treatment to your home and treat your face the way you desire.

What To Consider When Buying A Spray Tan Machine?

High Volume Low-Pressure 

Ensure checking the wattage of the turbine and enough strength of the airflow to suit your demands. It should produce at least 300 W of power and 40 CFM if you want good results.


It is important to check if the solution type and depth are compatible with your skin type and preferences or not. You should seek to know the different levels of tanning and how they react with your skin to avoid any problems. Incorrect application or over application may eventually take a toll on your skin and therefore affect the outcome.


You don’t want to break in the middle of the skin treatment to refill the spray tan machine. To avoid this, ensure that you settle for the can handle at least 3Oz of liquid.


Look out for models that come with pop up tents to save you the trouble of cleaning the entire room or salon after you’re done with the treatment.

Final Words Regarding MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine Reviews

Most people especially women who have made spray tanning part of their routine before going for galas and other events love this Maximist spray tan machine. We have tried to inform you about the good things and bad things about the product with these Maximist spray tan machine reviews. Finally, you can also read our article about  “10 Best Professional Spray Tan Machine To Buy” if you still confuse to decide which one to buy.

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