Massage For Back Pain Relief

Our ultimate desire is to feel physically sound. So, in this speedy world, massage is one of the most amazing things. Previously, we wrote about all types of massages. But in this post, we have focused on massage for back pain relief. It is a complete guideline for those who are struggled because of back pain. Stay till the end.

 Massage for back pain relief

 “Massage is not a luxury massage is a necessity”. 

You will come across this sentence often but how much do you really understand the importance of those words?

The factor of Accelerated Lifestyle

In the 21st century, when the speed of the work done is a factor that goes hand in hand with the quality of the same, life breaks on the back of a person who lives and works according to the principle, faster and better. 

Due to that accelerated lifestyle and reduced physical activities such as sports and recreation, people are increasingly suffering from back pain. 

Even if you are a person who regularly exercises fitness and recreation, an injury or pain in the back muscles as well as the entire muscular system of a person is possible. For back muscle, you can try a percussion massage gun as an alternative.

What to do when we get into a situation where every movement is pain, every bending, sitting, and even lying down is the trigger for unbearable pain?

Pain in The Back and Medications

Most people will go to the doctor for more pain medications that can instantly calm your pain receptors but in the long run, they will do immeasurable damage to your stomach and digestive system and therefore your pain receptors will get used to a certain type of pain medication. 

Pain medications in this situation are easiest to explain with an example in which you want to empty one container full of water but instead of spilling water into the drain, you empty the container by pouring water from that container into another. 

Considering that, you will soothe your back pain instantly but your stomach will suffer the consequences if you continue to treat any pain with pain medication. 

Instead of poisoning your body with drugs, our recommendation is to teach your body to massage.

You can also take Turmeric Curcumin Supplements along with massage therapy for more effective and faster results.

Massage As Health Treatment

In this article, we will focus on massage to relieve back pain. 

During the elimination of back pain, the therapist will directly initiate a whole series of chemical and physical reactions in your body that serve the well-being of the whole organism, not just back pain.  

Although massage as a therapeutic method has a wide range of effects.

In order to explain to you the benefits of massage for relieving back pain, we need to bring you closer to the general benefits of massage.

General benefits of massage

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years.  

Massage therapy is a combination of science and art.  

Provides a relaxing experience, renews the mind and body, eliminates stress.  Massage has its roots in ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian, and Egyptian times.

More and more people are recognizing the health benefits of massage.  They choose from a number of massage styles, to alleviate the symptoms of the disease or to heal certain types of injuries. Sports massage is the most used massage for injuries.

Massage therapy is becoming widely accepted in medical circles as a credible method to reduce many types of back pain and/or as an adjunct to other medical treatments.  Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for people suffering from back pain that include:

  •  Increased blood flow thus bringing the necessary food into the muscles and tissues.  It helps to recover muscle pain after physical activity or soft tissue injury (such as stretching). For muscles, you can use a massage gun.
  •  Reduction of muscle tension.  Muscle relaxation can improve flexibility, reduce pain caused by overstretched muscles, and even improve sleep.
  •  Increased levels of endorphins – “happiness hormones” in the brain.  Endorphins can relieve depression and anxiety and thus help reduce pain and speed recovery, which is especially important for people suffering from chronic back and neck problems.

When you arrive at your massage appointment 

Now that we know all the facts that go in favor of massage as a therapeutic remedy, I will explain in more detail how it is performed in a massage table and how massage works to relieve back pain. 

When we say back pain, we usually mean pain in the lower back (lumbosacral) or pain in the area of ​​the sciatic nerve. But under back pain, we can indirectly count the pain that spreads to the shoulders and neck. 

To help yourself and your body, you must first find an experienced and quality therapist.  Before you go for a massage, find a salon that has the quality and tradition of work according to the recommendations.

 When you arrive at your appointment, slowly and in detail explain to the therapist how your back pain occurred (injury, or some other reason), what the intensity of the pain is on a scale of up to 10, and whether you have previously had any illnesses or injuries that your therapist should know before starting work.

 After taking an anamnesis of the problem, the therapist will instruct you to undress and lie down on a massage table, and then begin treatment by warming your back muscles.

Depending on the degree of pain intensity in your back, massage can also be a painful process. But don’t let that discourage you. 

A quality therapist will be able to explain to you that the strength and spectrum of his movements at certain moments must be stronger in order for the massage to be successful and your back pain to be removed as soon as possible.   

Also, your therapist will introduce you to the fact that if you want to completely remove the pain and tension in the back and neck muscles, you must come for a few appointments. 

Bottom Line Of Massage For Back Pain Relief

Healing is a process that we must gradually and patiently expect. But if we are consistent and love our body, the reward in the form of general relaxation, liveliness and mobility are to be expected. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, massage is a necessity, not a luxury, so I will say towards the end of this article: “A healthy man heals him on time, a sick man only heals already existing wounds.” 

That means, make yourself a healthy rhythm, healthy food, activity, massage therapy, and your back and your body will be full of health and life.

 Schedule your appointment for a massage and before the onset of the pain itself, be consistent in going to appointments and I assure you that you will not know what back pain is. 

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