Makeup after microneedling: Facts You Need To Know

This blog post illustrates the necessary facts you need to know before makeup after microneedling treatment. Microneedling is a common procedure for acne scar treatment. Microneedling stimulates new collagen production in the skin, making it plumper with minimized pores and fine lines.

It’s also effective in treating pigmentation by narrowing down large pores to minimize exposure to sunlight in dark spots.

After microneedling, you usually have redness and swelling. This makes it important to know how soon you can start using makeup again after the procedure so that you don’t miss out on your beauty routine right after microneedling treatment.

Can you wear makeup after microneedling?

Most dermatologists advise their patients to stay away from makeup after microneedling to let the skin heal completely. There are certain risks involved if you wear makeup soon after microneedling.

It is possible that you might not be able to get optimal results out of your treatment, as the pores may still be open and lead to pimples and acne. Skin infections caused by makeup after microneedling is also a possibility if the affected area is small and not regularly cleansed.

Some patients have noted swelling, pain, or tenderness when they try to put on their usual makeup products after microneedling treatment. But if you are keen on using makeup after your microneedling treatment, you can always go for makeup products that are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

Non-comedogenic products are usually oil-free formulations to help reduce the risk of acne breakouts. They do not have ingredients that clog pores or cause acne, which means the skin is less prone to breakouts and pimples.

Hypoallergenic products contain gentle ingredients or mild preservatives that are unlikely to cause irritations in most people with allergies and sensitive skin. They typically do not contain fragrances, dyes, parabens, and sulfates, which can worsen acne conditions for some individuals.

How long after microneedling can I wear makeup?

The answer to this question varies according to the person’s skin type and the treatment plan. It is likely that you would be told to wait for 3 weeks after microneedling in order for your skin to heal completely. After this period, you can wear makeup again.

When can I wear makeup after microneedling?

If you are wearing makeup after microneedling, it is best to wait for around three weeks before doing so. The skin needs time to heal up and become resistant enough to tolerate the usual wear and tear of makeup products and daily exposure to dirt and sebum.

Since this period is crucial in terms of results, many dermatologists would advise against makeup for this period of time. However, if you are keen on wearing makeup again after three weeks, it is best to use mild products that do not irritate the skin even more after microneedling treatment. Forcing the skin to heal up quickly may only result in poor results and prolonged recovery.

Another point to remember is that you should avoid using acne-prone or oily products to prevent breakouts and pimples. Instead, you can use water-based makeup products for the time being. If the skin is too sensitive, it may be wise to just stick with natural looks that do not require much face paint. The key is to give your skin ample time to heal up and become resistant to makeup products.

Can I use moisturizer after microneedling?

You can use moisturizers and other skincare products after microneedling treatment as long as they are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. You should avoid using acne-prone or oil-based formulations for this process, which can result in prolonged recovery time and poor results.

Besides moisturizers, it is also fine to use serums and other skincare preparations that are free of antioxidants, retinol, vitamins A and C, AHAs, BHAs, benzophenones, chemical sunscreens, etc. These ingredients may irritate the skin after microneedling, which can lead to prolonged recovery time and delayed results.

What makeup products should I avoid after microneedling?

Some individuals may experience slight irritation or inflammation when they use makeup products right after microneedling treatment. In order to minimize the risk of developing pimples, it is best to forgo using matte makeup products and those that contain thick or heavy ingredients.

In most cases, it is best to use water-based makeup formulations for the time being. If you have easily irritated skin after microneedling, you can try using cleansing oil or micellar water to remove most of your makeup before washing your face with a gentle cleanser. That way, you get to remove most of your makeup products without rubbing or tugging at the skin.

As for powder and foundation, it is best to avoid oil-based varieties and those with tinted moisturizers and high SPFs for this process. Oily combinations can easily clog pores and irritate the skin. They can also seep into your pores and cause purging, which can turn out to be disastrous if you have breakout-prone skin.

Frequent washing of the face will also prevent makeup products from being trapped inside the pores or hair follicles for too long. Cleansing wipes are good alternatives for this purpose. In fact, some dermatologists recommend using cleansing wipes instead of facial cleansers since they remove even waterproof makeup.

When can I start putting on the foundation?

If you are used to putting on foundation, then you can go ahead and start doing it as soon as you want. In fact, some people would advise against waiting for three weeks as this is a good time to let the collagen production happen without being interfered with by other factors such as makeup.

What happens if I wear makeup after microneedling?

If you are wearing non-comedogenic products, then there is less chance for acne breakouts to occur. However, if your skin reacts badly to the makeup product or if it is not hypoallergenic, chances are you would have an allergic reaction that can cause pimple eruptions and redness.

It is possible for makeup to irritate the skin and cause breakouts after microneedling. This can be due to certain ingredients or fragrances in the product that your skin might not be able to cope with after the itching and swelling during recovery from microneedling treatment.

Mineral makeup after microneedling

Mineral makeup is a safe bet for people who have acne problems and sensitive skin. It is suitable for all skin types and does not clog pores. Microneedling also has a positive effect on mineral makeup as it makes the makeup adhere to the face better. Mineral makeup contains only natural ingredients so you can be sure that your skin is not getting irritated.

Mineral makeup can even make your skin look better after microneedling treatment, especially if you are recovering from post-acne marks. If you have sun damage or age spots, applying mineral foundation on top of your microneedling results can help camouflage these flaws and give you a more even skin tone.

Mineral makeup can be worn as your regular foundation after microneedling treatment as it contains natural ingredients. However, if you plan on using mineral powder as sunscreen, make sure to wait for one week before doing so to reduce the risk of irritation and redness after application.

Is it possible to wear foundation after microneedling?

Yes, it is possible to wear the foundation as soon as the microneedling treatment has been done. In some cases, your skin can be irritated by certain ingredients in the makeup product or if it contains fragrances. If this happens, make sure to stop using the said product and look for an alternative.

It is best to wear mineral makeup after microneedling because it does not contain harmful chemicals. It is also advisable to wear makeup that’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic so as not to worsen the acne breakouts or irritate your skin.

Makeup After Microneedling Final Words

Although the microneedling procedure itself will not interfere with your daily routine, it is best to avoid activities that can potentially irritate your skin. For instance, you should try and avoid sun exposure and smoking for a few weeks after treatment so as not to worsen the acne breakouts. Nevertheless, these precautions are just meant to prevent irritation, skin dryness, redness, and swelling.

As long as you are wearing hypoallergenic products that are non-comedogenic, it is possible to wear foundation after microneedling treatment since these products can help close the pores and keep bacteria out.

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