7 Most Popular Ways to Leg Hair Removal

There are many solutions to the leg hair removal problem, including shaving, waxing, threading, applying depilatory cream, and many other techniques.

Being Hair-Free Has Never Been Easier with These Leg Hair Removal Solutions. Getting rid of that unsightly leg hair is an age-old problem that many continue to fight.

Beyond these more labor-intensive and time-consuming methods, you can also seek out laser hair removal as a solution.

But before we jump to recommending a particular solution, let’s review the most popular methods of hair removal that are currently available.

Most Popular Leg Hair Removal Methods

Below, seven of the most popular leg hair removal methods are examined.


Shaving is the go-to method for most people for leg hair removal. It’s readily available, inexpensive, and it only takes a bath or shower to set the stage. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself way that only takes a few minutes to get the job done.

It can take care of extensive areas, such as the legs, and because most razors are small and have flexible heads, shaving is also great for other areas of hair removal, such as under the arms and the bikini line.

The problem is, razors have some safety issues, and shaving is only a temporary solution. Using a razor, nicks and cuts are a definite possibility, especially on the curves of your knees and ankles.

And while shaving provides instant hairless and smooth skin, it isn’t a lasting solution. Shaving only cuts the hair above the skin, allowing the hair to grow back easily and in a matter of days, if not hours.  


The process of waxing your legs involves applying melted wax to the legs in strips going in the hair’s direction of growth. The heat from the wax causes the hair follicles to dilate, making it easier to remove the hair, root and all.  Once the wax has set a bit, the strips are removed abruptly, taking the hair with it.

However, waxing isn’t without safety concerns, as it is dangerous for thin-skinned areas and, if the wax is too hot, you could burn yourself. Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs, which are no fun. It’s certainly an effective hair removal solution, though, since it removes the hair and the root. New hair will grow, but waxing provides a more lasting solution than shaving.


Threading is a technique that comes from the Middle East. It uses thin thread to grab and pull out hair by the root, similar to waxing. Unlike waxing, though, threading is very safe, as well as sanitary in leg hair removal.

It’s particularly good for those with sensitive skin since waxing can burn the skin, and shaving cream can irritate it. However, threading can also cause some irritation in the area of removal and is not well-suited for extensive areas such as the legs.

It can take a great deal of time to do both legs. But on smaller areas of the body, such as eyebrows, it’s effective and, if done right, can have long-lasting results. 


Sugaring also originated from the Middle East. This not-so-well-known method of hair removal is now gaining popularity in the U.S. It takes a mixture of water, sugar, and lemon juice to make a paste.

The paste is then applied to the skin in the backward direction of the hair growth and then pulled off abruptly, much like waxing. Since it goes in the opposite direction to waxing, it is less painful.

It has few safety concerns since it uses common household ingredients, and it’s gentler on the skin. When done with care, it can be as effective as waxing in leg hair removal, without the risk of burns. 

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams, also known as leg hair removal creams, use chemicals that break down the chemical bonds in the hair. Once this is done, the hair weakens, allowing you to simply wipe or rinse the hair off. It’s a quite smelly proposition, and as with other methods, it has some safety concerns.

The chemicals in these creams can cause major irritation and redness, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Plus, these products are about as effective as shaving, since depilatories only work above the surface of the skin. They cannot remove hair at the root the way waxing, sugaring, and threading can. 


Vaniqa is a prescription-only topical cream that contains an enzyme that slows and inhibits hair growth. It doesn’t help leg hair removal but prevents the hair from coming back. Other techniques need to be used to remove the hair, and Vaniqa is a good follow-up to make the results of those other techniques last longer.

While this product is approved by the FDA, some people experience redness, stinging, and an increase in acne. 

Laser Leg Hair Removal

We’ve saved one of the best hair removal solutions for last. As we mentioned previously, laser hair removal is the ultimate in high-tech leg hair removal. With these treatments, lasers target hair follicles with heat to both eliminate hair and prevent future hair growth.

It’s the most permanent of all of these solutions, but it does still require periodic maintenance. Laser hair removal is completely safe when performed by a specialist who’s trained in using a laser hair removal machine.

When wondering, “Is there a cosmetic laser center near me?” be sure to consider your hair removal goals when researching the best center for laser hair removal.

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