KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer Review: Best Facial Steamer for Blackheads

Whether you are struggling with unsightly blackhead or white head or you have sensitive or crocodile-like skin, the KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer is the perfect solution. It generates a steady and thick mist which makes the skin soft making it easy to extract dead skin, dirt, and remaining make up. This is one of the best facial steamer for blackheads and also in improving the texture and luster and boosting the health of your skin.

kingdom cares facial steamer


  • Automatic shut-off timer setting allows you to set the runtime to match your demands.
  • The steamer is moderately priced and easily affordable.
  • Easy to access On/Off button makes it easy to control the steamer.
  • Adjustable outlet nozzle ensures precise and accurate delivery of the mist.


    • The steamer is not compatible with 240V power outlets.
    • The tank comes with a removable strong plastic smell.


kingdom cares facial steamer

Features of KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer

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The KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer works by softening surface skin for easy removal of dirt, dead skin, oil, and makeup. It produces a mist that deep cleanses the pores and exfoliates and hydrates your skin. This will improve cell vitality and leave you with a younger looking complexion. This professional facial steamer can eliminate all harmful bacteria.

The device relies on a ceramic heating element which produces fine nano-size steam. This absorbs more readily into the skin. The nozzle is adjustable allowing you to set the best angle so the steam fully envelopes your face. It is an effortless way to make you pimple-free. The steaming enhances blood circulation in your facial skin which reduces any signs of early aging. You get to improve the absorption power of your skin and make makeup last for longer.

It is a multi-purpose steamer and cannot only be used on the face but also works for the neck and chest. You can still use it to humidify a room or warm towels when you need to get some refreshment. The steamer also offers the high-tech ozone function with a UV lamp that sterilizes steam to make it pure, more effective and safe on your skin. The 100% pure blend steam won’t irritate your skin in any way or compromise its structure. You can use your essential natural oils, herbs, and other fragrances to rejuvenate your skin and give it a more youthful radiance.


 This piece of innovation boasts a sleek and stylish design that is a treat for many. It marries well with the décor on your makeup table, bathroom, bedroom or dressing area decor. All your friends will be in awe of your new equipment for its dazzling looks. The design also includes a makeup or masking mirror you can use so you don’t do the makeup the wrong way. It was also thoughtful of the company to include an ergonomic handle that makes it easy and convenient to lift the steamer.

Specification and Build Quality

The manufacturer used the solid and sturdy material to build this unit so it can stand up to long years of intense use. The materials are free from toxins and harmful chemicals assuring you and your family maximum safety.

The KINGDOMCARES facial steamer measures 5.39-inch base diameter and 6.82 inches in height making a compact device that can be positioned on any tight space. It weighs in decently at 1080 g so carrying it around should be a walk in the park. The 100ml water tank is quite sizeable and can run for 15 – 20 minutes so you have plenty of time for a sauna.

You need an AC power supply of 110-120V which is common in most residential areas. It works at a rated frequency of 60Hz and produces 280W of power to suit your needs. The steam is produced at 40 ͦ C/ 104 ͦ F so it won’t hurt your soft facial skin. The manufacturer recommends positioning your face at least 20cm from the steam outlet to ensure utmost safety. It is advisable to only use distilled water since tap water can damage the steamer.

Ease of use

It is easy to operate as you have a manual to know how to operate it. The plastic smell can be cleared by running the steamer with a full tank before using the steamer for the first time. Before you can use it, fill the water supply tanks with used water. Insert the power plug into the power outlet before pressing the power switch on. Adjust the nozzle and the steam will be released towards your target area. The manufacturer advises wiping dry the water tanks after use. Low noise levels, so if you intend to use it at night, you won’t disturb other family members who may be sleeping.

What’s inside the package of KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer?

The package offers the KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer, a power cord, and a user manual. The manufacturer knows that customer satisfaction matters and although they have belief in their products, they still offer a free replacement in the event of a defect.

Our Verdict

The KINGDOMCARES Facial Steamer is the ultimate solution if you want to improve your skin tone, combat acne, do away with early sign of aging and more. After a while, you will notice an improvement in the effectiveness of other beauty products that demand profound exposure to your skin’s dermal tissue.

The steamer is a practical way to decongest your sinuses and a decent way to replace disposable makeup wipes. Use it to remove stubborn makeup and other impurities from your skin or to wage a war on your acne-infested facial skin and win. Steaming with this unit is also a great way to forget the stress of the day as it promotes relaxation of the entire body. We hope you will be able to choose your facial steamer with this KINGDOMCARES facial steamer review.

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