How To Boost Hair Growth?-10 Best Ways

Are you wondering why your hair growth has stopped at a particular point and is not speeding up? Want to know how to boost hair growth? Maybe it’s because of you. You might have taken the wrong diet or applied any product that does not suit your hair to grow faster.

Please don’t freak out; we are here with ten easy and best tips to help your follicles grow more quickly. We will take an explanatory look at what points your hair can be affected.

How Does Your Hair Grow?

Do you know a baby is born with all his follicles on the scalp he will ever have! That’s about 5 million to be total. According to AAD, you lose about 50 to 100 hairs daily, and this is normal; it is because of the follicles, all of them don’t grow at the same time. Each scalp’s strand grows your hair for a year or half, and then it takes a break.

Whenever a follicle takes a break, the hair in the follicle falls out as the follicles do not grow simultaneously, so they also don’t break at the same period. When a follicle takes a break, the new hair starts to grow. The growth of your hair is about 6 inches in one year from a pocket of your skin called the follicle. This is how they grow:

1. Anagen

Your hairs begin to grow from the bottom of the follicles present in the hair roots.

2. Catagen

Blood from the blood vessels creates more blood cells and feeds the hair’s roots in your scalp and helps them grow.

3. Telogen

As the hair starts to grow it get pushed up from the skin and passes an oil gland which makes your strands smooth and shiny till they stay on your scalp, but sometimes it makes your hairs greasy too; that’s why you are needed to wash them.

4. Exogen

Your hairs are dead as they don’t hurt you when getting a cut. Hairs start to die when they are long enough to fall out.

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How to Boost Hair Growth?

Commonly genetics play an important in growing your hair other than that we will not introduce any magical spells to boost your hair growth. We will tell you about some easy and useful tips that will help you grow your hair faster. Here we have discussed 10 ways how to boost hair growth:

1.  Avoid Restrictive Diet

Restrictive diets are great for weight loss and to burn fat, but they can negatively affect your hair growth because whatever you eat affects your body and your hairs.

A restrictive diet can push your hairs into the telogen stage because even a little change in your diet plan left your follicle in the shock that they may take a break and your hairs start to fall out. Avoid your restrictive diets and try to take food that comprises high proteins to grow your hairs faster like fish, meat, beans, and nuts.

2. Check Your Protein Intake

Proteins are essential in growing your hair faster as the follicles of your hair are made with protein. You must take at least 30% protein out of the total calorie count per day.

Diet with less protein can cause hair loss problems. You can take keratin supplements to produce protein in your body; that is why the keratin supplements are mostly marketed for hair growth. You can also have two eggs a day to promote thick hair growth and make your hairs beautiful.

3. Try Caffeine-infused Products

Where caffeine boosts up your energy level, it also boosts your hair growth. Caffeine promotes hair growth directly from the root during the initial phases of hair growth. Caffeine products can help speed up the hair growth cycle and increase the length of your hair up to 33% to 40%.

Caffeine increases the blood circulation to the scalp, and when you massage your scalp with caffeine-infused products, it promotes blood circulation and stimulates the roots and follicles.

4. Explore Essential Oils

Using chemical products can cause more damage to your hair instead of promoting growth. Turn to explore some essential oils that are pure and help to boost your hair growth. Essential oils increase blood circulation and reduce the flakiness and dryness of your scalp.

It helps in balancing the oil glands of your scalp and promotes thickness and health to your hairs. Rosemary, cedarwood, and lavender oil are some of the best essential oils to grow hair faster.

5. Boost Your Nutrients Profile

Lack of nutrients in your body can be the cause of hair loss. Taking a fair amount of nutrients can help in growing your hair faster. Unfortunately, the deficiency of essential nutrients like vitamin A, D, C, E, iron, zinc, proteins, and biotin can slow down hair growth and damage them up to hair loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to boost your nutrient profile with proteins vitamins biotin for rapid hair growth.

6. Indulge In A Scalp Massage

Scalp massage stimulates your blood circulation and boosts your hairs to grow faster. This can be the most crucial factor in growing hair faster as it stimulates blood vessels and blood flow through the scalp, and helps the follicles receive more nutrients and proteins.

According to the research, 4 minutes of daily scalp massage for about 3 to 4 weeks can increase hair growth; this scalp massage can help promote hair thickness in the initial 24 weeks of daily scalp massage.

7. Look Into Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)

PRP is an effective treatment to boost hair growth and work against hair loss. Platelet is one of the four main components of the blood. You can look for the PRP treatment as it helps in the growth and regeneration of hair cells.

The treatment is named platelet-rich plasma which reflects that the plasma is x5 concentrated in PRP treatment. When a patient suffers hair loss and slow hair growth, the patient’s platelet is injected deep down the follicle to grow the hair faster.

8. Hold The Heat

Overuse of anything can cause damage to your hair, either it is chemical products or excessive use of heat. Over-styling your hairs with too much heat can lead to hair breakage, frizz and maybe slowing down your hair growth.

If you use a flat or curling iron with a temperature gauge, then you can slow it down to prevent hair damage. You can use a heat protectant to help your hair grow faster without any issues.

9. Talk To Your Doctor About Mini-oxidil

If you are suffering unexpected hair loss and slow hair growth, you can discuss the minoxidil with your dermatologist. Minoxidil will help to boost your hair growth and fix your hair loss problem.

If you kept an eye on any product that contains an indefinite minoxidil percentage, then contact your dermatologist before using it. Take note minoxidil is not suitable for everyone, and if you are under age, it is not for you.

10. Go Easy On Coloring Your Hair

According to some hair experts, when we color our hair, the hair’s texture is changed with the chemicals. As hair follicles are susceptible that they take a break because of too much changing and as a result, they stop growing hair and start hair falling. If you love hair dying, you can go for it after some gaps but remember one thing, always pick a darker shade color that matches around your natural hair color.

The Bottom Line-How To Boost Hair growth

These were the tips tricks that can help you know how to boost hair growth. Besides, healthy food is very crucial for your hair growth. Take a diet full of nutrients and protein as they are the key factor for hair growth.

If your hair is growing at average or slow speed, then the above tips will indeed work for you, but if your hairs have stopped growing and keep on falling, you may consult a doctor for PRP, minoxidil, or other potential treatments.

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