Gold Radiance Facial and Gold Facial Kits for Your Skin

Gold Radiance Facial is popular for some special reasons. Gold has been used since the time of Ancient China when it was used to recover the lost energy and cure various diseases. It is in use to this day when it is an indispensable ingredient in many skincare products and treatments thanks to its revitalizing anti-age effect.

Gold, as one of the most valuable metals, but also the softest ones, is easily absorbed into the skin. Thanks to its nature, it efficiently stops free radicals, speeds up the cell metabolism, and promotes skin regeneration.

Most noteworthy, this treatment strongly stimulates collagen production and makes your skin look visibly younger. In addition, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and age groups. As a result, this facial is among the most valuable anti-wrinkle treatments used for firming face and neck skin among all types of facial. Let’s learn more about the treatment itself!

gold radiance facial

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What is Gold Radiance Facial Treatment?

Three words to describe this revolutionary facial: Luxurious, rich, valuable. This facial treatment became the gold standard of skin beauty, as it gives your face a golden glow and radiance, as its name implies.

For the first time, the most precious mineral on earth, gold, joins the most expensive ingredients from nature, various natural extracts. Gold and auxiliary ingredients together offer the skin the optimum anti-wrinkle treatment. These active ingredients are mutually reinforcing and stimulate cell metabolism.

This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types, and it can be done as a single treatment or in combination with other methods depending on the problems and needs of the skin itself.

Don’t forget that it is very important to entrust your skincare to an expert who can pinpoint its needs and make the right treatments for your skin type and condition. Therefore, you are supposed to be able to recognize trustworthy professionals and skincare centers.

Additionally, you should know what a good gold radiance facial looks like. As a result, you can receive the very best care and also give up on the treatment if you notice any irregularities during the preparatory phase or during the facial itself.

Therefore, in the next section, we bring you the steps of the gold radiance facial treatment, as well as a useful video link.

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How Does the Gold Radiance Facial Ttreatment Look?

The gold radiance facial lasts for 90 minutes. Make sure you come to the treatment center at least 10 minutes early. This will provide you and the staff enough time to prepare for the treatment. In addition, you will be able to relax, which is important for the overall experience.

If you are doing the gold radiance facial for the first time or you are visiting the particular center for the first time, you will most probably have to fill in a questionnaire. This will help the staff evaluate your skin and health condition and modify the treatment according to your needs.

These steps are important as they increase your own safety and the positive results of the facial. Similarly, the professional performing your facial will determine the type of your skin with the same goal.

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Gold Radiance Facial Treatment Steps

The treatment consists of the following steps:

Cleaning the skin and removing the make-up

This is important as any make-up will interfere with the serum and the gold mask. Only trusted, gentle products and water should be used. You can also use a professional facial steamer and a professional face cleansing brush.

Exfoliation of the dead cells

Exfoliation helps remove the stale parts of the skin and open up the pores. It enables better penetration of the skincare products. You can use a professional diamond microdermabrasion kit for this for the best results.

Applying special preparatory serum according to your skin type

Skin type determination is crucial as it dictates the type of the serum. Dry and oily skin will need different kinds of products. Accordingly, your skincare professional will treat your skin with a specially designed serum that prepares it for the gold mask.

Applying the Gold face mask with gold Nano-particles

A 24-carat gold mask is applied to the skin. You will not feel any burning or itching sensation during the process. It is a relaxing and safe procedure.

Facial massage

Facial massage is the last step in the process. It helps the penetration of the nutritive ingredients into the deeper skin segments. It also helps you relax.

Watch this video for a detailed procedure in a professional skin treatment center:

Results of the treatment

There are many positive effects of this revolutionary facial treatment. You can notice some of them as soon as your treatment is over, while you will notice the others after a few days or sessions. Those include:

• The skin is immediately firmed
• The treatment moisturizes the skin 24 hours after application
• Strongly revitalizes the skin
• Result: Healthy, tight, rejuvenated skin with no wrinkles, irregularities, and irregularities.
• Stimulates collagen synthesis and has a beneficial effect on acne treatment.
• Reduces skin spots and depigmentation.

Most noteworthy, we must emphasize that this treatment is suitable for all skin types. The only difference is in the serum applied before the gold mask. In addition, the facial is intended for both women and men.

Final Words about Gold Radiance Facial

With the 24 carat Gold radiance facial, you will enjoy a luxurious feeling of relaxation and skin renewal. The gold nanotechnology mask has been clinically tested for several years and proven to hydrate and nourish skin at a professional level.

Moreover, the active ingredient collagen relaxes your skin, relieves it from stress and effectively works to reduce wrinkles and unevenness on the skin of your face and neck. You will look and feel younger and your skin will glow!

This is not only a radiance treatment. At the same time, it is an anti-aging treatment that effectively fights against already existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of the new ones, making your face look youthful and fresh. What is the secret to this treatment?

Namely, it is a large concentration of natural extracts, including argan oil combined with the subtle strength of 24-carat gold! A number of other substances help the skin cells to resist aging, that is, to bravely tolerate all external influences, such as wind, sun, and pollution.

As a result, this gold radiance facial treatment restores and regenerates the skin of your face, giving you a seductive appearance and contributing to your confidence. Dry skin becomes much softer and moisturized after this treatment and oily skin takes on a velvety appearance with less acne.

Thanks to this treatment which won many international awards as the facial of the year, you will no longer want to hide your skin behind heavy full coverage products.

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