FOREO Here & There Skincare Gift Set Reviews

Are you considering Foreo here & there skincare gift set reviews to get flawless skin and curious to know more about it before spending your hard-earned money? If so! Then you just hit the right place because here we are giving you an honest review and detailed information regarding Foreo Here and their skin set, functions, and how it works for your skin in a very precise way. Keep reading!

What Is FOREO Here & There Skincare Set Actually?

Foreo is a Swedish brand that has taken the skincare industry to storm by launching silicon-based facial cleansing devices. These devices are hypoallergenic and precisely safe for every skin type. Now, Foreo here and there skincare set come with two Foreo Luna devices.

  • Foreo Luna Mini 2: Modest in size and fit in the palm. Moreover, you can recharge it with a USB cable.
  • Foreo Play: It is non-rechargeable and battery-operated. Plus, it is very compact in size.

Both Fore Luna mini and Luna play come with significant features and have powerful pulsations for gentle and deep cleaning of skin pores. Plus, Foreo Luna acts as a messenger and cleanses your skin, and maintains facial muscles’ tonicity.

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FOREO Here & There Skincare Set Features

1. Customizable Skin Care Set

Foreo Luna and Foreo Luna mini 2 are customizable brushes with different bristles sizes, and both share a unique T-sonic pulsation technology. Moreover, Foreo has offered eight different settings to customize the Luna device as per your skin’s need.

It starts from soft, gentle pulsations for a sensitive skincare routine and can build up to 8000 vibrations per minute for an intense and deep cleansing experience. Further, the bristles are soft and extended towards the outside to demolish the deep-seated filth from your skin.

2. Spotless Clean Skin

Foreo Luna prevents the makeup build-up beneath the skin and cleans clogged pores up to 99.5%. Plus, Foreo Luna is an utterly non-porous silicon device, and it is odorless and hypoallergenic. It inhibits bacterial growth and restores the hygiene of itself and your skin as well.

However, Foreo Luna is a soft silicone facial cleansing brush with a delicate palm fit design. And you can feel the smoothness of its bristles with fingertips. These bristles reach deep to the pore’s level and wipe the dirt and oil from the skin core. With efficient pulsation that can go up to 11000 vibrations per minute, it serves best to exfoliate dead skin cells.

3. Highly Durable Silicon Device

Foreo Luna here and there is highly durable. Once bought, it can last up to years. Plus, the case of Foreo Luna Mini 2 comes with an efficient charging cable. Only require one hour of charging and lasts up to 300 uses. It is very safe, waterproof, and antibacterial, and you can keep it inside your washroom while taking a shower.

On the other hand, talking about Foreo Luna play, it is tiny in size and comes with batteries that last up to 6 months with persistent use. You can use it regularly, or you might like to keep it in a bag for everyday sanitation of skin. Once the batteries run out, you can replace the batteries or use Foreo Luna play manually to massage your skin with the skincare products.

4. Radiant Skin In 1 Minute

Foreo Luna devices are designed with a timer for 1 minute so that you can know when to stop cleansing. You have to give 1 minute every day but twice daily to get smooth and super flawless skin. It is advised to use it early in the morning with your favorite cleanser and turn the device on. Once the timer turns off, rinse your face and Foreo Luna with fresh water and look at your glowing skin in the mirror.

It is advised to distribute the whole face into four zones with a cleaning time of 15 seconds. Meaning, clean the forehead for 15 seconds, then move below to the nose bridge, then towards both cheeks, and lastly to the chin area. By doing so, you will impart equal cleansing time to every corner of the face.

5. Best Couple Gift

Foreo Luna here, and there can be a perfect couple gift as well. As one of the devices can stay at home with your partner, from time to time charging. And the other one can go with the one who travels and mostly stay out of the home. You don’t have to buy two separate facial cleansing devices by spending double the money for each of them.

Because Foreo Luna here and there skincare set serves best for those, who love to maintain a skincare routine, Foreo Luna play is battery operated. It can stay in your purse so that you can use it on the go. Foreo Luna Mini 2, on the other hand, is rechargeable and serves best for deep cleansing in the nights or shower time.

6. 3 Cleansing Zones

Foreo Luna comes with three cleansing zones. First, it has 50% long extended bristles to cover the face and chin area for gentle cleansing. Secondly, the 20% larger bristles at the Foreo Luna head’s apex serve best to clean the face’s corners and edges. Especially the nose corners and under eyes areas, which are hard to reach.

Thirdly, Foreo Luna’s backside comes with slightly stiffer and smaller bristles that serve best for deep and intense exfoliation of the face. It removes dirt, sebum, and makeup residues from the face leaving behind baby touch soft skin. Foreo Luna also serves as a massager to promote better absorption of skincare products.


  • Compact in size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent skincare.
  • Travel friendly.


  • Non-rechargeable.
  • Slightly costly.


How Does FOREO Here & There work?

The working of Foreo Luna mini and Foreo play is effortless and effective. However, we have distributed it in four phases.

1)  Apply Cleanser

  • Wet your face-first and Foreo Luna.
  • Apply cleanser directly to your face.
  • Or you can apply a drop of cleanser directly on the bristles of Foreo Luna.
  • Then massage it on the face.

2)  Deep Cleansing

  • Turn on the Foreo Luna device.
  • Glide it on your skin in circular motions.
  • Keeps doing it for 1 minute for better cleansing.

3) Rinsing

  • Then wash your face and rinse Foreo as well.
  • Tap dry your face with a soft fabricated towel.
  • First, dry Foreo Luna and then store it in the container.
  • Do not keep wet Foreo Luna in the carrier box.

4) Massaging

  • After washing the face, you can directly apply the face toner to your face or the Foreo Luna head.
  • Again, rotate in a circular motion to press the skincare product deep into the skin cells.
  • You can easily adjust the vibration by using the + and – signs buttons.

Does FOREO Skincare Set Work?

The answer is yes; Foreo Luna works precisely to give your face luminous touch. It kills the dirt and debris from the skin. Its regular massage will remove the fine lines. It also reduces the sign of aging and allows better absorption of your skincare products deep into cells. Its three types of bristles will grab pimple-causing bacteria out from the skin.

Foreo Luna has T-sonic pulsation that promotes the drainage of extra fluid from the skin and under-eye area. It encourages the passage of blood flow towards the skin and gives a cherry-looking glass skin. The ultra-sonic pulsations drain the lymphatic nodes present on the face and reduce the puffiness. Nonetheless, it also diminishes blackheads, blemishes, and oily sebum from the face.

Is FOREO Here & There Safe?

Yes, indeed, the Foreo here & there skincare set is safe. It is waterproof hence shock-free, and you can use it while taking a shower to clean your body. The battery-operated Foreo Luna play is also waterproof and gives an easy hand to operate under humid conditions. Plus, the silicon body allows it to stay at a definite temperature that does not cause pores’ opening and suites well for all skin types.

Moreover, it is hygienic and antibacterial. Moreover, you never have to worry about buying the cleaning head over and over again because it lasts long and the bristles never get torn. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and avoids the spread of acne bacteria from one side to another side of the face.

How Often Should I Use FOREO Here & There Set?

Foreo Luna is safe and healthy for the skin, and it is recommended to use it twice a day. However, it also depends on the maturity and need of your skin. For instance, if you are a teenager, you can use Foreo Luna in the morning and at night with a gentle face cleanser. It is not advised to use abrasive exfoliators with Foreo Luna because it will open your face pores.

However, if you wear heavy makeup daily and go out in the environment, you can use it thrice a day. Also, it is recommended to use toner and skin moisturizers after facial cleansing to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. It is also advised to use Foreo Luna mini 2 after wetting it to prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.

Final Verdict Regarding FOREO Here & There Skincare Gift Set Reviews

We are at the end of Foreo Luna here and there skincare set reviews. From acne-prone oily skin to dry, flaky skin, all can use it. It comes with customizable eight adjustable intensities so that you can get a better cleansing experience. It diminishes the signs of aging and gives you youthful plum skin.

People of all ages can use it, plus Foreo Luna here and there comes with Foreo Luna mini and Foreo Luna play that can be used by men, teenagers, and women.

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