Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging, Exfoliating, Dermaplaning Tool Reviews

Are you looking for the best Dermaflash Luxe anti-aging, exfoliating, Dermaplaning tool reviews so that you could decide whether you should buy this device or not? If your answer is yes, then keep reading. We will provide a detailed overview of this tool below article.

Indeed the idea of shaving our face horrifies all of us, and painful images pop up in our minds. Most people use wax, thread, or even go through laser procedures to eliminate unwanted hair and dead cells from the face.

However, what if we tell you that there is another way of removing that peach fuzz even without experiencing pain and giving your skin a luminous glow? Yes, you heard that right because such a procedure exists.

You only have to try a tool called Dermaflash, which is a replicate of a treatment called Dermaplaning. It is a tool that smoothly removes the facial hair and outer dead cells layer. Let’s discuss the features, pros, and cons of this device in detail.

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What Is Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging, Exfoliating, Dermaplaning Tool?

The first home anti-aging device and exfoliation device presented by Sony Edge Technology gives your skin a younger and smoother look as Dermaflash is encouraged by the dermaplaning treatment. Hence, it provides precisely similar results that derma planning treatment gives us.

It is a manual treatment that exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, vellus hair, and built-up debris. It is done manually with a sterile and surgical blade. The dermaplaning treatment is only available at medical spas and doctors’ clinics.

However, now you can get the same results at home by using the Dermaflash anti-aging defoliator. This device works on subtle sonic vibrations, which give comfortable and elegant treatment while also intensifying the treatment’s effectiveness.

Its features are safe, and the edge’s blade cover by a safety cage gives a smooth and secure result. It removes the peach fuzz giving your skin flawless texture for makeup and skincare.

Dermaflash is an exfoliating device that removes old skin cells. According to Dara, who is the creator of this device, the skin which we want lies beneath the skin which we have. She is working for many years in a skincare facial spa and has given 60,000 different treatments.

This three-in-one award-winning facial exfoliation, anti-aging, and hair-removing tool are specifically best for women’s skin. It erases the barriers from the skin, which makes the skincare or makeup product challenging to penetrate.

It includes:

  2. 10ml PREFLASH Cleanser
  3. 4 DERMAFLASH Edge
  4. LUXE Charging Base
  5. Charging Cord
  6. 10ml POST FLASH Moisturizer


Dermaflash enhances tone, texture, radiance, smoothness, and peach fuzz. It eliminates surface debris and dying skin cells. This product has many positive reviews by many users.

Ergonomic Handle

This device has a smooth ergonomic handle. Left-handed and right-handed individuals can easily use this with the help of its ergonomic handle. It has high-quality finishing, including multiple layers of UV coating.

Smooth Edge

The edges consist of steel material, and professionals recommend using it one time. These are designed purposely for single use to prevent the face from bacteria and germs. The blades are fine, stainless, precise, and gentle compared to regular blades, which are sharp and irritable for sensitive skin.


This product is available in 4 different beautiful colors. You can select from hot pink, icy green, icy pink, and white color, whichever suits your choice. It is a safe and simple device that exfoliates the skin giving a smoother and brighter complexion.

Suitable For All Skin Types

It applies to all skin types, including mature, sensitive, dry, oily, combination, and normal skin. You can try this if you have sensitive skin, as the other blades will produce rashes on the face.

2 Year Warranty

It has a two-year warranty, which covers defects in the material if you have purchased it from an authorized retail partner or directly.  Remember that warranty does not cover fair use and cosmetic deterioration. To verify the warranty, keep the original receipt together with warranty conditions.

Universal Charging Stand

It has a universal charging stand with a USB cord and USB power adapter.  Its USB power adapter is compatible with international and domestic voltage. You can remove the charging cord from the charging block and use a USB port for an alternative charging method.


  • Ergonomic handle.
  • LED battery indicator light.
  • USB, international charging.
  • Two vibration speeds.


  • Slight irritation.
  • Time-consuming.


How to Use Dermaflash Luxe Exfoliating Tool?

Charge the device before every use. Remove the edge and put the device in charging base, silver top down. Plug on the switch, and the battery indicator will illuminate. Once you set the device, you can use Dermaflash Luxe anti-Aging very quickly in three simple steps.

1st Step is Preflash

First, remove all the makeup before skin cleansing. Take a small amount of the Preflash cleanser onto wet hands. Rub it in your hands while creating a lather. Massage it slowly on your face with fingertips and avoid contact with your eyes. Rinse with Luke warm water and pat dry.

2nd Step is Flash

This device has three power buttons. One button is for gentle vibration, and the 2nd is for slightly faster work. The 3rd button is for turning the machine off. Press the first power button to activate gentle vibration.

If you are using it for the first time, I recommend using it in the gentle vibration phase. Always position the device at a 45% angle to your skin. Never hold the Dermaflash at 90% angle or perpendicular position.

Start from your forehead or front of your ear at check bone while holding the skin tight with the other hand. Remember to avoid lips, nose, and eyelids and apply short feathery strokes to glide across the whole face.

Forehead Area: while using it on the forehead, avoid the eyebrows to avoid unintentional hair loss. Place gentle feathery strokes at the space above your eyebrows.

Eye and Cheek Area: Never use it in the eyelid area or area close to the eyes because it is susceptible. Start the treatment from the front of the ear at the top of the cheekbones.

Above and Below the Lip: Avoid using the Dermaflash tool on lips directly. Darmaflash exfoliator above lip area starts from the nose area’s outer corner and ends at the cheek down to the top lip. For the area below lips, begin from the outside corners of the mouth and follow to the center.

Chin: Start from the center of the chin and move the edge towards the jawline on both sides. Press the off button once finished.

3rd Step is Post flash

Finally, massage the skin with moisturizer available in packaging to hydrate and balance the face after treatment. You have to use the edge once, press the eject button and remove it from the device. Apply a new blade to the edge when you are applying the treatment again. To avoid injury, do not install the edge with your hand as it is sharp.

How Dermaflash Luxe Dermaplaning Tool Works?

A clinical study states that 100% of women experience radiant skin glow, 76% have a reduction in wrinkles after treatment of 4 weeks, and 90% of women have an improvement in skin texture after eight weeks of use. It is appropriate for all skin types.

Additionally, this device temporarily removes peach fuzz hair effectively and efficiently. It also gives you an even skin tone because makeup and other skincare products penetrate deeply into your skin. It is a harmless tool for pregnant and nursing women because it does not have harsh chemical defoliators.

If you use high coverage foundations and makeup, then it would be best to use this tool. It is an anti-aging skincare tool. Exfoliation with the Dermaflash tool unclogs skin pores. According to the dermatologists, sweeping dead cells away from the skin give a radiant look.

Besides, some small dead cells may remain on your skin even after cleansing.  These cells cause stubborn stoppages and make whiteheads and blackheads on your skin. That’s why exfoliation is essential for your skin.

Women of every age can use it irrespective of the skin type and tone. Also,  dermatologists and professional cosmetic surgeons recommend this product. It is the only device on the market that exfoliates and removes peach fuzz at the same time from the skin. It also does not result in an inflammatory response because it has no harsh chemicals, suctions, or granular crystals.

Is Dermaflash Luxe Tool Safe?

The Dermaflash Luxe Anti-aging exfoliating tool is safe and tested. Do not worry about the hair re-growth; you will get it the same, neither thicker nor darker. It will appear the same as it was before the treatment.

Moreover, it’s also safe for sensitive skin. Dermaflash is not a shaver. It is different from other shavers because its blade is designed for women’s faces specifically, so you do not have to worry about the nicks, stubbles, or cuts.

Before using this device, take care of the following precautions:

  • If you have some medical concerns about skin, then consult your dermatologist before using this tool.
  • Also, try not to use it on unintended areas like the surface of the nose, lips, and eyelids. It is suitable to use on the chin, face, forehead, and décolleté.
  • If you have active acne on the face, open pores, rashes, distressed skin, sunburn or rosacea, any abrasions or cuts, we recommend you not to use it.
  • If there are moles on your face or any other lesion due to recent treatment, avoid using this tool.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you may feel a tingling experience after using this. It is due to the increase in microcirculation in the skin, which is normal. But if you feel uncomfortable redness and burning on the skin, then stop using it.
  • Keep in a safe place out of reach of children.
  • Take care of hygiene and do not reuse the edge. For safety, use a new edge every time. Discard the used edge in the basket and place the tool in the charging base.
  • Also, do not repair the device by yourself and stop using it if it has open wire cables. It may give you possible electric shock or injury.
  • Do not use this tool in the shower. Infiltration of liquid in a device is harmful to its efficiency.
  • Charge the device with recommended voltage and do not use it if it is in charging mode.
  • Store the device in its original box and a clean and dry area. Avoid putting stress on the cord as it can break the handle.

How Often Should I Use Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Tool?

It is designed to use up to one time per week. As long as you follow the instructions correctly, you are good to go. After finishing your first treatment with it, you will be surprised by the smoothness of your skin.

Additionally, it will give your skin a radiant look, due to which any skincare product will flawlessly penetrate your skin. Due to Dermaflash, the light will refract and not absorbed into the skin, giving a beautiful glow on the face and luminous skin.

All this becomes possible because you remove the unwanted hair and dead cells layer from the skin. If you have sensitive skin and less facial hair, we recommend using it after two weeks.

Does Dermaflash Tool Really Work?

Dermaflash is an exfoliator that removes the peach fuzz, and it is not a regular shaver. Men grow hairs that are hard like copper wire, while women have fluffy vellus hairs and light. So instead of a traditional razor, use the Dermaflash exfoliate device.

You may notice that the Dermaflash tool looks like a razor, and its application is the same as shaving to remove scar tissue and other debris layers, making the skin uneven. Your skin is exposed daily to irritants and toxins from the environment, and derma planning clears that damages cells helping in growing new cells. It gives your skin the following benefits:

  • It helps you give smooth and radiant skin by removing dead cells
  • Most women report a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after a month of use.
  • It also prevents blemishes and acing by unclogging the pores and reducing pimples.
  • Immediately give younger-looking skin.
  • Superior exfoliation and painless peach fuzz elimination.
  • It is moderate and safe for sensitive skin, improves skin texture by removing unwanted hairs.
  • Also, 100% of women experience instant glow on the face in trials using the Dermaflash exfoliation device.

Final Verdict Regarding Dermaflash Tool Reviews

In short, the pricey skincare remedies which you used to get at dermatologist clinics or aestheticians‘ offices are now accessible at home. With this power apparatus’s support, Dermaflash exfoliates you can get rid of visits to the parlor and apply home remedies.

Although the skin will take some time to familiarize with the hair removal device and its treatment, you will notice a healthy glow on your face with time.

You will also experience a significant difference in your ace peach fuzz and dead cells with a more defined jawline. Indeed it is beneficial for you if you have unwanted facial hairs.

The more hairs you have, the more difference this device will make on your face and exfoliate the skin’s outer cover. You can finish the treatment with no pain and hassle.

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