Conair Facial Steamer Reviews and Buyers Guide-The Best Sinus Steamer

Conair Facial Steamer Reviews

People often search for Conair facial steamer reviews as it is reputed as the best sinus steamer among people. People may have been using steam for skin treatment for ages, but this innovative Conair facial steamer takes it to a new level. This Conair true glow face steamer brings you most of the benefits you enjoy from spa facial treatments right from the comfort of your home. This is known to many as the best facial steamer for sinus in the market.

The Conair facial sauna system produces gentle steam that deeply cleanses the skin and moisturizes it. This improves the level of hydration, cleanliness, and tone of your skin and makes it more absorbent.

This face steam machine comes with multiple accessories that are really effective and give you a lot more control. You will get a narrow sinus cone that opens the nasal airway and the sinus passage for a deeper and more peaceful sleep. It is really the best nasal steamer that you can use every day without the risk of damaging your pores.

Conair facial steamer Main Features

This Conair facial spa can be used at home to give yourself a facial. Steam open clogged pores and revitalize your skin with ease.

The sinus cone’s narrow end is used to clear nasal and sinus passages. There’s a timer, automatic shutdown, and a water cylinder for simple and precise filling. The two facial sauna cones are a wide facial steamer and a narrow nasal cone.

A facial accessory to apply lotion with a gentle exfoliating brush and sponge. To customize the length of your face or nasal treatment, there’s an automatic shutoff and timer.

  • A facial sauna with a timer helps to open pours for thorough cleaning.
  • Concentrated problem areas can be addressed by the enclosed nasal cone.
  • Conair Facial Cleansing Brush: removes dirt and oil from your skin using a brush while a sponge gently applies moisturizer.
  • Shut off automatically when it’s time to go, and you can set a timer.
  • Exits when the room is locked.


The Conair Facial Steamer target produces relaxing steam that deeply penetrates the skin to loosen the oil and grime while softening blackheads making them easier to remove.

The warm steam produces warmth on the skin that causes a light sweat. This sweat washes and flushes out impurities from your pores while the humidity softens the layer of dead skin cells on top of your complexion. This makes it easier to exfoliate to wash the dirt and dead cells away.

The Conair facial sauna system increases the flow of blood around the facial skin and gives your face a healthy glow.

The narrow nasal sinus cone

Another functional feature worth mentioning is the narrow sinus cone that maximizes nasal breathing by clearing the nasal and sinus passages.

This can effectively cut snoring and cure sinusitis and sinus infections besides clearing nasal congestion. After you are done steaming, you can be sure of a more receptive skin to moisturizers, masks, serums, and other skin treatments.

There is a small cup that helps you tackle any nasal issues as well. You will need to plug it into a 110 V power outlet which is the standard in most homes.

Design and Build Quality

The manufacturer used premium quality materials to make this steamer so you will enjoy dedicated service for ages.  The base is made of tough plastic material while the bowl is a lightweight yet solid metal. Be comforted since the company was keen to ensure absolutely no plastic smell while using the steamer.  The construction is solid and durable and the design practical. The steamer is perfect if you are planning to use it regularly and for a long time. The design is sleek and modern and we are almost certain you will love it. It is lightweight and portable making it a decent choice if you intend to carry it on the go.

Specifications and Functional features

The company made this steamer with a reasonable size that is easy and comfortable to carry around. It is only 9 inches/22 cm high. The Conair Facial Steamer has a large water reservoir that delivers even and consistent amounts of steam. This gives your whole face a smooth and even treatment without the disappointment of ever running out of hot water in the middle of treatment.

The Auto-Off feature shuts the device off after 45 minutes meaning you don’t have to worry in case you forgot to turn off the device. You use the timer from 3 to 15 minutes if you want steamer to run for a specified duration then switch off.

The Conair Facial Steamer comes with two plastic cones. The first is a larger 6 ¾ inches wide cone with a flared open side for cleaning the face, chin, and neck. The other smaller one is 3 ½ inches for directing steam to the nose so that you can breathe in the hot steam and avoid allergy and cold season.

Ease of use

To power on this thing, just press the easily accessible On/Off button. Adjustment by knob operation makes it easy to use. The steamer heats up in no time; it takes barely minutes to heat the water to steam. So as soon as you will be ready, the steamer will be ready too.

Cleaning this unit is a breeze too, just take it apart to make cleaning easier. You will barely hear any noise so you can use it at night while other members of your family are asleep without disturbing them.



  • The narrow sinus cone aids flawless nasal as well as sinus passages
  • You are free to use your essential oils.
  • It comes with a scratching brush to clean dirt and oil.
  • You get a sponge for applying moisturizers.


  • Placing the steamer too close can burn your face. 

Conair Facial Sauna System

The Conair Facial Sauna System works by heating water to fine steam particles that easily penetrate your skin to remove dirt and oil and unclog your pores. The Conair Facial Steamer uses a fast steaming action which exfoliates the skin and reduces oily skin which can cause acne. This Conair true glow facial sauna rejuvenates and hydrates your skin keeping it clean and clear for a long time. The steamer comes with different tools that ensure you get down deep into the pores and grab at the grime that’s built-up. And you don’t only enjoy facial treatments; you can still use the steam as a room humidifier or towel warmer. 

Why choose Conair facial steamer?

If you are looking to make your skin clearer, hydrated, and more youthful then the Conair Facial Steamer is your best bet. It will renew your skin completely and do away with acne and retain your youthful appearance. The blood circulation and flow around your facial skin also improve making the skin soft and preventing aging.

The company also included a narrow sinus cone which ensures your nasal and sinus openings are clear making it a perfect breathing remedy for exercise, problematic and chronic sinusitis, nasal airway congestion, endurance and more. After using the Conair Facial Steamer, you can be sure that your creams and masks will be more effective. Your skin is hydrated and opens to absorb the treatments products more easily and effectively.

Conair Face Steamer Instructions

Conair Facial Steamer is one of the latest gadgets on the market in terms of getting facials. It acts both as a steamer and a sauna. If you have a skin that easily attracts dust and dirt, then this is the one that you should have. Not only does it clean the face, but it also has nasal cones for areas with concentrated problems.


It is easy to start the steam just by pressing a button. The operation is simple and safe. This facial steamer uses steam to open the pores of your skin. Opening pores so as to get rid of impurities and cleanse your skin. The result will leave you with glowing and smooth skin.

The separate steam inhaler accessory fits on the nose and mouth. The nasal inhaler is very useful for unblocking sinuses. For this to work, you have to breathe into the system, you can alleviate blocked sinuses. For soothing relief, it is possible to add aromatherapy oils. The attached Mist inhaler can improve rhinitis and also clear the stuffy nose. This is why the Conair facial steamer familiar as nose steamer.

Frequency of Usage

It is advisable to use it at least once a week. It is enough to feel the benefits. However, once your skin gets used to it, two times per week is enough. In this way, you will be able to obtain the concrete effects on your face so that it is cleaner, firmer and also silkier.

A session of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended. This is enough you give your face the care it needs. Remember that if the sensation of heat is too great, you can move away from the device or simply adjust the intensity of the steam.

Type of Water to Use

Ideally, distilled water to better protect your skin and avoid the formation of limestone in your device. If you do not have it available, then use bottled water. Know that you will need very little water to do a session of sauna for the face, so buying a small bottle of distilled water will be rather profitable.

It is possible to use tap water, but to get optimum benefits, distilled water is a much better alternative.

Overall the device is very easy to use. Its simplicity and user-friendly style make it one of the easy choices. This steamer is sure to please anyone as a gift.


In four simple steps, your skin will be completely transformed.

Extreme-cleaned skin with a warm steam facial sauna that cleanses pores on all levels.

It opens up and cleans out pores on all sides.

Exfoliate the skin by brushing the brush attachment over it gently. It helps to brighten the complexion.

Close pores with a cool water rinse. Using the sponge attachment, moisturize your favorite lotion on your face.

Final Verdict

You have always wanted to make your skin healthy and glowing and now the solution is right in front of you. You clean your skin and remove all the dirt and dead skin cells the way you have always wanted without having to go anywhere. This eliminates the blemishes leaving your skin feeling soft and relaxed.

The different accessories that come with the Conair Facial Steamer provide a deeper and more intense cleansing action that brings out even the most stubborn of makeups. Since you will only be using water in Conair facial spa, it is a natural skincare option that helps you avoid harsh chemicals especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. I hope this Conair facial steamer review will help you find the best sinus steamer among all.

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