Paraffin Wax Facial Steps At Home, Benefits, Cost, Before and After

Paraffin Facial

What Is Paraffin Wax Facial? Paraffin wax facial is a treatment that deeply hydrates the skin and speeds up circulation. It also provides rich nourishment that, after immersion into the skin, opens the pores, hydrates them, reduces swelling, and relaxes tired skin. Paraffin wax is an intensive treatment primarily intended to treat dry, dehydrated, and … Read more

Sensiglow Facial Treatment

People with sensitive skin usually have a hard time finding the right treatment for themselves. Harsh ingredients used in many of the most popular and most efficient facials are often unsuitable for this skin type. The sensiglow treatment, however, is specially tailored for sensitive skin. The sensiglow facial is more or less a regular facial. … Read more

How to do Acne Facial at home?

Alt: Acne Facial

Acne Facial at Home There are numerous facials that are good for treating acne among other things. However, there is only one facial whose main purpose is to do that and that is the Acne Facial. You can also perform this Acne facial at home. This acne treatment facial combines several methods of reducing acne … Read more