Your Ultimate Guide To Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is getting popular day by day to increase cheek beauty and comfort.  There are various types of fat removal processes like ultrasonic cavitation using a cavitation machine, fat freezing, RF fat-burning machines, etc.

Buccal fat is fundamentally the cheek’s fat, meaning a layer of fat pad within the cheek. This fat pad is known as Bichat’s fat pad or normally known as Buccal Fat. This fat creates a little bit of fullness in the cheek that causes roundness to the lower third of the face.

Furthermore, these fats cause bulkiness due to which some faces look awkward and have a bulge appearance. So, removing this fat from the cheek provides a slimmer look to the face.

Buccal fat removal will provide a more sculpted look to the cheekbones and a nicer contour to the cheek itself. This removal can be performed under local or general anesthesia which means that you can be asleep during the surgery.

Anesthesia for buccal fat removal is applied inside the mouth below the salivary ducts. Salivary ducts allow saliva to flow throughout the mouth, so the surgeon needs to be meticulous in the dissection to avoid injury to that duct.

Moreover, the removal process depends upon face features and bone structure. The surgeon removes fat accordingly from both sides to maintain the symmetry of the face.

Stitches that are used for Buccal fat removal are self-dissolvable. These stitches will dissolve in two weeks normally. Slightly swelling will occur in the mouth that is recovered in between one to two weeks.

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What Is Buccal/Cheek Fat Removal?

Fat removal from the cheek due to surgery is acknowledged as a buccal fat removal process. In this progression layer of fat called Buccal fat, the pad is detached. This pad is located between cheekbones and the increase in size and roundness of the face is due to the presence of extra fats in a particular area.

Surgeons remove the fatty layer from the cheek, in order to decrease the face size. Most people around the world prefer and like slim faces instead of round and healthy ones.

Moreover, for anyone who wants a quick change in their looks and wants their face to be slim then the Buccal fat removal process will be useful for them. In another word, we can say that buccal fat removal is equivalent to plastic surgery of the face.

Also, this fat removal did not cause any side effects to the body in most cases, however, several cases have been seen with less intensive side effects. The buccal fat removal process is considered a perfect surgery method for reducing the size of the face.

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Where Is The Buccal Fat Pad?

The buccal fat pad is located between facial muscles beneath cheekbones. It is found on either side of the cheeks. The buccal fat pad is relatively near to the temporal extensions. The parotid duct leads the way towards the buccal fat pad because this duct is very close to the buccal fat pad.

The buccal fat pad is relatively in between the ear and jaws. Many Buccal branches of the facial nerve are also in contact with the buccal fat pad.

The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

The buccal fat removal procedure is not an easy experience, tricks are needed to remove this pad. Moreover, finding a buccal fat pad inside the cheek might be a tough task and painful as well.

For this reason, anesthesia is given to the patient before the Buccal Fat Removal process. So, the procedure to remove Buccal fat is done by a small incision under the parotid duct to find mucosa just two millimeters down.

Then a sharp narrow tonsil clamp is pocked through the box and spread out. On the lateral side of the box inator buccal fat pad is present. Then the surgeon spread it a little more and grab the buccal fat pad, only one shot pulls out the buccal fat pad.

Suction tips are used if the fat will not come out in one shot. These suction tips will stick to the buccal fat pad and it will come out very easily.

What Is The Cost of Buccal Fat removal?

The amount of money required to remove the Buccal Fat pad depends on the surgeon’s expertise and experience of the surgeon in his field. Also, the buccal fat removal process is permanent because surgeons remove fat pads from the cheek permanently and these fats do not deposit over after their removal from the body.

Thus, Buccal Fat Pad surgery cost varies on the basis of its effective results. According to an estimate, the buccal fat removal procedure will cost charges from $2000 to $5000 approx.

Plus, the buccal fat did not grow again if you remove it once. Only two weeks are required to recover after that surgery. In short, you can easily remove the Buccal Fat pad in two weeks with charges of $2000 to $5000 USD.

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Good physical health, mental health will make you a candidate which is good for buccal fat pad removal. If you feel ugliness due to the roundness of cheeks, then you should go further for the buccal fat pad removal.

If your face is larger from jaws than buccal fat removal is a suggestion from you, because in this process fat is removed which is near jaws. It is not obvious that you should remove bones from cheeks rather cheekbones can be made symmetrical by the removal of a buccal fat cavity.

So, if you have beautiful cheekbones but cheek fat lowers your beauty then you should go for buccal fat pad removal.

However, the preferences of individuals vary. So, if you feel your face is more rounded and it should be flat, then going for buccal fat removal will tend to be a better option.

Removal of Buccal fat pad is a good option for you as well like anyone else who is facing problems due to the round face.

Benefits of Buccal Lipectomy

Buccal Lipectomy contains numerous benefits including:

  • The buccal fat removal ensures the resizing of the face perfectly.
  • Buccal lipectomy provides additional beauty and an attractive, fresh, and young-looking face.
  • The amount of fat in the body is reduced and thus, less fat will provide more effectiveness to the face structure.
  • It may increase self-confidence because buccal Lipectomy helps individuals get better looks.
  • Beauty is considered to increase confidence and a better way of talking for interacting with people more effectively.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal Risks

Every patient’s skin or facial condition is different from one another. Therefore, some patients do not face any difficulties after a buccal fat pad removal, however, some may have to face problems. On duty, the surgeon will provide information about risks associated with an individual who is thinking about the buccal fat pad removal.

Surgeons to ensure the ideal conditions of the patient and recommend what could be the risks associated with their buccal fat removal. Moreover, some of the risks are illustrated as bleeding inside the mouth, an incision in the mouth will heal or not in time, additional risks of giving anesthesia to the mouth.

Some people contain extreme healing power, but some people are week. Depending on the condition of the patient surgeon will tell how much time is needed for healing after the buccal fat pad is removed from the body.

Moreover, there are risks of injury of salivary ducts and mouth during the surgery process. Therefore, all the above-mentioned risks related to buccal fat pad removal can only be identified by the surgeons.

If your body is not capable to survive the surgery, the surgeon will not recommend you for buccal fat removal and also, it would not be a better choice if you still want slimmer and attractive looks.

Factors To Consider Before Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Before buccal fat pad removal, there are many factors that you should take into consideration.


You should know the appearance of your face and the time required to recover after the surgery. In several cases such as balanced jawlines with little fat does not require fat removal. Therefore, before going to remove fat you should consult.

Cheeks size

Your cheeks size is contacted with the buccal fat pad. So, it might be possible that your cheeks size does not match with buccal fat pad size. If such things happen then it might be possible that fats may deposit and develops on the muscles in the jaws. Therefore, consider them before your fat removal.

Recovery Tendency

Every individual has a different recovery capacity of the body. So, before surgery, you should consider that your body is capable of recovering the incision that is being done inside the face or not.

Fat Volume

Fourthly, you should consider your looks because some people look more beautiful with round faces than slimmer ones. So, if your face does not demand to makeover in form of buccal fat removal, you should not take risks at least.


Always go for buccal fat removal after deciding and discussing a lot about its procedure to avoid related risk and any other future inconvenience

Before And After Buccal Fat Removal

As explained earlier, buccal fat pad removal is the process in which a layer of fat is being removed from the cheeks. So, it shows that cheeks contain mass before the buccal fat removal process.

When the fat is removed from the cheek then it may shrink, and the mass of the cheek should be reduced several times depending upon the amount of fat that is being removed.

Simply we can say that if someone goes for surgery of buccal fat removal then surgeons convert the face from a round shape to a flat shape.

Furthermore, Cheekbones also become visible when cheek fat is removed. Cheek size-reduction occurs and you feel very younger like before. Because in our society fat people look more aged than skinny people. So, removing buccal fat makes people more beautiful and healthier.

Fat Removal From Face Cheek

In this process excess fat is being removed from the face. This process allows removing the chubbiness of the face.

A layer of fat that is present inside the cheek known as the buccal fat layer is being removed from the cheek through a little incision inside the cheek. This incision will be repaired with an approximation of 14 days on average. But the healing of the body varies from person to person.

There is a certain age limit for this fat removal process because cheek fat growth has an age limit therefore you cannot perform surgery before the age of 20 and after the age of 50 years respectively.

The reason behind this is when a person is reaching towards the age of 20 years their fats grow gradually and rapidly on the other hand at 50 years of age these fats decompose. So, there is no need to remove these fats after the age of 50 years. Plus, this fat removal process provides structural change to the face.

However, some people think that fat removal will not increase the beauty of the face because it depends upon face structural bones. Cheek body fats simply reduce the volume of the cheeks.

Chin Fat Removal

Sometimes a lot of fat on the chin looks so awkward. Therefore, people who are suffering from extra fats will move towards the surgery of the chin. In this process, the surgeon removes the fat from the chin with the help of neck surgery or neck lift surgery.

The only person whose age is in between 20 to 50 years can go for neck surgery. In this surgery, a little incision is being made under the chin and all the fat will be removed from that incision. This is known as little uplift of the chin. Removal of the excess of fat under the chin is called Chin liposuction.

The surgeon can also cut the lower side of the chin and tighten the skin to reduce the double chin of the body.

General anesthesia is used for chin fat removal. Plus, the cost of the chin fat removal process is around 1500$ to 12000$ USD. Swelling, infection, and many more are the side effects of chin fat removal.

Buccal Fat Removal 10 Years Later

Many people who go through the buccal fat removal process will claim that this process is not good to do with the body. At first, it feels so good that your cheeks are slim now but with the passage of time, your skin loses tightness which looks very strange.

Moreover, the fat is liquid gold to face said by people who did buccal fat removal from the body. It seems like buccal fat removal is not good for the body due to a lot of side effects associated with the process.

Plus, several people regret their buccal fat removal process. From 5 to 8 years it feels more young and attractive however, after 10 years the skin will start looking older.

According to a girl who did plastic surgery at the age of 21 years shows regrets after 5 years of surgery. She says that I am 28 years old now and I am feeling very old at this young age of life.

Other than that, she says that once she put some cotton in her mouth and she starts looking 21 years old again. She feels herself in great trouble by saying that at first, it looks so cool and beautiful but as time flies your facial skins start distorting and it will never become as it was before.

Buccal Fat Removal Smile

Smile inter-relates with the amount of fat in the mouth. If you remove fat from the cheek, then it might be possible that your smile’s beauty should be increased. So, Buccal fat removal will increase your smile effectiveness.

As said earlier everyone’s facial conditions vary, therefore, different possibilities can occur and someone’s smile will increase in a sense of beauty or decreased after the buccal fat removal.

Buccal Fat Removal Has Gone Wrong

The buccal fat removal process does not acquire good results every time. During the surgery, if something bad happens like fat breakage inside the cheek will cause trouble to the patient.

The face of the patient may be distorted due to buccal fat removal. If things like this happen then there is a possibility of different sizes of one face. If buccal fat removal goes wrong, then it might be possible that infections will last long for several months.

Well, there are few chances for buccal fat removal to go wrong because it is considered a small surgery that takes only a few minutes for its process.

Moreover, in this surgery, anesthesia requires more time than action surgery time. As the world is full of uncertainties or failure in surgery might occur. Salivary ducts of the mouth and other capillaries may be injured.

What To Expect During Cheek Fat Removal Surgery?

During cheek far removal surgery you will experience an anesthesia injection in your mouth, which reduces or removes the pain during the surgery because it is characterized as incision making surgery.

Without incision, this surgery is not possible because the incision making process will produce a lot of pain. After anesthesia, all senses of the patient died and the patient did not feel anything. Furthermore, when the anesthesia loses its impact the patient starts feeling pain in his mouth.

The swelling will occur in the face just after the surgery and patients start feeling discomfort. This discomfort lasts for several days or roughly two weeks are required to come out from this condition. In this case, the ice diet is the only option for a few days just after the cheek fat removal surgery.

What Are The long-term Results of Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Buccal fat pad removal will provide beauty or slimness to the face for so long which may be equal to several years. Most surgeons say that this fat pad removal will impact your skin for long period.

Most people who go through this process start losing comfort after many years. This fat removal provides good results for 5 to 8 years only. After that skin starts losing its tightness that looks very awkward and at that time regret is the only option.

Also, there is no way back to fill your cheeks again. Now life without a buccal fat pad is the only option. Moreover, most people highlight the presence of the hormone inside the buccal fat pad, and removing this fat leads to the destruction of the hormonal system of the body.

Can The Buccal Fat Removal Process Accelerate The Aging Process?

Acceleration in age due to the Buccal fat removal process depends upon the condition of the patient. Those people whose cheekbone structure is not that perfect will suffer from the acceleration in an age after the removal of buccal fat from their cheeks.

Good cheekbones are the only reason behind the attractiveness of anybody. Good cheekbones will make humans beautiful and less effective cheekbones structure will reduce the beauty of any human. So, removing buccal fat might not be a big deal.

Some people also disagree with this point. Maybe they do not understand the point that cheekbone structure is the only reason behind the aging process.

What Is The Age Of Buccal Fat Removal?

The perfect age for buccal fat removal is 20 years, at this stage, buccal fat reaches the maximum growth. If anyone does not like its cubby cheeks before 20 years then they should wait to reach the perfect age.

As discussed earlier, these fats reduce till 50 years of human age, but the reduction is very slow. So, your age limit should be in the range of 20 to 50 years for the removal of buccal fat.

Is The Buccal Fat Removal Process Being Safe?

The buccal fat removal process is a simple surgery that does not require a lot of preparation and time. Thus, this fat removal process is also safe. But there are related risks in surgeries and anything could happen during the surgery.

Salivary ducts may damage during the surgery. Other than that excessive bleeding, the high recovery rate is also a big problem with high risk in this fat removal process. If this process performs well then your checks slimness is guaranteed, and beauty is the only award of this surgery.

Final Words

On ending the discussion, if you are wondering about having buccal fat removal, then deeply understand all the related aspects, especially the risks and other factors. Moreover, thinking to have buccal fat removal is equal to two sides of a coin as you can either be on the safe side or the one with risks. Thus, before appointing for the surgery, make sure you are choosing the safe side rather than putting yourself in danger.

Lastly, I hope you have a good, risk-free, and exact expected buccal fat removal surgery that can help you get your dreams and confidence back to normal.




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